Chapter 0640: A New Panic

Such was the Taigu Immortal Path.

Those places which were not designed for them to pass through had preventive spirit designs. For those at Wu Yu's level, these were absolute, and could not be passed.

For example, the inhibitor spirit design for Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in the tomb. Everyone had been suppressed by it.

This invisible spirit design at the Immortals’ Viewing Platform was the same. In fact, he did not even know where the spirit design was, but he could feel its presence. He could enter very easily, but it would be impossible to leave.

If he were stuck here, and could not proceed, then he would have to challenge the mass of Ravaging Lightning Serpents on the stage.

Of course, there was another option, which was to use the Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave.

This was exactly why Wu Yu was not anxious. He could just leave if anything happened.

"There's no Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy suppressor here, so the Taigu Immortal Talisman can be used."

The platforms on the three peaks were completely sealed, and there was no chance of scaling them.

As for the four peaks with palaces, the challenge was too great, and there was an 80% chance that Wu Yu would lose his life. He felt that there was no need to take such a risk.

"As for using the Taigu Immortal Talisman to leave, that will be the last resort, and there is no need to hurry there."

Therefore, he relaxed. After all, if it was difficult for him to gain anything, then it was the same for the others as well. He understood that the others would not dare to charge up with so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents.

Just one Ravaging Lightning Serpent burrowing into your body would complicate things a lot.

The Ravaging Lightning Serpents continued to writhe and swim, staring balefully. A scary sight.

Wu Yu waited to see if there were any developments.

He was thinking, "If others come, should I warn them that you can come in, but not go out?

"If I do, the last one remaining here might be me. They might think of other ways, while I'm the only one waiting here.

"If I do not, and they come in, then things could get tricky being trapped in a small space with them. Especially with the Little Duke's group, who are eying my advanced dao treasure.”

However, Wu Yu very quickly realized that all this thinking was not productive at all.

Because when they stood outside the Immortals’ Viewing Platform, they could not see Wu Yu, nor the Ravaging Lightning Serpents within the four platforms. Wu Yu recalled that when he had come up, he had not seen that there were so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents on the platforms.

The fastest to arrive were Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi. They had just caught up to Wu Yu when they saw the Immortals' Viewing Platform and the platform of white jade leading straight to the peaks. They had probably forgotten about Wu Yu at this point.

Before they came up, Wu Yu stood before them, saying, "Both of you are really tardy. I've been waiting for you for a long time now."

Wu Yu realized that something was not right after he spoke. They seemed to be unable to hear him. Both raised their guards and scaled the Immortals' Viewing Platform without a word.

Wu Yu could not even stop them if he tried....

After they arrived, they finally noticed Wu Yu. And at this time, both were astonished, speaking together. “Wu Yu, how did we not see you before we ascended?"

At such a close distance, they couldn’t possibly have missed him. Which was why both were confused at seeing him.

Wu Yu retreated a good distance away. Right now, all those who remained were of eminent status and profound abilities. They were not far off from Prince Le's level. Staying near them would do him no good.

"This Immortals' Viewing Platform is a place which you can enter but not leave. Just now, I spoke to the two of you when you were outside. But it's likely that you could not see or hear me."

Hearing Wu Yu say this made them panic, and they looked toward the teeming mass of Ravaging Lightning Serpents on the four platforms.


"Can't leave?"

They had just arrived, but both rushed outwards simultaneously, colliding with the barrier and causing the entire thing to ripple. Both were bounced back, landing on the floor roughly enough to tumble a few rounds. That was how strong the rebound was.

"There's indeed an invisible barrier. It should be a spirit design!"

"The only four openings are through the palace platforms. But that's too many Ravaging Lightning Serpents!" Prince Feng frowned.

Qingwu Yunsi stood up and looked around, then said mildly, "It looks like this Taigu Immortal Path doesn't want me to get any treasures. With so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents, anyone who goes up is dead. Luckily, we are trapped here, and the Ravaging Lightning Serpents don't come in. Otherwise, we'd be like fish in a net."

Prince Feng said, "Just because they're not rushing in now doesn't mean they'll always stay on the platform, right?"

Wu Yu also could not be sure that the Ravaging Lightning Serpents would not suddenly enter. If they did, then no matter who was here, they could do nothing but crush their Taigu Immortal Talismans and flee.

Of course, they might also use the opportunity to rush into the platform. At least for Wu Yu, this held a slight chance of success.

"Forget the thoughts of treasures."

The two very quickly gave up on thoughts of the palaces on the peaks. They turned as one to Wu Yu.

Evidently, they were thinking that the nearest treasure was right by their side. Which was on Wu Yu's body.

If they could obtain the advanced dao treasure, then they would not mind leaving.

Right now, there were still not many people here. Both felt that the other was their only opponent. Their plan was to first force Wu Yu to surrender the advanced dao treasure and then fight for it amongst themselves.

