Chapter 0653: Whose Word Counts?

One man and two puppets appeared in front of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern just like that.

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had truly been too conceited, which was why he had not anticipated this turn of events.

That was why he did not have a counter ready when Wu Yu attacked!

Also, Wu Yu had the help of the Black and White Deities! He could deal with two Nine-Star Snow Wyverns with no problem!

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had used his Natural Mystiques immediately, and was right now flagging in strength.

This was the time for murder.

Within this window of time, he had to be swift, accurate, and deadly!

Wu Yu had waited for this for a long time now.

First, the Black and White Deities shot forth from Wu Yu's side, one holding the Wailing Cudgel, the other holding the Spirit Hooking Chains.

The White Deity flanked the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern from the left. Under Wu Yu's order, it activated the spirit designs throughout its body, including the Sorcerous Invisibility Design. Wu Yu had fought against it for so long that he understood it very well. The White Deity raised its Wailing Cudgel and strong, white light poured forth. It engulfed the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, blinding him. As it did, the White Deity sent the Wailing Cudgel crashing towards the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern!

On the right side was the Black Deity. It uncoiled the Spirit Hooking Chains as though it were a poisonous viper, sending it wrapping around the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern a few times. The Spirit Hooking Chains gouged deeply into his flesh, exploding with black lightning that ran through the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's entire body!

It used the Recurring Nightmare Design, which Wu Yu had experienced before. It had powerful numbing effects. Once inflicted by the Recurring Nightmare Design, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was numb. He could not feel much pain, but he felt his entire body going limp, his will weakening. Even as the White Deity's attack smashed his body full of holes, he felt nothing. All he could feel was despair, fear, and resentment towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu's own role was limited to meeting his eyes.

In truth, just the Black and White Deities alone could have held the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern for a good amount of time, and perhaps even best him. But Wu Yu wanted a quick conclusion!

"You're the first." Wu Yu smiled coldly. The emotionless yet confident smile sent a chill running through the paralyzed body of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. He wanted to bellow loudly and struggle, but he was rendered completely disabled by the weakening effects.


And at this time, he took a hit from the White Deity's cudgel. The power behind the Wailing Cudgel surprised him, and one blow sent his world spinning, as though his Primordial Spirit itself had fainted.

Weng, weng, weng!

His entire body was numb and his head was swimming. At this moment, Wu Yu disappeared from his vision. He could feel his imminent death approaching.

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was completely disoriented. He did not understand how such a thing could happen....

Whether he understood or not, Wu Yu had already channeled all of his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to meld with the Otherworldly Infinite Power of the 10,000 Dragons Staff. With the drove of dragons' concerted strength, all of the forces were concentrated together, save the Violent Art.

Even so, a strike from the advanced dao treasure landed straight on the huge head of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. A pulverizing blow of enormous strength crashed down on the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's head and immediately powderized half of his internal organs!

"AARRGH!" the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern screamed in agony. His body thrashed, but the Black Deity held fairly steady against his final death throes!

This was the first time that the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had felt pain. Before, he did not know that his wounds were so serious. Under the intense pain, his skull was smashed into two. Before he died, he struggled to get free, screaming. His blood-flecked eyes bored into Wu Yu's own, the disbelief clearly reflected!

He could not believe that Wu Yu had such power!

He also did not believe that Wu Yu would actually dare to kill him!

"I am the young master of the Nine-Stars Seas! You dare to kill me? I'll make the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent accompany you to the grave." The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern made a final mad bellow.

All he saw was another blow from Wu Yu. The previous one had brought him to death's door, and this one was packed with the dense power of the advanced dao treasure. It was enough to send him over the edge!

However, he finally noticed the indifferent and resolute expression of Wu Yu. He finally realized that Wu Yu had been planning to kill him from the start.

An unparalleled determination.

Perhaps he finally understood why Wu Yu did not leave immediately, but had come in to meet them. It was terrifying, that this backwater bumpkin actually had the audacity to kill him. And perhaps even have more targets besides himself.

This caused the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's skin to prickle, and he collapsed completely.

"Save me!" he wailed towards the spectators. He panicked at that moment, his entire body shaking.

Even if anyone had wanted to save him, all of this had happened too quickly, and no one had time to react. 

And before this, Wu Yu had bellowed. The dragons circling the 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hand and roaring, they had gathered the power of Wu Yu's raw strength and his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. The formidable destructive power had caved the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's skull in completely.


The Black and White Deities also used their strength, and the body trussed up by the Spirit Hooking Chains and riddled with holes was immediately ripped into several pieces!

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern died a painful death!

