Chapter 0662: A Way Out

Once the demonic power of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was activated, one would be submerged in the crimson world of this spirit design. It would be difficult to draw back or stop.

Once the process had started, it was like being sucked into a crimson vortex and held in the magical thrall of the spirit design. By the time Wu Yu started to feel like it should end, it was already over.

A few days passed.

The Soul Manipulation Blood Design had successfully entered Princess You Xue's body. Although not visible, it resided in every corner of her body.

As he looked down, there were no traces on her body. There was not a trace of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design on her alabaster skin, which blended beautifully against the Immortals’ Viewing Platform of white jade.

"It's done?" This was much simpler than what Wu Yu had expected.

He looked at his own hand, where there was a crimson spirit design on the tip of his right hand's middle finger. This was connected to the Soul Manipulation Blood Design on Princess You Xue's person.

Wu Yu used this mini design to control the Soul Manipulation Blood Design and, by proxy, Princess You Xue.

At this time, Wu Yu began to feel a curious feeling, as though their bloodlines were merging. There was another person in his consciousness now, which was Princess You Xue. This consciousness was not controlled by Wu Yu, but he clearly knew what she was thinking at any moment.

Even if he shut his eyes, Princess You Xue’s soul and Primordial Spirit were laid bare before him. Her every thought and notion would pass through Wu Yu's consciousness.

It was said that if there was a dangerous notion, Wu Yu would feel an intense signal.

This curious feeling of being able to completely control another person was truly frightening. Wu Yu felt a little hesitant. He did not know if using this ghostly immortal technique was the right thing. But from the way that Princess You Xue's body looked, the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was truly well concealed. Only he, the owner, could sense it.

Through the mini design on his finger, her life was tied to his own. If he died, so would she. At the same time, Wu Yu could end her life at any time with just a thought, erasing the mini design from his finger. The Soul Manipulation Blood Design would instantly kill her.

The most amazing thing was that the connection of their consciousnesses was single-directional. Of course, no matter what separated them, Wu Yu could always know what she was thinking, and even convey simple messages to her.

And right now, Wu Yu came into contact with her thoughts for the first time, and he saw... her humiliation.

After all, the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was a challenge for any woman. Especially due to the fact that nothing could be hidden from Wu Yu. Even though Wu Yu was not looking at her, her heart was racing. In her mind, Wu Yu could see the explicit scenes that she was imagining....

"Put it on." Her Sumeru Pouch was still in his hands, which was why she had no clothes. Wu Yu snatched some random clothes and handed them to her, turning his back. In truth, his heart had been beating wildly too. She was a noble and a princess, and she was still thinking of doing those things with him....

Perhaps Princess You Xue only now realized how embarrassing it was to have her every thought under supervision. In Wu Yu's eyes, she was already as pathetic as could be.

Wu Yu's cold treatment made her feel the sting of rejection, and a fresh wave of bitterness flooded her heart, which she quickly quelled. Over the next few days, her serious injuries recovered a little.

Her gloominess, frustration, and sadness did not escape Wu Yu's notice.

Wu Yu admired her a little, that she was willing to bear this for the sake of survival.

"Before, you dismissed the worth of my life and tro on my existence. Although I did not kill you, this Soul Manipulation Blood Design is already a very big punishment. From now on, all is resolved between us. But since you chose the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, then you can never turn me down when I need your help. As long as you comply, I will not only not bring you down, but I will also treat you with dignity."

The Soul Manipulation Blood Design was fixed now, and Wu Yu had to clarify this.

Actually, without him saying, Princess You Xue already understood the Soul Manipulation Blood Design well. She felt a mingle of shame, pain, and sadness, but she dared not have any enmity or dissatisfaction towards Wu Yu. She had probably gotten adjusted to this, and now she looked at Wu Yu only with reverence, as though he were her lord.

Wu Yu had many secrets about him, and now she had become close to him. And yet she did not dare ask or know a single one of those secrets.

The more her expression and thoughts grew to revere and depend on Wu Yu, the more Wu Yu felt how terrifying the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was.

"Little boy, don't just smirk to yourself secretly. You forgot one thing, haha...." Suddenly, Ming Long laughed in her wicked way again.

With a bad feeling, Wu Yu asked, "What do you mean?"

Ming Long pursed her lips. "I just knew that her beauty would bedazzle you and knock the consideration clean out of your head. She cannot enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda. So you cannot take her out. If she can't leave the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, then what's the difference between letting her live or killing her?"

