Chapter 0636: Mysterious Large Mountain

Bang, bang, bang!

The explosive lightning web rushed into Lord Yansheng's body.

At this point, Lord Yansheng was bloodied from head to toe. His face was full of regret as he groaned in pain and agony.

However, the disaster did not linger. In a blink, Lord Yansheng was completely swallowed by the lightning and turned into a small, purple ball of lightning. Immediately after, the ball dissipated and burst apart. Lord Yansheng, who was within, completely vanished.

No one knew if he had used his Taigu Immortal Talisman or if he had died.

At this point, even the Towering Soul Quashing Staff had also been completely dismantled and turned into ashes.

Everyone could only watch this scene, horrified and mute.

Even Princess You Xue, who had been rushing back, was rooted on the spot at this sight.

Wu Yu himself was also frightened by the might of the lightning web.

Everyone knew that the Taigu Immortal Path was filled with scary objects. The spirit designs protecting the advanced dao treasures was one such object. Touching one would lead to one's death.

Thus, none had approached the purple lightning web. However, they never expected that merely coming into contact with it would spell utter doom.

"Did Lord Yansheng escape or die..." questioned the people who stared at each other blankly.

Wu Yu, with his Eyes of Fire and Gold, was able to see everything clearly. At the point where Lord Yansheng was engulfed by the lightning, his entire body was paralyzed. His Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was then surrounded by copious amounts of berserk lightning that caused his body to break apart. He was completely unable to react and activate his Taigu Immortal Talisman.

After which, it was too late.

During that moment of paralysis, he was unable to move and was then torn asunder. Thus, Lord Yansheng was now with the dead.

Other than Wu Yu, no one else saw this scene as he was the only one with the Eyes of Fire and Gold.

However, even if he had managed to escape, he would undoubtedly be laced with heavy injuries. Thus, everyone, including Princess You Xue and the group of demons, were hesitant and immediately moved away.

"Hehe. As I have said. How could this Wu Yu fall into such an obvious trap? His methods are numerous. How would it be so easy for the Little Duke to take away his belongings, considering how he got here without any background!" Princess You Xue's dark green eyes flashed with interest as she looked at him.

Wu Yu immediately stored his 10,000 Dragons Staff and regained his calm demeanor.

Everyone was staring at him secretly.

In their eyes, this was unbelievable. Perhaps more had finally realized that they had underestimated Wu Yu. 

"Remember. When he first arrived on the Taigu Immortal Path, he was unable to beat any Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators."

"Indeed. In just a few short months, he not only gained priceless treasures, but even managed to crush a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. This is an impossible miracle. I can bet that he has obtained other treasures in the Taigu Immortal Path."

"We have truly underestimated him. Who would have thought he would be so terrifying?" 

"Perhaps not. Perhaps such strength can only be exerted periodically." 

"Even if this could be done just a few times, that's absolutely frightening. You must remember that he is merely a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!"

"Truly. I have never heard of any Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator possessing such might in history. His physical body is almighty! He definitely possesses some sort of secret in his body. Possibly an incomparably precious treasure!" Rumors and discussions about Wu Yu erupted. Everyone still wanted to obtain the treasure in his hands. However, he was no longer the small fry that could easily be squashed.

Wu Yu immediately turned towards the Little Duke. "Little Duke, my deepest apologies. I did not expect that the might of the advanced dao treasure to be so exceptional. The lethality of the lightning web has also exceeded my expectations. I seem to have accidentally caused Lord Yansheng to leave the Taigu Immortal Path. So sorry about that..."

He guessed that no one had seen the truth of the matter and thus declared that Lord Yansheng had escaped. In truth, he had already perished.

However, Wu Yu’s original plan was just to knock the opponent flying. Who would have thought that the lightning web would be so dangerous. He had accidentally killed someone….

Everyone could see the situation clearly, and there was no way to push the blame onto him.

The Little Duke felt depressed internally. However, he waved his hand. "It is of no concern. Lord Yansheng has left and his family will take care of him. His father is also a Palace Lord. There is no need to worry. It seems that the might of an advanced dao treasure is truly mind-boggling. It allows you, in the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, to showcase such killing strength!"

At this point, his eyes reddened.

Actually, at this point, many had already suspected that Lord Yansheng had died. However, they could not confirm it. After listening to the conversation between the two, even those that had some suspicions quelled them.

Just leaving didn't mean much anyways. Everyone had to leave eventually.

The situation came to a close. 

Princess You Xue once again gave a look at Wu Yu before speaking to those around her. "It's over. Let's go."

