Chapter 0666: Lost

Wu Yu hid himself near the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

His brothers and sisters from Heaven's Equal Camp had also improved a lot themselves.

Wu Yu had many resources with him right now, but he could not hand them out amidst the tricky situation.

He still had to monitor any changes over at Yan Huang Imperial City. According to his calculations, the Yan Dragon Army should very swiftly dispel the Dual World Life Sealing Incarcerating Talisman and fight Duomingshan Shengxue.

However, what transpired was completely different from his expectations. Not a thing stirred in Yan Huang Imperial City. Wu Yu peeked a little from his concealed position, and all he could see was that Wu Yun and Yang Qiang, the two Yan Dragon Guards, standing before the city gates, barring any from entering.

He did not know what was going on.

But for the sake of safety, he could only continue waiting.

Occasionally, he would communicate with Princess You Xue. Wu Yu learnt that after she had gone out, the elders of the Little Duke, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, Feng Jianqing, and the others had asked her for news. Despite that, Princess You Xue had not let Wu Yu down. She fabricated some story and claimed that she had not seen them. She had met danger and had no choice but to leave the Taigu Immortal Path.

Right now, the Jambu Realm basically thought that there were still a few people left in the Taigu Immortal Path. There was still time, and therefore no one was worried.

Amongst them was someone called Wu Yu.

Recently, news of Wu Yu had spread far and wide in the Jambu Realm. His reputation was already huge. Especially news that he had an advanced dao treasure. That had spread far as well.

Wu Yu had learnt of this general news through Princess You Xue as well. As for the fact that she had been tagged with the Soul Manipulation Blood design, no one knew.

But on this side, as he idled, the Mizar Sword Immortal came over to Wu Yu. He looked downcast, his eyes red. "Wu Yu, you should know that Wei Er has been missing for three months now."

"What!?" Wu Yu's heart jolted, and a mental picture of himself and Nangong Wei during their youth swam into mind. Each memory of their bittersweet relationship and love-hate ambivalence came back to him.

Nangong Wei, missing!

No one had told Wu Yu in these few days.

He had not expected to take the news this badly. It made him anxious. Perhaps because he had once cared very much for her. Perhaps because she had once relied so much on him.

"What happened?"

The Mizar Sword Immortal looked aged. He had lost his wife, and now his daughter. These two blows had stripped him of his youthfulness. His past vigor had long vanished.

He shook his head. "I don't know. She was originally at Clear Sky of Shushan. No warning. I thought that she was in seclusion to cultivate. Ever since you two fought at Shangyuan Immortal Mountain, her morale has been crushed. I was very worried about her, so I talked to her often. Actually, she was already much better, but she suddenly disappeared without a warning, just like that."

Wu Yu hurriedly pressed him. "Why would she do that? Did you look for her? Did she leave anything behind?"

Mizar Sword Immortal said frustratedly, "That's what I don't understand. I tried looking for her, and have been for the past few months. I've used every method I know to contact her. Message Talismans, core-tail talismans, and have even gone out to sea to look for her. But the sea is vast, and I found no traces of her. If she doesn't want me to find her, I cannot find her. The thing is, Wei Er would not do this. Even if she were to leave home and wander far away, she would not do so without a sign or word. She at least respects this father of hers."

He was clearly in agony, or he would not have aged this quickly.

Wu Yu's emotions were scrambled as well. Although their relationship was severed, he definitely wished no harm would come to Nangong Wei.

"Vanished without a word. She would probably not be that stubborn. Something must have happened. And you said that she had been at Clear Sky of Shushan up till her disappearance, and there was no reaction from the spirit designs of Clear Sky of Shushan."

After that, Wu Yu asked, "Her Disciple Amulet? Can't it be traced?"

Nangong Wei also had a Disciple Amulet of the Shushan Immortal Sect.

The Mizar Sword Immortal shook his head. "It can't be found. However, we can confirm that she is not dead."

The Disciple Amulet was very widespread within the Jambu Realm. Virtually everyone had one, and one's kin would immediately know of one's death. However, once on the Taigu Immortal Path, all relations would be severed. Even though the Little Duke and the others had died, their Disciple Amulets would not register, and those outside would not know at all.

As long as she was not dead, there should still be hope.

"Wu Yu, I know that your future is bright, and that you had many conflicts and quarrels with her. I hope that if you have the chance in the future, you can help me look for her. At least ascertain her safety. I have never really begged anyone in this life. This time, I'm begging you."

A father's love knew no bounds.

The Mizar Sword Immortal got on his knees before Wu Yu and was about to kowtow. Wu Yu hurriedly helped him up.


The Mizar Sword Immortal delivered a harsh slap to his own face. He said, "Back then, I slapped you. This is my penance. I hope that you will not hold a grudge."

Wu Yu had already long forgotten about that slap.

