Chapter 0661: Technique of a Ghostly Immortal

Wu Yu understood everything. 

This was equivalent to having a living puppet who would do everything he wished and placed him as its king. 

In fact, if she showed any disrespect to him, all it would take was a thought and the Soul Manipulation Blood Design on her would be triggered, sending excruciating pain cruising through her. 

The Soul Manipulation Blood Design was, in fact, with Wu Yu currently. It was within the Sumeru Pouch that Wu Yu had obtained from Princess You Xue previously. 

It was written on a blood-red scroll made from crimson bamboo. However, it didn't have the pungent odor of blood. Instead, it had a captivating attraction. When Wu Yu held the scroll in his hand, he couldn't help but shiver a little. 

Indeed, this was an ominous object. 

He flipped the blood-red scroll open and saw an image of a girl not wearing any clothes. Although the drawing was simple, it had a bewitching charm. 

However, what attracted Wu Yu the most was the red spirit design on that girl. The spirit design resembled a tattoo and extended from her face down all the way to her feet. Every part of her body had complicated and eerie drawings. 

The scroll also had a large number of analyses in words. Some of these words were ancient and Wu Yu couldn't understand them. However, Ming Long was able to understand them. 

"This is indeed the Soul Manipulation Blood Design." Ming Long took a glance and verified it. 

Through the process, Princess You Xue illustrated the effects of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design very clearly. Her eyes were filled with fear of death and also fear of Wu Yu. However, she had to calm herself so she could say, "I know why you want to kill us. You were forced into the situation. This is because you possessed some precious treasures and we learned about them. You can't make any mistakes, or you and your kin might be killed. Therefore, I don't think this is your fault. I'm just astounded by your guts and means....

"Wu Yu, I knew that even if I made a vow saying that I wouldn't disclose anything here after I got out, you wouldn't believe me. Now that I have lost, death might be my only outcome. I have nothing to say since you have defeated me. However, I don't want to die! I'm still young and I believe you can understand my thoughts. Didn't you have times where you didn't want to die as well.... And this Soul Manipulation Blood Design is my only hope. I know that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design is frighteningly brutal for the subject. I will lose all of my rights, but...! It's still better than turning to ashes. I know our enmity hasn't reached the point of no return. You are just trying to protect yourself when there are no other ways out. However, you have an alternative with the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. Please, I beg you...." 

If Wu Yu had to make the decision himself, he would feel that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was indeed a spirit design that should be sealed away. 

An object from a ghostly immortal. 

However, Princess You Xue was the one making the request herself. In order to survive, she was willing to make this decision. Even if Wu Yu could accept it, it was the only way he could possibly spare her life. 

Princess You Xue had tried all her means to fight for survival. At the same, she had analyzed Wu Yu’s rationally, put on a pitiful stand, and tried to gain Wu Yu's sympathy. 

However, Wu Yu was still emotionless at this point. He was also considering it. 

Wu Yu didn't think of letting her off just because she was a lady. All reasons were secondary. The main factor was that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was sufficiently domineering. He could almost be assured of no further worries and the risk was small. Next, it was the resources behind Princess You Xue. With a princess of the Dark North Kingdom devoting herself to serve him, the force behind her would be no different from the force behind Wu Yu! 

This was what Wu Yu really needed! 

Otherwise, Wu Yu could only be on the run at all times when he reached the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

Everyone could bully him and threaten him with Dong Sheng Divine Continent. 

Although the Dark North Kingdom wasn't the Yan Huang Ancient Country, it was still an absolute ruler of a region in the Jambu Realm that occupied the majority of the Dark North Emperor Continent. 

"If I can make use of Princess You Xue and let the Dark North Kingdom become my support, I will have fewer hurdles. I might also be able to better protect my kin and friends.

"However, letting her remain alive would still have a certain level of risk! What if she disregards everything to turn me over?" 

He was more inclined to spare her life currently. However, there was still the lingering fear. 

Ming Long said, "From my understanding of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design, the risk wouldn't be big. This is because the moment she has any negative thoughts about you, the Soul Manipulation Blood Design will be triggered and she will lose her life. This is why the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was so feared by others. Based on my estimate, to prevent herself from having such thoughts, she would have to start hypnotizing herself right now to see you as her absolute master. She wouldn't dare to let her thoughts stray.

"According to legends, this is something left behind by a ghostly immortal. Considering what a ghostly immortal was capable of, he would definitely make the Soul Manipulation Blood Design as perfect as possible. When one falls under its control, it’s no different from losing their soul. In terms of risk, you wouldn't have to worry about it.

