Chapter 0648: A Final Decision

Wu Yu saw that not only this immortal essence mountain, but all six other mountains were also crumbling!

It was a sight to behold.

All seven huge lightning swords plunged on the respective peaks started to fracture and crumble.

This scene would probably alarm the nine people at the Immortals' Viewing Platform even more. After all, from their perspective, it would seem like the sky was falling.

"Uprooting a single tree caused seven mountains to fall?" This result rendered Wu Yu speechless.

However, he guessed that this might not be because of the tree. Rather, his intrusion into the barrier had set off a change in the spirit design of the seven mountains, causing it to self-destruct.

Or perhaps this was all the design of the elders.

No matter what, Wu Yu had already obtained a few hundred Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao, as well as a Pregnant Tree of Great Dao. This was already a humongous prize.

All the immortal essences, all the dao technique scrolls - they would soon be buried underneath mountains of soil, and the lightning web above would come crumbling down as well. But perhaps some of those could still be salvaged.

And there might also be treasures on the other two peaks on the other two mountains.

There was always a way out.

The important thing was to ensure his own safety as the seven mountains collapsed. 

At this time, he might even be able to use his Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave.

However, Wu Yu was not ready to leave after obtaining so many Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao.

At this time, the sky was collapsing and the purple lightning was bearing down on him. Wu Yu changed his course and headed downwards.

All around him was purple lightning. It was perilous!

His Eyes of Fire and Gold scanned and swept, trying to find a safe place. If he found nothing, he might hide inside the Floating Dreams Pagoda again.

He might be buried and then have to reemerge later.

Very quickly, he locked onto a place.

Immortals' Viewing Platform.

Because he could see that the falling rocks could not enter the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Instead, they bounced off the barrier of the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

At this time, the spirit designs of the seven peaks had already lost their effectiveness, but the barrier of the Immortals' Viewing Platform was still there. The Immortals' Viewing Platform was standing with an air of immovability amidst the seven crumbling peaks.

Perhaps that was the only safe place!

"Immortals' Viewing Platform it is!"

Without hesitation, Wu Yu rushed down. In actuality, the lightning behind him was closing in at great speed, although he was just that little bit faster. He escaped the danger zone. Before being crushed by rocks or hit by lightning, he shot forth like a comet back into the Immortals' Viewing Platform!

Bang, bang, bang!

Just as he entered, the seven peaks were completely destroyed, raining down on the mountain of lightning.

The entire Immortals' Viewing Platform was buried under an immense amount of dirt and rock. Right now, all they could see from within the Immortals' Viewing Platform was endless soil and rocks outside.

If Wu Yu had not chosen this place, he would probably have been buried alive by soil. Enough of it could have directly crushed him to death.

At least now he still had space to move.

At this time, the Immortals' Viewing Platform was completely pitch black above him, although the white jade below continued to glow faintly, illuminating the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

He was back.

Although, he was a completely different person now.

Wu Yu arrived with such force and speed that he ended up half-kneeling. At this time, he stood up and lifted his head to see the nine staring at him, astonished.

Perhaps a dozen days had passed, but they were still trapped here. With the threat of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents, they were hard-pressed to move an inch. They could only wait here in agony as they thought of a way out, but the results had been cruelly disappointing.

Just as they were despairing, and thought that they would be trapped here for eternity, the sky collapsed, burying the entire Immortals' Viewing Platform.

Although the Ravaging Lightning Serpents were gone, there was no way out either.

And then they saw Wu Yu descend from the sky.

Wu Yu was still his same old self, at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. Pitiful and weak, laughable compared to the likes of Princess You Xue or Prince Feng. A far cry.

They had a look about them that spoke of authority without the need for rage. It was born of long years of nurturing within the environment of a superpower country. Without striking, a single look from them could scare their enemy into wetting themselves.

Before this, Wu Yu had envied them, and had worried that they would target the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and his kin.

After all, he had no backer and no one to rely on.

But! From the time he had ascended to the sea of lightning, everything had changed.

These eight, excluding Wang Zhixun, and also the Perennial Shark and Prince Le, were probably the most eminent and powerful of all that had come to the Taigu Immortal Path this year!

Right now, they suddenly met Wu Yu again, just when they were at their wits' end!

Suddenly, life flared back in all of their eyes.

From their ranks, Princess You Xue asked, "Wu Yu, this commotion and the collapse of the seven mountains - it wouldn't have anything to do with you, would it? What did you gain up there?"

