Chapter 0065: Explosion of Qi and Blood!

From the highest point on the palace, one could see a huge region outside the city that was caught up in the angry tornado. Hundreds of houses had been smashed into scraps of wood and stone, swirling and circling around Hao Tian!

Everyone knew that the strongest martial way practitioner was worth an army. And now that they had seen the power of the Immortal Protector, they truly knew that the strongest in the Sky Realm simply wielded a mortal's power, and could not hold a candle.

The dao techniques of heavenly immortals were even more fearsome than natural disasters - earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions.

To mortals, this Immortal Protector was the true master of heaven and earth!

"Wu Yu, come in!"

Hao Tian's voice thundered out, echoing a mile away.

The true power of dao techniques were being shown now, and Wu Yu could not escape it.

The fire tornado had already reached him!

In truth, he had a way to deal with this dao technique, which was to retreat and stay beside Imperial Concubine Xi. Hao Tian might stop in order to avoid hurting Yuan Xi.

But Wu Yu was disinclined to do so.

Besides, would Hao Tian stop if threatened with Yuan Xi's death?

That was not certain.

Given Wu Yu's understanding of him, he loved himself more.

Between killing Wu Yu and saving Yuan Xi, he might choose to kill Wu Yu if he could only choose one. The fact that Yuan Xi would accompany him to the grave would not bother him at all.

After all, Wu Yu was not Sun Wudao, but rather Prince Yu. Such status held a different significance for Hao Tian.

There was no turning back from the tornado of fire now!

After the Immortal Ape Transformation, Wu Yu was seized by a savage and violent feeling. The stronger his opponent was, the more he longed to fight. The burning eyes were tinged with the red of blood.

"Hggh, hggh!"

His charge accelerated, and he grunted like an animal.

Within the immortal treasure, the fire that issued swirled with spiritual power, completely utilizing it. The Demon Subduing Staff glowed with its own flames that reached a hundred feet high!

All the hatred and anger that he had accumulated over the year erupted. He felt as though a fire was swimming in his organs, blood, and bones. It caused his entire body to catch fire!

The Chest Meridian worked furiously, generating prodigious amounts of spiritual power!

The entire world before him tinged with the red of blood.

"Hao Tian...."

Four sharp canines had sprung forth in Wu Yu's mouth. There were also weaponizable, and gleamed with cold light.

His mouth bared in savage fashion.


He exploded forth, vitality and energy soaring.


A loud cry that shook the entire city!

In that instant, the Demon Subduing Staff exploded with light.

Wu Yu rushed to face the fiery tornado head on, the Demon Subduing Staff held aloft.

A Staff to Ascension!

It was still the same A Staff to Ascension skill. But after going through the Immortal Ape Transformation, it seemed like everything unified better to create a completely different result!

The onlookers of Capital Wu were deeply shaken by Wu Yu's savage poise.

The majority saw such a move as suicidal.


He was actually determined to break the Fire Tornado skill!

What majesty!

What courage!

Seeing this, even Hao Tian gave a mirthless chuckle. In all these years, against this level of dao technique, all his opponents could do was run.

Time seemed to stop in this instant.

As Wu Yu rushed the fiery tornado, the flames licked against him cruelly. The rocks, splintered wood, and other debris had been transformed into killing tools at high velocity. Each battered against his body. The sharper stones were even more lethal.

Such a dao technique could reduce an entire army to ash on the battlefield.

The ferocious winds caused the flames, rocks, and wood to batter against Wu Yu's body.

In a few short moments, thousands of attacks connected, creating the din of a dense barrage!

If anyone else at the first tier of the Qi Condensation Realm had rushed into such a dao technique, they would be torn to shreds within three breaths!

This was precisely why Hao Tian was so confident.

And also why the citizens of Capital Wu were fearful and worried for Wu Yu!

They could all imagine the shredded state that Wu Yu was in....

Ting, ting, ting!

They had thought that he would be shredded instantly, but more than three breaths of time had passed, and the dreaded sound still continued. They could make out a complete human silhouette at Wu Yu's position!

That's right!

Invincible Vajra Body!

It did not matter how fast the boulders and wooden splinters were. A completed first realm of the Invincible Vajra Body was like a body of steel. Against such a body, there was only one possible result, which was all the debris crumbling to ash!

As for the fire, the Invincible Vajra Body was originally built through fire. It could be said that among all the dao techniques, Wu Yu feared fire the least!

Especially since the body of the golden monkey was completely covered in golden flames!

The only effect the wind had was to fan Wu Yu's golden flames even higher!

Hao Tian boasted of his century of dao experience, yet he did not understand such a basic issue of affinities. He stood in the eye of the storm, his eyes wide as he watched Wu Yu charge him!

