Chapter 0657: Ravaging Lightning Serpents

This mountain peak that closely resembled the Clear Sky of Shushan was completely sealed off by the purple lightning web. Standing at the waist of the mountain and looking up, the entire sky was filled with lightning serpents that were whizzing around. 

Those purple lightning serpents wiggled, exploded, and occasionally dived down and exploded on the peak of the mountain. The earth of the mountain peak was also filled with numerous lightning serpents that were slithering around. 

Those that were heading up had to use various means to protect themselves and the prevent stray bolts of lightning around them from hitting themselves. 

Each and every person, including the utmost elites, like Princess You Xue and the rest, had to be extremely careful while making their way up the mountain. Wu Yu was no exception. 

Fewer than 200 people remained, and they silently climbed the mountain from different directions. 

The wind howled and the thunder roared around them, sending chills down their spines. 

Wu Yu was following the Little Duke and the rest and wasn't facing any danger at this point. 

The Little Duke and the rest could be considered quick as they moved up. However, Wu Yu still felt like they were too slow. 

At this point, they heard several blood-curdling screams. Some came from somewhere near them, while others were far away. 

The Little Duke frowned and questioned, "Are those guys dumb? Isn't there just a little more lightning around? Why are they screaming as though they are dying?" 

He had been hit by those stray bolts of lightning as well. However, he had elite armor dao treasures and therefore could only feel some stinging pain, shivered a little, and almost passed out. Nonetheless, he did not feel that the pain was so excruciating. 

"Little Duke, there might be other dangers lurking around," a young man at the side warned solemnly. 

The Little Duke answered, "That's possible. Everyone, be careful. Other than these damned stray bolts of lightning, there might be other dangers. This is likely to be an even creepier place. Be careful." 

At the end, he took a glance at Wu Yu, who was at the back. There was no longer anyone around them. 

"Should I give it a try to snatch it?" 

After thinking about it, he gave up on the idea. He was only afraid that Wu Yu would return to his Dong Sheng Divine Continent before he got his hands on the advanced dao treasure. 

Considering the clash between Wu Yu and Lord Yansheng previously and the amazing means that Wu Yu had displayed, the Little Duke wasn't confident in overwhelming and crushing Wu Yu. 

"This guy has too many mysteries surrounding him. I'm going to bring him to my father and let him dig deeper into this. We might just be able to extract some priceless treasures from him! At that time, my standing in the eyes of my father will definitely rise substantially and go beyond that of my brothers." 

At the thought of this, the Little Duke diverted some of his attention to prevent Wu Yu from escaping this team silently. 

They were rapid in their actions, dodging left and right, going through the mountain ranges and leaving trails of afterimages as they charged towards the top of the mountain. 

Wu Yu was very vigilant. Suddenly, from the lightning web in the sky, he saw a serpent-form lightning bolt charge towards a member beside the Little Duke. It was extremely fast, and before Wu Yu could warn that person, that lightning reached them. 


What he had not expected was to see the serpent-form lightning diving into the body of that person directly. 

Wu Yu had the stinging feeling that this lightning bolt was slightly different from the stray bolts of lightning. This was his intuition. 

At this moment, that person's body, which was charging ahead moments ago, fell to the ground abruptly. The whole process was accompanied by his lung-tearing screams. 

It was as though the lightning that had charged into his body was a knife that moved frenziedly inside him. 

Sha, sha, sha! Chunks of flesh scattered. 

The blood-curdling screams of this person only lasted for a second. When he fell to the ground, his screams ended abruptly. 

Wu Yu believed ordinary lightning couldn't possibly result in this! 

The next instant, from within the body of this person, numerous lightning bolts erupted outwards. Densely-packed purple lightning shrouded the body. Over 1,000 purple lightning bolts oozed out of his body. Wu Yu had a clear view of the process. These weren't bolts of lightning, but numerous serpent-shaped lightning objects! 

They ripped their way out of that person's body and charged out. 

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

After staring at Wu Yu with what seemed like warning gazes, the snakes that emerged from the body returned to the lightning web in the sky. They were very similar to the stray bolts of lightning around them. Wu Yu was only able to tell the difference thanks to the use of his Eyes of Fire and Gold. 

Moreover, the key was that although only a single lightning serpent entered that person’s body, over 1,000 had come out. It was as though the lightning serpent was using the body to birth thousands of small serpents. 

All of this happened within the blink of an eye. 

This time, they had heard the screams from someone just next to them. 

When the crowd reacted to the situation, with the Little Duke taking the lead, they hurried to help the person up. It was then that they realized, upon contact with the person, that this body had burned into charred wood and had turned completely black. 

It was already a corpse. 

"Someone died!" 

Wu Yu was equally shocked. 

He knew clearly that if one was attacked by the lightning serpent, one should be able to leave this place if they could use the slightest bit of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. The person just needed to maintain a little consciousness and have a little time to react when struck. However, this person had been killed and burned to charred wood instantly. 

In other words, when that lightning serpent entered a body, it signaled the death of the person. If one was hit, even if one could persevere at the most critical juncture to crush and trigger the Taigu Immortal Talisman, one would likely be unable to escape death when one got out. 

Wu Yu saw with his own eyes and therefore was clear about how fast this person had died. 

"Du Chengyu!" 

The Little Duke and the rest were flabbergasted as they shouted the name of that person. However, the charred corpse beside their feet was clear proof that Du Chengyu had died. 

