Chapter 0660: Soul Manipulation Blood Design

Due to the 10,000 mystical dragon engravings on the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, it felt a little rough when held in the hands. 

From each and every small dragon engraving, Wu Yu could clearly feel its intense vitality, the trembles from its power, and the connection with his bloodline. 

Therefore, what he felt the strongest when using this advanced dao treasure wasn't how rough it was, but the all-crushing destructive force. 

With the Violent Art, Wu Yu gained six times his usual physical strength. It was only then that he felt that it was easy to manipulate the 10,000 Dragons Staff. After all, the 10,000 Dragons Staff was exceptionally heavy. 

Princess You Xue might be able to use her Frozen Realm mystique to stop the two killing spirit designs from the Black and White Deities. However, it was very difficult for her to stop Wu Yu's fatal blow at the same time!! 

Weng, weng.... 

Perhaps all Princess You Xue could hear now was the space being ripped apart by the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 


In the final moment, the air around her froze into a large amount of black ice crystals, covering her within an ice sphere with a diameter of one zhang. An ice spike protruded out of the ice sphere, glittering in chilling light. 

However, the violent and catastrophic blow from Wu Yu still smashed the ice sphere brutally. To Wu Yu, who had absolute strength at this point, any dao techniques or mystiques were pointless. 


The ice sphere exploded and the crushed ice scraps scattered like projectiles. 

The black ice crystals fell to the ground, resulting in numerous ringing sounds. 

Wu Yu knew clearly that this battle had ended. The truth was, he had huge confidence in this battle. It was especially so as he had the help from the Black and White Deities and he had a fatal killing blow. 

Princess You Xue might be hard to handle. In an individual battle, Wu Yu might not have been able to do anything to her. 

However, after witnessing her intense battle previously, Wu Yu gained a clear understanding of what she was capable of. It was also because of this that even if he had given her a few more days to prepare, he had over 90% confidence in finishing her off rapidly. 

Princess You Xue indeed couldn't take a hit from the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

No matter how strongly she wanted to live, she was out of options at this moment. 

In terms of aura and willpower, Wu Yu's massacre had crushed her will to live. 

However, what surprised Wu Yu was that under such destruction, Princess You Xue wasn't dead. She was still hanging on to her last breath. When the ice sphere shattered, she was the largest piece of crystal. Subsequently, she reverted back to her human form and disengaged the state of the Ice Crystal Transformation of the Sea Hell. 

However, she was dreadfully pale at this moment. Although her appearance looked alright, her flesh and bones were close to fully shattered under the all-crushing power of the 10,000 Dragons Staff. She was wobbly and would find it hard to even move her pinkie, let alone standing up. 

Her physical body was close to destruction. 

The infinite might would distribute evenly to the most minute area. 

The truth was, if it were someone else, he would have been completely killed. Wu Yu had never expected her to persevere. 

At this point, the killing decision he had made previously had basically ended. He had relaxed his body and stored the Black and White Deities in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He walked across those corpses that Princess You Xue had frozen before reaching her. First, he used the 10,000 Dragons Staff to flick Princess You Xue's dao treasure-class Sumeru Pouch into his hands. After which, he locked eyes with Princess You Xue, who could no longer move. 

Her dark black eyes were no longer cold. Instead, they were shivering from true fear and desperation. It was just like a crippled deer under the legs of a savage beast. While she stared at Wu Yu, her eyes were fleeting and shivering. 

Frankly speaking, Wu Yu knew he had done something frenzied. Before he entered the Taigu Immortal Path, or even before he entered the mountain peak, he would never have dreamed of this moment. When Princess You Xue died, it was destined that no one would know about this. 

As for their personal belongings, anything that was relating to their identities, like dao treasures, talismans, and others, were all thrown away. 

Although it was frenzied, if his dao heart hadn't been sufficiently resolute, he would likely be feeling troubled and doubtful at this point. However, Wu Yu didn't feel so. He knew the rules of the cultivation world clearly. He also knew that what he had just done would astound the world. However, this was nothing if one considered that he was the inheritor of an immortal's legacy. 

In terms of one's talent in dao, he wasn't any inferior to them. 

Looking down at the cold girl from the northern region of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, he had to admit that before death, one's beautiful features and alluring figure would just be illusory. This was because once she was dead, she would just be another corpse. 

"Let me send you off on your final journey." Wu Yu lifted the 10,000 Dragons Staff and was prepared to end her. Seeing her hanging on a thread and still persevering to live on, it was probably hard for her. 

"NO! I don't want to die! Wu Yu, I have a solution where you could let me off without worries." Princess You Xue stared at him anxiously while shivering. Her eyes were filled with blood capillaries. 

She really wanted to live on and had gone all out. 

However, Wu Yu didn't want to take the risk at all. As long as she was alive, it would be a lethal threat for Wu Yu. 

His actions remained unchanged. As long as the 10,000 Dragons Staff dropped down, she would bid goodbye to the mortal realm. 

