Chapter 0657: Apex Predator on the Immortals' Viewing Platform

How impressive Wu Yu was! How impressive!

All of these super geniuses of the Jambu Realm were completely under the sole of his foot in this sealed-off world.

The more the Eight-Feather Golden Roc and the others recalled how they had treated Wu Yu before, the more they regretted their actions. But Wu Yu feared nothing now. Exactly because of this, they were even more terrified than ever.

In their panic, they tried to scare Wu Yu away with words. Although they were of magnificent bloodlines as impressive as Jiu Ying's, their terror slurred their eloquence.

They could not even threaten Wu Yu with their stammering.

The Black and White Deities split up. The White Deity held Princess You Xue at bay, while the Black Deity kept Feng Jianqing away. These two powerful puppets were unafraid of death, and their onslaught rendered the pair helpless.

Especially Feng Jianqing, who was seriously injured. He was completely suppressed by the Black Deity at this time.

Wu Yu won himself a window where he could face the two demons alone. Right now, the advanced dao treasure that he brandished was what they feared most!

The more he used it, the more he got used to it. The power that this 10,000 Dragons Staff unleashed grew more and more epic!

Although the staff did not shake the world with its every move, at least within the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, the aura and space all orbited and moved in obeisance to it. It made it difficult for Wu Yu's opponents to breathe!

Wu Yu was bent on his decision, and the demons saw that it was hopeless. They steeled their hearts and decided to act!

Amongst them, the Emperor Tree Demon uprooted himself, turning into a huge, golden, withered tree at the side of the Immortals’ Viewing Platform. This ancient tree was thick and sturdy. If not for the Immortals' Viewing Platform, those golden claw-like roots would have taken root in the ground. Many tough branches sprouted from the trunk. Each branch held even more deadly killing power than a dao treasure.

The Emperor Tree should have been flourishing, but because of the fight with the ghostly cultivator, he had expended much of his strength. Right now, the branches were bare, and even the brilliant gold had lost much of its sheen.

On top of the Emperor Tree, there was a golden roc soaring above, with eight golden wings. It should have been a majestic sight. The impressive golden roc could fly a million li[1] in one go, but now he was caged in this small area, his body covered in blood. Princess You Xue's dark and icy dao technique was still affecting him, destroying his insides. But Princess You Xue had her hands full with the White Deity, and did not have time to dispel these energies.

The two joined forces!

They were just about to attack, but Wu Yu was faster. He used his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth creatively in absurd ways. For example, he would shrink for speed and then materialize above the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's head while the two were still looking for him!

"Found him!" After the Eight-Feather Golden Roc discovered Wu Yu, Wu Yu had already expanded in size to three zhang. His three zhang body landed on the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's back!

The eight wings of Eight-Feather Golden Roc curled furiously. He was already very fast, but Wu Yu was swifter, and caught him!


Faced with death, a wave of fresh adrenaline burst through the Eight-Feather Golden Roc.

"Golden Feather Storm!"

His wounds were grievous, and he needed time to recover. It was already a heroic effort for him to be able to barely pull out his strongest mystique at this time!

Princess You Xue had tasted the pain of this mystique before.

But the feathers on the golden wings did not seem much less sparse. In a flash, a million golden feathers filled the air, sharp as blades. The dense flurry encircled Wu Yu and then filled the air with shrill sounds, flashing with golden light as they streaked towards Wu Yu!

It was as though a million knives had come flying through the air. Even an entire army would fall to this!

"Die!" The Eight-Feather Golden Roc summoned up all his strength for a counter attack that he was rather proud of.

This mystique had once killed hundreds of thousands of demons in the sea, churning the sea with blood.

Ting, ting, ting!

As the Golden Feather Storm slashed Wu Yu, he whirled his advanced dao treasure so fast that it blurred. Even though the golden blades came flashing from all sides, the absolute control of the advanced dao treasure created an impenetrable defense around Wu Yu. It was as though 10,000 dragons had shielded Wu Yu's body. No matter how the Golden Feather Storm raged, it could not touch him!


Wu Yu beat his way out from within the Golden Feather Storm, landing directly on the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's back. The Golden Feather Storm came in pursuit.

"Apologies. Your injuries are too serious. This mystique is equally soft and weak."

Wu Yu's cold words reached the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's ears. High up in the sky, Wu Yu gathered his awesome energy in the 10,000 Dragons Staff and brought it down on one of Eight-Feather Golden Roc's wings!


Such tremendous strength thoroughly shattered the wing. The entire wing collapsed, completely disabled.

The shrill shriek from the bird put a chill of despair into the hearts of the others.

