Chapter 0649: An Explosion of Strength

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was buried in the soil, and those within the Immortals' Viewing Platform could only watch.

No matter how much they grumbled, scolded, panicked, or raged, Wu Yu could not hear them. He was within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Even if the sky fell outside, all would be normal within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Wu Yu sat in the middle of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He cast the threat outside to the back of his mind and pulled out his Sumeru Pouch, holding it in his hand. When he opened it, the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao came pouring out, filling the entire area. They were everywhere, covering the ground.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was instantly filled with a rich fragrance, the fragrance of immortal essences that refreshed one's heart. 

"I'll leave a few for my sister."

Wu Yu put away a few with Wu You in mind. His resolve strengthened. He would never let Wu You, the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, and his kin and friends come to any harm.

He picked up a Pregnant Fruit of Great Dao and examined it carefully. The pure-white, lustrous fruits had eight mystical spiritual marks clearly displayed on their surface. From afar, they looked like large pearls.

The scent assailed his nostrils. Behind the skin, a powerful essence radiated, like a vast sea, both profound and abundant.

With a gentle bite, he opened a hole, and the Pregnant Fruit of Great Dao dissolved into a burst of cool liquid that entered his gut and then spread out to flood every corner of his body.

Right now, he felt like he had been plucked from a sultry summer day and submerged into a cool, wintry marsh. His body was cool and refreshed, as though he had ascended to heaven.

Unexpectedly, this initial coolness flowed to every corner of his body and then suddenly began to burn unbelievably hot!

It was said that this Pregnant Fruit of Great Dao could nurse one's Primordial Spirit. That was why Wu Yu's soul was also being cooked alongside his corporeal body.

Weng, weng, weng!

Although no flames were visible, a torrent of power came bursting forth!

"The potency of the Pregnant Fruit of Great Dao far surpasses the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill. Ordinary people probably could not process this."

The first refining had almost surpassed the limit that Wu Yu could bear.

Fortunately, he had recently gained a fairly considerable increase in his cultivation level, and with his formidable physical body, he was able to force the energy down with sheer force of will. He fused this with his dao and funneled it all into his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

With such powerful support, his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, long parched for nourishment, frantically absorbed all the potency of the Pregnant Fruit of Great Dao. It was easily absorbed by Wu Yu, and it all went to feed his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

One factor was his rock-solid faith. Another was his hugely elevated state of mind.

All in all, it took less than 60 breaths of time.

Following which, Wu Yu refined a second fruit and then a third....

To him, this time was both tedious and yet fulfilling. Because he was growing stronger with every moment and his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye. His Violet Kingdom grew and grew, and torrential rains fell down on the Inner Sea. These were the crystallized fruits of Wu Yu's labor - the product of his dao comprehension and the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao!

At the same time, although he had yet to form his Primordial Spirit, his soul was growing stronger under the blessing of the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao, and had far surpassed others at the same cultivation level.

Ming Long had already said that if he wanted to split out a second Primordial Spirit and cultivate the body of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, then he would need a soul and body that was stronger than the rest. The stronger, the better. Although he was only ordinarily strong, with so many Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao, his second Primordial Spirit and body would probably succeed with few problems.

Compared to the average cultivator at this cultivation level, he only needed to be three or four times stronger. But right now, he might be 10 times stronger, or even more. The other half of the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao's effect was currently unrealized. Once he had completed his Primordial Spirit, he would have explosive improvement!

All was tranquil within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

But within Wu Yu's body, roiling currents churned, and they did not rest.

His Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea continued to expand and fortify. Before the guidance from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, his cultivation level would’ve been stable no matter how many Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao he refined.But now, his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea had expanded greatly, but he was still far from his limit!

He still had many more daos and many more other aspects which could be used to construct this perfect, resplendent Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

After channeling more than 80 Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao into his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, Wu Yu surpassed himself, again breaking through the limit. He had risen to an eight tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!

This was the cultivation level of the Shushan Sword Sages. Back when he had first met Shen Xingyao, he had just reached this cultivation level as well.

He had not expected that he would succeed.

But in truth, his current state was much stronger than Shen Xingyao had been!

They were at completely different levels.

