Chapter 0067: Five Day Horror

Capital Wu, middle of the night.

Outside the imperial city, Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao's bodies had been lowered down and placed beside the corpse of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. They were covered up by a straw mat. 

The full moon hung high up in the skies.

Under the moonlight, the blood stains on the floor gave off a creepy light.

Not far away, there were still many citizens of Capital Wu who had not left. They were all looking in the direction of the city gates anxiously.

At this moment, a fair and white hand extended over suddenly and lifted the straw mat. Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was revealed and his head was placed back. However, one could hardly tell that it was him anymore. 

"Tsk. Wu Yu is really ruthless. You can't even tell the identity from the body."

Under the moonlight, one could see that the one speaking was wearing a silverish fox coat and gave off a mesmerizing, evil aura. His manly features and crystal, jade-like skin were even more eye-catching under the moonlight as he looked just like an immortal that had descended on the mortal realm. 

He was none other than Jiang Junlin. 

Following behind him was Yuan Chen, who looked slimmer. His eyes were bloodshot and he was clenching both of his fists tightly. His initially handsome face now looked a little more hideous. 

"Senior Jiang, you have to help me!" 

Yuan Chen didn't cry out loud as expected, and his voice was just a little coarse. 

Jiang Junlin turned around, smiled, and said, "That's not a problem. Rest assured. I benefited from Hao Tian and have gotten my hands on this Lifegiving Fruit. It's natural that I would do something for him." 

"Thank you, Senior Brother."

Jiang Junlin walked back and forth several times and then extended his hand to hold on to Yuan Chen's shoulder. He raised his eyebrows and said jokingly, "Yuen Chen, truthfully speaking, Hao Tian and this mortal sent you to the Zhongyuan Dao Sect when you were young. You have only met them a few times and didn't feel a connection with them. Now that they are gone, nothing is holding you back. Just follow me loyally from now on. Do you understand?"

Yuan Chen didn't hesitate before replying, "Thank you, Senior Brother. From now on, I, Yuan Chen, will only belong to Senior Brother. However, I'm still related by blood to them. Therefore, I definitely have to eliminate that Wu Yu." 

"Don't worry."

Jiang Junlin wasn't concerned about Wu Yu. He laughed, "This Wu Yu is really ruthless. I wonder what kind of mysterious encounter he had to be able to improve so quickly. I have just managed to get the name list for the Immortal Kingdom Supervisors and he has already completed his revenge in Capital Wu. The timing is really perfect." 

The Lifegiving Fruit had matured a day in advance. After retrieving the Lifegiving Fruit, they managed to get their hands on the name list and were on their way back when they received news that Hao Tian had been slain.

Jiang Junlin looked down and stared at Yuan Chen as he asked, "Yuan Chen, do you blame me for not coming back with your father because I wanted to wait for the Lifegiving Fruit?" 

Yuan Chen shivered a little and immediately answered, "Definitely not. I understand how important the Lifegiving Fruit is to you. Moreover, you could not have known that Wu Yu is so strong. Besides that, the roots of the Lifegiving Fruit are highly poisonous. You initially wanted to create a poison pill with the help of Sect Master. In order to help my father, you left before obtaining those roots. Yuan Chen is truly grateful for that."

"Hehe. It's good that you know that your senior brother treats you well." Although the corpses were just beside him, Jiang Junlin didn't care about them and laughed. 

Yuan Chen continued, "Senior Brother Jiang gave me everything I have today. In my heart, Senior Brother Jiang is much stronger than my parents." 

As for the twin brother of Yuan Chen, he was an insignificant ant in Yuan Chen's world. Yuan Chen couldn't care less about him.

"That's great." Jiang Junlin patted his shoulders and his mood improved substantially. 

After laughing out for a while, he said, "Wu Yu has escaped after killing people. It would be easy for me to catch him. Why don't I tie up and hang the hundreds of thousands of people in Capital Wu to force him to appear? For every day he doesn't appear, I will kill ten thousand people. What do you think about that?"

Yuan Chen shivered in fear upon hearing. He quickly replied, "Senior Brother, please don't do that. Killing mortals would damage your karma. This isn't beneficial to your advancement in the future at all." 

"Those are just silly rumors that only idiots would believe. To the mortals, I'm an immortal. As an immortal, how do I prove my capabilities without killing several billion mortals?" Jiang Junlin said with a faint smile on his face.

"Senior Brother! Please don't joke about this. If the Sect Leader were to learn of this, he wouldn't forgive you either!" Yuan Chen was panicking. 

"I am just joking with you." Jiang Junlin was simply toying with him. Seeing that he was so flustered, he found it even more hilarious.

At this moment, an army of troops approached them. As Jiang Junlin had arrived on a pegasus and seeing Yuan Chen act so respectfully to him before, they knew that this man was probably a heavenly immortal too. 

Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen looked across the approaching troops with unfriendly looks. 


A tall and burly general kneeled down on the floor and said anxiously, "Prince Yuan Chen and dear Heavenly Immortal, I'm Martial Wu from Dong Yue Wu, the leader of the army. We have found Princess Wu You and believe that she would be of value to you. Therefore, we have delivered her. “

Martial Wu had been a close confidant of Yuan Xi all along. Over this period of time, he had vaguely heard from the words of Yuan Xi that Prince Yuan Chen seemed to have brought back an even more terrifying heavenly immortal.

Therefore, he had decided to take such a risk this time.

"Princess Wu You!"

Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen exchanged gazes and their eyes lit up. As Jiang Junlin grabbed into the air, a horse carriage was crushed. From it, a beautiful girl emerged, and she was none other than Princess Wu You. 


