Chapter 0647: Bonanza

The Pregnant Tree of Great Dao was at the highest point of the entire mountain.

The surrounding fence was a circle that enclosed the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao.

The fence was also the edge of the barrier.

This was a barrier powered by an extremely sophisticated spirit design.

"You've already tried breaking through this sort of barrier. It's impossible, so don't waste your time. Hurry to the other two mountains," Ming Long said.

That was logical, but the hundreds of fruits on the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao still locked Wu Yu's feet firmly in place.

They looked like apples, but pure white versions that shone with a pearly luster. They were sparkling and translucent, and the flesh within shone with a pristine light. One could clearly see that a large amount of the immortal contents had already been liquefied, as it was sloshing around within the fruit. The scent wafted over to assail his olfactory senses. A quick whiff cleared his mood and made him feel like his years had been extended.

This was definitely a wondrous thing, and its value was much higher than a majority of the immortal essences on this mountain.

Ming Long previously had told him that this was the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao. On this nine spiritual mark Pregnant Tree of Great Dao, each fruit had eight spiritual marks.

The Pregnant Tree of Great Dao's greatest function was to grow these fruits in bountiful quantities. As long as the tree was not cut and did not die, and it had sufficient spiritual qi to accumulate, it could produce these Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao. 

Nobody knew how long this Pregnant Tree of Great Dao had been standing for. But the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao numbered in the hundreds, and they jostled for space.

"These Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao are growing from directly on the tree and are very pure. They don't even need to be refined into immortal medicines. They can be directly consumed and refined. Their efficacy is much better than the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and even purer than immortal medicines. There are a few hundred here. If you can get them, then charging to a higher cultivation level should be no problem, given your revelations from before."

Wu Yu lacked Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills right now. All he needed was immortal medicine to convert his revelations of dao into progress. He should be able to rocket upwards.

However, only the nine people below had Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, and Wu Yu could not possibly snatch them off them. He could basically dismiss such thoughts.

Therefore, he did not think too much about it.

But on this immortal essence mountain, this thing had appeared, which was even better. It did not need to be refined into immortal medicine, and it could absorb large amounts of spiritual qi that would fill his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

Actually, most immortal essences could be directly consumed. Only, doing so would waste some of their potency. Refining them to immortal medicines could increase the value greatly.

However, the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao were very pure since they were grown directly on the Pregnant Tree. Therefore, they were even more efficacious than immortal medicines, and not much would be wasted if they were consumed.

"A pity that this damned spirit design and barrier are here!"

All Wu Yu needed for his flying leap in progress was immortal medicines and immortal essences. Right now, these were the limiting factors!

And the opportunity to become much stronger was right before his eyes, but they might as well be on the opposite side of the world!

"Don't waste time, let's go!" Ming Long nagged.

Wu Yu looked with wide eyes at the Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao, his heart a muddle.

He was not content.

"Is there really no way I can enter?"

He racked his brain and ran through all the things that he had on his person. Firstly, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff, with otherworldly power. But Wu Yu had tried it many times. No amount of strength would break this barrier!

"And the Floating Dreams Pagoda?"

Suddenly, he thought of the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

When he was at the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, he had not wanted to reveal the Floating Dreams Pagoda. That was why he had not used it at first.

"Right, Ming Long, in the tomb, the Floating Dreams Pagoda could still be used. Do you think that the Floating Dreams Pagoda can pass through this barrier?"

After all, the Floating Dreams Pagoda was an enigmatic object.

Ming Long screwed up her mouth. "How would I know? The possibility seems slim though. In the tomb, the Floating Dreams Pagoda was indeed unaffected by the spirit design. But here, the Floating Dreams Pagoda would have to actively be able to pass through the barrier. A little different to me."

Ming Long was not optimistic.

Wu Yu wanted to try it. With a "what is there to lose" mindset, he pulled out the Floating Dreams Pagoda and called out the Demonic Flame General. After a long period of recuperation, the previously battered Demonic Flame General was now back to normal.

Wu Yu gave the Demonic Flame General an order. He first entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then bade the Demonic Flame General hug the Floating Dreams Pagoda with both hands and charge the barrier.

"If this fails, I'll try my luck on the next mountain."

Wu Yu was very calm, but he knew that it was likely that he would turn up empty-handed at all four mountains.

However, he and the people below had already reached the point of enmity that could only be resolved by death.

They had already seen the 10,000 Dragons Staff and the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This matter would not be easily laid to rest.

As for being able to meet what the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had left behind, that had already been a huge stroke of luck. Therefore, Wu Yu did not have many more expectations.


The Floating Dreams Pagoda's pointed roof pierced the barrier.

What Wu Yu did not expect was that, to his wild joy, the pagoda... passed through!

Although the Demonic Flame General could not enter, he had pushed the Floating Dreams Pagoda past the barrier, into the Immortal Medicine Garden!


