Chapter 0670: Yan Dragon Formation

In response to this situation, Ming Long said, "I think it's too troublesome to have the advanced dao treasure now. Everyone is staring at you. It's better to give it to him. Anyway, he's not much stronger than you. Later, when you have enough strength and the Dong Sheng Divine Continent isn’t a restraint holding you back like today, you can just snatch it back. After all, it belongs to you. It's reasonable to snatch it back."

There was a point in what Ming Long was saying.

But more importantly, this was the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, filled with people Wu Yu cared about. Moreover these people would do anything to achieve their goal. They would not be righteous towards Wu Yu.

If he did not compromise, he would have no choice but to fight.

Now, of course, Wu Yu had no power to fight against the Yan Dragon Army.

This would not work, so he could only compromise.

When he made this choice, he was very depressed and angry. He was also a little disappointed in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. But Wu Yu had an open mind. It was just like the Water Source Ancient Crystal. Although he would not have it in his possession for a short time, Wu Yu did not think that he would lose the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff forever.

This was not the Taigu Immortal Path. Although he was still threatened in the same way, he could not be as unrestrained as before.

"Yan Dragon Army, Qu Haoyang!"

The other party stood in the crowd, smirked, and said, "Don't be too sad. We all travelled far to come to this rural place. It's not too much to ask for a reward, right?"

The love and yearning for treasures was the same for everyone in the world.

To Qu Haoyang, Wu Yu was a country boy who had obtained a treasure. It was the most suitable thing to snatch the belongings of someone powerless.

Wu Yu suppressed the anger in his heart and asked, "If I give you the advanced dao treasure, will you solve the problem of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord right away?" 

Qu Haoyang exchanged gazes with those beside him and said, "Yes, we can fix it right away."

It seemed they already knew the details, or at least they thought it should be very simple.

This meant that the reason why they had waited until now was purely because they were thinking that Wu Yu might come back and they could threaten him.

Indeed, even if Wu Yu were to deal with the two by himself now, he was still not absolutely sure if he would win, because he had no idea what Duomingshan Shengxue had up his sleeve.

Since Wu Yu's serious problem could be solved immediately, he made a decision.

"I'm sorry that I can't really own you for the time being, but I promise you that one day, I will get you back and let you shine."

Wu Yu said to 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

10,000 Dragons Staff was his favorite thing, just like a childhood toy. Now he was being forced to give it up. He was still very reluctant to take it out, and this reluctance was like a volcano buried deep in his heart. Its lava was surging, waiting for a moment to erupt.

On the road of cultivation, there was no smooth sailing. There would always be such humiliation, but it would not defeat Wu Yu.

"I want to go in too," Wu Yu said firmly as he took out the 10,000 Dragons Staff and put it on his hand horizontally.

"No problem. We will let you see the strength of our Yan Dragon Army." When Qu Haoyang saw the 10,000 Dragons Staff, his eyes were already shining. He reached out and waved, signalling the 10,000 Dragons Staff to fly towards him.

But he made a mistake. The 10,000 Dragons Staff was too heavy. How could he get it if he controlled it only in the air?

Even if Wu Yu released the blood bond, it was impossible for him.

The 10,000 Dragons Staff vibrated a while, and the dragons on it were depressed and obviously unwilling to accept it. Up to now, they had long recognized Wu Yu as their owner, waiting for Wu Yu to finally conquer the Infinity Beast.

But now, they had to leave his side.

Wu Yu could feel the deep relationship between the advanced dao treasure and himself. Although they were not real immortal treasure spirits, their feelings were there, and they were deep.

Qu Haoyang walked towards Wu Yu as if nothing had happened. He gazed at the 10,000 Dragons Staff longingly and did not hide his joy. He said, "This treasure is really temperamental and worthy of its identity."

As he said this, he reached out his hand and tried to lift it up. In fact, he underestimated the weight of the 10,000 Dragons Staff, so he nearly fell to his knees in front of Wu Yu.

At last, he gathered enough strength and activated his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. But he could barely hold on. The 10,000 Dragons Staff did not obey him, so there was a moment of struggle. Qu Haoyang could only hold it with both hands and suppress it with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Only by doing this could he avoid being embarrassed.

"Impressive and domineering. It is really an advanced dao treasure! What's the name of this advanced dao treasure?"

"The day you tame it, you will know," Wu Yu said.

The 10,000 Dragons Staff might not let him tame it. Even if it was tamed, Wu Yu also set a goal to snatch it back.

"That's right."

Qu Haoyang laughed coldly. He played with the 10,000 Dragons Staff and could not help praising it. The people of the Yan Dragon Army around him also showed envy.

"Congratulations to the Commander for getting a treasure."

"Congratulations, Commander!"

Hundreds of people could not help laughing. In fact, they were also mocking Wu Yu.

