Chapter 0658: Eternal Sword Strike

After finishing up, Wu Yu transferred the Eight-Feather Golden Roc and the Emperor Tree's possessions into his own bag.

If it was true that cultivation was plunder, then no one was at fault on this Immortals’ Viewing Platform. Everyone was moving towards the final goal of cultivation.

Reality demanded plunder and hunting.

The strong preyed on the weak. This was equally true in the most primal of forests and on this battlefield of martial cultivators.

After Wu Yu killed them, and turned to the final two. He had already killed six people consecutively. His killing intent was now trained on the last two, making Princess You Xue and Feng Jianqing's eyelids jump.

He hefted the 10,000 Dragons Staff and moved towards Princess You Xue and Feng Jianqing.

Feng Jianqing was already seriously injured. Even though his sword dao was strong, he could not do a single thing against the Black Deity at this time. He was huffing hard, and suffering badly at the hands of the Black Deity.

His face was pale, but his eyes were still hard. The sword dao he wielded had already far exceeded the best in the Shushan Immortal Sect.

Even so, he still felt completely overwhelmed by Wu Yu's aura. The Wu Yu who had slain six people consecutively.

Princess You Xue was still holding her own. She had only been lightly wounded, and she had basically incapacitated White Deity by the time Wu Yu had killed the Eight-Feather Golden Roc and the Emperor Tree. The good thing was that the White Deity did not fear death, so it continued to help Wu Yu hold the opponent even though it was battered.

With a gesture, Wu Yu returned the battered White Deity to the Floating Dreams Pagoda, freeing Princess You Xue. She did not immediately turn to face Wu Yu. Even she was afraid at this time.

She did not dare to meet Wu Yu's eyes.

Besides her, there was Wang Zhixun, who was still petrified in his corner, his face as white as a sheet. To him, Wu Yu was a nightmare, and he could not stop his twitching. He was so terrified that he was foaming at the mouth. Because he was clear that after seeing all this, Wu Yu could not possibly let him go.

"You Xue, joining forces is our last chance! He's tired too! Quick, help me kill this puppet!" Over at the other side, Feng Jianqing struggled, his blood-tinged eyes staring spitefully at Wu Yu.

Princess You Xue had to be feeling conflicted right now. She stared blankly at Wu Yu and the corpses beneath their feet.

"Six people now. With the Perennial Shark, that makes seven...."

This time, of the 10 genius experts who had come to the Taigu Immortal Path, seven were dead by Wu Yu's hand. Prince Le's death was also related to Wu Yu. Now, only she and Feng Jianqing remained....

Who would have thought that Wu Yu, who was insignificant when he first entered, would mature into such a nightmare? Even more terrifying was that he had the power to ensure that no one knew of his crimes!

If news of his doings were exposed, it would shake the world for a millennium.

This was a catastrophic massacre! Enough to be recorded in the annals of the Jambu Realm!

Princess You Xue naturally knew just how serious this was. She also knew how close to death she was.

But even as she watched Wu Yu casually stow the possessions of the Emperor Tree and the others, her heart still trembled at the nightmare that he had become.

"You Xue!" Even repeated exhortations from Feng Jianqing failed to elicit much of a response from her.

Wu Yu gave her no chance. Or perhaps more specifically, he gave Feng Jianqing no chance. He switched the target of the Black Deity, which was still in good condition, to Princess You Xue. He himself hefted his 10,000 Dragons Staff and charged at Feng Jianqing.

He was the penultimate person.

Wu Yu naturally ignored Wang Zhixun.

Feng Jianqing could not help but be scared when he became Wu Yu's target. He gulped.

At this time, Princess You Xue could not help but fight. If she continued to hesitate, even the Black Deity could kill her.

However, given her distraught state, she was hard-pressed to defend herself, let alone help Feng Jianqing.

"You're the freaking princess of the Dark North Kingdom, and you're actually cowed by this swine?!" Feng Jianqing had a prideful streak in him, and naturally regarded Princess You Xue with contempt. He turned his bloodshot eyes back to glare at Wu Yu, saying, "I respect you! But to use this sort of shameful tactic to force us to fight amongst ourselves is deceitful to the extreme. Even I look down on you for that! If you have the balls, wait for me to recover and have a real fight with you!"

Wu Yu shook his head. "Sorry, I have no need to prove that I can defeat you fair and square."

"Craven!" Feng Jianqing spat, then he said coldly, "Even if you can kill me when I'm down, still I look down upon you! Low birthed, with no support. You can only use these sneaky methods. What kind of gentleman are you!? If you have a righteous dao within you, it should stay on the just path. You have let down your own dao. Even if you kill us today, you, who shy away from a fair fight, your dao's level will forever stagnate, unable to progress an inch! Because you have turned down the wrong path!"

Wu Yu laughed and said, "Everyone's dao is different. Don't confuse yours with mine. My dao right now is to send you to hell."

