Chapter 0066: Wu You Disappears

Vengeance had finally been achieved.

It could be said that in these past two years, Wu Yu had gone through countless days and nights of suffering, all for this one moment of success.

He had finally completed his long-cherished wish as he stared at Hao Tian's unmoving corpse. There was also the slowly swaying corpses of Yuan Xi and Yuan Hao on top of the gates. Yet his heart was a complete vacuum.

He was not celebrating. That was not possible. Taking revenge was not a fortunate event after all.

The only thing he could feel was a slight sense of relief. 

"My father, although I walked upon this path of vengeance for myself, this act is also for you."

Staring at the royal palace from afar, Wu Yu could see the physical embodiment of his ancestors’ efforts to build this kingdom. Today, it could have been considered to have fallen back into the Wu family's hands.

"However, this is just one minor trial in the path of cultivation. There is no need to feel sentimental or prideful at this."

Today’s ending marked a new beginning.

Wu Yu looked at Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's Firestorm Horsetail Whisk and Sumeru Pouch. After a slight deliberation, he decided not to take them.

"Hao Tian is from the Zhongyuan Dao Sect and is also considered a representative of them. I have killed him for revenge, but I will not pillage his belongings. The Basics of the Sword says that cultivation requires one to have a heart focused on the dao. I cannot covet small riches and lose sight of what is important."

He was not sure when Jiang Junlin would return, so he had to leave quickly.

All the more as he was extremely exhausted now. He could not afford to meet him.

"Prince Yu!"

Wu Yu had executed Hao Tian in front of the entire kingdom of Dong Yue Wu.

At this point in time, Capital Wu's numerous commoners had prostrated themselves on the ground. They had previously only respected him when he was a mortal. Now, they treated him with the due respect of an immortal.

"Everyone, please rise."

Wu Yu's gaze towards them was soft. He had completely regained his calm. After taking revenge, his dao heart had become more clear. It was though he had been elucidated. 

"I beseech Prince Yu to become the emperor of Dong Yue Wu. To conquer all under heaven!"

With Hao Tian's death, all of those aristocrats and officials knew that even running was pointless. At this point, Wu Yuanshuai was leading the group of them and was prostrating on the ground. This was the will of the people. It was as though every mortal under the heavens wanted to let Wu Yu ascend the throne.

"My people. I have already embarked on the Immortal Dao. I killed Yuan Hao as it was necessary, but I will no longer involve myself in any further mortal matters. Everyone, please do not worry, I will arrange for a new emperor. In this period of time, all of you must know your place. Otherwise, I will not be gracious." 

That last line was for the officials and aristocrats to hear.

"I will leave for a period of time. Please await my return in Capital Wu."

He had to leave now.

The commoners looked at each other in dismay. 

"It turns out that Prince Yu no longer wishes to become the emperor of mortals..."

"Of course. He’s already an immortal..."

Thinking of this point, the people seemed a bit disappointed. They all believe that so long as Prince Yu was around, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom would only grow more prosperous!

However, these words were enough.

Wu Yu picked up his bloodsoaked Demon Subduing Staff and disappeared in a flash of golden light, dissipating into the dark night.

The entire Capital Wu was eerily silent.

Everyone who saw the three corpses was shocked silly.

Whether it was the common man or the officials, none of them knew of Jiang Junlin's existence. They only knew that Yuan Hao's brother, Prince Yuan Chen, was also an immortal. Although Yuan Chen was not Wu Yu's opponent, they could not imagine why Wu Yu had disappeared so quickly.  

"Elder Sister, I have something delightful to tell you about..."

Wu Yu had already stepped into Capital Wu. To him, the rough terrain was no different from flat ground!

He had formerly been submerged in a sea of bloody vengeance, and all he had wished for was revenge. Now that it had been resolved, it was as though a veil had been lifted and he could finally see a vast and boundless land, full of opportunities ahead of him! 

"Three Thousand Immortal Kingdoms, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and the Four Seas! I want to see just how large this bustling world is!"

As he raced across the streets, Wu Yu could feel his heart gradually growing more excited!

He had been blinded by his previous hatred.

After today, that stumbling block had been resolved, and the path of the immortal was incomparably vast.

"There are countless mountains, rivers, and seas, all teeming with life, sects, and numerous cultivators!"

One could truly not see the end of this world. The Chronicles of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent had only described a small portion of the continent and approximately only ten odd kingdoms.

This thought was truly mesmerizing.

"If I am able to become a Jindan Immortal like my master, I will be able to rule all under heaven. That would be an incomparably unfettered and cheerful life!"  

Unknowingly, he had gain enlightenment on how it would feel like to become an unparalleled sword immortal, slaying all sorts of demons and devils beneath him.

"I'm afraid life's greatest pleasure would be to travel through this boundless world unfettered."

As he thought of the numerous mythical creatures and interesting places that dotted the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, Wu Yu felt a desire to leave this mundane world and immediately explore.

Yet he was clear that with his current strength, at the first tier of the Qi Condensation Realm, he was considered to be the weakest type of cultivator. With this minor strength, he would be unable to go far.

"All those wild lands and interesting encounters are filled with demons and avaricious humans who would definitely be after my belongings. Once I have settled the problems here, I will return to the Bipo Mountain Range and cultivate assiduously."

One had to be realistic when it came to cultivation. There were no shortcuts.

