Chapter 0646: Pregnant Tree of Great Dao

It seemed to be referring to an entire race.

Born unyielding, and to live for destruction. When the rules and systems were all in control of the mighty, and the people were struggling to get by, that was the time for these people to surface.

To destroy these thugs, and to build a new era. But not to have dominion over a new era, but instead to fade back into the shadows after succeeding, and vanishing.

Perhaps that was his meaning.

Perhaps that was his dao.

Of course, it would not be so simple. The key still lay in the word “destroyer.”

It resonated within him. A sound that rang on beside his ear, ceaselessly.

Wu Yu entered a magical trance where he was absorbing the dao that he had just gained! He believed that even if he could not comprehend what was happening now, he knew that this was a precious time.

On the road he had walked so far, although he had differed from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's own path, they were similar. Wu Yu had his own variances in the details.

The sound in his heart came on wave after wave, influencing his world of dao.

In truth, Wu Yu did not know that one could not improve someone else's cultivation level. Even within the Jambu Realm, the strongest could not cause someone to improve. It did not even matter how similar your daos were.

But the light silhouette of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal could!

Hearing such arcane words, his improvement was huge, even with his limited comprehension of them. Actually, Wu Yu was not being led by the hand. Rather, the guidance caused him to recall his own situation, as well as the scene where he had walked up to the platform, heedless of the threats.

That was a thorough and fundamental resistance. A rebellion.

To Wu Yu, the eight on the Immortals’ Viewing Platform were considered a ruling power. Therefore, when he made the connection between them and the Great Sage's words, a miraculous reaction suddenly happened. Suddenly, he could fully understand any sound that he heard!

"Destroyer of Dao, unbending and unyielding! Even if he is killed, he reincarnates!

"No remorse, no quarter. And no one to fear in this world!

"Not the heavenly Buddha himself, not the entire universe - no one can stop my will for freedom!"

Finally, Wu Yu heard “freedom.”

The word caused his entire body to shake and his scalp to go numb.

Suddenly, he had a revelation that freedom was the most difficult frontier! But it was the ultimate goal!

Stopped by nothing and nobody!

All that the figure of light said was uncannily similar to his experiences.

It was perfect timing that Wu Yu had made a great choice right before this, and his unerring climb forward had allowed him to challenge and understand these voices.

Even though these voices sounded mechanical, they were still the best conduit to get through to him.

At this moment, he was on the path of dao, being brought along by somebody. They were dragging Wu Yu ahead at terrifying speed!

The dao in his heart flew forth like a knife shearing bamboo. It clarified his whole world.

And his inner resolve towards everything grew even stronger!

Cultivation could change one's state of mind. Although he had repressed himself for a long time before, now he had rebounded with his biggest breakthrough.

Smooth and easy methods were not Wu Yu's cup of tea.

What he wanted was to surge straight onwards, blazing forth.

Once he broke through the obstacles within himself that were holding him back, he was unstoppable, just like now!

A long time had passed since the voice inside him had subsided, but he still could not regain his composure.

Finally, with a thunderous roar, he caused the sky of lightning to ripple!

Wu Yu did not know how many breakthroughs he had made in his cultivation level.

However, this was definitely the fastest improvement he had ever undergone. When he opened his eyes, they were filled with a fearsome composure and resolution. This resolution was for his own will and dao, a resolution that no one could ever change.

The biggest fear that most people had was definitely the strength of their will.

A strong will formed the basis for strength. I would hold one's dao in the heart and make it impenetrable.

According to Ming Long, about seven or eight days had passed.

According to Wu Yu, he felt like only a couple of hours had passed.

"So it has been that long."

The figure of light had already completely vanished.

When he opened his eyes anew, the world was a different place.

A refining of his cultivation level.

"If I only had enough Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills, I could probably advance a cultivation level or two," Wu Yu said.

"That much?" Ming Long was shocked.

However, Wu Yu frowned. "Ming Long, why would I meet him here?"

"More accurately, what he left behind... some mark. Perhaps it was someone else, although it was definitely an immortal."

"Why here?"

Ming Long rolled her eyes. "How would I know? Regarding the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, I know as much as you do. Right now, I'm still grouchy. Why didn't I meet such a thing back then? Why do I feel like you are luckier than I am? Why was I cut down, but you're still whole and kicking?"

She did seem very resentful.

Wu Yu smiled. "The answer is easily available. The Great Sage and I are great men, but you are a smelly wench. It's a gender thing."

Hearing this, Ming Long's eyes turned white with anger. "You damned Wu Yu, you've got some balls. Come and fight me if you dare. Do you think that Old Mother here won’t tear your limbs apart?" she spat at Wu Yu.