Just like that, Wu Yu still maintained his attitude. Feng Jianqing was bursting with anger. He said, "Sneaking thieves will have their just desserts! Today, you might triumph, but you will pay the price another day! I, of the Eternal Sword Dao, am righteous of body and mind! I do not fear you even in death! If my masters and elders find out how I died, they will definitely take swords to your Dong Sheng Divine Continent and make all your people accompany you to the grave!"

"That's fine. Let them come."

Feng Jianqing could not shake Wu Yu at all. He was crystal clear on his own dao. It was never that honest to goodness cultivation. Plunder was always devoid of high and mighty morals. If even Feng Jianqing could not embody this, then he could not demand it of others.

At this moment, although Wu Yu had already used the Violent Art and was slightly fatigued, he was still confident that he could kill Feng Jianqing.

After speaking for so long, Feng Jianqing was clearly trying to undermine Wu Yu's dao. Or perhaps he was trying to buy time for Princess You Xue. However, Princess You Xue was being badly hampered at this time, so he could only rely on himself.

In the instant that Wu Yu attacked, he was done speaking. The longsword dao treasure in Feng Jianqing's hand was of fairly high quality, close to an advanced dao treasure. The longsword had the green hue of jade, and there was a strip of blood that ran down the center of the blade. Whose blood it was, was unknown. Perhaps it was the maker's. At this time, the strip of blood ran into Feng Jianqing's body, vanishing from the sword. Feng Jianqing went berserk!

"Eternal Sword Strike!"

His sword dao was definitely the most sophisticated that Wu Yu had seen. In addition, he was a young genius, yet his revelation was fairly profound. His sword came snaking over. It looked lazy and was not very fast, but it was difficult to stop! This sword packed a pressure that was difficult to describe. It was Feng Jianqing's desperate move, and all his hopes rested on this thrust.

Killing dao!

This sword would kill to bring him life!

As this sword lanced out towards the throat, its killing intent caged his entire body, an invisible threat through which the sword struck, followed by those crimson eyes of Feng Jianqing.


Perhaps Feng Jianqing was confident that this strike would kill Wu Yu.

His sword had its own devastating sword aura. He had confidence that it could kill in a single strike.

Feng Jianqing's true strength, at its peak, was probably equal to Wu Yu's. And this sword dao of his had exercised his true strength!

Wu Yu suddenly felt completely overwhelmed!

In short order, Wu Yu felt the pressure build. It would not be easy to receive such an attack.

He had to bear the tremendous mental pressure from this killing intent.

Feng Jianqing's eyes were a sea of blood.

But Wu Yu was still impassive.

"Purgatory Chains!" His Eyes of Fire and Gold flared into life from a lengthy period of disuse. His opponent's eyes could apply pressure, and so could Wu Yu's. His own pressure reached deep into the opponent's Primordial Spirit and set it on fire!

Although it was just for an instant, Feng Jianqing would definitely feel it, and the power and accuracy of his strike were not as they were before!

Wu Yu's next step was to pull out the White Deity, propping it before himself as a shield.

And then, using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, he shrunk rapidly. Almost instantly, he had made three responses.


The sword first penetrated the White Deity. At this time, Wu Yu was already shrinking. The opponent had aimed to take Wu Yu by the throat. Because of the Purgatory Chains and the defense of White Deity, compounded with his shrinking, the sword passed over Wu Yu's head. It almost pierced his skull!

It was terrifying. Wu Yu was almost killed!

This had truly been close!

However, Wu Yu was only concerned about the result, which was that he still lived. Feng Jianqing's desperate strike had not hit.

And his next move proceeded Feng Jianqing's strike. Having been missed, Wu Yu's 10,000 Dragons Staff came crashing down unerringly on his opponent's head!


Feng Jianqing collapsed to the ground.

The 10,000 Dragons Staff was very dense. When Feng Jianqing landed on the ground, facing the sky, his eyes were already vacant. Although they were wide open, his discontent still remained. Without question, he was dead. He had become the eighth super genius that Wu Yu had killed.

Of course, this included the Perennial Shark.

No matter how frustrated Feng Jianqing was, it was over. Wu Yu used the 10,000 Dragons Staff to pick up the sword.

It was indeed unfair. He was badly injured and not yet recovered. But Wu Yu was no saint to seek a fair battle against him.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" Seeing another dead, Wang Zhixun howled, his eyes almost popping out as only Princess You Xue was left.

Wu Yu turned casually, and Feng Jianqing's sword skewered Wang Zhixun.

He should have died long ago. Wu Yu would not let the news get out. And once Wang Zhixun opened his mouth, Wu Yu would not be able to avoid the consequences.

Finally, only Princess You Xue was left.

She was still being held back by the Black Deity. Perhaps she had already seen Feng Jianqing's death coming!

However, she was still pretty competent, and still only lightly wounded. That was why the Black Deity could not fend off her attacks and was rather crippled before long.

As for Wu Yu himself, after fighting so many times in a row, he was not in peak condition either.

He recalled the Black Deity.

The floor was littered with corpses, and he was already numb to it. Finally, only Princess You Xue was left. From the start, she had even tried to attract him. Who would have thought that she would now be facing Wu Yu like this?

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