Chapter 0651: Jump the Gun

Immortals' Viewing Platform.

A total of nine people.

Currently, each was in their own spot near the barrier, their faces abject with misery, and uneasiness and frustration simmering in their eyes.

Princess You Xue, Prince Feng, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, etc....

Outside the Taigu Immortal Path, they commanded armies. Their esteemed ranks were enough to shake the world even before they used their abilities!

But in this Taigu Immortal Path, they had failed countless times to break the barrier. Besides, there was an unknown amount of debris to get through outside the barrier.

Also, their Taigu Immortal Talismans could not be used.

Time passed, and the one-year time limit neared. Naturally, they were growing more and more anxious and fearful, as well as irritable.

No one dared to speak. The moment they did, it would lead to arguments in this unstable emotional climate.

Wang Zhixun was cowering in a corner. Right now, at his current level, he was far from the rest, and anyone could kill him. Besides, he did not even have a Taigu Immortal Talisman. Therefore, he could only hide and weep while thinking about his future.

"I regret it all! Back when they counseled me to leave, I didn't listen, but instead came to this Immortals' Viewing Platform!

"It's over. It's all over now.

"I can't go back. I'll die here. I can't go back.... If I had known, I wouldn't even have come to the Taigu Immortal Path!"

Wang Zhixun's face was blank with fear as he slumped to the floor and looked around him.

"Shut up. If you yak any more, I'll send you to the next world immediately." Princess You Xue glared at him, scaring him stiff. He clammed up, not daring to say another word.

After a long while, Prince Feng spoke, frowning. "This will not do. It won't do! None of us wish to die here. We are all of noble birth and are the future of the Jambu Realm. If we all die here, the legacy of the Jambu Realm will be broken!"

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern said, "Everyone besides us has already gone out. Probably most people will think that the Taigu Immortal Path has already ended. Only our friends and family are still waiting for us."

"Can we not work together and think of something? No matter what, we are all locusts tied to the same rope right now. We should cast aside our baggage and work together," Princess You Xue said.

"Damned use that is. We have tried so many times, but still cannot do anything about the barrier. Forget all those useless thoughts. Our only hope is there." Feng Jianqing of the Eternal Sword Dao pointed at the Floating Dreams Pagoda outside the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

His words quietened them. An unvoiced but mutual acknowledgment.

Evidently, Wu Yu could leave the barrier.

"He's currently outside the barrier. He can use his Taigu Immortal Talisman and immediately leave. Why should he care about us? We all saw him as prey, and now he's the one in the superior position. If we remain stuck here, then no one will even know about all the treasures he has. This Wu Yu is the ultimate winner!" Prince Feng said resentfully.

Reality was just like that.

"You're right. He can leave, and that's unexpected, and a tough blow for us to take. But I feel like we still have a chance," Feng Jianqing said.

"Go on."

Feng Jianqing said, "Although he has exited the barrier, he hasn't left yet. Instead, he's been hiding inside the pagoda. This means that he's not willing to leave the Taigu Immortal Path. He still has unfinished business."

"What on earth does he want?" Princess You Xue asked.

"As for that, I don't know. If I were him, I would have long abandoned us and left." Feng Jianqing waved it off.

No one else had any idea either.

"But no matter what he wants, as long as he comes back out, we have a chance. At that time, as long as he shows his face, please do your best to lure him back in, everyone. Once he's in, we'll first snatch his pagoda. Let us be united on this. When the treasure is in our hands and we go out, we can then decide the ownership of all the treasures. This is a critical moment now, and we must all play by the rules. If anyone breaks them, we all die here," Qingwu Yunsi said.

"No problem."

"There is no problem there. The problem is: is he a fool? Will he come in?"

Wang Zhixun said, "I think so. There is a possibility. I saw the look in Wu Yu's eyes. He is resentful towards the way that we have treated him. He might want revenge." 

"Resentful? Want revenge? That's awesome! The more he hates us, the more chances we have. I trust everyone knows what to do?" The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern chuckled.

The Emperor Tree demon said, "I know that this Wu Yu is from humble beginnings. The thing he hates most is those of us who were born into privilege and shot into success. He must hate us using our power to suppress him, especially the threats against the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. That is why if he appears again, we should continue to use that method to make him lose his reason."

"I concur."

Occasionally bringing up issues, they fleshed out all the details. All that remained was for Wu Yu to reappear.

They believed that Wu Yu would come. If they lost this last chance of Wu Yu, then they would truly panic. There were still a few months, but with no other ideas, the consequences were dire....