"How is this possible!? How is his body this strong?! How is he not yet torn to shreds!?"

As though demented, he frantically dug for spiritual power within his three spiritual sources, channelling them all into this dao technique, causing the wind to blow with even more strength!

"Wu Yu, you will be crushed into fragments by me!" Hao Tian's rant carried over the winds.

Wu Yu bore the obstacles as he continued to advance. His burning eyes were already stained red.

The Demon Subduing Staff in his hand was on fire!

"Break, break, break, break!"

With prodigious strength, he advanced step by step through the storm. In truth, it was very difficult to advance through such a deadly dao technique. However, the debt of blood drove him on. Nothing but death could stop him now!


The Demon Subduing Staff swept out, disrupting the wind!


Wu Yu's enormous golden ape form let out a frenzied howl. This was the most savage Immortal Ape Transformation he had ever used!

The golden flames rose to 3,000 feet high. They fanned out through the storm, overshadowing Hao Tian's own fire.

"Hao Tian, in the moment that I was reborn, I vowed that I was no man unless I killed you.

"Finally, the moment has come for me. Haha!"

His maniacal smile was carried through the storm.


Hao Tian, standing in the center of the storm, could vaguely make out a golden figure approaching.

"He is actually still whole even in a storm of this degree!?"

Only now did Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian start to feel trepidation!

But it was too late!


In the instant that the storm wavered, Wu Yu rushed out.

Blood seemed to fill the vision of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian!

"Wu Yu!" 

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian gave a fearful scream.

All his spiritual power had been poured into the storm. Who knew that Wu Yu could weather it with the strength of his flesh and blood alone?


In the skirmish, A Staff to Ascension crashed down like a pillar from the heavens.

Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian used to be the sky that limited him.

Today, he would topple this sky!


The staff crashed down, and Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian used the Firestorm Horsetail Whisk to block it. But the power of the blow was tremendous. The first strike sent the horsetail whisk immortal treasure flying, and continued to land on Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's shoulder!


The loud sound of a bone breaking.

The high and mighty Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian howled with pain, falling to his knees heavily. The lower half of his body had almost sunk completely into the ground thanks to Wu Yu.

At this time, without the spiritual power to support it from Hao Tian, the tornado abated, the flames disappearing. The whirling rocks and wood fell to the ground.

As the mess settled, they could see that Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian was covered in blood and kneeling before Wu Yu. Everyone stiffened and held their breath.


Yuan Xi let out a startling wail, her body firmly pressed against the castle walls. Her eyes were wide, as though an electric current had passed through her body.

Her wails were unbelievably shrill and did not cease. Clearly, her entire world was crumbling.

Besides her wailing, the entire battlefield was silent. Everyone's eyes were wide, and some were even weeping, watching Wu Yu deliver judgement to his opponent.

"Wu Yu, I have an important secret to tell...."

Having sustained a grave wound, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian knew that most of his power was gone. A Staff to Ascension had directly wrecked him. Seeing Wu Yu's follow-up attack whistling forth, he hurriedly spoke up.

But Wu Yu was no fool.

The opponent wanted to catch him unaware and look for an opportunity to counter attack. He did not slow down at all. Besides, in the body of the Immortal Ape, he was hard pressed to control his savagery!


The staff crashed down exactly on Hao Tian's Convergent Meridian, on top of his head.


Hao Tian's skull shattered.

Because he was in the midst of speaking, his teeth sliced his tongue, cutting him off mid-sentence.


Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's head was bleeding. He looked up at Wu Yu with wide, despairing eyes, but he could not even speak a word.

"Do you feel regret?" Wu Yu had finally crushed him.

Hao Tian's mouth was full of blood. He hastened to give a tearful nod. He had never thought he would be reduced to such a state.

"Too late for regret."

Wu Yu's face was emotionless as the Demon Subduing Staff swept out from his hand. With a crack, everyone could see Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's brains sent flying in a parabola, finally landing with a clatter beside Imperial Concubine Xi.

"Argh!" At the bleakest moment of Imperial Concubine Xi's life, she gave a last wail. She was so shocked that her foot slipped, and she fell off the castle wall. The rope tautened and snapped her slender neck.

"Ack.... ack...."

In midair, Imperial Concubine Xi clawed at the rope around her neck, but to no avail. She continued to struggle in mid air, swinging while her eyes rolled. The last thing she saw before her vision faded was Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's corpse, falling to Wu Yu's feet with a splat.


She managed a last word before the world faded to black.

Beside her swung Yuan Hao.

It was over.


Wu Yu surveyed the scene of devastation.

His heart was empty.

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