Chapter 0642: Back from the Brink

"Wang Zhixun, the lots for the matchups will be your job. Don't you dare play any tricks. If you try and deceive us, you know the consequences." Finally, the manner of drawing lots that Princess You Xue had come up with was one that everyone was satisfied with.

If Wang Zhixun wanted to remain here, then he would obey. He could not help but work on behalf of these eight. Who knew, perhaps they still had other Taigu Immortal Talismans on them.

Or... Actually, he looked at Wu Yu and softly asked, "Everyone, if I do this well, can I have his Taigu Immortal Talisman?"

Of the other nine present, the only Taigu Immortal Talisman he dared to snatch was Wu Yu's.

The Little Duke had been glum, and was still sulking. He knew that he did not have much chance of victory.

And he wanted to vent his anger on Wu Yu.

Responding to Wang Zhixun's question, Prince Feng smiled. "Serve us honestly and his Taigu Immortal Talisman is yours."

Hearing this, Wang Zhixun's eyes lit up. He immediately turned his full effort\ to facilitating this heated battle.

The eight before him would fight on the Immortals' Viewing Platform. These were all legendary characters. If this fight had occured in the Yan Huang Ancient Region, the uproar would have been huge!

At this time, Wang Zhixun had become the only witness. He was naturally excited and moved. At the same time, he wanted to serve his duty well and please them.

Of course, he could not please anyone in particular. He had to make it fair. The slightest hint of bias would cost him his life.

Wu Yu knew that he was in trouble, and so turned to the Little Duke. "Little Duke, are you going to give up just like that? The advanced dao treasure was initially yours, but now it seems like it won't end up in your hands." 

The Little Duke shot him a fierce glare. "Now that things have developed to this state, it's all because you and I were unlucky. And still you dare to try to lean on me to extend your life?"

Although he was not happy, and was very frustrated, he was cowed. He could not easily shake the will of the other seven. If he did not do as they said, then the seven of them could unite to kill somebody. At that time, if everyone was a partner in crime, no one would dare to speak of it. At that time, he would be dead without even a single ghost knowing about it!

They had already finished their preparations. The urgent task now was to get Wu Yu to surrender the advanced dao treasure and hand it to Wang Zhixun. And then they could have their battle.

The nine, including the frustrated yet helpless Little Duke, turned to surround Wu Yu. Each of them loomed over him as the pressure built! Especially since they were all of a high level and had resplendent Primordial Spirits, their spiritual power overflowed like a huge, eight-headed beast. Each head could already make Wu Yu find it hard to draw breath, let alone eight!

Outside, they were each apex fighters in the entire Jambu Realm. Each of their lives and legends would echo around the world.

Although they were young - not more than 50 - each would easily be the best in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, far surpassing the Yan Huang City Lord and the Taixu Sage Master.

Right now, Wu Yu had become their sole enemy.

Prince Feng's crimson eyes were cold. "Wu Yu, if I were you, I would quietly submit the advanced dao treasure now, to spare my own life. The slightest hesitation could piss us off. If you ruin our mood, then we cannot account for your life."

Princess You Xue chimed in as well. "Give up the advanced dao treasure. It is not something that you can have. You are not qualified yet. Wu Yu, admit your fate. After all, who knows what kind of place this Immortals' Viewing Platform is, and why all of us are gathered like this. This is your fate that does not allow you to have the treasure. You cannot blame us. Quickly now."

"Don't you dare think of charging towards the seven peaks. We have the platforms guarded, and there are Ravaging Lightning Serpents waiting. All your avenues of escape are sealed off. We don't have much patience. Also, I haven't even settled the matter of the Perennial Shark's death with you." The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern gave a cruel smile.

They had truly hemmed Wu Yu in from all directions.

Crucially, each of them was stronger than Wu Yu, with the exception of Wang Zhixun. Wu Yu was not their match, let alone all eight at once!

In terms of background, status, and influence, he was light years away from them.

But Wu Yu would not submit.

He too had labored long and hard in order to obtain this 10,000 Dragons Staff. And he had expended considerable energy to conquer it.

Amongst them, there were indeed four who had barred Wu Yu's way, not allowing Wu Yu towards the Ravaging Lightning Serpents.

If they detected the slightest movement from Wu Yu, they would move to intercept him with a fatal blow!

As they spoke, the eight started to draw their dao treasures, the Little Duke included. They faced Wu Yu. From their stances, they unanimously wanted Wu Yu's life!

"Lady and gentlemen, are there no grounds for negotiation? For example, don't you all want to see if this advanced dao treasure is suitable...."

Wu Yu was very seldom pressed to such desperation.

Although up till now, they had yet to act.

But from their movements, their expressions, their words, and those deeply threatening glances, they completely regarded Wu Yu as prey, and would not mind incapacitating him!