Wu Yu had cold sweat breaking out all over his body. This was actually an issue of luck. He had been in the vicinity moments ago. If that lightning serpent had chosen to attack him, he might have died. 

"How is this possible!? Wasn't he just struck by lightning?" 

"Wasn't that just an ordinary bolt of lightning? All those pitiful screams we heard previously were because of this? How many people have died since the beginning?" 

They were killed rather than being forced out of the Taigu Immortal Path! 

The concept was entirely different. 

Looking at the charred corpse beside their feet, even the Little Duke was scared out of his wits. It would appear they had not made preparations to face death. 

However, one thing was on point. This place was probably more frightening than the tomb. This was because the number of people that died had likely already exceeded the number that had died in the tomb. 

Many people would likely be scared out of sorts and leave the Taigu Immortal Path immediately if they saw people dying beside them. 

The number of people remaining in the Taigu Immortal Path was decreasing rapidly. 

"What was that?" Wu Yu looked around vigilantly to guard against the sudden descent of more lightning serpents. 

There were probably numerous lethal dangers at the top of the mountain. 

Ming Long commented lazily, "That seems to be a species of Spirit of the Universe that loves and manipulates catastrophic-level lightning spirit designs, using it as its host. Or perhaps it was born from the lightning spirit design. Its name is the Ravaging Lightning Serpent. A Ravaging Lightning Serpent can borrow the might of lightning spirit designs to move around without leaving any trace. Once it enters a person's body, it doesn't matter how strong one is. They will die on the spot. There aren't too many options available. One can only avoid this by moving at a higher speed than Ravaging Lightning Serpents to break away from their pursuit." 

From what Ming Long had said, Wu Yu estimated that he would likely lose his life as well if those Ravaging Lightning Serpents were to enter his body. 

This wasn't something to play around with. 

Those around the Little Duke could hear pitiful screams from other places at this moment. One of the girls said with a pale expression, "Little Duke, there are definitely lots of such lightning bolts at the top of this mountain. If Du Chengyu has died, we definitely can't avoid such a calamity. Why don't we just leave with our Taigu Immortal Talismans? The Taigu Immortal Talisman might not even be effective in a situation of danger. Our lives and deaths are no longer under our control. There is no need for us to remain here and wait for our deaths! We still have bright futures ahead of us...." 

"She's right! Many people have died in this place. I believe many others will leave immediately after seeing this. We are just trying our luck in the Taigu Immortal Path. We don't want to lose our lives in this place!" 

Every single person in the group was intimidated. Wu Yu believed that if the Little Duke gave his permission now, they would likely leave right away. At this moment, they were also observing their surroundings carefully. 

Occasionally, they would hear blood-curdling screams from a faraway place that signaled the death of another person.... 

"Wu Yu! What are your thoughts?" the Little Duke suddenly asked Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu knew what he wanted. The truth was, the Little Duke was equally intimidated, and he didn't look like one who had the guts. However, his objective was to get Wu Yu back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with him. 

Wu Yu knew what he was plotting and thus said, "Riches can only be obtained through risk! Has this level of death intimidated everyone? Numerous priceless treasures are right before our eyes and we can see them just by lifting our heads. Now that we are here, we would become the butt of jokes if we are to retreat now! Regardless, I'm not thinking of leaving; I want to head up to take a look. If everyone is afraid, you guys can leave first. At the very least, heaven won't reward treasures to those who don't even dare to take the risk!" 

The Little Duke's expression darkened. He gritted his teeth and said, "No one is allowed to leave. Just be more careful and forget about speed. It's alright to take our time while being cautious!" 

The others were frustrated and glowered at Wu Yu. However, they were still restricted by the Little Duke. Therefore, they could only steel themselves and follow the Little Duke up. 

There were several people who were like them and wished to see the treasures at the highest point. Therefore, as they progressed, they would hear pitiful screams from time to time. 

Each scream was basically announcing that another genius had died in the Taigu Immortal Path. 

Wu Yu's side had not suffered further attacks at this moment. 

However, he believed that it was impossible to avoid the attention of those Ravaging Lightning Serpents completely. Therefore, he was even more cautious than anyone else. Using his Eyes of Fire and Gold, he was paying attention to the lightning above him at all times. The truth was, when he focused entirely, he was able to see the Ravaging Lightning Serpents moving within the lightning web or waiting to strike. 

It was really hard for others to see as clearly. 

As they progressed, Wu Yu squinted and focused on the sky above his head. To his astonishment, over a dozen Ravaging Lightning Serpents were whizzing through and staring at the Little Duke and the rest balefully. 

Wu Yu had seen them clearly. However, he wouldn't let them know. He had made preparations.


Just as the group passed the area, whistling sounds came from above. The Little Duke and the rest also spotted these ravaging lightning snakes! 

"Dodge quick!" 

As the angry growls reverberated, the crowd accelerated and dodged in all directions. At this point, no one could care about the rest. Once they realized that they were slower than the approaching Ravaging Lightning Serpents, they would likely choose to leave the Taigu Immortal Path immediately. 

Wu Yu executed the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth immediately to shrunk his body to the smallest. After which, he executed the Swift Art. Not only was he able to open up the distance between himself and the Ravaging Lightning Serpents, but he also disappeared from sight instantly. The Little Duke and the rest couldn't find him anymore. 

Successful escape! 

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