He knew that the news of him killing Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian would spread quickly and thus he rushed back as quickly as he could to Dong Yue Wu. Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen would definitely hear of this news.

At this point in time, Wu Yu did not want to bear the wrath of Jiang Junlin. The trouble he had caused was just too much.

"It's just a pity that the Lifegiving Fruit is also an immortal root. Furthermore, it is a treasure that even Master would want. Since that fruit was formed in the midst of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom, it should rightfully belong to me, but it has been taken by Jiang Junlin..." 

Following the rules set by the two sects, this immortal fruit should belong to Wu Yu, but all he felt was a little indignance. 

He had no other choice after all.

Just as Wu Yu thought of all this, he finally reached the tavern. It was already late at night, but Wu You had only been there for about half a day's worth of time, so there should not have been any problems.

Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen should not have found this place.

"When Elder Sister learns that I have finally completed my revenge, I don't know how happy she will be. Furthermore, she will no longer have to worry about me anymore."

Wu Yu was feeling extremely elated. Honestly speaking, whenever he had accomplished anything since young, the first person he shared his excitement with was always Princess Wu You.

In the deep of night, the entire city was quiet. Wu Yu did not enter the tavern through the front door but rather jumped right onto the window of Wu You's room. 

"Perhaps she is worried about revealing herself and thus did not light the lamps?"

The room was completely pitch black.

Wu Yu was a cultivator, so as he perched on the windowsill, he could clearly see that there was no one in the room!

"How could this be... Could it be that I have gotten the room wrong?" He entered the room and closely inspected it. It was definitely this room! He remembered the furnishing of the room, and he was sure he had gotten the correct place. Yet Wu You was nowhere to be seen!

This had caused Wu Yu to feel extremely anxious!

He thought back to the time that he had managed to snatch the first place at the Immortal Promotion Plateau. When he returned to share his excitement with Sun Wudao, he had found out that Sun Wudao had already been killed….

This thought terrified him. He immediately rushed out and destroyed the room's door. The tavern had already closed for the day, but the tavern owner's lodging was nearby. Wu Yu jumped down from the second floor and kicked the tavern owner's house's door open and shocked the middle-aged man awake. Wu Yu bellowed, "Where is the patron in the second room?" 

When Wu Yu had come this morning, he was still wearing his Demon Ape Mask, and the impression he had left on the tavern owner was indelible. Even though he was no longer wearing the mask, his chiselled body was unforgettable and the owner could recognise him.

"You... You are referring to Princess Wu You! When you were here in the morning, she was hiding her face and thus this little one did not recognize her. However, in the afternoon, she suddenly opened the room door and everyone saw her. One of them was martial cultivator who recognized her..."

Wu Yu was so furious, he wanted to flatten this entire tavern.

The Lifegiving Fruit would ripen in two days, and time was of the essence. He had left for a battle to the death and could not afford to bring Wu You along with him and thus kept her here. Frankly speaking, Wu You normally kept a lower profile and few people would recognize her. Even if someone saw her face, they were not likely to identify her and just feel that she was an exceptional beauty, mere eye candy….

Yet the moment she appeared, she had been recognized. Their luck was truly too pitiful.

"And then?"

That tavern owner was absolutely frightened by Wu Yu and quickly replied, "Originally, Princess Wu You did not want to meet anyone and no one dared to approach... however... once news spread, someone by the name of Yuan Feng, who was a commander of the city guards, brought over 10 odd soldiers over and requested to meet the Princess. When the Princess refused to meet them, Yuan Feng seemed to have said that as Sun Wudao had kidnapped the Empress Dowager and the Emperor, he wanted to trade Princess Wu You for their release..." 

The tavern keeper was trembling uncontrollably. He had recounted the entire situation from head to toe correctly.

Wu Yu naturally did not recognize this Yuan Feng, but upon hearing his name, he was confident that he was one of Empress Dowager Yuan Xi's people. 

The information regarding what happened in the afternoon to Yuan Xi had definitely spread here. At the same time, Princess Wu You, who was known to have a close relationship with Sun Wudao, had also been spotted here. Yet it was coincidence that someone belonging to Yuan Xi's faction would be leading the city guards here. The gall of that individual to send Wu You back to Capital Wu!  

Wu Yu's heart relaxed slightly. At the very least Wu You was sent back to Capital Wu and was not harmed.

There was still a chance. There was only a single road connecting this city to Capital Wu. Wu Yu immediately released that tavern keeper and rushed out.

"They left in the afternoon. If they got the horses to gallop at full speed, they would definitely have gotten quite far!"

Yuan Feng wanted to send Wu You to Hao Tian. This way, they could exchange hostages. With his position, he would not dare to harm Princess Wu You. However, if he knew that Hao Tian had already been killed, he would likely be even more terrified and less likely to harm the Princess.

The mortal men do not dare to act against immortals!

Currently, Wu Yu hoped that he was right!

"Damn it! For the sake of revenge, I have become too anxious. I should have hidden her away more carefully... who would have known that she would be recognized... and who would have known that there would be this Yuan Feng here..."

This was just too coincidental. It had caused Wu Yu a large headache.

"Based upon my six-day estimation, Jiang Junlin will only return to Capital Wu tomorrow night. So long as Wu You remains in Capital Wu and does not encounter the two, she will be safe!"

Wu Yu ran as quickly as he could, racing as though his life depended on it, across the vast ground.


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