They had been brooding about Wu Yu before, worrying that he would gain even more treasures above.

There was no need to worry now, only excitement. Because Wu Yu was right before their eyes.

"What are you on about? If I could engineer such a huge disaster, would I be cowering here?" Wu Yu replied caustically.

Seeing their invasive and bullying glares, and thinking of how they had treated him before, Wu Yu knew what they were thinking of now.

Regardless of whether they could leave or not, they would first distribute Wu Yu! Because he was the weak one with all the riches!

"Don't listen to his nonsense. Don't waste time. No matter what he got up there, asking is useless. I feel like our previous rules and battle can continue now." Prince Feng snickered.

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern also chimed in brazenly. "Right. No matter what he has, kill him first, and we'll know after we bring it out. Whether it is the advanced dao treasure, or the mysterious pagoda, or anything else he might have obtained above, I suggest we murder him first and then have a fair contest over the treasures. Perhaps the eight of us can portion out the top three prizes." 

The Eternal Sword Dao’s Feng Jianqing broke his reticence to speak. "I, too, favor killing him. A just division, according to strength. Raise your hands if you are in favor. After all, with no way to leave, let us first divide the spoils."

Again, these words did not treat Wu Yu as a human at all.

Qingwu Yunsi nodded. He fixed Wu Yu with a chilling glare. "You brought yourself back into trouble this time. It's all your own fault. How can such a good thing belong to you? We even raised the threat of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and still you did not listen. Well then, you've gone and done it now. We're not only going to kill you, but those that don't get treasures will take out their anger on your kin. Pity."

Wu Yu did not speak a word as he listened to them.

The Emperor Tree demon said, "Alright. I agree. First, we establish the prizes. And then a fair contest between eight."

"That's for the best. We save a chaotic melee and everyone is satisfied."

Finally, Princess You Xue shook her head helplessly at Wu Yu, seeing that the rest had already agreed. "You are too stubborn. You still don't know your place, trying to fight with us. You are not qualified. I suggest you quickly hand over the things and explain them clearly. Perhaps we may discuss to spare your life."

Hearing this, Wang Zhixun panicked. "Don't! Don't spare his life! He might take revenge in the future! After all, he's quite a talented one. If he doesn't die, how will I get a Taigu Immortal Talisman?"

"Wu Yu, we are running out of patience. You have three breaths of time." Princess You Xue's voice was severe.

Another haughty attitude!

Those final words made up Wu Yu's mind. He suddenly gave a carefree smile. "Are you all really not going to treat me as human? Accord me no dignity? Must it be so thorough?"

They laughed, and Prince Feng said, "Who are you to be treated as human?"

"He indeed is a stubborn one. Don't waste time. If you all won't dirty your hands, I'll do the deed. Don't worry, I won't steal the treasures."

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern stepped towards Wu Yu.

The others did not dare to shirk away when they heard this. They were indeed afraid that someone would snatch the treasures, so none pulled back. All of them stepped towards Wu Yu, pulling out their own dao treasures. Even Wang Zhixun felt bold enough to test his skill.

Such a force to face!

Wu Yu shook his head and still continued smiling. "Everyone, you have forced me to the point of no return. You will regret this."


Everyone burst out laughing upon hearing this!

"Trash, go to hell!" Prince Feng took the lead. He morphed into a ghostly shadow that blasted forth.

The others hurried to follow up. Suddenly, an immense killing intent filled the air!

"Alright, I've decided." Wu Yu's decision was the result of his hand being forced.

He had been waiting too long for this.

Their attack heralded the true mark that only death would lay their enmity to rest! At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly pulled out the Floating Dreams Pagoda. As he called forth the Demonic Flame General, he jumped in.

The Demonic Flame General stood in front and hurled the Floating Dreams Pagoda behind it. It passed through the barrier, embedding itself in the soil outside the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Only the base of the pagoda could be seen.

Ping, ping, ping!

The small frame of the Demonic Flame General was completely blasted to pieces by their attacks! If Wu Yu had not acted, he would be the one in pieces right now.

This turn of events caused nine jaws to drop.

"He... went out again..."

They were trapped here. No matter what they tried, they could not go out.

To them, leaving was more important than any treasure.

And now, Wu Yu, within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, had actually gone out. They fought to attack this position, but they could not touch the Floating Dreams Pagoda that was outside the barrier.

And Wu Yu did not come out again.

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