Chapter 0645: Dao Destroyer

A single mountain with over a thousand palaces, countless dao techniques arrayed everywhere. Despite all the time he had wasted, he had received nothing.

He had also spent quite the effort to get here. Originally flush with excitement and anticipation, he was now left in the doldrums.

At this point, one of his clones discovered something strange. Wu Yu no longer thought much as he approached the location while recalling his clones.

This strange thing was at the highest point of this mountain. It was also the tallest spot in the entirety of this gigantic mountain of lightning.

Wu Yu was currently standing there with numerous lightning bolts weaving above his head.

What was strange was that at the very core of this lightning web was a hole approximately one zhang wide.[1]

Of course, this was not something that one could escape through. It was a channel for the lightning to pass through. The channel seemed to be winding like a snake, with the destination completely unknown.

If the entire mountain was akin to someone's head, then this lightning channel was akin to a braid attached to the head, pointing towards the sky.

There was nothing to be gained on the mountain, but such a weird passage had appeared. Wu Yu naturally approached it with curiosity.

However, in order to mitigate the risk, he dispatched a clone to fly in before maneuvering it through the narrow channel towards even higher heavens. 

After moving through the winding channel for several hundred zhang, despite not possessing the Eyes of Fire and Gold like the main body, he could still see through the gaps of the lightning weave. He was currently on top of the mountain of lightning and peering down. The Immortals’ Viewing Platform seemed even tinier than before. 

Naturally, Princess You Xue and the rest could not be spotted.

There were seven mountain peaks that protruded out of the ground like sharp swords, with four palaces on four of them.

Wu Yu's clone was able to see that there were three other similar channels directed towards the sky on each of the other peaks, in the same direction where his clone was going.

"It is said that the Clear Sky of Shushan at its highest peak is able to spot the immortal palaces. Could these lightning channels be able to lead one to the heavens?" Wu Yu's main body had now personally entered, with his clone leading the way.

He could now activate his Taigu Immortal Talisman and was no longer as concerned about his safety.

Upwards and onwards.

With his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he could clearly see that above this mountain of lightning was a thick layer of purple clouds. Within this cloud layer could be found even more lightning that spluttered. It almost looked like a strange creature. 

The four channels were stabbed right into this cloud layer.

Wu Yu's clone ascended and entered the clouds first. After entering the layer, the walls of lightning protected Wu Yu from external lightning influences. However, at the same time, that thick layer of purple clouds obscured his sight.

It was like he was inside an explosive tempest of lightning.

He slowly wandered, and not long after entering the clouds, he noticed a crossroads! 

"Just what path should you take?" Ming Long said with a hint of bleakness.

This crossroad possessed four paths.

Quickly, Wu Yu inspected each path before saying, "It isn't a crossroad. It's the location where the four lightning channels congregate. All of these paths head downwards. This means that they come from the three peaks we saw. Clearly, the only way is up. Or so it seems." Wu Yu had always been moving upwards. At this point, it was obvious that he had to ascend even further to proceed.

"That is to say, if we follow the other paths, we can reach the other mountains, yes?" Ming Long said excitedly.

"It should be as such." The mountain which Wu Yu came from was filled with dao techniques and scrolls. The other mountains should be different. One ought to be riddled with immortal essences.

There was no way to obtain those dao techniques, and perhaps it would be the same in the other mountains.

However, this currently did not pique Wu Yu's attention. There was still a path upwards. This was definitely intentional, considering that the four lightning channels led here. 

Above this location was yet another channel. It would undoubtedly lead to an uncommon place!

Wu Yu immediately shot upwards.

He had immersed himself into the thick cloud layer, surrounded by the sounds of the furious thunder bolts. Following the cramped channel, it was actually protecting him from the disasters outside!

However, as he continued to ascend, he realized that there seemed to be no end!

"If I continue moving upwards, will I just reach the sky palaces?" Wu Yu mused.

"Beautiful imagination. If just flying upwards led people to the immortal sky palaces, then how many people would have become immortals by now?" Ming Long jeered as she rolled her eyes.

Of course, Wu Yu was just joking.

He continued to fly upwards, the end never in sight. He continued to increase his speed as he flew for three days and three nights!

He couldn't even tell how far he had flown. However, he was still within the purple cloud layer, surrounded by purple mist as countless lightning bolts akin to gigantic flying beasts rumbled around him. Wu Yu had even seen a bolt of lightning over 10 zhang wide! Just seeing it whizz past gave him the impression that it would shatter the skies and rupture the earth if it landed.

"This channel seems to have no end. Why don’t we head back and explore the other three mountains and their palaces? Let's not waste anymore time." Ming Long sighed.

