Chapter 0656: What Is Insanity?

Seeing the Black and White Deities appear before him, the Little Duke saw his worst nightmare come true.

He could carelessly overlook the killing of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.

But now he was going to kill him! The appearance of the Black and White Deities basically confirmed that Wu Yu was set on this mad course of slaughter!

"If he kills me, then he's planning to kill everyone! What an outrageous thought!"

In truth, the Little Duke was frightened out of his wits.

But he did not have much time to react. Even though he had broken out in a fearful, cold sweat, he still reacted by fleeing towards Princess You Xue and the others while shouting loudly, "Wu Yu plans to kill me! He plans to kill all of us! Save me!"

Princess You Xue and the others were not unintelligent. Wu Yu had blatantly broken the rules from the get-go. Clearly, he planned to violate the rules and commit murder.

And then they looked at the current state of the other six....

And then they looked at those composed, killer eyes of Wu Yu as he charged....

They felt a prickle of fear.

The problem was, they were out of time for regret.

The Little Duke actually ran, afraid to face the battle!

Perhaps he could dodge the Black and White Deities, but he could not escape Wu Yu. After using the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Swift Art, Wu Yu's miniature body appeared before the Little Duke in the blink of an eye.

Although he was small, and his strength was diminished, it was enough to hinder the Little Duke. With a flip, he struck the Little Duke on his chest, prodding the desperately fleeing Little Duke back into the clutches of the Black and White Deities!

That strike made the Little Duke lose his soul in fear. The demise of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern fresh in his mind, the fear overwhelmed him, and he screamed, "Wu Yu, don't kill me! I'm willing to help you! We are both Yan Huang Ancient Country people, we'll kill them all! We act together and bloody our hands together! After we go out, my father will become your adoptive father and give you an eminent status!"

He said all of this in one breath, and many of the offers were seductive.

For example, that last line that the Eastern Region Duke would adopt him.

But Wu Yu was no fool. The Little Duke already knew of the Floating Dreams Pagoda and other treasures that he possessed. If the Eastern Region Duke met him, he would be dead.

Therefore, from the moment that he had revealed the Floating Dreams Pagoda to save his life, he had had no choice.

In his hand, the 10,000 Dragons Staff advanced dao treasure was merciless. It swung with a violent wind that came whistling through the air. The 10,000 dragons roared and rended the space between them with a thunderous din!

And the Black and White Deities, which had surrounded the Little Duke previously, had already made the preemptive move. They used their spirit designs to hold the Little Duke, the Spirit Hooking Chains trussing him up.

His worst nightmare.

Compared to Wu Yu and the others, the Little Duke was indeed weaker. Against the three, he stood no chance.

"Wu Yu! Think this through carefully. My father... ARGH!" Before he finished speaking, the Spirit Hooking Chains had already gouged deeply into his flesh, while the Wailing Cudgel was thrusted between his shoulder blades. And a violent strike from Wu Yu came crashing down on his crown!

This was not like a contest of Immortal Dao, but more like a martial arts brawl between mortals. Wu Yu used many moves and fighting strategies that were reminiscent of the martial way.

But this was exactly what made those present even more worried!

The simultaneous blows from front and back made the Little Duke's screams fade abruptly. Under the attacks of Wu Yu and the puppets, he died immediately!

Little Duke, dead!

Another one bit the dust.

When they surrounded him, Wu Yu had already passed their death sentences. And right now, only his successful execution would bring cathartic release.

And then his gaze turned to the injured six. Amongst them, two were unconscious, and the last was Wang Zhixun. Wang Zhixun had originally thought that he would be able to leave. Right now, he was petrified by the scene of Wu Yu's slaughter. He hid in a corner, eyes wide. His chin was trembling, and he was too devastated to even say a word.

Wu Yu ignored him.

"Wu Yu, are you mad?!" Princess You Xue was the least injured, and she struggled to her feet to stare at Wu Yu.

Wu Yu gave her a thin smile. He moved towards them, flanked by the Black and White Deities while saying, "The strong prey on the weak. I'm not mad at all."

Feng Jianqing gritted his teeth. "You mean to kill us all? You alone?"

Wu Yu's smile did not waver, although his tone grew severe. "Indeed. I will kill all of you. Who asked you all to covet my treasures? From the beginning, it was already decided that only one of us would live."

"You're insane!"

Their faces were slumped and horrified. To them, Wu Yu's behavior was blasphemous. If not for their injuries, they would already have swarmed him.