She felt relieved. She knew that the Little Duke had not taken away the advanced dao treasure. She too had underestimated Wu Yu. He might not be strong outside, but within the Taigu Immortal Path, he was mysterious and omnipotent. Although he might not be the strongest, everyone was clear that he was not to be provoked. He was an enigma!

This was something Wu Yu had no control over. He could not cower like those other Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators when facing a strong opponent. Although patiently enduring would keep him safe, it would ruin his own dao heart. His dao was to courageously face everything. He would also fight to the bitter end. He would fight if he was challenged, and if there were trials, he would face them head-on! He was not one who hid and ran until he was stronger than the opponents.

The Invincible Vajra Body and the Great Way of Immortality Art's might was something that could not be concealed forever.

However, before that happened, he wanted to make sure that everyone knew he possessed undying resilience and perseverance.

At this point, the Little Duke could only temporarily take a step back and bring his men up the mountain to see what lay ahead.

"Everything will belong to me once I bring you back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country! Just wait for it!" The Little Duke was simmering within his heart. He had to develop a strong relationship with Wu Yu now so that he would trust him and follow him obediently to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"This is a Taigu Immortal Talisman from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Utilising it will allow you to head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. Your talents are undeserving of you remaining on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. You should demonstrate your strength for our country!" He quickly passed something that Wu Yu had been desperately searching for.

A Yan Huang Ancient Country Taigu Immortal Talisman.

Who knew who he had pilfered this from. Regardless, he had already made arrangements. Perhaps it might have belonged to someone else. Either way, he didn't take Wu Yu's own Taigu Immortal Talisman.

Even if he wanted it, Wu Yu would not have given it to him.

Wu Yu temporarily accepted the Taigu Immortal Talisman and placed it on his body. This was yet another choice. Seeing the current situation, if he had to go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country with this talisman, he would be an easy target for the Little Duke. 

"Thank you, Little Duke." Everyone then proceeded to ascend the mountain carefully. No one dared to make extraneous movements or so much as touch the lightning web.

When they arrived at a plateau near the top, the passage ended there, but they had yet to reach the palaces. However, the lightning web, which still covered every direction, still lingered. Wanting to ascend to the very peak to reach the palaces would require one to be cautious and dodge the lightning.

To fly to the top was impossible as the lightning covered everything. It completely encased the mountain’s peak. No one could fly up, and it was even harder to escape.

Everyone thus began to scatter, to find a way to dodge the lightning on the ground and make their way to the peak.

The Little Duke kept Wu Yu close to his side. The Yan Huang Ancient Country group was too large and eventually dispersed too. Furthermore, the Little Duke and Wu Yu's movements were significantly faster than the others.

The mountain was as large as the Clear Sky of Shushan, full of strange stone constructions and with lightning raging overhead. One could only lower their head carefully. However, even the earth on which they walked would occasionally arc through with a bolt of lightning, something one could not defend against. 

Wu Yu once felt the purple lightning lance past him, and it was truly terrifying. His entire foot turned numb and it took a while before he could regain movement.

Others were not as lucky and were left reeling and kneeling for half a day, trembling back onto their feet after awhile.

"This mountain looks very similar to the Clear Sky of Shushan!" Wu Yu stood above a vantage point as he looked down and realized there were numerous similarities. At least in terms of height, there weren't many differences.

He was currently only with the Little Duke and a few others. The rest were all at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm.

"Hurry up and increase your speed. The palaces within definitely contain treasures. We can't let others steal them away from us!" the Little Duke said.

Wu Yu raised his head to take a look. He could see more clearly than anyone else. The Little Duke wasn't wrong. These looked like the palaces immortals lived in. At the very least, Wu Yu could smell something. It seemed to be the fragrance released by top tier immortal essences!

"Can you guys smell that? This fragrance is thick and strong. There seems to be at least several tens of seven spiritual mark immortal essences!"

"I feel that seven spiritual marks might be underestimating it!"

"There are definitely immortal essences!" However, everyone became more cautious as a result. The Taigu Immortal Path was like such. The treasures were definitely surrounded by perilous dangers. After inspecting their own Taigu Immortal Talismans, they felt more relieved. It would be an issue if, at the point of escape, they could not find it and perished here. The Little Duke reminded them of this.

"Wu Yu, have you prepared your Taigu Immortal Talisman?" the Little Duke asked.

Wu Yu patted his chest, demonstrating he had.

"Excellent. Remember to stay safe." The Little Duke smirked.

Everyone began to quickly move.

At this point, they heard a grievous shout shake the skies. Yet, as abruptly as the shout was heard, it was silenced.

However, it was too miserable. In a moment, everyone's faces paled.

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