Finally, a few days later.

While they were resting, there was suddenly some commotion over at the Floating Dreams Pagoda. They were startled and scrambled to make ready. They had never expected that one day they would receive Wu Yu with such anxiety.

As expected, Wu Yu emerged from the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Afraid that he would leave, they were just about to start speaking to invite him in.

They had all already prepared their pitches. It was all threats - if they left, they would make Wu Yu pay, etc....

What they had not expected was that Wu Yu would immediately enter. He stowed the Floating Dreams Pagoda, the 10,000 Dragons Staff still in his hand. He stepped into the Immortals' Viewing Platform!

He had actually come in!

All nine looked around at each other in complete disbelief.

But they were delirious with joy because Wu Yu had brought the Floating Dreams Pagoda in with him. This meant that their chance had come. All they needed to do was kill Wu Yu together and snatch the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Then there was hope!

At this time, Wu Yu and his staff descended into the Immortals' Viewing Platform, his face emotionless. He stared at them, walking nearer. Each step was steady and his resolution and willpower were evident.

But the nine of them instead grew irrationally anxious.

Wu Yu had finally come in. They had privately discussed not to jump the gun, and to give Wu Yu no excuse to flee. The previous time, they had let Wu Yu escape that way.

"The situation has changed. Nobody panic. Let's see what Wu Yu's goal is now! We must find a suitable opportunity to strike, and not allow him to escape again. If he leaves this time, our hopes are all dashed!"

They reminded each other.


Just like that, Wu Yu came to stand before them, face to face. Wu Yu knew all about their secret machinations.

He just wanted to laugh coldly.

Time to take the gamble.

And some revenge as well.

"Wu Yu, why are you back? We are so envious that you can get through the barrier...." Princess You Xue said in a fairly warm register.

Wu Yu slammed the 10,000 Dragons Staff into the ground, shaking the entire Immortals' Viewing Platform. Such a heavy advanced dao treasure made their eyelids jump.

Wu Yu stared at them and said loudly and clearly, "Before, the eight of you felt that I was not qualified to have these treasures. I am not satisfied. The reason I have not left until today is to prove to all of you that I, Wu Yu, deserve these treasures. I know that all of you want the things that I have. And I, Wu Yu, cannot implicate my friends and family because of these treasures. That is why I want to make a pact with all of you. I want to participate in the battle that you all designed before, to choose the strongest person who will possess these treasures. I am willing to lay them out as the prizes for the battle, as long as everyone promises not to harm my loved ones after we leave."

Everyone was taken aback by this speech.

They felt like they had met the biggest idiot in the history of idiots.

He was actually giving up the treasures as prizes and was also participating in the battle. All for their promise not to harm his loved ones.... It was true that if these eight made that promise, it would hold some weight.

But the problem was, firstly, without Wu Yu, they could not even go out. That would render all of their threats invalid.

But perhaps Wu Yu still thought they could leave.

And secondly, he could simply have given them the treasures. To join the battle as well? Wasn't that suicidal?

The nine could not wrap their heads around it.

To them, this was a heaven-sent gift! They could not wait for Wu Yu to bring out the treasures. They could not wait for him to join the battle, where they would have a public reason to kill him.

Fortune had come too fast to favor them.

"Wu Yu, are you sure that is what you want to do?" Princess You Xue asked.

Wu Yu nodded. "I've thought it through now. All of you are the future of the Jambu Realm. I cannot afford to offend so many at once. Otherwise, my loved ones and myself will be in danger in the future."

They looked at each other, still dubious about this stroke of good fortune. They could only say that Wu Yu was truly an ignorant bumpkin, to be scared into obedience like this.

However, this was a golden opportunity.

Qingwu Yunsi said, "But if you wish to fight, we have eight people. An additional person will make it difficult to match up."

Eight could make four, and then fight for first, second, and third. With an extra person, it would be tricky.

Wu Yu said, "That's easily settled. I was last to come, so let me fight the first battle. Of you eight, choose one person to fight with me. Only after having beaten me will they be able to fight amongst the rest of you. Of the eight of you, choose the weakest. That's fair, right?"

The Little Duke was stunned.

He had not spoken for a long time.

He had not expected that Wu Yu would have turned his bitterness towards him.

However, he was not afraid.

They looked at each other. The lure of Wu Yu's proposal was too great. Right now, even his requests were not really requests. They all readily agreed.

"That's settled then. We will choose one who we think is the weakest. I choose: myself." Unexpectedly, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern volunteered.

The rest all acquiesced, voting for the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.

But he was not the weakest....

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