Chapter 0638: Prince Feng and Qingwu Yunsi

The Ravaging Lightning Serpents lagged significantly behind the combined speed of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Swift Art.

Even though they were lightning serpents, they would also be stunned when their target suddenly shrank to the size of a human leg.

Not only small, but fast. He vanished in an instant.

Wu Yu flew towards the peak. Without the Little Duke and the others holding him back, his speed was at least tenfold.

At this speed, he would probably be the first amongst them to reach the top.

As for the Little Duke and the others, whether they could shrug off the Ravaging Lightning Serpents or if they used the chance to leave the Taigu Immortal Path - none of that concerned him anymore.

Wu Yu escaped in the chaos. If the Little Duke and the others questioned him, he would just blame it on the lightning serpents.

However, Wu Yu reckoned that this bunch did not have the charisma or ambition of Prince Le. This encounter would probably put a real fright in them.

"It's really similar to the Clear Sky of Shushan!"

After leaving them behind, Wu Yu immediately increased his speed, activating the Eyes of Fire and Gold to survey for any danger. He could proceed at a ferocious pace. Even if he whizzed past somebody, they might not be able to detect his presence.

After all, his body was too small, and even the Ravaging Lightning Serpents could not lock on to him.

However, he was still afraid that moving at such a high speed would cause him to inadvertently stumble into a spirit design and instantly lose his life. Therefore, he continued to clutch the Taigu Immortal Talisman in his hand.

After all, he had already gained more than enough here. The Floating Dreams Pagoda, the 10,000 Dragons Staff, these were top-quality. No one else had gained so much!

Along the way, besides the swirling lighting currents and dodging the lurking Ravaging Lightning Serpents, there were no other threats.

In a short time, he had reached the halfway mark. At this time, it was hard to hear any anguished cries, because he had already left everyone else far behind.

"This place looks like the Xuan Sword Domain!"

Along the way, he had noticed the resemblance between this place and the Clear Sky of Shushan. Many topographic features were indeed similar.

Of course, this was definitely not the Clear Sky of Shushan.

He continued to charge forward, his small stature weaving through the rocks and forests. He moved at an even greater speed than lightning.

"Wu Yu!"

Suddenly, someone called out to him. For someone to detect his presence at such a high speed was testament to their ability.

Actually, Wu Yu had also noticed that person as he passed, although he had not expected them to do the same.


That person was extremely fast as well. After he called out, causing Wu Yu to hesitate briefly, he was before Wu Yu in a trice.

This was a black-robed youth. Underneath the black robes was pale skin. His black hair tumbled wildly, and his eyes were tinged with a sinister red. One could feel the threat that lurked within those eyes, and a black mist even swirled around his body, ghostly qi seeping forth. His black robes moved on their own accord, without any wind. It often screeched with an unholy sound, as though numerous vengeful spirits and evil ghosts were hiding beneath.

Definitely a ghostly cultivator!

There were even scarlet markings as vibrant as flowers on his black robe. They flowed down intricately like rivulets of blood.

Anyone who could make it to this altitude was no ordinary person, and Wu Yu naturally knew who he was.

To the north of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, there was a nation ruled by ghostly cultivators, similar to the Four Islands of the East Sun, although much bigger in magnitude. Wu Yu had also once met someone from that land, called Yu Xinghai.

This nation was known as the Devilsky Court, and it was powerful, producing talented ghostly cultivators. It was hailed as an infamous living hell amongst the Yan Huang Ancient Region!

And this person was one of the leaders from the Devilsky Court. His status was roughly equivalent to Prince Le’s, and Wu Yu had heard others call him “Prince Feng.”

This Prince Feng was a talent of the highest order in the Devilsky Court. He probably had no match who was under 50 years old. He too was one of the few true opponents of Prince Le!

"Wu Yu, give me the advanced dao treasure." This Prince Feng had spotted Wu Yu immediately and reached his hand out. There was only Wu Yu and him here. Given that he was a sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator, and also had many enigmatic ghostly cultivator skills, he moved with confidence.

Truly candid and direct.

Wu Yu gave a dismissive wave. "And if I don't, then will Prince Feng also lead a huge army to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent to find me? Another threat to my family?"

Prince Feng was very frank. "I only want the advanced dao treasure, not to harm innocents. But if I have no choice, I will definitely let you see just how good ghostly cultivators are at hurting the innocent. I will definitely make you regret ever coming to this world."

A dilemma....

Before this, Wu Yu had heard Xiao Yili make the same threat, but then he had killed her.

This showed that he was particularly averse to this type of threat.

He had come from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. In order to expose the news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, he had to reveal this information. But because of that, any Tom, Dick, and Harry could fire his belly with anger by threatening them. This was his Achilles’ heel, and he would not stand for it!

