Chapter 0639: Immortal’s Viewing Platform

When Wu Yu was on the Clear Sky of Shushan, the highest he ever reached was just slightly above the waist of the mountain. 

The Shushan Immortal Domain at the peak of the mountain was once his dream. However, he did not get to fulfill this dream due to Nangong Wei. 

On this creepy mountain of lightning, anywhere above the waist of the mountain was foreign to him. 

With his speed, it was natural that he was leading the pack. He had already left those geniuses of the Jambu Realm in the dust. 

Turning back to catch a glimpse, he could no longer see anyone else. All he saw was some Ravaging Lightning Serpents who refused to give up and continued chasing him. 

"The higher I get, the greater the number of purple lightning bolts. Even those Ravaging Lightning Serpents are getting plentiful." 

At this point, densely packed lightning bolts filled the region above his head. The Ravaging Lightning Serpents watched balefully and were mixed within the lightning. When the opportunity arose, they would charge towards Wu Yu. 

On the ground, the lightning bolts that scampered across the rocks, earth and air were also increasing. 

Lifting his head, Wu Yu could see that he was really close to the top.  

Wu Yu had long understood that the peak of the Clear Sky of Shushan couldn't reach the immortals and sky palaces in the heavens. It was the same case for the mountain peak here. 

However, those palaces shrouded in lightning on the mountain peak were constructed from gold and jade in equal glorious splendor. Nonetheless, they felt a little like the immortal palaces in the sky. 

One could vaguely tell that those palaces seemed to be divided into four huge clusters and were distributed around the tallest four mountains in the vicinity. 

Those were also the tallest points locally. 

Where Wu Yu was, he could smell the aroma of immortal essences. The aroma filled the atmosphere and shrouded the entire peak. One could only say that there were too many immortal essences. 

"Immortal essences are growing in the palaces?" 

His curiosity grew stronger as he continued moving upwards cautiously. 

Although he had slowed down, it was impossible for others to catch him. When he looked down now, he couldn't see any figures at all. 

Previously, Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi were still pursuing him. However, they had disappeared from sight by now. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had fully remembered the threats made by them.  Regarding this matter, all he could say was that this wasn't the end. 

The more he moved up, the clearer he could see. The highest points of this huge peak weren't just the four tallest mountains. There were likely more than seven of them in total. Among which, the one in the center was the tallest and reached directly into the skies. This was probably the main peak of this huge mountain. 

Around it, there were six other sharp mountains that extended out from this giant peak. Looking from afar, it looked just like seven different swords were buried on this huge peak. 

Among which, four of these had palaces on them. The other three were bare and entirely pitch black. 

Nonetheless, the seven tallest peaks were all shrouded in the lightning web and were completely sealed off. One could only walk to the bottom of them and continue their climb upwards rather than flying to the top directly. 

After taking a glance at the four mountains with palaces, he headed to the center of these four mountains. From this location, he could choose which mountain he would like to climb. 

The peak amongst the peaks! 

It was just like seven huge lightning swords sticking out of the ground! 

Currently, he had reached the tip of the huge peak. His vision could reach beyond the densely packed lightning and vaguely identify those palaces. Although they were gold and jade in glorious splendor, numerous in number, and mostly intact, one could still see signs of age. 

They were extremely magnificent and majestic. 

At this place, the aroma of immortal essences were even stronger. If an ordinary human were to smell this dense aroma, he could even extend his longevity. 

"A mystical and unbelievable land. Definitely an uncommon sight!" 

The Taigu Immortal Path was indeed a place where they could be transported to all kinds of places. 

He advanced through the mountain rapidly and avoided numerous pursuing Ravaging Lightning Serpents. 

"With so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents, there are definitely not many people who can reach this place." 

When Wu Yu approached the top of these peaks, he used his Eyes of Fire and Gold and suddenly saw steps leading towards the top for these seven mountains. 

Among which, the four mountains with palaces had stairs that were entirely white. They were stunning and easily identifiable. There was also little lightning surrounding it. If one were to ascend these steps, they should be able to reach the palaces at the very top. 

The truth was, the surrounding lightning net was extremely low, close to touching the ground. When he arrived at this place, Wu Yu finally understood that only the steps could possibly allow one to reach those palaces. 

The steps to the four mountains with palaces started from the center point of the seven mountains. Clearly, one could choose to climb any of these four mountains from this location. 

Without further ado, Wu Yu accelerated to the center. As he approached, he spotted an elevated, white jade platform that spanned several hundred zhang on the black and barren mountain. It appeared to be a training field or platform. It was shimmering, emitted warm light, clear, and without any flaws. Above the white jade platform, there were almost no lightning bolts or Ravaging Lightning Serpents. That seemed to be the only safe place. 

The crucial thing was that the lower steps of those four mountains were connected to the north, south, east, and west of the white jade platform respectively. 

The Taigu Immortal Path was creepy but had its patterns. For example, Wu Yu had gotten his hands on the Floating Dreams Pagoda because he had broken the rules. 

Clearly, anyone who wished to explore the four clusters of palaces within the mountain of lightning would have to go through the white jade platform. There might be further trials as one proceeded up the steps. 

However, Wu Yu wasn't afraid of the Ravaging Lightning Serpents. He had not obtained several treasures for naught. In the worst case, he could just crush his Taigu Immortal Talisman and return to the divine continent. 

