Chapter 0635: Sovereign Skyrending Dao Technique

This was a decision that Wu Yu was forced to make. Indeed, this was the most appropriate decision for him currently. 

He was way too weak and yet possessed a precious treasure. If he were to head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region without anyone to protect him, it would be no different from courting his own death. 

Moreover, although Prince Le had said that he had sent guys over to inform the Yan Huang Ancient Country about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, Wu Yu had no idea what the plans were. 

Now that he possessed strength that even surpassed the Imperial General and the rest, he would at least be of great help if he returned. 

The crucial thing was that he was no longer the same as when he just entered the Taigu Immortal Path. The current him was well-known and he possessed the capabilities to cross the vast seas. He had gained strength that would allow him to roam the entire Jambu Realm. 

Therefore, the path ahead of him was extremely clear to him at this moment. 

At this point, everyone was looking at the advanced dao treasure in his hands feverously. Sometimes, a weapon in one's hand is similar to one's woman. When being greedily stared at by others, one would get infuriated and disgusted. 

Moreover, Lord Yansheng spoke at this point. "One look and we can tell that this advanced dao treasure is an incredible item. I just wonder how strong it is. Wu Yu, since you have taken it out, why don't you let me experience how strong this advanced dao treasure is?" 

The truth was, they could probably tell that Wu Yu had formed a blood bond with this advanced dao treasure. Typically speaking, only Primordial Spirit Transformation cultivators were capable of forming blood bonds with advanced dao treasures. Although Wu Yu was just a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, he had strong battle prowess. Unconsciously, they saw Wu Yu as someone who was at the same cultivation level as them. 

However, they probably expected Wu Yu to have limited control over the advanced dao treasure. They were extremely sharp and could tell from a single look that Wu Yu still didn't possess the strength to gain full control over this advanced dao treasure. 

At this point, making the advanced dao treasure change its master would be the most convenient. 

Therefore, Lord Yansheng had a moment of inspiration. He wanted to find a way to snatch the advanced dao treasure in battle. As long as he could hold Wu Yu back, the Little Duke would then be able to strike rapidly to force Wu Yu out of Taigu Immortal Path. In this case, the advanced dao treasure would naturally fall into their hands. 

As for what would happen to Wu Yu after he left, they couldn't care less. Moreover, the threats from Princess You Xue and others were regarding the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and had nothing to do with them. 

The motive was clear and also unscrupulous. 

Everyone around, including Wu Yu, knew what Lord Yansheng was trying to do. However, it was hard for Wu Yu to reject. After all, he had asked to experience how strong this advanced dao treasure was. 

"Wu Yu, give it a try. I saw you being invincible in the tomb, and we are really curious about what kind of battle strength you can release with this precious advanced dao treasure!" Even the Little Duke was clapping and cheering. 

"In my view, Lord Yansheng shouldn't be a match for you. After all, you have defeated Jiang Qijun and now have an advanced dao treasure." 

"That's right! Young Master's strengths are rather equal and not as explosive as Wu Yu. Considering you have the strength to defeat Jiang Qijun and having an advanced dao treasure now, you will definitely be able to crush him." 

"Young Master is really daring. Wu Yu will definitely defeat him easily. Haha...." 

The crowd chimed in and taunted Wu Yu into fighting Lord Yansheng. Moreover, they emphasized that this would be an open sparring session. Undoubtedly, they saw Wu Yu as a fool.

The truth was that the Little Duke was still focusing on exerting pressure. He knew that Wu Yu had guessed their motives and would definitely not agree to it. What he tried to achieve was that even if Wu Yu didn't agree this time, he would agree the next time, or perhaps eventually. 

Although the advanced dao treasure was just before his eyes, he couldn't act casually, in fear that Wu Yu would leave with the advanced dao treasure and hide after returning to the divine continent. Therefore, he would only act if he had full confidence. 

As long as they fought, Wu Yu would definitely show some openings. 

"Wu Yu, you are one of us now. Don't be courteous with Lord Yansheng, and you don't have to show him face. Let him experience how strong your advanced dao treasure is!" The Little Duke stood beside Wu Yu and tried to convince him time after time. 

Sometimes, dangerous remarks could also deliver a fatal strike. 

Wu Yu could, at most, reject several times. Subsequently, both parties would likely split apart and be infuriated. The Little Duke firmly believed Wu Yu was his for the taking. 

However, he had not expected Wu Yu to agree decisively without him having to speak further. "The truth is, I haven't used it since I got it. At this point, even I am not certain of how strong this advanced dao treasure is. If I do offend you in certain ways, please don't bear a grudge on accord of the Little Duke." 

Clearly, his decisive choice left many astounded. They couldn't help but think to themselves, "Could it be that I have overestimated Wu Yu? Could he be just a fool that got lucky?" 

Lord Yansheng answered in a hurry, "Not a problem. We are just interested in letting you showcase its might. You are one of us now, t's natural that we won't bear a grudge for this." 