This set Wu Yu's brain on fire.

"As for the advanced dao treasure - impossible. As for your threat, all I can say is that no matter what, one day I will return it all tenfold. Tenfold!"

There was no point in dallying here. The Taigu Immortal Path still continued. Right now, Wu Yu was no match for a princely sixth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. But then again, he had not been Xiao Yili's match either at the start.

Sometimes, a grudge and killing intent could be readily established in just a short exchange.

"You're picking a fight with me? With that kind of background? Behind me is the greatest ghostly cultivator kingdom - the greatest in the entire world, and you are but a scrawny mongrel out of a barren village. Don't you find it shameful to speak so ignorantly at your age? Wu Yu, although you and I are meeting face to face today, don't think that you stand on equal ground with me. Your pathetic life is 32 lifetimes away even from Yan Huang's Little Duke."

Prince Feng gave a derisive sneer.

"An advanced dao treasure is not something that you can use. Hand it over and save your own life. Otherwise, my ghostly cultivator techniques will ensure that your existence is eternal misery. I'm not exaggerating." Saying thus, Prince Feng stretched out his hand and took a step forward.

Some grudges were etched in the heart.

Today was their first meeting, and their first time speaking. But such a shaming had touched a sore nerve, and could only be eased through his death.

However, this could not shake Wu Yu's measure. He would remember all that Prince Feng had said today. All would be settled in time.

As the weaker one, anything he said now would only be laughable. It was backed by nothing but courage.

Clap, clap. Suddenly, there was applause. Someone was coming over from the right, and their sound preceded them. This sound was very dignified and elegant, genteel and civilized. They had a very soothing voice that almost made one swoon.

"And just when did the Devilsky Court become the greatest ghostly cultivator kingdom? You would have to ask my Rising Cloud Nation whether we consent."

Wu Yu very quickly spotted the speaker. He was wearing a long robe of pure white, and it was speckled with pink cherry flowers. He also had long hair that grew to his shoulders, but his hair was neat and flowed like a lustrous, black waterfall, a completely different countenance compared to Prince Feng. Looking below that, his features were also very elegant. His eyes glowed with pink light. This was rather disconcerting on a man.

Although this person was a man, his features were prettier than those of many girls. His features were even more perfect than those of many beauties!

As for the power that he radiated, it was as pure as an immortal’s, and his aura was the cleanest of immortal daos. Perhaps he could only obtain such quality from not killing a single person in his life.

If not for his retort to Prince Feng, that compared the Rising Cloud Nation to the Devilsky Court, Wu Yu would not even have known that he was a ghostly cultivator.

"Qingwu Yunsi, you finally admit you're a ghostly cultivator. Is your Rising Cloud Nation also a dark world of ghostly cultivators?" Prince Feng jeered.

The youngster called Qingwu Yunsi shook his head. "Not so. I admit that I am a ghostly cultivator, but I am a pure, orthodox ghostly cultivator. My Rising Cloud Nation cultivates the Ghostly God's Great Dao, very different from that filthy, polluted dao that you have."

Prince Feng laughed. "If you hide the darkness and savagery behind it, you can call it the Ghostly God's Great Dao? Those of the Rising Cloud Nation really like to bluster and preen and deceive themselves. In the eyes of true ghostly cultivators like myself, your lot likes to assume the moral high ground despite your cruel methods. You're even worse than martial cultivators."

The two were clearly enemies, and immediately insulted each other from the get go. From the way that they were poised, they had probably clashed many times before.

Wu Yu had not noticed this Qingwu Yunsi much before this. This person was rather low-profile, although by the looks of Prince Feng's attitude, he was his equal.

At this point, Qingwu Yunsi probably could not be bothered to quarrel more. He pointed at Wu Yu. "I want the advanced dao treasure. Are you set on fighting me for it? Wu Yu, the Rising Cloud Nation is just east of the Yan Huang Ancient Region, and closest to your Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Think carefully as to who is the bigger threat."

Another one that dismissed Wu Yu's dignity. He did not even treat him with respect.

Another high-and-mighty type.

"You dare to contest it? Qingwu Yunsi, it looks like the lesson I taught you 10 years ago was not enough!" Prince Feng cried in anger.

Qingwu Yunsi laughed. "10 years ago, you used an underhanded method to secure victory. Did you really think you had the upper hand? If you dare, fight me in an open battle."

They were occupied now, and Wu Yu felt like it was time to take his leave. Right now, he was still in the smallest state of the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. While their attention was on each other, he took off without a sound, headed for the peak.

It was only a waste of time to linger.

"Don't you dare!"

The two of them abandoned their battle and pursued him. Of course, they could not catch Wu Yu.

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