"I believe it, haha...." Right now, Ming Long did not even have a body, so Wu Yu was naturally not afraid of her.

Besides the figure of light from the constellation, Wu Yu did not see anything else. His clones roamed the land and came up blank as well.

Therefore, he prepared to return.

At least he could go and see the other three peaks.

He spent a few days getting back through the channel, and was soon back at the intersection.

Actually, he could already smell the scent of immortal essences in this channel.

One of the peaks was probably the place where immortal essences were kept. The scent was strongest in the passage leading there.

"I'll go there first to take a look."

He again released his clones to take a look. Since the previous peak had been safe, the place he was currently going to should also be free of danger.

After coming to this intersection, going back to the peaks was much faster. Before long, Wu Yu and the many clones had rushed through the lightning channel towards the peak chock full with the smell of immortal essence.

Wu Yu very quickly realized the difference between this peak and the other.

Before, the dao technique scrolls had been closeted in the palace.

But immortal essences naturally grew on the ground and on trees.

Therefore, there were relatively fewer palaces here, perhaps just 200 or so. He could also see that the things inside were jade bottles.

"What is in the jade bottles?"

"Immortal essence seeds," Ming Long answered off-handedly.

These seeds were grown in places potent with spiritual qi, and would probably grow into remarkable immortal essences.

Of course, he also could not enter these palaces!

However, the focus of this peak was not in the palaces, but instead the immortal medicine gardens. All kinds of immortal essences were growing near the top of this peak, where the spiritual qi was richest. 

There must have been a few hundred immortal medicine gardens on this mountain. After Wu Yu's clones separated, they each stood near an immortal medicine garden. Basically all of them were before his eyes.

For now, he had yet to ascertain if he could pluck these immortal essences.

But just looking at them was moving. Because within these few hundred immortal medicine gardens, tens of thousands of immortal essences grew!

Each immortal medicine garden was brimming with immortal essences.

Over the numerous years, no one had come to pluck them.

Perhaps the people who had originally been here had all suddenly disappeared, which was why the dao technique scrolls were still around, as were the immortal essences.

Besides, they were flourishing.

They were not just immortal essences. Virtually all of them had seven or eight spiritual marks! Six spiritual mark immortal essences were rare!

Even within the Yan Huang Ancient Region, any single power would probably be delirious with greed at the sight of tens of thousands of immortal essences.

Even if they were used to refine immortal medicines, these immortal essences could create copious amounts of high-quality immortal medicines.

Some immortal essences could be used directly.

There were just too many. They confounded the eye. Wu Yu could see the spiritual marks on many of the immortal essences, although he could not say what they were called. Perhaps these immortal essences were already extinct in the Jambu Realm.

There were few who could still call them by name.

"This is the Flower of Concealed Shadows, this one is Marshy Mistgrass, and this is Assassin's Aroma...."

There were so many valuable immortal essences that one could even detect their smell from the foot of this huge mountain of lightning.

Right now, he simply wanted to know if he could pluck these immortal essences.

If he could, then he would have made it big. He could even have wealth to conquer nations!

Immortal essences with eight spiritual marks were considered rare in the Jambu Realm, and numbered in the thousands.

But Wu Yu's heart was calm. Because he knew that it was impossible to gain such priceless treasures easily. Even the Floating Dreams Pagoda and the 10,000 Dragons Staff had come at the cost of great time and effort, as well as a risk to his life.

He moved a clone towards the immortal medicine garden. The clone moved cautiously towards the fence surrounding the immortal medicine garden. He extended a hand to see if it could pass.

As expected, his hand hit a barrier at the fence.

A ripple.

A dome-shaped barrier had sealed off the entire immortal medicine garden.

He believed that the other half of the sphere was below ground, basically a spherical barrier that encapsulated the whole of the immortal medicine garden.

Besides, this was the same barrier as the one around the Immortals’ Viewing Platform.

"As expected...." Wu Yu readily accepted this development - he had basically been expecting it, and had not held high expectations.

He made all his clones test it and found that all the immortal medicine gardens were protected by the same barrier. One could neither enter nor exit them.

At least one could enter the Immortals’ Viewing Platform.

It would not be easy to obtain these things.

Wu Yu was in no hurry to leave. He had come to the middle of the mountain, where there was a single tree with an immortal essence with nine spiritual marks.

This immortal essence had its own garden.

It was a huge tree that stood at the summit of this mountain, from which Wu Yu had come down from.

He was about to go explore the other two mountains, but this nine spiritual mark immortal essence halted Wu Yu in his tracks.

Its name was: Pregnant Tree of Great Dao.

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