Unfortunately, many others soon arrived.

Princess You Xue had also noticed the Immortals' Viewing Platform and rushed in without further ado.

After arriving, she noticed the three for the first time and was alarmed.

"You all actually arrived already? How did I not see you?" Princess You Xue's eyes widened in disbelief.

No one answered her, and more arrived. It was the demon, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern. He had also thought that he had been the fastest, but after seeing so many on his arrival, he also asked, "How did I not see you all just now?"

Prince Feng gave a cold sneer. "Apparently, we can enter but not leave. Besides, no one here would warn you not to enter."

Qingwu Yunsi said, "Damn. More contenders for the treasures."

Hearing Prince Feng's words, Princess You Xue and the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern looked around them warily. Very quickly, they understood the implications of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents and the invisible barrier. Therefore, they grew dejected. And as they did, they also began to sneak more looks at Wu Yu.

In this enclosed space, with no way to access the palace, it seemed like Wu Yu's advanced dao treasure had become the only treasure that they could fight over.

However, they were worried that Wu Yu would leave immediately. The four were racking their brains as they drifted closer.

Wu Yu had long anticipated that under the circumstance where the above palaces were out of reach, he would become the new hot cake.

"Everyone, please do not make things difficult for me. The advanced dao treasure has already been given to the Little Duke. This is the truth. Threatening me right now is useless. I still want to live. How would I dare to offend the Little Duke?"

He could only use such deception. After all, the Little Duke was being harassed by Ravaging Lightning Serpents, and probably could not reach this place. Those that could were all of the highest caliber.

"Are you sure? The consequences of lying to us are grave!" the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern boomed threateningly.

Wu Yu waved his hand, saying, "There is only one advanced dao treasure, and so many want it. I had no choice. Nominally, I am a Yan Huang Ancient Country person. Of course I cannot let the benefits fall to you all."

Princess You Xue grew stern and shook her head. "Wu Yu, your behavior disappoints me.To think that I protected you before, and you did not even repay me."

Princess You Xue was naturally acting, and Wu Yu was not going to fall for her tricks. Given his situation, if he truly relied on her and went to the Dark North Kingdom, he would probably come to a bad end as well.

After he said this, Wu Yu's heart sank. He saw the Little Duke arriving. Who would have thought that this bugger was so strong. He had looked to be struggling, but he had made it here. After arriving at the Immortals' Viewing Platform, he immediately rushed forward, appearing before them.

"You all?"

The Little Duke was flabbergasted.

However, he very quickly noticed Wu Yu and immediately raged, "Wu Yu, you dare to run away? You should know the consequences of belittling me! Don't think that you can challenge me just because you have some ability. In this world of dao, what does your individual ability count for?!"

His appearance was a big headache for Wu Yu.

"The Ravaging Lightning Serpents were attacking and I was running. After I escaped the threat, I did not see you all. That was not my fault," Wu Yu replied.

At this time, the Little Duke also noticed their situation. He hurried over to Wu Yu's side and asked tersely in the face of hungry glares his way, "What is going on here?"

Before he was done speaking, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern asked, "Little Duke, Wu Yu said that the advanced dao treasure is in your hands. Is that true?"

The Little Duke's face changed. He raged, "Nonsense!" He turned around to look at Wu Yu with a hostile glare. "What do you mean by those words?"

Princess You Xue cut in. "Enough. Everyone, stop pretending. Everyone wants his advanced dao treasure. I think that we should first get the advanced dao treasure out, to stop him from escaping the Taigu Immortal Path. And then we can decide fairly."

"Fair enough." Prince Feng and the others quickly agreed.

The Little Duke said, "I object! The advanced dao treasure belongs to the Yan Huang Ancient Country! Why should it be given away!? Wu Yu, return to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with me."

He had just said those words when more people arrived. This time around, quite a few entered, and now there was a total of 10 people on the Immortals' Viewing Platform.

Besides Wu Yu, the rest were all stronger than the Little Duke.

"We can't leave after we enter?" The last to arrive was a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. He entered only to see that everyone was an expert. He was anxious to leave but was stopped by the barrier.

"Everyone wants to contest for the advanced dao treasure. I am not qualified, so I'll make a move first." He wanted to leave but could not find a way. And since he could not get anything else, he prepared to crush his Taigu Immortal Talisman and leave.

He smashed it and closed his eyes, ready to leave.

He heard a sound and then opened his eyes to see Prince Feng, Princess You Xue, and Qingwu Yunsi.

Everyone stared at him, thunderstruck.

His jaw dropped. "Did I crush a talisman by accident?"

But that was impossible. He had already prepared his contingency plan well. How could there have been a mistake?

The only possibility was that the Taigu Immortal Talisman had activated, but he could not leave.

Everyone was gripped with a new panic.

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