Chapter 0643: You Mean, This Staff?

This black child-like thing was bewilderingly fast. It was a puppet that blazed with black flames. It was the Demonic Flame General that Wu Yu had just challenged.

He had not used the Floating Dreams Pagoda before. Right now, at the brink of death, these people started treating his life as a thing, so he was forced to use it.

Once the Floating Dreams Pagoda was revealed, there was no turning back.

Wu Yu knew that he had made a one-way decision, but not of his own volition. His hand had been forced.

Once the Demonic Flame General appeared, it did as Wu Yu had bade. As it moved, it spewed out great quantities of angry, black flames that hounded the nine.

Half of the Immortals' Viewing Platform was swallowed up by the flames.

Of course, these flames could not deal any real damage to these people. The ulterior aim was to obscure their vision and impede them slightly.

The Demonic Flame General charged emotionlessly to the nearest platform. As the Ravaging Lightning Serpents sensed something approaching, they stirred to life, starting to swim and jump, gnashing and baring their fangs as though warning Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu was currently in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Therefore, the only thing that the Demonic Flame General would do was hug the Floating Dreams Pagoda and charge through!

The charge angered the Ravaging Lightning Serpents.

Behind it, the nine were alarmed to see the Demonic Flame General cause such chaos. They clambered over each other to catch the Demonic Flame General.

However, the Demonic Flame General moved with speed and was a step ahead. It rushed into the throng of Ravaging Lightning Serpents, on top of the platform.

The Ravaging Lightning Serpents went into a frenzy. They lunged and lurched, making raspy hissing sounds. They had been waiting for this moment! The moment the Demonic Flame General reached the platform, a large quantity of Ravaging Lightning Serpents immediately burrowed into its body.

They also tried to burrow into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Naturally, they could not break that.

The Demonic Flame General was a non-living object, and was made from precious treasures. It was not flesh. Therefore, the Ravaging Lightning Serpents did not affect it as much as it did martial cultivators or demons. When the Ravaging Lightning Serpents entered the puppet in numbers, the Demonic Flame General crackled and sizzled with purple lightning, but it could continue advancing with ferocious speed.

All of this had happened very quickly.

"Don't let him escape!"

In the next instant, Princess You Xue and the others rushed into the perimeter of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents. They too used all kinds of techniques to try and snatch the Demonic Flame General.

However, attacking the Ravaging Lightning Serpents was like attacking a hornet's nest. The Ravaging Lightning Serpents had been eying them for the longest time. But because they had been held back by some law, they could not attack them. But now that they had been attacked, the Ravaging Lightning Serpents joyfully turned, abandoning the Demonic Flame General to turn towards the nine, preventing them from entering. The entire swarm came rushing towards the Immortals' Viewing Platform, reaching more than 10 zhang into the platform!

The Ravaging Lightning Serpents were immune to a large variety of attacks. Even for the likes of Princess You Xue and the others, they could only give up their chase and evade the horde of Ravaging Lightning Serpents!

They had thought that the Ravaging Lightning Serpents would swarm the Immortals' Viewing Platform and kill them. If that were the case, they would not be able to leave, and they would all die here!

They were rooted in fear, running desperately and no longer daring to chase the Demonic Flame General.

However, the Ravaging Lightning Serpents did not stray too far away from the platforms, which made them breathe a sigh of relief. They went perhaps a dozen zhang away, but then they had to return with speed to block the entrance to the platform, as though heeding some law.

The nine of them were therefore saved. However, the encounter had made a chill run down their spines.

"Wu Yu!" They were panicking now. As they looked out towards the platform, they were shocked to see that a majority of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents were still blocking the entrance against them, although a minority were channeling their way into the Demonic Flame General's body.

The Demonic Flame General strode forward more than 10 steps and was finally reduced to ash by the lightning serpents.

In the last moment, the Demonic Flame General hurled the Floating Dreams Pagoda upwards with all its strength, clearing another few dozen steps. The Floating Dreams Pagoda was now far away from Princess You Xue and the others.

The Ravaging Lightning Serpents could do nothing against the Floating Dreams Pagoda, which was not even a living thing anyway. Therefore, a majority of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents returned to the entrance, leaving the Floating Dreams Pagoda alone on the high ground.

However, the nine on the Immortals' Viewing Platform could clearly see that the fragments of the Demonic Flame General all flew back into the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Although it had sustained severe damage, this did not affect the Floating Dreams Pagoda's ability to recall every last piece.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was separated from the nine by a teeming mass of violent, reckless lightning serpents. They stared balefully at the flesh and blood people. Princess You Xue and the others could do nothing!

They stared wide-eyed at the Floating Dreams Pagoda!

The Little Duke gritted his teeth. "Wu Yu! He must have also obtained other things besides the advanced dao treasure! For example, that pagoda. It's definitely the little pagoda that appeared in the sea of clouds. How did that thing end up in his hands!?"

Looking at the little, white pagoda, he naturally knew that it was something remarkable.

