Chapter 0655: Mutual Slaughter

Frankly speaking, the rest had no other options. In the current situation, even if they took the initiative to surround Wu Yu, they could not prevent him from leaving.

Thus, they could only layer plots onto ploys. Relying upon the heat of the moment to find an opportunity to deliver a lethal blow.

Thus, the fierce gauntlet would begin!

Wu Yu and the rest were eagerly appreciating Princess You Xue and the Eight-Feather Golden Roc's battle to the death.

Princess You Xue was truly deserving of being the Dark North Kingdom's pinnacle genius. Within the Jambu Realm, her presence far exceeded that of the Eight-Feather Golden Roc.

Furthermore, this tiny location was not a suitable location for the Eight-Feather Golden Roc to demonstrate his full might. The golden roc unfurled four pairs of golden large wings, summoning the winds and tempests.

However, the space within the Immortals' Viewing Platform was limited. He was unable to soar into the skies, and his agility and abilities were severely hampered in this tiny space.

From the beginning, he was buffeted by an immense cold, suppressed by Princess You Xue, in a perilous situation.

However, for the sake of this rare treasure, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc would not admit defeat. He was mighty and terrifying. Even if he was suppressed, he would give it his all and fight till he only saw red.

This was an attitude that transcended the concern for his own life. This gave Princess You Xue a fright. In order to take down her opponent, she knew that she would have to pay a hefty price.

Yet her concerns were the same. To attain a top tier treasure that everyone coveted, she would have to defeat three opponents and attain the position of number one.

The Eight-Feather Golden Roc was not the strongest opponent in the group. Although she was excited at the thought of facing an easier opponent, she only now realized the gravity of the situation. None were pushovers.

The battle went by and eventually she triumphed.

However, she paid a price for it. She had spent a lot of energy and was spent. The Eight-Feather Golden Roc's Natural Mystique's effects still lingered on her, leaving behind injuries that would only heal in time.

She had lost at least 20% of her strength.

Her face was ashen pale after this battle. She quietly retreated to a corner and began to recuperate.

Of course, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc was left in even worse shape. His golden roc feathers had turned a dark green. He was trembling in a corner, on the precipice of death. He had been defeated and it would undoubtedly take quite some time before he could even regain a modicum of strength. 

At this time, no one went over to help him either.

After the battle ended, Wu Yu was very satisfied. He hoped each battle would end the same way.

Based on the previous agreement, Wang Zhixun would have to pick the next set of opponents within a minute. The spirit design churned, and after seeing the first battle, everyone seemed slightly nervous. The opportunity to challenge Wu Yu and deprive him of their treasures was truly exciting!

Wu Yu was watching blankly from the side.

His luck wasn't bad. In the second group, he wasn't chosen.

"Prince Feng, Emperor Tree."

In Wu Yu's eyes, this ghostly cultivator and demon had similar levels of strength. The gap between the two was much smaller than the gap between the Eight-Feather Golden Roc and Princess You Xue. When the two found out they were competitors, both gave a deep sigh. Their complexions were telling of their displeasure.

Of course, other than the Little Duke, all were pinnacle experts. Thus, everyone wished to challenge the Little Duke. It was clear that those two were not as lucky.

Quickly, they steeled themselves, expressions blank. One man and one tree made their way into the battlefield.

Immediately, a battle of epic proportions unveiled itself.

It was as Wu Yu had expected. This battle was particularly worrying. Their methods of battle had truly opened Wu Yu's eyes. Prince Feng's ghostly cultivator methods were vile and venomous. Every blow possessed immense lethality. He even had the support of numerous spirit designs that were tailored for him. However, the Emperor Tree possessed a body not of flesh and blood, different from both humans and demons. Thus, the methods of ghostly cultivators, which were highly dangerous to humans, did not pose much of a threat to him.

This was the other reason why Prince Feng was unwilling to fight the Emperor Tree.

Regardless, the Emperor Tree had a hard time achieving dominance. He had to at least enter the top four to have a good chance of winning the valuables. Thus, he fought with every ounce of strength. By winning the first round and just winning one of the subsequent two, one would be able to attain precious treasures.

Thus, the first battle was the most important! Both of them struggled with all their might, engaging in vicious close-quarters combat. It was indeed a thrilling sight for the audience. Wu Yu was the same.

The more vicious and more self-harming their fight, the happier he became.

The truth was, everyone wanted to collect all the treasures for themselves and to dispose of everyone else.

It seemed as though they truly weren't an alliance deemed to deal with Wu Yu. Even though they had agreed that they would not kill, deaths might be inevitable anyways. At the rate that these geniuses competed, it was likely that they would no longer be able to abide by the agreements.

In fact, in order to defeat someone, one might not be able to control themselves.

The ghostly cultivator and the demon engaged in a battle of epic proportions. It was hard to determine who would win or lose. At a pivotal moment, Prince Feng, in the midst of the clamor, was actually the first to make a mistake and fall. The Emperor Tree stood steady, despite having gashes all over his body. His leaves and bark were strewn all over the battlefield. Despite these gruesome injuries, he was still left standing. 

His ability to take and survive hits far surpassed Prince Feng’s. Thus, he won. Prince Feng fainted and was unceremoniously dragged off the field. 

