Chapter 0644: Palaces of Dao Techniques

Wu Yu continued upwards with steady steps. No matter what sorts of threats or abuse rang out from behind him, he did not even turn back once.

The eight of them naturally said some ugly things. They either threatened the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, or spoke of their damned ghostly cultivator methods, which would make Wu Yu regret ever coming to this world.

Oh yes, they had the ability.

Each one of them was an esteemed expert in their own right. With all kinds of stupendous might backing them.

That was why they dared to be haughty.

But Wu Yu was sick and tired of such words. He had been forced to his limit, and there was no turning back now. Therefore, he was no longer angry or worried.

At most, he would die! He would fight till the end!

No matter how many backers they had! No matter their titles!

As he continued to ascend without turning back or speaking, all he held onto were his resolute steps and gaze, and his heart attuned to his dao. An unyielding state of mind!

Each step was an evolution of Wu Yu's dao!

Ming Long said, "Silly thing, there are some things you just have to endure in life. I counseled you to hold it in before, but now that things have developed to this stage, they have shown you no mercy. All you can do is be even more cruel and savage. That's the only hope of escaping this crisis."

"I know. As long as they are stuck here, as long as they cannot leave the Immortals' Viewing Platform, then one day I will be able to deal with them. Even if they can leave, even if they have so many threats, the road is long, and victory is not set in stone...."

Wu Yu spoke each word with clarity and resolution.

Right now, he was not the equal of any of them.

They were perhaps the most elite talents of the entire Jambu Realm. It was already not easy for Wu Yu to come this far.

But still, he wanted to fight them!

On what basis did they disqualify him from possessing an advanced dao treasure?

On what basis did they decide that they should rightfully have it?

In the end, it came down to strength.

"In this world, with enough strength, there is no issue that cannot be solved!"

That was why his climbing pace increased. The insults and threats were left behind him. No matter how much Princess You Xue and the others threatened him, the Immortals' Viewing Platform was only the size of a chicken egg from Wu Yu's current position.

Perhaps there was still a long road to walk on the Taigu Immortal Path. Wu Yu had already come to the foot of a palace and had cast them to the back of his mind.

The white jade platform reached out towards the peak. As the first peak appeared, the platform disappeared.

Wu Yu walked into the palace, which stood under the umbrella of dense, purple lightning.

The palaces before him were intricately designed and luxurious to the extreme. Rows upon rows of ancient architecture stood under the illumination of the lightning in the sky. There was an air of wonder and mystery to it.

Wu Yu was naturally curious as to why there were so many palaces and why there were so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents guarding the mountain of lightning. What secrets did it hold?

He walked towards the first palace.

The aged yet glittering, golden bricks, the pillars carved with complex patterns, the pale purple glass - these formed the austere palace, and Wu Yu walked towards the great doors of the sealed palace. It was a huge door of burnished gold, and it looked very solid.

"Will I be unable to go in?!"

Seeing this door, Wu Yu was a little dejected. The moment he had entered the Taigu Immortal Path, he had seen shut door after shut door. Wu Yu had spent so much time and effort, and had only been able to get into the little door within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

He employed all his strength techniques and used his strength to push the door. He realized that the door was alarmingly heavy. It was not naturally heavy - this golden door was from ancient times and still had an active spirit design!

This was the strength of the spirit design, which limited Wu Yu to only be able to barely budge it. Right now, he could only open a crack that was not even a finger's width wide. He was completely unable to enter.

He turned a full circle. This palace did not even have a window!

Besides the great door, it was all sealed!

"If that's the case, I can only try breaking it!"

He pulled out the 10,000 Dragons Staff and used all his strength techniques. He picked a likely spot on the door that might be the weakest and struck with all his strength.

Bang, bang, bang!

The din was enormous, but such a violent attack had not even been able to open the bronze doors in the tomb, let alone this palace. Wu Yu was helpless.

"Never mind. There are thousands of palaces on this mountain peak, right? I'm sure one of them can be opened."

He still had an optimistic attitude. He did not leave in a hurry. Instead, he peeked inside through the crack.

After all, those below were trapped at the Immortals' Viewing Platform, afraid to rush the snakes and unable to leave. Wu Yu had time and opportunity.

He used the Eyes of Fire and Gold and squinted through the gap of the palace door. He could indeed see something. Firstly, he saw that the palace was rather dim and that there seemed to be candles burning on the walls. They were not many in number, and they seemed to be white!

Seeing these candles, Wu Yu immediately thought of the black candles. However, these candles seemed different in essence. The white candles had been burning for goodness knew how long, which showed just how marvelous these palaces were.