He hated every single one of them here! For example, the Little Duke and Princess You Xue. They were not exceptions. Although they had tried to win Wu Yu over before, in truth, they were even more selfish and greedy than anyone else when it came to their benefits!

For example, Princess You Xue. This fair fight system was her proposal!

Forget respect. In this matter, she had completely disregarded Wu Yu!

Of course, this was the reality. In terms of ability, Wu Yu was desperately chasing them. But in terms of background and influence, this was something that he could not catch up with in his lifetime!

This was a matter of one's forebearers!

Perhaps Wu Yu's dream was to forge a history of his own that would rival theirs!

But right now, he was still far away from that.

It was but a dream. He gritted his teeth as he committed all of their gazes to memory. One day, he would pay them back.

But right now, with all roads cut off, he was still racking his brains.

Even Ming Long said, "Don't be hard-headed now. Give them the advanced dao treasure and let them fight it out. After all, they're all here. If they can't leave, it will eventually return to your hands. Right now, survival is primary. Don't follow my lead. Back then, I didn't know how to submit, so I lost my life in a foolish fight."

Wu Yu had also considered this. Hand the 10,000 Dragons Staff over. Let them fight over it. Wait for his chance.

But he could not bring himself to do it. It was his dao treasure. He had blood bonded with it, and the 10,000 dragons within had recognized Wu Yu as their owner.

How could he possibly humiliate them by abandoning them?

However, Wu Yu had actually overestimated them, and what they thought of his worth. Right now, he too was thinking about whether  he should concede a step like Ming Long had said.

But they did not give him the chance!

Wu Yu had hesitated for just a while and he had yet to answer!

Amongst the eight, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern and Prince Feng were the first to strike!

"Don't waste time! This piece of trash won't know what fear means if you don't beat it into him."

The two pulled out their dao treasures and attacked. The others followed their lead, out of patience to persuade Wu Yu. This method was much simpler. And more violent.

Right now, Wu Yu choked down his words that were about to express his agreement in giving up the advanced dao treasure. Seeing them immediately attack made him take them back.

In their place was an uncontrollable rage! A sea of anger within him!

"These people will not even give me time to consider!

"Indeed, they're high and mighty, much stronger than me. Exactly because of that, and because cultivation is plunder, they are simply plundering, as is their right!

"In that case, I will test my own savagery against theirs! Want the advanced dao treasure? No way!"

At this moment, his heart screamed his defiance.

He saw that all eight had attacked without exception. They were probably worried that someone else would take the dao treasure and not abide by the rules.

Wu Yu remembered every single indifferent and cold face.

He had not suffered such indignity in a long while now. 

But this was reality!

He did not think the same way as Ming Long. He would take a different path!

Against the eight experts' incoming deadly attacks, he had no other choice. The slightest hesitation would see him into the next world.

All these people wanted to kill him!

Perhaps they were jealous of Wu Yu's physical gifts.

They wanted to know what other secrets were hidden on Wu Yu's person.

Regardless, they had delivered a deadly blow.

In a moment of certain death, Wu Yu acted more decisively than he ever had before. His eyes flashed, committing this moment to memory. And then, from his Sumeru Pouch, he pulled something out.

Not the 10,000 Dragons Staff advanced dao treasure, but the Floating Dreams Pagoda!

Wu Yu immediately entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda when it appeared.

In the next instant, the fatal attacks all rained down on the Floating Dreams Pagoda. All kinds of dao techniques and mystiques combined - they could have killed Wu Yu 10 times over!

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Those attacks barraged the Floating Dreams Pagoda with shrill, pinging sounds. The motley of attacks resulted in chaos, and no one could clearly see if they had killed Wu Yu.

"Everyone, please save the Taigu Immortal Talisman for me!" Wang Zhixun was very frantic, watching in fascinated terror.


Everyone felt that something was off. When they backed off and the scene cleared, Wu Yu had disappeared! They were stunned. At the same time, a little white pagoda flew out from amongst their attacks, rolling a few times before landing outside of their circle!

"Where's Wu Yu!?"

"Is he dead?"

"What kind of dao treasure is that!? He seems to have gone inside!"

"Not possible. How can any ordinary dao treasure withstand the combined attacks of the eight of us? This little white pagoda is his advanced dao treasure?"

"Not so, his advanced dao treasure is a staff!" The Little Duke was astonished. He suddenly thought of something. "This is a white pagoda from the sea of clouds. He must have obtained it there!”

Everyone was surprised at this.

Just at this time, before they had recovered, a black mist suddenly billowed from the little white pagoda, forming a black puppet with wings. It picked up the Floating Dreams Pagoda and charged towards the Ravaging Lightning Serpents without hesitation!

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