She too was impatient.

But Wu Yu was unaffected - he persisted.

Finally after five days, the thick, purple clouds seemed to have dispersed slightly.

The sight before him was pleasant to see.

The lightning channel was also at an end. Wu Yu immediately rushed out of it.

He had arrived in an unbelievable location.

When he raised his head, he saw the starry sky. These stars were in places unbelievably far as they radiated with brilliance. A river of stars arced across the sky, and every drop of river water was an incandescent stellar object.

Below his feet was an expansive cloud sea. Of course, this was not the same as the cloud sea where the Floating Dreams Pagoda was found. It was one crackling with innumerable bolts of lightning and dyed a deep purple. The lightning was like countless spirits, shining, shimmering, and splendidly swimming through the clouds.

Directly below Wu Yu was a thunder vortex. Although its rotational speed was not quick, the core of it was where Wu Yu had just flown out from. It was the channel that arose from the four mountains.

In this new location, there seemed to be no end in sight, both up and down.

The only way out was to go back the way he came, through the channel, as it was impossible to break through the lightning sea.

However, this sight was truly magnificent, something truly breathtaking to behold.

Wu Yu stood there, dazed, just admiring the sights. Just where should he go? 

He knew that he could not travel too far from the vortex, lest he lose his way and never escape.

With how broad and vast this place was, it would be easy to get lost.

He used some of his clones to spread out and search. He would first see what possible rewards he could find.

At this point, a sudden transformation occurred!

There seemed to be someone beckoning him deep within the world. 

After arriving at the Taigu Immortal Path, he had often seen many wondrous miracles. Wu Yu was already used to seeing uncommon occurrences.

However, this current encounter had far surpassed his imagination. It was out of Ming Long's expectations as well.

Hearing the call, he raised his head. He could see that high in the sky, amidst the faraway, starry river, there flashed a point of light. It was golden in color and incomparably far. Yet it descended right in front of Wu Yu's eyes in a blink, traversing the vast cosmos instantly. 

When it appeared in front of Wu Yu, it was clear that it was no longer just a point of light.

It was a golden light silhouette.

This silhouette gradually took form in front of Wu Yu.

It eventually took the form of the Unparalleled Monkey King which Wu Yu would often see while Visualizing the Inner Ape.

It was exactly the same.

Its armor, boots, cape, and body of golden monkey hair formed an imposing presence in front of him. 

The only thing that was missing was the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

Wu Yu was lost in thought. Just how could he appear in this place!?

Could it be that the Taigu Immortal Path was a place with immortals?

Upon seeing him, his mind was in disarray and he completely blanked out.

"Great.... Great Sage...." He could barely even utter a proper sentence.

The silhouette was completely expressionless.

"The two worlds have predestined fate. Heaven and earth have been turned upside down. Ghosts and demons are out for blood. Just who will guard the immortal domain?" That silhouette spelled out these words as he stared at Wu Yu. He looked as though he was focused on Wu Yu but at the same time not. Perhaps it wasn't really alive.

Wu Yu remembered what he had said. Just what did he mean? Two worlds have predestined fate? What were these two worlds?  What did the heavens and earth overturning mean? Where was the immortal domain?

Were the sky palaces the immortal domain?! Was he saying that the sky palaces were facing certain doom?

It would be hard to understand anything with so little time to ponder.

"Are you the one? Or will it be the next one? Or perhaps the one after?" At this point, Wu Yu could feel that the light silhouette was looking at him.

However, in a flash, the light silhouette charged towards him, directly colliding with Wu Yu's body. Immediately, Wu Yu could feel the Ruyi Jingu Bang's existence. He could also feel that the light had directly entered it!

"The dao. It is mysterious." After which, these words resounded by Wu Yu's ears. Perhaps they were coming from within him, but he thought they were coming from elsewhere.

Suddenly, he spotted a completely gold ape, radiating light entering his very spirit.

"In front of my dao, everything will be shattered! Regardless of whether it is heaven or hell! Regardless of the sky palaces above or the palaces from hell below! Regardless of heavenly edicts or death sentences! Everything that cannot be broken will, in the face of my dao, submit and break!

"They will be destroyed and then rebuilt in my name! Even if it's my own dao! I am the destroyer of dao!

"However, after destroying the dao, I have become free and unfettered!" Wu Yu could not fully understand what he was hearing. However, he personally felt the emotions of that silhouette. That monologue. Every single word incited passion and excitement within. It was as though even his own dao had taken a leap forward.

1. 1 zhang=3.58 meters or 11 feet 9 inches

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