A strong force was applied on Princess Wu You as she was pulled towards Jiang Junlin. At that instant, her long hair was flying back. 

"It's indeed her, Wu Yu's sister. She has a good relationship with Wu Yu." Yuan Chen smirked. He was still worrying about how he was going to get Wu Yu to come to him, and now Princess Wu You had appeared right in front of him. 

"I have asked others to search before, but she wasn't in Carefree Palace. Where did you guys find her?" asked Yuan Chen.

"We found her in an inn in Mountain Spring Town. She was brought to us by Yuan Feng, who is from the Yuan family," Martial Wu replied while maintaining his kneeling posture. 

"Alright. Scram." 

As Yuan Chen waved his hand, Martial Wu and his troops rolled several rounds back and left his vision. At this moment, Yuan Chen looked coldly at Wu You and walked ahead. 

"What?" Jiang Junlin placed Wu You down on the floor and stopped Yuan Chen from being rash.

Yuan Chen gritted his teeth as he said, "I'll torture her to the brink of death first to quench my anger." 

Jiang Junlin shook his head and said, "Didn't I explain it to you? It was just two useless parents that died. Don't let hatred cloud your eyes. Relax, this is just a small matter. We will settle it. Look at how angry you are now. I don't like it." 

"Yes, Senior Brother."

Yuan Chen took a deep breath.

He knew in his heart that Jiang Junlin didn't have a tinge of respect for Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian. At the same time, he also wanted Yuan Chen to not see Hao Tian as something.

However, he had no other choice, Jiang Junlin could do as he wished in the Zhongyuan Dao Sect. If it wasn't for him, he would be nothing.

Jiang Junlin looked at Wu You with interest, smiled, and said, "As a mortal, why didn't you pee in your pants when you saw me?"

Wu You had caught a glimpse of the three corpses on the floor, and they were all enemies of Wu Yu. Wu You knew clearly that Wu Yu had accomplished his dream and was happy for him.

She looked plainly at Jiang Junlin and said, "You are just a stronger mortal. What is there to be afraid of? The most you could do is kill me. I'm not even afraid of dying now, so why should I be afraid of you?”

The truth was that she already knew that the two of them would use her as bait to force Wu Yu to appear.

Wu Yu had exacted his revenge and had a bright future ahead. As his sister, if Wu Yu returned because of her and lost his life, she wouldn't be able to accept the outcome. 

At this moment, she hoped that Jiang Junlin or Yuan Chen would quickly finish her off. In this way, Wu Yu wouldn't have to come and seek his own death. 

This was what Wu You was feeling. Even in death, she would have three others to accompany her. That was totally worthwhile. 

If it wasn't for the return of Wu Yu, she would have been tortured terribly at the East God Nation. 

After hearing what Wu You said, Jiang Junlin smiled and said, "It seems like you are pretty noble to want to anger me into killing you. Do you think Wu Yu would not come if I did so? However, I can't let things go as you wish." 

Pulling Wu You along, he jumped up the city gates easily. At this point in time, the rope that was tied to the crossbeam had not been removed. Jiang Junlin tied it around Wu You's neck the same way it was tied around Yuan Xi's before. After which, he left her at an obvious spot on the city gates.

He was imitating Wu Yu. As long as Wu You was careless, she would fall from the gates and be hung to death. 

"Princess Wu You...."

Seeing the third person today that was hanging on the city gates, the citizens of Capital Wu started panicking. At least 90% of the citizens in Capital Wu cared about Princess Wu You. None of them would like to see Princess Wu You lose her life because of this. 

Unexpectedly, after the death of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian, another heavenly immortal had appeared. The saga today had surprisingly not ended yet. 

"Although the lives of mortals are fragile, they treasure it. I don't believe you will commit suicide.  If you have the guts, just jump down." Jiang Junlin leaned back on the city wall to stabilize himself while looking at Wu You mockingly. 

Wu You looked to the skies and knew that Wu Yu was definitely rushing over right now.

"I'm sorry. I was too careless to reveal my trail." 

She forced out a smile.

However, no matter what, if she had to make a choice between the two of them, she naturally would like Wu Yu to continue living.

Therefore, without any hesitation, she wanted to jump down from the protruded area. 

As long as she was dead, Wu Yu would definitely be angry and want revenge. However, he wouldn't have to rush over and would endure it first. Wu You believed that he wouldn't lose his senses to anger. Otherwise, he wouldn't have worn the demon ape mask when he returned to Capital Wu. 

The rope was straightened gradually.

"She's really a strange girl." 

Jiang Junlin was dumbfounded. Among the mortals he had seen, they were basically all afraid of death. Wu You was the first mortal he had seen that would jump down without a second thought. 

However, he couldn't let Wu You just die like this. He grabbed with his hand and Wu You was sucked back to the original protruding area. After which, he chanted several words. Strange roots grew out from the dry city walls and completely fixed her to the position. To prevent her from biting her tongue to commit suicide, he even sealed her mouth. 

"All you have to do is watch how I'm going to kill your brother.

"Truthfully speaking, I'm too lazy to do it myself. However, I owe this small favor to Yuan Chen, and there's nothing I can do about it. Haha...."

After he finished speaking beside Wu You’s ear, he smiled and landed on the floor. 

"Spread the message and tell Wu Yu. I will only give him five days. If he doesn't arrive within five days, I will hang his sister from these gates right here."

Jiang Junlin's voice propagated throughout the entire city. 

The truth was that if Wu Yu knew that Wu You was being hung on the city gates, he wouldn't be able to wait for even a single day.

Jiang Junlin was already being very generous. No matter how far Wu Yu escaped, there would be sufficient time for him to return within five days.

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