He hurriedly replied, "I cannot guarantee it, but I will try my best. If there is news, I will definitely tell you."

However, he knew that the world was vast. Where would he go to find Nangong Wei? He could not possibly charge blindly throughout the world. But if he had the chance in the future, or if he had a wide information network, he could go and search, and ask, if anyone had seen her.

"I wonder where she is wandering at now." Thinking of her, Wu Yu's heart was still a little confused. If even Ying Huang and the Mizar Sword Immortal could stand together, then those matters of the past did seem insignificant. Deep down, he already had no more fury or hate.

"Nangong Wei."

This name, and the old and weeping Mizar Sword Immortal before him, made Wu Yu bite his lip. He did not know how to comfort him.

"This is my destiny. It is a harsh one. I just hope that Wei Er can be safe." The Mizar Sword Immortal shook his head and staggered away. Behind him were the rest of the Seven Immortals of Shushan.

"Wu Yu, we are counting on you," the Dubhe Sword Immortal said.

"I will do my best."

This matter remained on Wu Yu's mind. He could not let it go.

He could do nothing regarding the matter of Yan Huang Imperial City and the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. In truth, he wanted to go up and see what on earth these Yan Dragon Army people were doing.

In a flash, more than a dozen days passed. Wu Yu felt that they should already have settled things. But after such a long time, nothing was happening.

Wu Yu could already cultivate his fourth mystique. If not for this unresolved matter, he would already have found a place to further his own progress.

His third mystique, the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, had truly enhanced Wu Yu's fighting capabilities by a large factor.

After another few days, the matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was still unresolved, and Wu Yun and Yang Qiang again came down. They were quick to ask, "Hey, old wretches. No news of Wu Yu yet? He ain't back?"

Perhaps they had been reprimanded above. Their faces were ugly, and they were blowing off steam on the Taixu Sage Master and the others.

The Taixu Sage Master hurriedly answered, "August ones, there is indeed no news of Wu Yu. Perhaps he is not back yet."

The two looked at each other and then Wu Yun waved a hand. "Alright. We don't need you either. Today, we want you to send someone to take us to where the Taigu Immortal Path opened. The two of us will go there to prepare to receive Wu Yu."

Yang Qiang lowered his voice threateningly. "The Taigu Immortal Path is a big thing for you all. Don't you dare tell me you don't know where it is."

They were indeed urgently looking for Wu Yu.

This was tricky. Because the place was the Bipo Mountain Range.

Naturally, the Taixu Sage Master and the others understood this well. These two were no fools. They would clearly know if they were being deceived. If they took the Yan Huang Immortal Army there, they would naturally know that Wu Yu was already back.

After all, so many people had seen Wu Yu then.

Wu Yu would very readily be exposed.

The Taixu Sage Master and the others had to play along for now. They could not afford to raise their suspicions, so they said that they would take them there.

The Imperial General immediately stood forth. "August ones, this humble creature knows the place. I will take you there immediately."

Wu Yun looked at him and nodded in approval. "You must be a leader here at Yan Huang Imperial City, and one of our Yan Huang Ancient Country people. Lead on, then. Do this well and you will be rewarded."

"My thanks to the both of you." The Imperial General could only lead the way, taking them away first.

"Wu Yu, watch out...." After they left, everyone was troubled.

At this stage, they could only take things as they came. Wu Yu said, "I will follow them over. You all stay here. Take it that nothing has happened. I will get Master and the others to quickly evacuate."

No matter what, Wu Yu did not want the people of the Heavenly Sword Sect to be implicated in this.

Wu Yu had to be worried that these two were heading over. That was why he would choose the most prudent course of evacuation first. The rest would remain to be seen.

His Floating Dreams Pagoda could control the puppets over there. The Lightning Blood General and the Demonic Flame General could manage basic speech, and Wu Yu had Feng Xueya order the Heavenly Sword Sect to quickly evacuate. Feng Xueya hurried to comply.

Wu Yu first had them go to the Dong Yue Wu royal palace. He would consider his next step later.

Right now, the pair moved quickly, and Wu Yu could not control it. Luckily, he had come back earlier, or he would have been accosted by these two from the start.

The Imperial General led the two over to the Bipo Mountain Range, and Wu Yu followed behind them like a ghostly shadow. Right now, he could only act as things developed.

Before long, they arrived at the Bipo Mountain Range.

"Who would have thought that the spiritual qi here was so diluted! This Dong Sheng Divine Continent is truly a wasteland. Not even birds would shit here. No wonder the Yan Huang Ancient Country ditched this divine continent."

"Yeah, besides dirt, there's nothing. The strongest cultivator is only a fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. What a joke. We could be emperors here. But there's no hope of becoming immortal here. No one would want to come."

The two landed on the Bipo Mountain Range. By this time, Feng Xueya and the others had already left.

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