Princess You Xue gave the Emperor Tree a look and smirked. If she got to face off against the Emperor Tree in the next round, it would be an easy victory for her, considering her skills. She would then get to join the pivotal round of the competition.

Prince Feng was thrown onto the side of the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Although he had not died, no one cared about him. In his current state, if Wu Yu wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as flipping his palm over.

The third round would thus begin!

The last two battles had been intense. It gave a sense of urgency and tension to those remaining. Especially for the remaining three, as one would get to challenge Wu Yu.

Round three!

Wang Zhixun felt anxious as well. He activated the spirit design under the watchful eyes of the crowd. He was unable to control the conclusion and he could not afford to offend anyone. 

The names were out!

Wu Yu gave a glance and realized his luck still held!

The third battle. Qingwu Yunsi versus Feng Jianqing!

That would mean his first opponent would be the Little Duke.

He laughed. Clearly the heavens were on his side.

Feng Jianqing and Qingwu Yunsi were also of similar combat strength. One was a genius sword cultivator from the Eternal Sword Dao, while the other was a super genius of the Rising Cloud Nation!

This conclusion had led the other seven to feel extremely dismayed. They had thought that amongst the seven of them, anyone other than the Little Duke would likely have the opportunity to challenge and thus beat Wu Yu. Yet his opponent had to be the weakest of them all!

Meanwhile, for the other six, they would have to engage in a round of vicious fighting. Even if they won, they would be left grasping for life. The one who seemed to be in the best condition was Princess You Xue, but even she had exerted no small amount of stamina. 

If Wu Yu easily beat the Little Duke and entered the top four, the result would not be pleasant!

No one had expected such a scenario. However, they had already ridden the tiger, and it was hard to get off. The ones who were still awake glanced at each other depressedly. 

They could only harden their scalps. This didn't mean much. They would definitely kill Wu Yu the next chance they got!

There might be some difficulty when it came to splitting the items, but so long as Wu Yu died, the largest concern was solved.

In their eyes, Wu Yu did not possess the authority to own any of these treasures.


There were already four competitors that were more or less completely spent. Qingwu Yunsi and Feng Jianqing still fought with everything they had. The issue was that neither could retreat. At this juncture, there was no longer any opportunity to collude.

"The two of you should hurry up. I can't wait for my turn." Wu Yu laughed.

His luck was great. Regardless of who his opponent was, he would definitely do his best to kill them. Then, whilst they were all spent from the previous battles, he would sweep up the remnants.

This entire plan was just to force them to mutually slaughter each other and weaken themselves. He would finally swoop in for the finishing blow.

Thus, his aim had more or less been achieved. He even had the opportunity to dispose of the weakest of them all.

Wu Yu understood that if he were to follow the Little Duke back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, he would undoubtedly become his greatest nemesis. At the very least, he would not leave Wu Yu alive.

It was a pity that the tables had turned. Wu Yu was now his nightmare.

Qingwu Yunsi and Feng Jianqing could only begin fighting. Although, it was clear that they weren't fighting very enthusiastically. Perhaps they were exchanging blows and planning something!

"The Little Duke against Wu Yu. Some of Wu Yu's strength will definitely be consumed in the battle. After we buy some time for the rest to recover, Emperor Tree, I, and the winner of this clash will all gang up upon Wu Yu. Once he is dead, we will begin the final round between the three of us. The loser will be third, and we will have one more fight to determine the champion," Princess You Xue suggested.

"No issues. Regardless, we never agreed upon how much time should be given to rest. Let us rest till all of us have recovered our full strength." In that case, Feng Jianqing and Qingwu Yunsi could fight normally. Their strengths were comparable, resulting in another battle that was neck and neck. 

Ultimately, there would still be a victor. The situation was as per the previous battle. The two were both grievously injured, but Feng Jianqing's sword dao was extremely devastating. It far surpassed the Rising Cloud Nation's ghostly cultivator dao techniques. Thus, Feng Jianqing entered the top four. 

The last bout would be between Wu Yu and the Little Duke.

In the three previous rounds, out of the six, Qingwu Yunsi and the Eight-Feather Golden Roc had fainted. Princess You Xue, the Emperor Tree, and Feng Jianqing were completely exhausted. Only Princess You Xue was in a better situation.

This was just wonderful to Wu Yu.

However, this was all caused by them. Their greed, pride, cold-bloodedness, ignorance, and rashness had led to this situation.

Currently, Wu Yu and the Little Duke were standing in the battlefield.

When the Little Duke saw the look in Wu Yu's eyes, he felt a little unsettled. He turned around to glance at the rest before focusing on Wu Yu.

He had thought of a plan.

"Wu Yu, why don't we first kill off everyone here..." This thought made his hairs stand on end. 

"Impossible. With how cowardly you are, how could you think of something so audacious? Impossible..." However, the Little Duke did take another glance at Wu Yu.

That cold, calm gaze met his eyes.

The Little Duke descended into complete fear at that point.

"It can't be!" He still found it hard to convince himself of the current situation.

At that point, Wu Yu immediately wielded his advanced dao treasure and rushed towards him. At the same time, the Black and White Deities appeared on his left and right.

But hadn't Wu Yu promised that he wouldn't use his puppets???

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