But it was not over yet. The Eight-Feather Golden Roc desperately fled, using the Golden Feather Storm to harass Wu Yu. But Wu Yu continued to stay on his back while continuing to block. He could do nothing to Wu Yu!

Indeed, some of his Golden Feather Storm had scored hits on Wu Yu, but they could only graze his flesh, not pierce it. With a light shake, Wu Yu could turn the feathers to ash.

Ping, ping, ping!

The eight wings were broken in succession by Wu Yu. The Eight-Feather Golden Roc's shrieks rang out more and more plaintively. The Emperor Tree wished to help him, but he did not know where to attack, as Wu Yu was completely obscured behind his body.

Finally, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc was a mess, both begging and threatening, unable to string a coherent thought together. He called upon the heavens and hell to help him. In the end, the berserk assault of Wu Yu reduced him to a pulp and sent him into the next world.

Actually, this chaotic fight was over very quickly. In order to contest for the treasures, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc had truly over-exerted in the previous fight and was already half-dead. Wu Yu was stronger than him, and killing a half-dead demon was not too difficult.

"Don't blame me! Blame yourself for forcing me to take this course of action!"

When the huge corpse of the Eight-Feather Golden Roc crashed down on the Immortals' Viewing Platform, Wu Yu had already shifted into a beam of golden light that shot towards the Emperor Tree!

The Emperor Tree was frightened half to death. In truth, he had been completely unable to help just now. Wu Yu had cunningly hidden himself on the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's back.

This was the advantage of his prodigious physical body. Once he got close, he would be much more terrifying than his opponent. Of course, this advantage would be negated at long ranges.

"You Xue! Save me!" the Emperor Tree screamed, his voice wavering. However, there was nowhere to run on the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Besides, even if he ran, he could not finish Wu Yu off!

He was thoroughly flustered now. Those sturdy branches were stronger than dao treasures. They filled the air, powerful weapons that blasted out towards Wu Yu. All of them sealed his path forward!

He wanted Princess You Xue to rescue him, but Wu Yu was clear on how formidable the White Deity was. Princess You Xue had no bandwidth to interfere over here.

Seeing so many thick and sturdy branches flying his way, he forcefully shrunk himself to the smallest size. With the 10,000 Dragons Staff in hand, he used the Swift Art. The golden tree branches were fast, but not as fast as Wu Yu. As he dodged, he weaved his way forward, touching base with the Emperor Tree's trunk!

At this moment, he reverted to his three-zhang size so he would not be like an ant beside the Emperor Tree.

The 10,000 Dragons Staff was raised high. With a thunderous crack, it was brought down!

"Rains of Rebirth!" In his flustered state, he had no choice but to use his lifesaving mystique. All over the branches, leaves, and trunk, huge, golden droplets suddenly appeared. And then a golden seed-like object appeared above the Emperor Tree's crown, cracking open into a golden rain which showered down on the tree. The injured branches and leaves were rapidly recovering and renewing!

"I sacrifice my lifespan in order to be reborn. Wu Yu, I will have your life for this!" The Emperor Tree could not wait for You Xue. With a bellow, his voice rattled even the barrier of the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

Who would have thought that you could sacrifice your life force for recovery? However, he should have used it much earlier. If he had used it from the start, he would still have the Eight-Feather Golden Roc to help him. Right now, Wu Yu was facing him alone, so he was not afraid at all!

At this moment, the Emperor Tree was being renewed, from an ancient tree into a youthful one.

At this time, Wu Yu used the Violent Art without hesitation. His arms grew thicker, and he was already at the maximum size of Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. Combined with the Violent Art, his muscular strength sextupled!

This surge was never seen before, and Wu Yu roared, bringing down devastating power on the trunk of the Emperor Tree. The Emperor Tree Demon was in the midst of regenerating, but he was broken at the waist!


With a reverberating sound, the top and bottom were separated, and the crown of the Emperor Tree fell to the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

The bottom portion was very badly damaged as well.

This amount of damage could not be healed by the Rains of Rebirth. In addition, Wu Yu kept up a barrage of frenzied attacks. Whether branches or leaves, a golden blur continued to wreak havoc, zipping across the floor. Wu Yu looked like he was cutting timber, and there was no blood at all.

Kacha, Kacha!

From the start, the Emperor Tree yelled gustily. Towards the end, his voice began to recede, finally disappearing.

Emperor Tree, dead!

The Emperor Tree had been long-lived. After killing him, Wu Yu felt a little fatigued. However, only Princess You Xue and Feng Jianqing were left now. He had already completely taken the upper hand, and there was no need to be afraid now.

The situation was completely in Wu Yu's hands.

He was the apex predator on this Immortals' Viewing Platform.

The deaths of the two were imminent. It was unlikely that any surprises would occur.

1. 1 li=500 meters or 1640 feet

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