He had been away from home for a long time. It was especially so considering he had spent a long time within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Now, he was missing home a little.


Therefore, when he arrived at the white jade platform, he charged in without a moment of hesitation. He didn't seem to feel any resistance, so he stood on the white jade platform easily. This was like the only sacred spot on the entire mountain of lightning. There wasn't any lightning ravaging around at all.  

He flew up slightly and looked around him. The first thing he spotted was the few huge words engraved in the middle of this white jade platform. The words were "Immortals’ Viewing Platform."

It was probably the name of this white jade platform!  At this time, Wu Yu felt a pang of frustration. He had never been to the highest point of the Shushan Immortal Domain and wasn't sure about what was in that place. Shushan had various spirit designs to mask one's vision. However, he vaguely remembered hearing that there was also an Immortals’ Viewing Platform. Was that the place where the Sword Immortals of Shushan looked towards the sky palaces? 

"Immortals’ Viewing Platform... Immortals’ Viewing Platform..." 

He looked around, feeling a little lost and bottled up. Could this place really be connected to the Clear Sky of Shushan? However, this was the Taigu Immortal Path.... 

Indeed, the mysteries of the Taigu Immortal Path weren't easy to decipher." 

"There's another point. There are seven mountains here and Shushan has typically allocated seven Sword Immortal positions. I think I once heard that the Seven Immortals of Shushan each occupied one of the peaks of the mountains. Therefore, could it be that this mountain is truly identical to the Clear Sky of Shushan?" 

He only felt that this was strange. 

However, he wasn't able to decipher this mystery. Therefore, he just left these questions within his heart. 

He instantly noticed the starting points of the steps. The four directions of this Immortals’ Viewing Platform would each lead to one of the four mountains. 

The truth was, there were steps connecting to all seven mountains. It was just that the steps of the other three mountains were piled-up rocks. They looked a little dilapidated and couldn't be compared with the four sets of white jade steps. 

Those three were also barren and pitch-black, with nothing on them. 

Wu Yu wanted to climb these four mountains as quickly as he could. However, he was faced with a tough issue. Roughly 100 steps up the four sets of steps, there were huge piles of Ravaging Lightning Serpents, probably more than 1,000 in each pile. Those Ravaging Lightning Serpents were watching him balefully and their eyes seemed to be warning Wu Yu. However, they didn't charge towards him. They appeared to be just warning him against approaching them. Otherwise, they would go off on him. 

The other three sets of stairs didn't have any Ravaging Lightning Serpents. However, the mountain peaks were barren. 

"The steps are the only channel to go up. Yet there are so many Ravaging Lightning Serpents gathered ahead. Who could possibly make it through?" 

This gave Wu Yu a huge headache. 

He was clear that those who wished to challenge the Ravaging Lightning Serpents on those four sets of steps would have to pay the price with their lives. At the very least, they would risk severe injuries. 

This made him hesitate a little. The Ravaging Lightning Serpents were still really frightening. If he risked his life here and came out on the short end of the stick, it wouldn't be worth it. 

As for the other three sets of steps, although the mountain peaks looked barren, Wu Yu was starting to feel a little interested. 

"When others reach this place, they will definitely head towards these four mountains. As such, why don't I take this time to take a look at those three mountains?" 

At the thought of this, he acted immediately. He released his greatest speed and charged towards one of the sets of steps. Just as he was about to take the first step on the stairs, Wu Yu suddenly felt a sense of danger. When he got closer, it was then that he realized that although the other three sets of steps had no Ravaging Lightning Serpents, they each had a formless barrier. 

He had almost crashed into a wall! 

Luckily, he had stopped in time. 

He retrieved his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, paused before the steps, and smashed a heavy blow. Indeed, there existed an invisible barrier. 


The Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was knocked back. What Wu Yu felt was a strong repulsive force. This counterforce was sufficient to make him lose his grip over the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. Even with his mind-boggling physical body, he still felt both of his arms going numb. 

This made him realize that it was impossible for him to break this barrier. 

However, this wasn't the scariest thing. 

What was scary was that when he hit the barrier, the real scale of the barrier showed before his eyes in an instant. 

The invisible barrier was like the surface of a lake. When Wu Yu hit one spot, ripples were sent throughout the entire barrier. 

Following the ripples, Wu Yu could clearly see how wide this "surface of the lake" was.


He saw that the entire Immortals’ Viewing Platform was completely surrounded by a hemispherical barrier! 

The interior of the Immortals’s Viewing Platform was completely sealed. 

With the exception of four directions. These were the steps leading to the four mountains with palaces. Although there wasn't a barrier, those places were filled with Ravaging Lightning Serpents! 

"In other words, there's a spirit design here. The spirit design forms a barrier that only allows one to enter and not exit. Once a person enters this place, he can only charge through these Ravaging Lightning Serpents and head upwards. There are no paths of retreat!" 

Wu Yu instantly noticed the thorny issue.

However, there's no other option. With his level, it was extremely hard for him to tell that this place was a one way path before he stepped into the Immortals Viewing Platform. 

He tried it out on various directions and even used his advanced dao treasure to attack. However, the barrier formed from the spirit design was truly impregnable. No matter how much strength he used, it didn't look to weaken or loosen. 

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