"Let's meet again in the next lifetime. Just don't be my opponent then!" Wu Yu remarked emotionlessly. 

Princess You Xue was probably aware that Wu Yu wanted security. At this moment, she was nervous and conflicted. Tears filled her eyes as she said with a crying tone, "I have something that allows you to control me like a slave! I could let the Dark North Kingdom become your support through me! I could also let you enslave me for life and do anything you want me to! All my thoughts would be easily known by you. I could become your living puppet. Wu Yu, as long as you don't kill me, you would benefit greatly from me and I wouldn't be able to break away from your control!" 

Wu Yu had no intentions to change his decision initially. 

However, upon hearing her, his interest was piqued. What did she mean? Enslave? Dark North Kingdom? A living puppet? 

Princess You Xue's final will to live on made him hesitate to kill her. Everyone had the right to fight for survival. If she could really come up with a solution at the final juncture, Wu Yu was willing to consider it. 

After all, his objective was never to kill for the sake of killing. In most circumstances, it was to preserve his life. In those cases, he was forced to kill people. 

At this point, Wu Yu could only see fear and panic in Princess You Xue's eyes. Perhaps this woman was shaken to the core by Wu Yu. 

"What do you mean? Wu Yu's reply gave Princess You Xue the slightest hope for survival.

She still looked at Wu Yu with horrified eyes. However, her voice did recover a little composure. At this point, she needed to calm herself. Otherwise, she would die if she couldn't explain herself clearly. 

She said, "I went into an ancient ruin before and got an ancient spirit design known as the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. If you draw it on me and it succeeds, you could enslave me. You would be able to know all my thoughts, including what I'm thinking, no matter how far away. All you need is a thought and I'll die on the spot. You would be my master and could make me do anything. Including asking the Dark North Kingdom to protect you... Including fulfilling all your desires on me...." 

Before she finished her sentence, Ming Long hopped out and exclaimed, "Soul Manipulation Blood Design? Damn! How is that sealed spirit design still in existence? During my era, or 120,000 years ago, the Soul Manipulation Blood Design was lost and sealed. Which ruin did this brat go to to find the Soul Manipulation Blood Design? This is a spirit design that had been lost for over one yuan. It was said that it was left behind by a ghostly immortal. All I can say about it is that it was extremely brutal and inhumane. Therefore, it was sealed away. At that time, all the copies of the spirit design were burned to a crisp!" 

"Something that a ghostly immortal left behind in the mortal realm?" Wu Yu understood that this  was probably a high level item. Moreover, the joint decision to seal it would go to show that it was something frightening. 

"It wasn't because it was a brutal ghostly cultivation art. Rather, the person who is the subject of this Soul Manipulation Blood Design is truly pitiful. If this woman dares to raise this, she really doesn't want to die. Indeed, she would prefer to be enslaved than lose her life." Ming Long chuckled. 

"What are the details?" asked Wu Yu. 

Ming Long smiled sheepishly and said, "Regarding this... from what I've heard, she is indeed right. As long as you draw that spirit design on her, she will be your slave. Her life will also be appended to you. If you die, she will lose her life as well. You can also know what she's thinking at all times. Because of this, she wouldn't dare to have any thoughts of betraying you. This is because if she wants to, she always needs to have the thought first. Once she has the thought, you will know clearly. The most important point to note is that you could send her to the afterlife with just a thought. Considering just these three points, tell me if you think the Soul Manipulation Blood Design is savage? Moreover, others wouldn't notice the existence of the Soul Manipulation Blood Design on the enslaved person. At the very least, there isn't anyone in the mortal realm capable of it. In other words, this is really overbearing. It was sealed and indeed terrifying." 

Wu Yu was shocked by what he had just heard. 

He was surprised there was such an overbearing enslavement technique in this world. The enslaved person would be living no different from poultry. Naturally, as long as she devoted all her heart to serve the master, it wouldn't be that bad. 

If it was enslavement of this level, even if Princess You Xue had any ideas when she got out, Wu Yu would know instantly. Moreover, he could end her life at any moment. Furthermore, if he lost his life, she would lose hers as well. 

In this case, he wouldn't have to worry that she would target him. This was because the condition of knowing all her thoughts was sufficient for Wu Yu to restrict her. 

The truth was that this was the most scary condition. Once successful, the slave would be completely transparent before the master. 

The people had likely jointly decided to seal the Soul Manipulation Blood Design in fear of becoming the subject one day. No one would be willing to be enslaved. However, compared to dying, Princess You Xue had chosen the Soul Manipulation Blood Design. 

It would appear she really didn't want to die. 

"Wu Yu, I have thought this through. To continue living, you will be my master from now onwards. I wouldn't dare to have any ideas. My life would be yours to decide and I would serve you," Princess You Xue said seriously. 

Perhaps she had given up on hatred just to live. 

"Hehe! This is a princess from a martial cultivation kingdom! If you become her master, her speaking rights in Dark North Kingdom will be yours. Moreover, you can also do some embarrassing things to her any time and anywhere!" Ming Long commented sheepishly.... 

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