Chapter 0664: Connected by Blood

He came out of Sun Wudao’s tomb, where the spiritual qi vortex originated. 

The Bipo Mountain Range. Flowers bloomed and birdsongs could be heard. In the air, one could pick up the lingering scent of the grass. 

Although the spiritual qi here was diluted and almost the same as mortal kingdom’s, Wu Yu still missed this place dearly. Every grass and tree in this place would jerk his memories of when he first stepped into the path of cultivation. 

The passion and exhilaration. 

It was especially so for where he had emerged. When he stood guard to protect the Heavenly Sword Sect in the past, his senior brother and him were stationed here. Everyone had worked together and had a common goal. At that time, Wu Yu was thinking of borrowing immortal medicines from them. 

Looking across, the Bipo Mountain Range was still looking the same. It was just that because of Wu Yu, the Heavenly Sword Sect had experienced unprecedented growth and had gained the protection of Yan Huang Imperial City. Everyone here had benefited greatly. 

"I'm finally back...." 

Closing his eyes, he was enjoying everything about this world. When he was in the Taigu Immortal Path, he felt like the whole world was illusory. When he got back to this place, he finally had a feeling of stability. 

Although he had left the mysterious Taigu Immortal Path, he still felt really comfortable upon his return to this place. 

At this point, Wu Yu could feel extreme ecstasy. These weren't his own thoughts, they were from someone under his control. 

Princess You Xue.

Wu Yu had not expected this. When the mountain of lightning collapsed, the barrier over the Immortals’ Viewing Platform had likely collapsed too. The reason why he could feel the ecstasy of Princess You Xue would indicate that she was still alive and back in her Dark North Kingdom. 

At this point, she should be a huge distance from Wu Yu. However, her overwhelming joy, agitation, and every thought were clear as crystal to Wu Yu. It was as though she was just beside him. 

She could be said to be the lucky survivor of the catastrophe, having painstakingly gained the opportunity to continue living. 

However, Wu Yu had to warn her and let her know of his existence. Therefore, he triggered the Soul Manipulation Blood design slightly. He believed that Princess You Xue would likely feel the trigger from Wu Yu despite being far away in the Dark North Kingdom. 

Indeed, she started having some fearful thoughts. While she was in ecstasy, she had to accept that she was now under Wu Yu's control. 

Wu Yu warning her was to remind her not to say anything about the massacre on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. Otherwise, she would definitely be dead. 

Luckily, she was almost the same as she was on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform and was extremely subservient to Wu Yu. 

That would do. Although he wasn't aware of the situation outside right now, he might need her help in some areas. 

At the moment, as long as she did not act rashly, Wu Yu wouldn't disturb her. 

Wu Yu didn't have to tell her anything. His orders would be felt from the Soul Manipulation Blood design on her body, and Princess You Xue would understand what Wu Yu wanted. 

She was lucky because Wu Yu had no intentions of torturing her. 

After settling things with Princess You Xue, Wu Yu got up. Since he was back, the first thing he had to do was obviously pay Feng Xueya a visit at the Heavenly Palace. He was his only master up till today. 

The one who had brought him to the path of cultivation and his life benefactor. 

Along the way, he could see that the Heavenly Sword Sect was on the rise. The disciples were flying on their swords and filled with confidence and anticipation for their future. 

From this, it was clear that nothing had happened to Yan Huang Imperial City yet. 

Wu Yu arrived at the Heavenly Palace in the blink of an eye. Standing outside the palace, he said, "Disciple Wu Yu has returned. I'm here to pay a visit to Master." 

A teacher for a day, a father for life. Wu Yu would never forget the gratitude of Feng Xueya leading him onto the path of cultivation. 

"Wu Yu!" An exclaim came from the palace. Wu Yu pushed open the door and entered. Initially, Feng Xueya had his back facing the door. At this point, he turned around instantly. When he saw Wu Yu, he was incensed. After some time, he finally smiled and said, "Seeing that you have returned safely, I'm finally feeling completely at ease. However, based on the initial plan, shouldn't you have gone to the Yan Huang Ancient Region? Why are you here now?" 

Wu Yu answered, "Some things have changed and it's hard to explain everything. Luckily, the outcome was great. The Taigu Immortal Path has given me huge improvements. It won't be a problem for me to head to Yan Huang Ancient Region in the future." 

"Great, great!" Feng Xueya stepped forward. With Wu Yu's support on multiple fronts, he had made huge improvements. He was in high spirits and had become a seventh tier Jindan Dao cultivator. It shouldn't be a problem for him to enter the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm and extend his longevity in the future. 

"As long as you are safe, everything else will be fine." Feng Xueya grabbed his arms and his eyes showed his satisfaction with Wu Yu. He said, "You really are the greatest pride I have in my lifetime. It's a blessed occasion now that you have returned. Let's get your senior brothers and sisters for a gathering." 

He summoned the group back. Night Wishes for Snow, Su Yanli, and the others arrived one after another. They were his senior brothers and sisters and wouldn't feel inferior or distant just because Wu Yu had grown stronger now. Everyone was still the same as before. For example, Mo Shishu would still ask if Wu Yu had gotten together with a few princesses while he was in Taigu Immortal Path. 

Wu Yu was the closest with Su Yanli. Although she didn't speak much, her sincere smile still made Wu Yu feel warm. 