Spurting blood and the bits of his corpse fell from the sky, spattering all over the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Bizarrely, the Immortals' Viewing Platform readily absorbed all the blood, without leaving a single trace. Only the corpse of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern still remained, but that too shriveled up very quickly.

Wu Yu picked up the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's Sumeru Pouch, hanging it on his own waist. At this time, he stood beside the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's corpse threateningly. He was flanked by the Black and White Deities, who stood as his puppet guards. They glowered around, waiting for Wu Yu's command.

The reasons for killing the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern were twofold. Firstly, for revenge. Secondly, for the resources. While they were underestimating Wu Yu, he had decided what to do.

Actually, he could leave immediately, abandoning them. But he was indeed afraid that they would have a way to leave the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Because they knew of his Floating Dreams Pagoda and 10,000 Dragons Staff, Wu Yu would be in deep trouble if he did not kill them and they escaped.

That was why he had made a decision that was bold to the point of lunacy.

He would kill every last person here!

Only when all of these people were corpses, and he could leave alone, would he be safe. Because besides them, no one else knew of the existence of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. And no one would know that he had done it.

When the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern died, Wu Yu had truly stepped onto the path of no return. But they had forced him to do this.

Of course, there were still seven people left, and they were all very strong. It would not be easy for Wu Yu to accomplish this. But he had a plan.

What did not kill him only made him stronger. He would have his revenge.

So what if they all had mind-bogglingly eminent backgrounds? Here, there was only life and death. No status.

Of course, it was still a towering hurdle for him to clear.

At this time, the eight people, including Wang Zhixun, were stunned. Their faces were ashen as they watched Wu Yu make light work of the fight, as though nothing had ever happened.

Wang Zhixun collapsed on the floor. He remembered that before the battle, he had thought he would soon be obtaining a Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave.

But now that things were this way....

But Wu Yu took up the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's Taigu Immortal Talisman and then threw it to Wang Zhixun, saying, "Here. This is yours. So stop hankering over mine now. After all, it wouldn't be easy for you to get back to the Yan Huang Ancient Region from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, right?"

Wang Zhixun picked up the Taigu Immortal Talisman with trembling hands and bobbed his head like a chicken. "Yes, yes, you're right...."

Wu Yu turned around to face the others with a smile. "Everyone, I'm sorry to have hidden the truth of my recent breakthroughs. It is exactly because of them that I have the confidence to fight an open battle with everyone for the treasures that were originally mine. I am very sorry about the death of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. It was because he was about to kill me, and fought without a modicum of reserve. In a fit of anger, I sought his life as well. This is not my fault. After all, we did not agree on the rules, as to whether we could kill or not. After this, I feel like we should make things clear as to whether we can or cannot. Do you all agree with me?"

They knew that Wu Yu was a different person now.

From the way he spoke and his attitude, the Wu Yu right now was a completely different person. They were a little afraid of him, especially from the indifferent expression and the way he had killed the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.

In truth, he had put a scare in them.

Wu Yu's actions were unprecedented. Even if it was them, no one would dare to kill the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern before the others. This was undoubtedly a declaration of war against the Nine-Star Seas! If Nine-Star Seas knew that the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had died by Wu Yu's hand, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and Wu Yu's kin would definitely be eradicated, Wu Yu included. Their deaths would not be pretty.

That was why they were still shaken.

But Wu Yu said lightly, "As for the consequences of killing the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, that is my own personal affair - none of you need to be worried about it. As for my compliance with Prince Le's orders to kill the Perennial Shark, everyone has already guessed that. Perhaps the Perennial Demons will hunt me as well. As for that, I find that none of this matters. But subsequently, whether we can kill or not - has anyone got an opinion on that?"

He smiled at them.

Each one of them wanted to kill Wu Yu for his treasures.

But strangely, it had been Wu Yu who had killed first. And now he was asking them what they thought about fatal fights?

They were all fit to burst and about to vomit blood.

"Does this mean that no one wishes to continue? If that's the case, I'm leaving. Good luck finding a way out of the Immortals' Viewing Platform!" Wu Yu's smile faded.

He was very cunning.

He would use their greed for his treasures, the greed that forbade them from giving up. And so he would have a way to openly... kill them.

Wu Yu had thrown out his hook and line, and all of them had taken the bait obediently.

All of these people would take the bait, because they were afraid of death, and afraid that Wu Yu would leave. Given Wu Yu's current strength, it seemed like they could not stop him from leaving.

And now, Wu Yu was giving them a chance.

It served them right. To treat him like a dog, to hold his life in their hands with contempt....

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