"Well, it's time to complete the mission!" Qu Haoyang lifted up the 10,000 Dragons Staff and put it in his Sumeru Pouch. After saying this, he changed instantly. He became stern, resolute, and swift.

Under his command, the Yan Dragon Guards' attitude also changed greatly. They stopped smiling and entered the state of battle.

This was indeed a lion, a real, militarized martial cultivator. It was really terrifying. The Yan Huang Ancient Country was much more strict and hard-hearted than Yan Huang Imperial City. Strict hierarchy, discipline, and an outstanding sense of teamwork.

Compared with a sect, martial cultivators would lose a lot of freedom and space for personal displays of strength, but the combined combat effectiveness would improve greatly.

Therefore, this created the strength of a martial cultivation empire.

When they said they would go, they would really do it. This was their original mission for coming to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. With the desire to leave this shitty place immediately after finishing their mission, and under the leadership of Qu Haoyan, hundreds of people acted in order. They entered the City Lord Residence and quickly went towards the direction of the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

Wu Yu followed.

The people in front jumped into the Ancient Well one after another, and Yan Huang Imperial City was empty in a flash. The Taixu Sage Master did not know what was going on below. Wu Yu sent them a core-tail talisman, telling them that they had started the mission to get rid of Duomingshan Shengxue.

They could also make some preparations outside.

Anyway, this was a very important moment for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

After Wu Yu followed them in, he arrived at the Yan Huang Ancient Well again. In front of him, there was endless yellow sand. The storm swept over him and hit him.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had spent some time here with Luo Pin.

"I don't know how she is now. Is she doing well?" When he thought of her, he thought of his agreement with her. He had to catch up to her, and Luo Pin did not refuse him. Therefore, there was still hope that he could reach her level.

But now, there were more important things. Wu Yu focused and followed the Yan Dragon Army. They moved towards the ancient city quickly. 

He remembered that the Taixu Sage Master and the others had spent half a year setting up spirit designs here. He did not expect to come in and find it very empty. He could see the wall where Duomingshan Shengxue was sealed.

"Where are the killing and intercepting spirit designs here?" Wu Yu was feeling puzzled. He catched up to Qu Haoyang and asked.

"They were blocking our way. We asked them to take them down. There's no need to spend so much time defeating these two people," Qu Haoyang said coldly.

"They are controlled by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. They are unpredictable. We don't know what their limit is. You are not prepared at all. In case of an accident...." Wu Yu was not satisfied with his arrogant attitude.

As a result, Qu Haoyang glared at him and said, "Do I need you to teach me how to do it? In that case, let's leave it up to you. Should we leave? Wu Yu, don't underestimate the combat effectiveness of our Yan Dragon Army. Be ready to witness something amazing. Don't think you can change the fact that you are narrow-minded just because you were in the Taigu Immortal Path for a while."

Since he was so impolite, Wu Yu did not want to argue with him. He could not change the other party's mind, so he could only retreat.

He looked at the round platform in the center of the ancient city. Once, the Yan Huang City Lord was sitting there, guarding the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Now things were so different.

The Yan Dragon Army moved quickly and surrounded the wall that was sealing Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas. Because all the spirit designs that had been set up before were removed, the surrounding area was very empty.

The Yan Dragon Army was really disciplined. At this time, Qu Haoyang reached out his hand, and all of them took out their dao treasures. Their dao treasures basically looked the same. They were all long, golden spears. Their positioning also looked like a spirit design. It should be a kind of battle formation that was derived from a spirit design.

Battle formations were derived from spirit designs. The simplest one, for example, was the Bipo Mountain Range Heavenly Sword Sect's Five Affinities Sword Formation.

Obviously, the battle formation of the Yan Dragon Army was much more complex. Everyone's position and the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy used were very complicated. Looking from the sky, one could see the connections between their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy.

When so many people combined to become a whole, the power that erupted was really incredible! 

At this time, Qu Haoyang was definitely the core of the battle formation. Wu Yu had a feeling that he could also use other people's power to become the most deadly weapon in battle.

He had to admit that Qu Haoyang in such a state was really too strong. Even though Wu Yu had come in, he was not in the battle formation. Hence, he was unable to help at all.

The other party's teamwork in this way was also a kind of suppression to Wu Yu.

However, Qu Haoyang did not pay attention to him at all. Now he had got the treasure. He was thinking of accomplishing the mission and leaving as soon as possible. So when he was ready, he did not hesitate at all. He went straight to the wall that was sealing the two and hit it directly. The wall suddenly broke with an explosion. Obviously, the two people would be released in advance.


Dust flew.

Wu Yu took a close look.

In the cloud of dust, a handsome middle-aged man and an enchanting and mysterious woman in black appeared at the same time.

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