Chapter 0652: Nine-Star Purgatory

Wu Yu had not expected this.

Wu Yu had originally thought that he would simply face the Little Duke for his first battle.

But the demon Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had jumped at the opportunity to participate in Wu Yu's "qualifiers."

His intention was all too easy to read. They had already agreed on this. They were an alliance at the moment. For the sake of leaving. For the sake of obtaining Wu Yu's Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Since Wu Yu wanted an open fight, they were only too happy to oblige. Although they did not know why Wu Yu would make such an idiotic decision, they would go along with it.

At this time, they had Wu Yu down as a craven coward, without any real guts to offend them. And when this point had finally hit home, he had come out to beg for forgiveness.

"This retard. Doesn't he know that he could just leave directly, while we would be stuck here without a way out? Perhaps we would have found a way to leave in these few months. Perhaps he was worried about the trouble that we would have caused for him if we did!"

This was difficult to predict. What if the barrier around the Immortals' Viewing Platform suddenly lost its effect?

Maybe. They felt that Wu Yu was afraid of this “maybe,” so he had dawdled.

"Wu Yu, any problems battling me?" the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern wanted to immediately restrain him and then think of a way to get the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Perhaps even kill Wu Yu. The eight of them could then fight for the spoils.

"If you want to place well, then you would do well to be prepared to face any one of us. You wouldn't be afraid to face me, would you?!" the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern taunted.

Everyone was waiting for Wu Yu's reply.

Wu Yu suddenly smiled and shook his head. "Not at all. Why would I? You were nominated by everyone."

They had seen that Wu Yu had increased his cultivation level. But to them, this improvement only realized meager improvements in Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. And Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators were so far from them.

Wu Yu's sanguine answer had been too quick, and they were left scratching their heads. Of course, all of these decisions were still in their favor, so they did not hesitate to move ahead.

"Since that's settled, let's begin right this instant!" Wang Zhixun saw hopes of leaving the Immortals' Viewing Platform, as well as a chance at a Taigu Immortal Talisman, and therefore became very excited.

The other seven dispersed to the edges of the Immortals' Viewing Platform, almost circling Wu Yu and Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. They very kindly said that it was to give them space to fight, but in truth they were worried that Wu Yu would slip away again.

They had already secretly vowed to each other to use this chance.

"Let me say this first. In this open and fair fight, I hope that no one will interfere. If anyone breaks the rule, I am willing to take the risk to leave by myself, and not care about all of you anymore." Wu Yu turned suddenly solemn.

They looked around at each other. This was no skin off their noses. They couldn't be bothered to interfere anyway. They all smiled and nodded.

"Enough with the crap, Wu Yu." The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was visibly excited. His fierce features were showing now, his robust demonic aura curling up to fill the Immortals' Viewing Platform. The entire area seemed to have become his territory.

Wu Yu had waited long for this chance. Of course, he too would not hold back. He knew that everyone was curious. His plan of action began now!

Everyone had evil intentions.

Wu Yu knew this well.

The demon Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had a reckless nature and was not particularly intelligent. Therefore, he had become Wu Yu's first target.

He had asked for it.

At this moment, what was most outstanding about Wu Yu was undoubtedly the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hand, that everyone dreamed about. Wu Yu could only access half of its spirit designs right now.

But even so, the 10,000 Dragons Staff had mystical dragons traversing its length, roaring. This gave Wu Yu huge confidence because the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was originally a type of dragon. Only, hornless dragons had wicked natures, much like the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. They were not recognized as part of the mystical dragon tribe, but instead categorized as demons.


Just at this moment, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern let his human form fall, his body gradually shifting. With a shake, he became a huge mystical dragon before Wu Yu's eyes!

He was a real dragon, about the same as Luo Pin. Only, he was classified as a demon. But in terms of his dragon powers, he still had them!

Besides lacking dragon horns, he was not that different from other mystical dragons.

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's true form was covered in icy scales. His long, slender mystical dragon body had nine points where the dragon scales were especially bright, as though a nine-star constellation was imbued within his body.

This awesome, majestic beast stared at Wu Yu with his huge eyes filled with contempt.

As he revealed his true form, Wu Yu had already used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to increase his size to the maximum.

Of course, this form was still very small compared to a demon. But the increase in physical strength far surpassed the demonic transformation. Although the demon's body was huge, it was not as sturdy as Wu Yu's form.