He took a closer look.

"What do you see? Spit it out!" Ming Long was the most curious, hopping madly.

Before Wu Yu had spoken, she suddenly laughed. "I know. Many bookshelves and scrolls. Am I right?"

Wu Yu started. That was indeed what he had seen. Many scrolls displayed on what seemed like shelves.

"How did you know that?"

Ming Long pursed her lips and stuck out a little finger and pointed. Far away, on a patch of open land, there was a signboard stuck into the ground. It was slanted sideways. The signboard was black and trimmed with gold. There were four golden words emblazoned in the middle.

Great Nature of Dao

"Great Nature of Dao?"

Wu Yu quickly came to stand before this signboard. It had been around for a long time, yet the signboard seemed to be made of wood. Wu Yu gave it a few test pinches, but he could not do anything to it.

"Great Nature of Dao. What does that mean? And what does that have to do with you knowing that there are scrolls inside?" Wu Yu asked curiously.

He circled the signboard. Besides the unique material of the signboard, he could not see anything else special about it. It seemed to have landed here from some higher place.

Ming Long shook her head pityingly. "Sigh. You've followed me for so long. Why haven't you gleaned the slightest bit of my intellect? Since you ask, then I guess I'll grudgingly tell you so that you can widen your horizons. We are below, and there are four mountain peaks above. Do you feel like you haven't discovered the slightest scent of immortal essence? As though it doesn't come from here?"

Wu Yu had forgotten about the immortal essences. But hearing her words, it was true that there was no scent of immortal essences, although they were already at the highest point.

"The immortal essences are on another mountain," Ming Long said confidently.


"Because the palaces on these four peaks must have belonged to some sect a long time ago. The four peaks naturally house different things. One might be full of immortal essences, while the one beneath your feet is probably the storehouse of dao techniques. That is why this Great Nature of Dao signboard is here."

So that was her guess. But it did make sense.

This meant that the thousand palaces here could be holding all kinds of dao techniques!

And since they were dao techniques handed down from this strange sect, they were probably all huge treasures!

No time to lose! 

Wu Yu was also worried that those below would be able to come up. Right now, he would seize the advantage to search for treasures. He immediately set off for the other palaces.

"Take the signboard too. Take everything you can take," Ming Long instructed.

Even the signboard was not spared. So she could not shrug off her miserly nature.

Wu Yu stuffed the signboard into his Sumeru Pouch. That was easily done. And then, under the sky of purple lightning, he flew towards the second peak's palaces. Here, the more he ascended, the more palaces there were. His current position was the lowest cluster of palaces.

Above, gold and jade sparkled!

He very quickly reached the second palace.

His luck was not good. The door was shut, and through the narrow gap, he could see that there were scrolls again. They looked to be well-preserved. But he did not know what level of dao technique they were.

Wu Yu still tried his violent attack, as well as trying to unravel the spirit design. A pity that neither worked. So he headed for the third palace!

They were basically all shut.

Of course, this was usual. These palaces were whole, with no signs of being broken. Therefore, it was reasonable that the spirit designs were still in place. After all, this was the Taigu Immortal Path.

Wu Yu did not give up.

He searched each palace, ascertaining what was inside and if he could enter.

This was costing him a lot of time, even though he moved with blistering speed.

Towards the end, all he saw was a blur of palaces. He opened up to his maximum speed, pushing doors, prying at windows or other cracks. He was stupidly busy. Finally, he recalled that he had clones, and that made the task easier. He immediately split his clones up, and soon they were crawling all over the mountain. Although there was a strength difference between his real body and the clones, if the clones could not open something, his real body probably could not either.

Unless there was something hidden, or the door was not even shut.

Even mobilizing all his clones, the thorough search cost Wu Yu half a day.

In this half day, most weary of all was his mood because all the treasures and precious dao techniques were just before his eyes, but he could not obtain a single one!

Just like at the grassy plain, where the advanced dao treasures had been just a step away. It was the same feeling.

He had even taken out the black candles to test them, but it was to no avail. This was not something of the land. The grassy plain and this mountain had no connection.

The thousands of palaces on the mountain peak were all preserved and in good condition. Besides the useless signboard from the start, he had yet to find a single treasure!


Wu Yu continued to search, leaving no nook or cranny unsearched. And still he found nothing. He had risked life and limb to get here and was discouraged to still be empty-handed.

"How can this be? Not a single one can be opened? They're all sealed?"

Wu Yu still did not give up, continuing to try. His clones spread out all over the mountain.

A day passed.

Still, he was unable to enter even a single palace.

But one of his clones had found a magical place.

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