Chapter 0654: Staging the Assassination

Change is the only constant, the wheel of fortune turns.

Right now, their only hope of escape rested in Wu Yu's hands. With this chip in Wu Yu's control, he naturally had the right to speak as well.

Wu Yu was waiting for their reply.

Before they replied, they naturally discussed secretly. Now that they had managed to recover some of their wit, they naturally realized the gravity of their situation.

While Wu Yu waited on their reply, he was busily transferring all of his possessions into the Floating Dreams Pagoda, then he pulled out the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's Sumeru Pouch.

Although the Taigu Immortal Path was a perilous place, and he did not bring additional treasures, what he had was enough.

Just the number of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills was very satisfying.

Wu Yu needed these immortal medicines. Right now, his real body was refined, but his clones were still starved. They urgently needed Wu Yu to provide them with loads of immortal medicines and immortal essences.

He had not counted them thoroughly, but he scooped out immense quantities of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, hurling them into the Floating Dreams Pagoda, allowing the thousand clones to absorb and refine them. Even as he continued to gamble here on the Immortals' Viewing Platform, his clones would only continue to get stronger.

And while the others seemed to be thinking and hesitating, they were actually using a covert dao technique to communicate.

Prince Feng said, "Everyone should know well that he had puppets before as well, although they were not this strong. These two puppets combined are enough to take down any one of us. Even in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, I have never seen puppets of this caliber before. That is why I suspect that these puppets of his were gained on the Taigu Immortal Path as well. I have to admit that Wu Yu has gained too many treasures on the Taigu Immortal Path!"

Princess You Xue said, "The advanced dao treasure, the treasure pagoda, puppets, as well as the ancient crystals from before. Perhaps even more. Where does Wu Yu's luck come from, that he can have so many valuables?"


Feng Jianqing said, "That's besides the point. The point is that he suddenly grew stronger again, and his advantage is very clear. And yet he isn't even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. His ability to traverse so many cultivation levels is unprecedented. This speaks of even more treasures on his person! However, he has no background.... Now that he wants to pit himself against us, I trust everyone knows what to do."

The Emperor Tree demon said, "But for now, we can only follow his will! What in the world is he planning? Is he truly afraid of us? Or is he toying with us?"

"Toying with us? As if he has the balls." Prince Feng snorted.

"Little Duke, you have been silent. What do you think?" Princess You Xue asked.

The Little Duke shook his head. "I can't wrap my head around it. But if we want his possessions, we have to find a chance to snatch the pagoda. But now he has the puppets. With the puppets, none of us can take him on individually. If we truly want to win through the battle, I feel like we have to suppress those two puppets of his first."

They felt like this was sound logic.

Prince Feng said, "Stop overthinking about Wu Yu, all of you. The way I see it, it's likely that he's truly scared. After all, compared to us, and the might behind us that we can call upon, he's like the proverbial praying mantis before the chariot. If he wants to live, he will still have to rely on us in the future."

To them, Wu Yu's current attitude was truly difficult to place.

The Little Duke said, "If we put the previous battle down to an accident, then let us set the rule that there shall be no killings in the battle."

"If we can't kill, how can we take Wu Yu's precious pagoda? Wu Yu must die," Qingwu Yunsi said.

Princess You Xue said, "No killing is said for Wu Yu's benefit. Our goal is to kill him. Whoever meets Wu Yu next shoulders the responsibility of killing him. The treasure must first enter our hands." 

"And the others should fight as well?"

"In the first round, we will definitely meet Wu Yu. Right now, we only have seven. Besides whoever is fighting against Wu Yu, the other six should contest normally and enter the top four. Whoever kills Wu Yu automatically enters the top four. If the killing fails, then we'll have to play it by ear. Wu Yu's next opponent must kill him, and not allow him to move any further," Princess You Xue said.

No one else had any other opinions.

After all, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was dead now, and there was an empty slot. That would not be fair. If Wu Yu substituted him, then order was restored.

At this time, they nominated a representative to speak to Wu Yu. Because the Little Duke was from the Yan Huang Ancient Country, they bade him do it. The Little Duke had no objections. He turned to Wu Yu, saying, "We can allow you to join the competition. If you acquit yourself well during the contest, you will also be allowed a final share of the treasures. But you have to abide by one promise and one condition."

His words were basically all within Wu Yu's expectations.

Wu Yu smiled and said, "Please continue."