"Buy time, give us time to recover, then we'll kill him!" the Eight-Feather Golden Roc urgently whispered to the others.

At this stage, there was only life and death. No other choices!

But Wu Yu was no fool. It was a rare opportunity that they were injured. How could he let them recover?

There was no better time than now to act! After he said those few utterances to draw their attention, he immediately used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to again shrink his body to its smallest size. Again adding on the speed of the Swift Art, he all but disappeared with bewildering speed!

At the same time, Wu Yu quickly released his clones from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. 1,000 people spread out at the same time, crowding the Immortals’ Viewing Platform with Wu Yus!

And the real Wu Yu had already reached Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi's side.

The two of them were unconscious, and basically could not put up a fight. It was the best time to kill them.

"Them!" Princess You Xue and the others caught on to Wu Yu's intention.

Too late. Wu Yus were everywhere at this point, and they had no choice but to fight, employing their dao techniques and mystiques to protect Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi.

Still too late!

Wu Yu was faster. Since the two were practically unconscious, two quick strikes from Wu Yu sent them to the next world.

Prince Feng, Qingwu Yunsi, dead!

These two heroic ghostly cultivators had not expected to die here.

And without even knowing it.

Of course, they preferred this death to dying by exploding from sheer outrage.

After finishing the two of them, there were only four left.

Of the eight super geniuses, the next generation of the elite, four had died by Wu Yu's hand!

This was truly blasphemous!


The clones were already unnecessary. Wu Yu recalled them all, turning to face Princess You Xue and the others anew.

The four of them had already grouped up together.

As they looked at the corpses of Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi, and then the steady gaze of Wu Yu, their worlds truly crumbled.

They would never, ever have considered such an insane course of action from Wu Yu!

"Why?! Wu Yu, why?!" Seeing these people near her own level dead, even Princess You Xue panicked a little. Her eyes regarded Wu Yu, wide with disbelief.

At this moment, Wu Yu was like a god of death.

"Why? You know better than I do. You all learnt of my gains, and yet I do not have your background. After leaving, there will only be death for my kin and I. Killing is a final recourse. You all know this. Why even ask? From the start, you couldn't wait for me to take out the treasures. You wanted to kill me immediately and take them away."

Wu Yu had already thought through all of this. That was why there was nothing they could say now that could shake his decision.

"All of it is negotiable!" At this time, Princess You Xue was still trying to buy time.

"Nothing is negotiable. I've already killed so many. Unless you are willing to help me, and we kill the rest together? If you bloody your own hands as well, you'll keep the news of the murder silent as well, right?!" Wu Yu laughed.

Princess You Xue frowned.

Hearing this, the other three immediately moved away from her. A person's heart was only separated from the stomach by skin. How would they know if Princess You Xue would join forces with Wu Yu? After all, Wu Yu and the Black and White Deities posed a sizable threat to them!

They hurriedly took out their immortal medicines, trying to recover some fighting power.

"You!" Princess You Xue was very clear that if she chose this course of action, Wu Yu would definitely finish her off in the end.

That was why she hurried to say, "Don't believe him. Even if I help him, he will kill me eventually. You three, joining forces is our only chance!"

Only now did the other three nod, although they still secretly had their guard up against her.

To Wu Yu, this was enough.

In truth, his chances of winning now were very favorable!

Besides Princess You Xue, the rest were seriously injured!

At this time, Wu Yu not only used the Immortal Ape Transformation, he again used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth as he neared them, this time becoming a giant that towered over them! The Black and White Deities, like his ghostly guards, stood by his side.

He was headed towards Princess You Xue and Feng Jianqing.

They were considered the two strongest fighters here, with Feng Jianqing slightly stronger than the Emperor Tree Demon.

The Black and White Deities slashed towards these two!

Of course, they only needed to hold their opponents at bay.

At this time, Wu Yu's true targets were the Emperor Tree demon and the Eight-Feather Golden Roc, the two demons!

As his gaze switched to these two, they felt their hair stand on end!

The Emperor Tree Demon said, "Wu Yu, you have already committed a blasphemous wrong. If you do not turn over a new leaf immediately, you must know how wretched your demise will be! As long as a single one of us here makes it out, you will die a horrible death! You don't even know the magnitude of your crimes now!"

The Eight-Feather Golden Roc said, "It is not too late to turn back. If you stay your hand now, at least you can lessen your suffering!"

Wu Yu replied, "Sorry. Besides me, no one is leaving today."

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