Wu Yu despaired. He had indeed gone to fruitless lengths, to have clean forgotten this matter. When Princess You Xue had stopped him with the offer of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, it had fired his curiosity. Until the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was completed, he had not recalled that he had no way of bringing her out.

"You knew this! Why didn't you say so earlier?" Wu Yu accused her.

"Haha, I just wanted to see you use the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. Are you going to bully me for that?" Ming Long was as reckless as a dead mouse that feels no cold.

She was always this unruly.

But that was reality. If he did not have a way to bring Princess You Xue outside of the spirit design, then the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was indeed useless.

He could leave the Immortals' Viewing Platform, but Princess You Xue had to languish here until death took her. If that was the way things were, then he might as well have killed her.

But the lure of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was too strong, and Wu Yu had completely forgotten this issue.

Princess You Xue did not know about this. Right now, she was staring at him with teary, puppy eyes. Although she looked pitiful, he still had to tell her the truth about the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Finally, he said, "I am sorry. I only just recalled this. I'm sorry I got your hopes up, but I am unable to bring you out for now."

Without replying, Wu Yu already knew her anxiety and misery. Without her facial expressions, every single thought was transmitted to Wu Yu through the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. The Princess You Xue right now was a completely different person from the cold-blooded cruel character that she had been.

Wu Yu had truly and thoroughly mastered her.

"I will try to think of something. But do not get your hopes up." Wu Yu could only console her that way.

Right now, his decision for revenge had been satisfied. Besides Princess You Xue, everyone else had died. He knew just how shocking this matter was, but no one would ever know, and so he could calm himself. He had no inner demons either.

The appearance of the glowing figure of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had steadied his being considerably. He feared nothing.

Princess You Xue sat on the ground, weeping about her tortured fate. Wu Yu used the Floating Dreams Pagoda to exit the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Right now, it was solid soil above his head.

"Currently, besides me and this Dark North Kingdom princess, everyone else has already left the Taigu Immortal Path. I am buried here also, but it should still be possible to explore the Taigu Immortal Path."

There was still a chance, so Wu Yu was not in a hurry to return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

At first, there was a chance to go to the Dark North Kingdom, or perhaps another place in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. But it seemed like Princess You Xue could not go back, and so he could only return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Given his current ability, he could probably reach the Yan Huang Ancient Region from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent without much trouble. Therefore, he still chose to go back. After all, the matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord might not yet be resolved.

He called out his army of puppets, about seven or eight in total. With the Black and White Deities leading the pack, they began to dig upwards from the Immortals' Viewing Platform, pushing the soil aside. Wu Yu himself only watched, waiting for the puppets to dig him a passage out.

Looking down, he saw that Princess You Xue was employing some dao technique to recuperate from her wounds.

Seeing her efforts, Wu Yu riffed through her Sumeru Pouch, taking out some Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. The remaining things that were precious and belonged to her, he could not use, so Wu Yu returned them to her.

After Princess You Xue caught them, she looked at Wu Yu with gratitude.

"Damn." Wu Yu was surprised. It seemed like the princess was thoroughly won over now. Just returning her some things had made her feel overwhelmed with gratitude. As Ming Long had said, she would be completely willing to go along with anything that Wu Yu wanted her to do.

If he could help her get out, her status would be of great help to him. A pity that there was nothing he could do about the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Wu Yu tried a few times, but he still did not have the capacity to bring Princess You Xue into the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Wu Yu had thought of putting her in a Sumeru Pouch and then in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. However, a Sumeru Pouch of a dao treasure level could not hold her. The spirit designs failed the moment she entered.

Actually, she was already very happy that Wu Yu was trying.

This warm and docile Princess You Xue deferred to Wu Yu in everything. Wu Yu did not dare to believe it.

Over the next few days, Wu Yu sorted out all of his gains. He threw away many of the things that he could not use, even if they were precious. If anyone discovered that the things of those geniuses were in his possession, then he would be in deep trouble.

As for which were their specialized possessions, and which were not, he simply had to just ask Princess You Xue.

He still kept many things though.

Amongst them, an immense bounty of immortal medicines and essences, with a more modest number of dao treasures, dao techniques, and talismans.

There were many Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and Wu Yu still had many left after refining his clones up to their highest level. It would be enough to last him a long time.

He could not even be bothered to count them. There were a lot.

And the puppets did not know fatigue. They dug a very long tunnel towards the sky. Before long, they reached the surface.

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