"It's great as long as you are safe." Everyone had the same idea. While Wu Yu was in Taigu Immortal Path, they missed him dearly as well. 

After a short meet up, Feng Xueya remarked, "Since you are back, we will have more time together. You should hurry and pay your sister a visit."  

"Master, do you know the situation at Yan Huang Imperial City now?" This was the most crucial thing. 

Feng Xueya answered, "Based on what I know, it is still the same. They are adding killing and intercepting spirit designs while waiting for reinforcements from the Yan Huang Ancient Region." 

"No one has arrived at the Dong Sheng Divine Continent yet?" Wu Yu asked. 

Feng Xueya said, "That should be the case." 

The matter with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was still more pressing. Wu Yu left behind the Lightning Blood General, the Demonic Flame General, and a few other puppets. They had battle strength equivalent to Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators, similar to that of the Imperial General. They would be sufficient to protect the Heavenly Sword Sect. 

After which, he headed towards the royal palace in Dong Yue Wu. 

After all, Feng Xueya had said that no one from the Yan Huang Ancient Region had arrived yet. Therefore, there wouldn't be any changes. It had been a long time and he was missing Wu You. 

The truth was, considering how long he had spent in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, it had truly been years. 

"I believe the Yan Huang Ancient Region only sent people over after learning that I was with Prince Le. In that case, it hasn't been long. Even though they haven't arrived yet, they should get here in time." 

His decision to return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent was because the incident with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was Wu Yu's greatest worry. He had to resolve it before he could pursue greater and deeper dao. 

In the blink of an eye, he was back in Capital Wu. 

This beautiful and ancient mortal city contained Wu Yu’s deepest memories of his childhood. When he saw those familiar streets and citizens while whizzing through, he recalled many things, including him killing Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian in this place. 

"Sister." Within the Wu Phoenix Hall of the royal palace, Wu Yu found her. Wu You was going through memorials and was likely to be feeling fatigued when she suddenly heard the familiar voice. She saw Wu Yu the moment she lifted her head. At that instant, she was overwhelmed with emotions. All she could do was use her smile to replace the tears of longing. She stood up, smiled faintly, and said, "You are back. I did not expect you to be back so soon. I thought it would be 10 or 20 years." 

"I knew Sister was missing me, and I couldn't bear to make you wait 10 or 20 years for me." 

She was his only kin. Wu Yu extended both arms and gave her a hug. Although they had different mothers, they shared the same bloodline. 

Wu You had made some improvements. However, the Qi Condensation Realm was still too low in the view of Wu Yu. 

"I won't be in a hurry to leave now that I'm back. Let me settle some stuff before returning to help you. At the very least, I'll help you reach the Jindan Dao Realm," said Wu Yu. 

"Go do what you have to do. As long as I know you are safe, that's enough." Wu You adjusted his clothes for him while looking at him gently. 

One's kin would always be able to trigger one’s softest part. While he was on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, Wu Yu experienced several cruel massacres and pursuits before emerging as the only victor. Now, his hands were tainted with blood. Wu You's care and concern at his point had completely melted his heart. Returning to this place, he was no longer the man who had gone on a killing spree and committed astounding acts. He was just her younger brother. 

"I got you a guard. From here onwards, he will follow you at all times. No one on this Dong Sheng Divine Continent could possibly harm you again." 

Wu You summoned the Eight Arms General, who was the equivalent of a fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. The Eight Arms General had eight thick arms and claws. His head resembled an evil dragon and looked savage. With a puppet like this to protect Wu You, the majority of the people would back off. 

"This is...?" 

"A puppet that I control." 

"You are getting more and more mysterious." In the aspect of cultivation, Wu You had utmost admiration for him. 

Wu Yu chuckled. Leaving the Eight Arms General had put his heart at ease. Wu Yu could return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent any time he wanted. Therefore, he bade farewell to Wu You and left rapidly for Yan Huang Imperial City. This was the most pressing issue at hand. 

He flew up high in the sky before riding on his sword. Subsequently, he used the Swift Art as he whizzed through the clouds and covered thousands of miles. 

Yan Huang Imperial City was already close to him! 

From afar, Wu Yu saw the city in the sky once again! 

Within the clouds, one could see the front of the city, but not its entirety. 

Seeing that everything seemed peaceful, Wu Yu felt more at ease. At the very least, nothing had happened. Now that he was back, he couldn't care less if the Yan Huang Ancient Region would send people over. That was no longer important. Wu Yu was confident in killing Duomingshan Shengxue and Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas by himself. 

At this place, Wu Yu recalled the egg he had obtained from the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. 

"Now I'm a ninth tier Jindan Dao Realm cultivator and not far from the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

"If I have a second body that is capable of doing what the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord does, then I..." 

Wu Yu was looking forward to that moment. 

Just as he thought of dashing into Yan Huang Imperial City. 

He suddenly heard a voice in his ears. It seemed to be the Taixu Sage Master, and he said in an anxious tone, "Wu Yu, stop right away. Don't enter!" 

Wu Yu stopped immediately. This was strange. He looked down and saw several hundred people gathering on a mountain below Yan Huang Imperial City. He knew all of them. 

The Taixu Sage Master, the Imperial General, the Seven Immortals of Shushan, and others were all there. 

"What happened?" Wu Yu was baffled. 

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