The Little Duke said, "The promise is one that everyone must abide by. Just now, you violated that agreement. The agreement is that you cannot kill anybody. If this rule is broken, you will be disqualified. This applies to everyone."

Even before he had finished speaking, Wu Yu cut in. "That's no problem. I was thinking of that as well. The reason that I was so heavy-handed just now was purely because the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern did not abide by the agreement. He intended to kill first, and showed no mercy. That angered me. Of course I will abide by this rule."

Seeing Wu Yu so sincere, they all nodded begrudgingly. And then the Little Duke continued, "Another more important thing, which will be a crucial condition on which you join. That is: the puppets are not your own innate fighting ability, and you cannot use them in this fight. For example, we too have agreed that we cannot use talismans...."

They felt that Wu Yu might object strongly to this, but they did not expect that Wu Yu would nod even before the Little Duke had finished speaking. "I have no problem with that either. I know the rules. We are fighting on pure, straightforward ability. Only then can we convince the others and eventually allocate the treasures. I can completely abide by the agreement and conditions. However, everyone must also consent to two conditions of my own."

They had not expected that Wu Yu would set his own rules.

Although they were not too happy, they still nodded to indicate that Wu Yu should speak.

Wu Yu said, "Firstly, I was careless and killed the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, and also revealed my part in the Perennial Shark affair. But I am contributing treasures, so I hope that when we leave here, everyone can refrain from spreading this news. I regret my earlier rashness." Wu Yu pleaded sincerely.

This sounded like he was indeed scared, and not mad. After all, if he wanted to be truly harsh, he could just leave. And then they would be trapped here, perhaps for eternity.

They conferred briefly. Their original aim was to kill Wu Yu. On the one hand, they were jealous of his talent. On the other, they saw that he had no background, and no one would care if he died. That was why they naturally agreed readily to these needless requests.

Princess You Xue said, "Don't worry. The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was asking for it. As for the Perennial Shark, that was Prince Le's order, and has nothing to do with you. We will not speak of such things to the world."

This too was within Wu Yu's expectations.

Following which, he said, "The second request is this: I am willing to hand over these things because I am worried that you will attack the Dong Sheng Divine Continent after you leave. That is why you must promise and swear that you will never do it." Everyone agreed readily.

Actually, Wu Yu was smirking to himself. He had voiced these two conditions only to lure them into believing his sincerity in protecting the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, as well as his own chance to fight for the treasures.

"There are still seven of them. I have to use their own cruelty and greed even more. Otherwise, how can I possibly return to them all that they did to me?"

Cultivation was plunder. And in a fight, life and death were not up for negotiation. Here on the Immortals' Viewing Platform, no matter what your status was, you only had one life.

Very quickly, the pact was made. They needed Wu Yu to declare how many things he had on him. A search was impossible, but Wu Yu told them that the item with the highest value was the pagoda. The second was the advanced dao treasure, and the third was the two puppets.

They were naturally suspicious as to whether there were still other treasures. However, Wu Yu could not possibly let them inspect his Sumeru Pouch. After a period of hesitation, they gave it up. After all, this was all redundant. Everything would be clear after they killed Wu Yu.

For now, the first prize was the treasured pagoda that could help one escape. The second prize was the advanced dao treasure, and the third was the Black and White Deities.

They did not know that the Black and White Deities came from the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

After reaching a consensus, the battle truly began. The role of deciding the matchups was delegated to Wang Zhixun. He began to draw a simple spirit design on the Immortals' Viewing Platform. This was the most common spirit design used to randomly assign opponents in the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Wu Yu also understood it - it was called the Duelling Spirit Design. Everyone was familiar with this spirit design, and not a single stroke could have been changed. As the spirit design took shape, it activated, and would randomly choose two people. Everyone could only obey the spirit design, which would be the ultimate impartial decider.


Wang Zhixun activated the spirit design once, and the two needles spun rapidly. They created friction, collided, and finally stopped, pointing at two different people.

"Princess You Xue, Eight-Feather Golden Roc!"

It was truly fair. Otherwise, the first battle would have been Wu Yu for sure.

Of course, it would not be long before it reached Wu Yu.

This was a fair battle as well, to determine their ranking and the treasures' owners!

That was why they would definitely lay their lives on the line for this battle!

Generally, everyone was rather evenly matched, and therefore both sides would probably be injured.

This too was one of Wu Yu's goals.

Everyone was fighting, and he would kill them all under the rule.

At the same time, he could also use this chance to test everyone's ability....

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