Not much time had passed, and Wu Yu deeply understood just how miraculously mighty he was. The Dong Sheng Divine Continent’s elders probably could not even imagine how far he had come!

The current Wu Yu, by his own estimation, should roughly be at the level of the Taixu Sage Master.

Back when he had left, he was still no match for Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators.

Wu Yu had truly made substantial progress and was now an expert in his own right. He could even be considered a super-genius within the whole of the Jambu Realm!

On the Taigu Immortal Path, he had risen from a genius of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to a genius of the entire Jambu Realm.

A completely different notion.

And still he was not satisfied with his current self.

"Terrific improvement! What now? Learn your fourth mystique, or challenge your puppets?"

Ordinarily, Wu Yu would firstly challenge the new puppets after increasing his cultivation level. But now that he was at the eighth tier, it was the right time for him to cultivate his fourth mystique! There were three gates within the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. After entering the eighth tier, one would be in the final phase of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, and be ready to condense a Primordial Spirit with a completed Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

Ming Long was thinking of teasing Wu Yu with the fourth mystique. However, Wu Yu was frightfully calm at this time. He did not even crack a joke.

Unexpectedly, Wu Yu replied, "I am in no rush for either. Especially the mystique. That takes too long. Right now, I still have this time....”

Ming Long's jaw dropped. "You mean, you're going to...."

"That's right. This is the best time and space. If I miss this, I will be hounded forever!" Wu Yu said steely.

Ming Long had originally thought that he was joking. To think that he had actually made such a decision. And the way things looked, it did not look like his mind could be changed.

"I have to say, this is a huge gamble! If you succeed, then you will create a ripple that is even more formidable than I was back then."

Wu Yu shook his head. "No one will know about it."

"That's right." Ming Long nodded. She understood. The fact that Wu Yu was able to say such a thing showed just how special he was.

"But that's not easy. In a battle of brains and brawn, victory and defeat are not confirmed. Don't be careless," Ming Long reminded him.

"Don't worry. As long as I do not lose in terms of ability, I cannot possibly lose in other aspects." Wu Yu's gaze was resolute, his every word unshakable.

His decision was to continue to plenish his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea!

The eighth tier was not his goal!

His goal was ninth tier!

The remaining 200 or so Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao were Wu Yu's capital.

In truth, no one in the course of history had ever been able to refine so many Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao in such a short span of time without affecting their fundamental core.

Wu Yu was also challenging a different frontier.

He did not waste words, but continued the tedious process.

This time, it would take even longer.

The unbearability was exponential.

And the number of mistakes and issues were more than before as well.

All of these were obstacles that barred Wu Yu's way.

But none of this scared him off.

"With a place like the Immortals' Viewing Platform, if I do not fight them to the end, I will be letting myself down, letting my friends and family down.

"It was not me that was cruel, but them. They forced me to this extent, and I will not stand for it!

"10,000 Dragons Staff, the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and my immortal essences. Besides the 10,000 Dragons Staff, I will not let anyone else know about the rest."

All the threats and disdain were bright in his memory.

He recalled the way they looked at him.

All of this bolstered Wu Yu. Many times, it was the reason that Wu Yu could press on when he felt like giving up.

Finally, after consecutive days of persistence and the constant filling up of his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea; after strengthening it under the tempest and his Inner Sea continuing to enhance; after he had but a dozen Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao left; he successfully broke through to the ninth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!

A consecutive double tier increase!

And for him to have accomplished this, there had been three crucial points!

The first was obviously the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's instruction.

The second was that he had enough Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao.

The third was Wu Yu's own burning desire for victory, as well as his uncommonly strong will, and his unyielding nature.

The combination of the three resulted in great progress!

This leap was unprecedented and remarkable.

To him, this was a turning point in his life! This huge improvement would allow him to finally have the right to speak regarding his kin in the future. Not just anybody would be able to threaten Wu Yu.

Even his weakest Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy had reached the ninth tier, and he was not far from the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

"My improvement would definitely shock Luo Pin! I am catching up to her!"

Wu Yu naturally would not forget her. He was constantly thinking of going to find her.

But right now, he had important things to do.

And that was to follow through with the decision that he had made before.

Of course, before he acted, he still had to do one thing, and it would not take up much time.

Which was to recruit some helpers.

The puppet guard helpers.

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