"You don't even know when he got his hands on that pagoda treasure? Wasn't he following you before, Little Duke? A poor showing from you. So many precious treasures dangling before you, and you couldn't sense a thing?" At this time, Prince Feng still had the heart to taunt others.

Princess You Xue frowned. In a frigid tone, she said, "Perhaps he has two advanced dao treasures. But right now, he's in that little pagoda, and separated from us by the Ravaging Lightning Serpents...."

This meant that they could do nothing, no matter how many dao treasures he had!

The clump of Ravaging Lightning Serpents was too savage, and they were not confident enough to tackle it.

"Who was it that first suggested killing him? If we hadn't tried killing him, he would not have used that treasure to escape!"

"How would I know, keke...."

They started to push the blame around.

Wang Zhixun was stunned as well. He could only see his chance at a Taigu Immortal Talisman fly away.

As for the battle between the eight of them, that seemed meaningless now.

Just as they were nursing their resentment and confused thoughts while fuming, the Floating Dreams Pagoda shook and Wu Yu appeared on top of it. This was still considered the bottom half of the stage.

It was already a considerable feat that the Demonic Flame General had managed to get him this far.

After he appeared, the lightning serpents still guarded the entrance. They did not continue chasing upwards.

Wu Yu had originally decided to play a fighting retreat against the Ravaging Lightning Serpents. If they came, he would hide inside. Once they retreated, he would take the Floating Dreams Pagoda and go.

However, since the Ravaging Lightning Serpents were not chasing, that meant that he had passed their test. Subsequently, he could continue moving upwards in peace, unmolested by the Ravaging Lightning Serpents.

This was a heavenly boon.

He had escaped the danger!

From where he was, the Immortals' Viewing Platform looked a little different. Wu Yu did not move for now. He looked down at the bunch of people tearing their hair out. They had been fighting for the chance to kill him just now.

This was no longer the Immortals' Viewing Platform. Logically, the Taigu Immortal Talisman should be effective.

Of course, Wu Yu had no need to test it. He still wanted to see what was in those palaces. He did not want to leave yet!

He had left them trapped behind, so there was no need to fear them.

Perhaps what they feared the most was Wu Yu using his Taigu Immortal Talisman at this time. The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern said, "Wu Yu, you're good, I'll give you that. Best be prudent and not go back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent in a hurry. You must know that right now, both your treasures have been exposed. Even if you go back to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, you will not be allowed to keep them. My Nine-Star Seas demon tribe will be the first to eradicate the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. You cannot hide anywhere."

"You cannot possibly escape. If you leave, all of your kin and friends are dead! In the Jambu Realm, no matter where you hide, the Devilsky Court has roots! We will find you!"

Seeing so many people threatening him, Princess You Xue tried a softer tactic. "We were wrong just now. We should not have neglected your life. We were made silly by our anger. Wu Yu, give up the pagoda and the staff to us and we will find no more trouble with you. Right now, you have the fortune to pass through. You can even search those palaces, and perhaps find even better treasures. That's my best suggestion to you. You have no need to risk life and limb for something that does not belong to you, and instead harm those you love. Isn't that right? Throw the things down and you will be a friend to all of us."

With such a warm invitation from Princess You Xue, the others were quick to agree. They were still afraid that Wu Yu would immediately return. After all, it would be easy to deal with all that Wu Yu cared about, but if Wu Yu chose to go back into the world, there would be many competitors for his treasures.

Qingwu Yunsi hastened to chime in. "That's right. We were too rash. We owe you an apology. You throw those two treasures back down and we will settle it amongst ourselves. Henceforth, we will have nothing to do with you. I will be willing to consider you a friend." 

"Wu Yu, use the Yan Huang Ancient Country Taigu Immortal Talisman and go find the Eastern Region Duke. Tell him everything and he will protect the Dong Sheng Divine Continent!" the Little Duke suddenly uttered strangely. Immediately, everyone turned to glare at the Little Duke with hateful glares and even killing intent. This scared the Little Duke back a few steps, and he was intimidated into silence.

Wu Yu had had enough of their self-important words.

At his limits, many things were no longer necessary. For example, respect or tolerance.

After the Little Duke had finished speaking, Wu Yu finally gave them a reply. He turned to Princess You Xue, the only woman. With a smile, he asked, "You said you wanted the staff?"

Seeing him relent, Princess You Xue nodded anxiously, gratified. "Yes, you know it!"

"Oh, yes." Wu Yu nodded. He extended his hand out and gave her the finger. "You mean this staff?"


Princess You Xue flushed with anger. If not for the fact that Wu Yu was behind the Ravaging Lightning Serpents, she would have killed somebody.

"All of you go to hell!"

After saying this, Wu Yu's face was somber. He stowed the Floating Dreams Pagoda away and turned to continue his way up.

The remaining people looked at each other.

They naturally did not expect that Wu Yu would dare to be discourteous to them.  

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