The Floating Dreams Pagoda rolled on the floor.

"The Floating Dreams Pagoda! It passed the barrier!"

Wu Yu was thoroughly hyped.

This meant that the Floating Dreams Pagoda was truly much more wondrous than he had imagined. Or perhaps he had been underestimating the Floating Dreams Pagoda up till now.

"Damn me, it can't be!" Even Ming Long was screaming, her disbelief written all over her face.

No matter how hard it was to believe, this was an excellent opportunity. Without hesitation, Wu Yu surfaced from the Floating Dreams Pagoda, immediately calling up his clones, which filled the entire Immortal Medicine Garden. Each clone aimed for one fruit.

Picking the immortal essences had to be done quickly. It was a rare opportunity, and getting them all in hand should be executed as quickly as possible!

Instantly, Wu Yu and his clones took down the hundreds of Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao in one fell swoop!

A quick drive-by, and all the clones swarmed back with their Pregnant Fruits of Great Dao. Wu Yu stood at his original position, holding his Sumeru Pouch open. He put all of these valuables inside, laughing as he packed.

He was gloriously happy!

This feeling of fortune was blissful. All his frustration against spirit designs and barriers had finally been eased!

"You're damned lucky again! To have this Floating Dreams Pagoda! All the immortal essences in this immortal medicine garden are yours!" Ming Long was open-mouthed as well. As an avaricious person herself, she was leaping up and down with excitement right now, her eyes agleam, even though this had nothing to do with her. She dearly wanted to filch some!

"Yea, there are other immortal essences as well!" Roused by her reminder, Wu Yu recalled that he had only harvested a small portion. There were still hundreds of other immortal medicine gardens!

He was just about to summon another puppet to hurl himself and the Floating Dreams Pagoda out. After all, he had no way to control the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and could only use his puppets.

"Wait. Dig up the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao and take it away too. That's the real treasure. Even if you don't have a place to grow it, you can sell it for a great sum!" Ming Long was sharp, and she would not let this slip by.

Her words made sense.

Hurriedly, Wu Yu began to dig. He pulled out a few swords and used his sword arts to bury them deeply in the ground to loosen the soil within the barrier. Wu Yu then opened his Sumeru Pouch to the widest possible, and used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to increase his own size to the maximum. He walked over to the tree, and hugged the trunk with his gigantic body. With a low grunt, he prepared to uproot the tree!

The Pregnant Tree of Great Dao was still an immortal essence. It was to be protected, and did not innately have defenses. Given Wu Yu's level of physical strength, he lifted it as easily as he would a feather, uprooting it from where it stood!


A huge sound.

Wu Yu had just lifted up the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao happily and was about to stow it within his Sumeru Pouch. He did not expect the ground to suddenly heave.

"How could uprooting one tree cause such a big reaction?" Wu Yu had originally thought that this was a normal destabilization caused by the uprooting, but he had not expected the scale of this quake to be this huge!

Bang, bang, bang!

He was still hugging the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao. He did not know that the entire mountain was actually collapsing!

His Eyes of Fire and Gold flashed, and he was shocked. How could this be!?

At this juncture, he hurriedly put the Pregnant Tree of Great Dao into his Sumeru Pouch and then put the Sumeru Pouch and the Floating Dreams Pagoda away.

"The mountain is about to collapse. The spirit design and barrier are gone?" Ming Long was also completely stunned.

She had guessed this because the soil and debris from outside were flying in now, and Wu Yu called the Demonic Flame General to approach. It entered easily, and Wu Yu returned it back to the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Ming Long was first to react, and she quickly instructed, "To another mountain! Hurry to the passage!" 

Wu Yu could see that the entire mountain was collapsing, crumbling from top to bottom. The entire crumbling process included the palaces and the immortal medicine gardens. Watching the precious immortal essences swallowed up by the rock and dirt frustrated Wu Yu to no end!

"My immortal essences!" Ming Long was on the verge of tears. It was only one tree. Did everything have to go?!

From the looks of it, the immortal essences were no longer accessible. The collapse was very thorough.

Right now, the only chance was to go to the other three mountains. Ming Long's reminder galvanized Wu Yu into action.

However, not only did the mountain collapse, but the web of lightning above was also transforming rapidly. It began to collapse with the mountain and started to press downwards. It basically collapsed with the mountain. He did not know where the passage had gone!

The purple lightning was fatal. Seeing it come crashing down, Wu Yu could not help but run downwards!

"The road's cut off! It's all your fault! Who asked you to pluck the tree when things were going well!?" Ming Long had given up. All the treasures within reach had now gone. She was spitting fire from her eyes.

But it had been her who had told Wu Yu to do it....

Wu Yu continued to flee downwards rapidly, to escape the lightning that was bearing down from above.

And during this time, he suddenly saw....

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