Chapter 0667: Qu Haoyang

The Bipo Mountain Range and the Heavenly Sword Sect were now empty.

Time was tight and they could only retreat. Those palaces in the cliffs were left behind. Even the Immortal Cranes for transport purposes could not be brought along.

To those at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, the Heavenly Sword Sect was too pathetically weak. Wu Yu would not gamble their lives.

The Imperial General pointed to the spiritual qi vortex and said, "The Taigu Immortal Path opened here." 

"Here? The Taigu Immortal Path opened at such an ordinary place? Are you sure you’re not joking?" The Yan Dragon Guard Yang Qiang looked at the Imperial General with doubt. The Imperial General donned a black suit of armor. He looked tall and strong. However, these two Yan Dragon Guards’ Yan Dragon Armors were even more majestic, and even their slightest actions pressured the Imperial General.

The Imperial General was highly respectful to these visitors from the Yan Huang Ancient Country at first. However, after a few days of contact, these people were prouder than he had thought.

"It is indeed here. This is the place where I witnessed him entering the Taigu Immortal Path," the Imperial General calmly said.

Wu Yun and Yang Qiang exchanged a look.

"Well, I don't think that you’d have the courage to lie to us." Yang Qiang sniggered coldly.

Both he and Wu Yun started inspecting their surroundings. One checked their environment, while the other looked at the situation under that Spiritual Qi Spring.

The Imperial General was a little nervous.

It was unavoidable. After Wu Yun looked around, he said with suspicion, "This place should be a small martial cultivation sect! This entrance still exists, but why is there no one here?"

They were afraid that he would notice that. 

But from the moment they arrived here, there were no other ways. Too many knew that the Taigu Immortal Path was here. Hence, the Imperial General could not bring them elsewhere.

He could only say, "I remembered that too, but I do not know why there is no one here."

Wu Yun looked at the Imperial General suspiciously and then at the surroundings again. His voice turned cold as he glared at the Imperial General and said, "Do you treat me as a fool? The people here have just left! You dare to lie to me?"

Now things had taken a troublesome turn. 

The Imperial General could only speak in a slightly scared tone. "Honored Sir, the truth is, I know that there are a few low level martial cultivators here. Before your arrival, I was afraid that they would be trouble for you, so I used a Message Talisman to ask them to leave. I definitely had no intention of lying to you. I was just trying to make things more convenient!"

Wu Yu was uncomfortable watching the Imperial General cowering in front of others for him. 

In this martial cultivation world, those without background had it the hardest. They could not protect even those whom they respected the most.

Wu Yu could never forget the time he piloted the warship to the Shushan Immortal Sect and supported him.

"You’re really troublesome. Quickly get those people back, I’ve things to ask!" Wu Yun ordered.

Neither Wu Yu nor the Imperial General had expected them to be so thorough.

"They might have seen if Wu Yu returned. We must not neglect any possibilities. Quick, don't make us annoyed."

The Imperial General definitely would not let Feng Xueya and the others return. To them, Feng Xueya and the others were too weak. If they asked them individually about Wu Yu’s whereabouts and their relationship to Wu Yu, there was no way they could hide the truth. 

Besides, Feng Xueya and the others were still at risk.

Hence, the Imperial General said with difficulty, "They are just a bunch of mortals. They shouldn’t know Wu Yu’s whereabouts. I just asked them to move far away, this.... "

He only hesitated at this moment and Wu Yun was starting to get angry. He raised his hand and slapped the Imperial General. He growled furiously, "How dare you come up with so many excuses!"

To be honest, they came from the Yan Dragon Army in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. These people really were nothing to them.


The Imperial General took the chance to calm down and moved to the side.

This instantly angered both Wu Yun and Yang Qiang.

"How dare you evade. You are really daring. Looks like you do not know how scary the Yan Dragon Army is to you! You and your rural land of rubbish! If I do not teach you a lesson today, I’m your grandson!"

"Let’s punish him!"

The two of them looked domineering and actually joined hands to attack the Imperial General. Actually, they knew that the Imperial General was at the same cultivation level as them and might not be weaker in terms of battle power. Hence, they chose to join hands. If not, wouldn’t it be really embarrassing when they could not take the Imperial General down alone?

But they were so sure that the Imperial General would only block and dare not retaliate.

"Honored Sirs, why seek trouble with me? Aren’t we just a group of weak martial cultivators? Wu Yu definitely has not returned. You could just wait for him here, why make things difficult for me? You two have such bad tempers. I’m also afraid that those people will be disrespectful, retort your words, and lose their lives... "

The Imperial General indeed dared not retaliate under the pressure of these two, he could only evade pathetically.

However, simply dodging was no solution. The battle power of these two Yan Dragon Guards was explosive and they coordinated well. They used their dao treasures very well and had top tier dao techniques. With just a few random moves, over 10 cliffs of the Bipo Mountain Range were destroyed, including Wu Yu’s Heaven's Equal Peak. 