"Moreover, having such a beautiful girl who is willing to do as you wish anytime would be so satisfying! I'm really envious of you. If I were a guy, I would be interested in this." After completing her sentence, Ming Long laughed sheepishly. 

"Screw you!" 

Wu Yu was doing his analysis as well. 

"I'll be basically taking no risk and I will get aid from the Dark North Kingdom. Also, at the very least, I'll have a place to go when I head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. As such, this does sound plausible." 

He lowered his head and stared at Princess You Xue. 

The other party had pinned all her hopes on Wu Yu. At this point, her eyes were filled with tears as she shivered while staring at Wu Yu. Truth be told, if a woman, and especially a beautiful woman, were to display such pitiful looks before a guy, it was hard for a guy to kill her no matter how ruthless he might be. 

Wu Yu was also an ordinary man. 

Although he had no feelings for Princess You Xue, she was a devastating beauty. This was a natural advantage. If she were some demon, like the Perennial Shark or the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, Wu Yu wouldn't have wasted time talking to her.... 

"Wu Yu, I know that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design is cruel. However, I also know that if one dies, nothing is left. I don't care about the price - all I want is to continue living. This is a decision I've made willingly. You wouldn't lose anything and would gain even more. If the Soul Manipulation Blood Design is successful, you will notice before me if I have any negative thoughts about you. Wouldn't it be the same if you killed me then? Having reached this stage and encountering you is my bad luck. However, I hope that the Soul Manipulation Blood Design and my identity as the Princess of the Dark North Kingdom will enable me to continue living. I'm begging you, Wu Yu...." 

As she spoke, crystal clear tears started streaming down her cheeks. 

Indeed, if one were to die, there would be nothing left. 

Although the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was brutal, death was even more so. 

Just as she had said, even if the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was successful, she would still have to die if he wanted her to. 

"In fact, it isn't that brutal. It is just that my life would be under your control. I'll treat you as my friend and my kin. I'm willing to listen to your instructions, and that wouldn't be too much for me to take. If I'm not thinking of seeking revenge against you, you won't be too bad to me, right?" To live, Princess You Xue had gone all out. Initially, she was cold-blooded and ruthless. Now she was weeping and had completely collapsed. Perhaps the only other thing she could do was kneel on the ground to beg Wu Yu. 

In the end, Wu Yu made his decision. 

He nodded his head. 

Upon seeing this, Princess You Xue was exhilarated. She still couldn't move, but her gaze toward Wu Yu had changed completely. The fear, and even the disdain and hatred, had vanished completely. What replaced them was a form of reverence and submission. It was as though Wu Yu had become her entire world. She was just like a little girl staring blankly at Wu Yu. 

"She is smart and knows how she should treat you in the future. This is the only way she can survive. Naturally, you were very dominant this time and have her completely convinced. For a girl, a tough lesson could make her completely convinced about you. In addition, she will grow more reliant on you and her admiration for you will increase. Perhaps she might even become fond of being tortured. I believe it won't take long before she starts enjoying being controlled by the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. You have to be careful not to incur any emotional baggage." Ming Long chuckled. 

"I won't. I have no feelings for her." 

Regarding this, Wu Yu was resolute. After he nodded his head and agreed to it, he started researching into the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. The Soul Manipulation Blood Design wasn't difficult and mainly consisted of drawing the spirit design to succeed. This was a drawing from hell, and all the mysterious elements were within the drawing. 

However, one had to use his finger to slice open the other party's skin to draw the spirit design. In the end, the fresh blood that oozed out of the wound would form the spirit design known as the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. 

It didn't require one’s Primordial Spirit - it could be fashioned directly. 

However, whenever a drawing was completed, he had to make some recitals to attract something known as the blood sacrificial aura to fuse with the drawings. Only then would it be successful. Wu Yu didn't know if there was any blood sacrificial aura around here. Nonetheless, he was just giving it a try. If it didn't work, it would only show that Princess You Xue didn't have the luck to survive. 

Her entire body had to be rent. 

Therefore, her clothes had to be ripped apart. 

"It's not surprising that this was a technique of a ghostly immortal." 

When he was executing it and slicing her tender and fair skin with his finger, Wu Yu thought of just killing her. 

However, Princess You Xue looked at him with teary eyes and begged, "Please don't kill me. This is my wish. I'm begging you...." 

How exhausting. 

However, since he had agreed to her request previously and had given her hope, killing her now would indeed be more cruel. 

As such, Wu Yu persevered. 

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