Combined with the Immortal Ape Transformation, Wu Yu was just about on par with the demon now.

The huge, sturdy bulk, with the savage, primal features of an ape. The 10,000 Dragons Staff in hand, and his strength prodigious. He cut an impressive figure himself. At least in terms of power, he did not seem to pale beside the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.

But the key was in the killing!

"We have to warn the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. In order to avoid mistakes, best to avoid toying with him. Just kill him promptly," Prince Feng said to Princess You Xue.

"He knows."

Just as they said this, they relaxed. Because the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern showed not a single shred of mercy, immediately employing his Natural Mystique, the Nine-Star Purgatory.

The Natural Mystique of a demon was basically its strongest move!

Before Wu Yu's eyes, the huge Nine-Star Snow Wyvern opened his mouth and blew. All nine shining points on his dragon scales were extinguished, losing all their color. But closely following that, he spit out nine shining spheres. Their surfaces were rough, just like stars actually were. And yet they were very dense, and also radiating blinding light.

Nine stars surrounded Wu Yu in a trice. As they formed a circle, they exploded with a dark blue light that connected all of them together!

Wu Yu suddenly felt that he was being locked in a world of death!

As expected, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had used a killing move to try and end Wu Yu in one shot!

"Dragon Roar in the Blizzard!"

Someone gasped. The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had just executed one Natural Mystique, when he immediately flew up to circle above Wu Yu within the narrow confines of the Immortals' Viewing Platform!

Snow began to fall within the perimeter of the Nine-Star Purgatory!

This Nine-Star Purgatory was transformed into a world of ice.

"The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern is truly vicious. He immediately used two ultimate killing moves, all against a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator...."

"Indeed. It's overkill. But it benefits us."

As they chatted, Wu Yu was indeed like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

Wu Yu was indeed facing a huge risk. In the past, he would have died without question! At this time, the nine stars around the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern were still connected. They suddenly began to vibrate violently. Wu Yu felt like they were about to explode, and he would definitely be reduced into powder.

None of those here could be underestimated!

But all was fair in war. As long as you kill your opponent, any method goes!

That was why when the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern used his two Natural Mystiques, Wu Yu was unflustered in the face of death.

At that moment, the Nine-Star Purgatory indeed exploded. The nine stars created a violent reaction. The enormous explosion covered Wu Yu's entire vision with starlight!

It was like a starstorm that had been accumulating for many years!

Even more terrifying was that the entire effect was contained within the circumference of the nine stars. Outside of the Nine-Star Purgatory, there was no disturbance. The nine stars had exploded into a ball of light that swallowed Wu Yu!

And then even more explosions within this shining sphere!

Even now, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern continued to shriek piercing dragon roars that materialized like light and pierced the star sphere. The power of his voice could cut one's Primordial Spirit!

The combination of these two Natural Mystiques of the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had killed many before!

"It's done!" Seeing this scene, everyone smiled.

"Wu Yu aside, it's a dangerous place here. The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern is a merciless one indeed."

"Forget mercy. What's important now is to get Wu Yu's pagoda. The sooner that person is dead, the better," Qingwu Yunsi said.

No one contended that.

As for the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, his heart filled with satisfaction upon losing all sign of Wu Yu. Of course, this was his reward. Everyone wanted a share of the spoils. For example, the precious pagoda, or the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Although everyone had said that they would compete fairly for it, ultimately, everyone had their own selfish desires. After all, no one really felt secure.


After the star explosions of such tremendous magnitude, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern opened his mouth, swallowing back the stars and re-lighting his scales.

After swallowing the stars, Wu Yu's possessions would naturally be left there. They appeared! It was the precious pagoda!

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was completely unharmed, and very quickly descended from the air.

Seeing this precious pagoda, everyone was moved. Everyone wanted to be the first to get it. It made them forget one thing - that Wu Yu could hide inside the pagoda against such attacks!

That's right. Wu Yu had readily taken cover within the Floating Dreams Pagoda during that powerful barrage, which was why he was completely unharmed.

After the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern's power dissipated, he suddenly appeared. At this time, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was very close to him. He was just about to extend a dragon claw to take the Floating Dreams Pagoda, but he did not expect a whole Wu Yu to pop up before him.

Also making an appearance were Wu Yu's new Black and White Deities.

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