"You’re courting death!" Those two not only did not stop, but got angrier that they had failed to force the Imperial General to immediately get on his knees and beg for his life. They immediately used deadly mystiques to force the Imperial General into a dead end.

The Imperial General still could not attack actively and could only be suppressed. This feeling was so upsetting!

"The Yan Huang Ancient Region is indeed terrifying. Even these two foot soldiers are stronger than me!" The Imperial General could only sigh helplessly. Of course, he knew that they came from an elite army of the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"Wu Yu, stay where you are, I just have to bear with them and nothing will happen." When being beaten, the Imperial General was still reminding Wu Yu.

But Wu Yu was filled with anger. The Imperial General was one of the people he respected the most. The Yan Huang City Lord had already sacrificed himself for the sake of the world, which already filled him with regret. At this moment, he could no longer hold it back as he watched the Imperial General’s pathetic state.

Since they had chosen the Taigu Immortal Path, it was fate that Wu Yu would have to appear before them. Since it was unavoidable, then Wu Yu would not need to hide any longer.

He had killed so many strong geniuses in the Taigu Immortal Path. He was not afraid of these Yan Dragon Army soldiers. Most of the time, he was only worried about his kin and elders.

He entered the Spiritual Qi Spring quietly and then pretended to emerge from within.

Upon exit, he saw the two Yan Dragon Guards attacking the Imperial General.

"Who!?" Wu Yu shouted angrily and joined the battle in the blink of an eye. His hands clenched into fists. He did not even use his dao treasure, because at this moment, his physical strength was enough. He appeared suddenly behind Wu Yun and punched him on the back. That domineering power pierced through his Yan Dragon Armor and hit his body. Instantly, Wu Yun coughed out a mouthful of blood, staggered, and almost fell to the ground.


Without words, Wu Yu looked towards Yang Qiang after he injured Wu Yun. Anger still broiled in his heart. Yang Qiang had already discovered him, but just as he looked at him, Wu Yu had already neared him and thrown out a ground shaking punch!

"I am from the Yan.…"

Yang Qiang had not completed his sentence when he suffered a blow to his chest. Even with the protection of the Yan Dragon Armor, his organs were shaken and his ribs were broken.

These two were third tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators. It was too easy for Wu Yu to kill them.

Two consecutive punches and these two were defeated. At this moment, one of them clutched his chest, while the other pressed his back. Both had blood in their mouths and struggled to stand straight. They looked at Wu Yu with shock. To be honest, they were scared of Wu Yu - they thought that they would die.

The Imperial General was even more surprised. He knew Wu Yu’s ability before he had entered the Taigu Immortal Path, and now Wu Yu had appeared so suddenly before him and instantly defeated two people who were at the same level as him. He was so stunned that he took some time before he reacted.

"Who are you? How dare you create trouble in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent!" Wu Yu had just beaten them up and had to pretend like he did not know them.

"Who are you? Wu Yu?" The two of them retreated and looked at Wu Yu. Then they looked at the spiritual qi vortex. They were sure that he was Wu Yu.

It was unavoidable that he had to face the Yan Dragon Army. Wu Yu nodded and asked, "You know my name?"

Since he said that, he was definitely Wu Yu. 

The Imperial General finally reacted to Wu Yu’s strong display of power. He sighed in his heart but put on a happy expression. "Wu Yu, you’re finally back. We were so worried about you all this time."

Wu Yun and Yang Qiang confirmed Wu Yu’s identity. No matter what, even though they had suffered some blows, they had completed their mission. Hence, they stopped creating trouble. 

As for attacking the Imperial General, since Wu Yu was here, it would not be convenient for them to do that.

Wu Yun gritted his teeth and asked, "How dare you attack us. We are from the Yan Dragon Army, sent here by the Yan Huang Ancient Country! We're here specially to deal with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. We're your saviors!"

Wu Yu acted surprised and said, "They have already sent people? Could it be that the danger of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has been resolved? I’m truly grateful! It was a misunderstanding, I just came back and saw you two attacking my elder. Hence, I attacked defensively. I’m not sure what misunderstanding you have with him."

Wu Yun said, "There’s no misunderstanding, we were just having a friendly fight. But you attacked us so recklessly. Well, we're generous and will not fault you. Our leader has heard of your performance in the Taigu Immortal Path and ordered us to wait here for your appearance. We'll bring you to Yan Huang Imperial City to see him. Please come with us. As for the trouble with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, it will be resolved soon."

"Your leader?"

Now he could only play along. He wanted to see what ploys the other party hid.

"Our leader is called Qu Haoyang, the Yan Dragon Army's Chiliarch. He controls over 1,000 Yan Dragon Guards like us. He is in a high position and is powerful. It is your honor to be seen by him," Yang Qiang said.

"Qu Haoyang?"

This name made Wu Yu think of Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu.

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