The opportunity had arrived and the Little Duke found this unbelievable. He gave a look and the crowd understood immediately. They retreated and left the area open for Wu Yu to fight with Lord Yansheng. 

His opponent was a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator. Although he was young, he was definitely stronger than the Imperial General and had more means than the Imperial General, the Dubhe Sword Immortal, and others. The current Wu Yu had unknowingly surpassed the Seven Immortals of Shushan and various experts of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. He would likely also be able to give the Taixu Sage Master a run for his money! 

Naturally, his cultivation level was low. Therefore, he had to use some additional means as soon as he could. 

Among the three mystiques he knew, the Unshackled Doppelganger was lacking Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. The Sun Vessel of his Eyes of Fire and Gold lacked a sun in the sky. Therefore, he could only release the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth first! 

Before the astonished looks of the crowd, Wu Yu turned into a giant in a split second. His height reached 30 zhang, making it so the crowd, including Little Duke, was no taller than his calves. The current Wu Yu resembled a demon reverting back into their true form. 

"What kind of mystique is this? It's so magical!" The Little Duke frowned slightly. Suddenly, he realized that perhaps Wu Yu wasn't as dull as he might have imagined - an ugly and short rogue who was lacking any form of capital! 

While he was pondering, Wu Yu also executed the Immortal Ape Transformation. At this point, he transformed into a golden ape with domineering and majestic vibes! If he wasn't lacking in armor, he would truly be like a doppelganger of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal! 

Even the 10,000 Dragons Staff had enlarged significantly like a huge pillar. When Wu Yu held it in his hands, the 10,000 mystical dragon engravings turned into golden dragon shadows that circled the staff. Dragon roars shook the sky. 

Such a huge commotion instantly alarmed those that were heading towards the mountain peak. For example, people like Princess You Xue turned around immediately. With just a glimpse, they understood what was happening! 

"Wu Yu, that dumbass!" 

Although they were thinking of the palaces at the top of the mountain, they had to turn around at this point and moved over rapidly. They had not expected Wu Yu to fall into the Little Duke's trap so quickly. 

On this end, facing Wu Yu, who had various strange means, Lord Yansheng appeared to be ordinary, pumped up, tough, and deep. Boundless Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy surrounded his body, and his Primordial Energy was immeasurable as well. When these two energies gathered and mixed, although he didn't have a physical body like Wu Yu’s, he still easily triumphed Wu Yu in terms of spiritual power and momentum! 

"Towering Soul Quashing Staff!" 

When he flipped his palm, a long staff appeared as well. That was a dullish-blue staff with engravings of various forms of clouds. Spirit designs were densely packed and often appeared in the image of an immortal's face. Vaguely, one could even hear singing that stir their soul. This dao treasure had 70,000 to 80,000 spirit designs, way more than the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean that Wu Yu had. However, it was still slightly inferior to the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

Wu Yu had not expected the other party to possess a similar specialty. 

It was not surprising that Lord Yansheng would notice the 10,000 Dragons Staff on the grassy plain. 

"Sovereign Skyrending Dao Technique!" 

The moment the dao treasure was unsheathed, Lord Yansheng could see Princess You Xue and the rest heading back. He knew that time was tight and therefore attacked without hesitation. 


Lord Yansheng was reinforced through his mystique. There seemed to be defensive armor wrapped tightly around his body, revealing only his face. At this juncture, he was no different from a golden fighting god that was charging ahead. When he manipulated the Towering Soul Quashing Staff, Wu Yu felt a little like he was seeing himself. 

Violent, direct. A pure clash of strength and spiritual power! 

Bang, bang, bang!

The staff swept across. Regardless of whether it was a physical or spiritual target, all of them were laid bare in front of the Towering Soul Quashing Staff. All of a sudden, a dazzling light shimmered. Space shook and everyone's attention was gathered on this staff. 

Lord Yansheng's target was none other than the 10,000 Dragons Staff. Although he appeared to be smashing towards Wu Yu, he knew Wu Yu would definitely block with his 10,000 Dragons Staff. What he wanted to do was use absolute spiritual power and his mystique to knock the 10,000 Dragons Staff away. The Little Duke was in the direction where he would exert force. Once the 10,000 Dragons Staff was knocked away, it would fall into the hands of the Little Duke the next instant. At that time, the Little Duke would grab the 10,000 Dragons Staff while he would lock Wu Yu down and kill him. It didn't matter if Wu Yu was killed or if he escaped, as long as the 10,000 Dragons Staff had fallen in their hands! 

The plan was perfect. 

And the Little Duke couldn't wait any longer. 

Princess You Xue, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, and the rest couldn't make it back in time. 

Everything happened in an instant. 

At the instant Lord Yansheng released his most explosive attack, Wu Yu growled and stepped forward. His body was heavy, and while he moved, the earth shook! 

"Violent Art!" 

The final burst of strength caused his arms to enlarge. The most terrifying power was gathered on the 10,000 Dragons Staff. 

At that juncture, 10,000 dragons roared in unison. The sky and earth shook and Wu Yu overwhelmed Lord Yansheng instantly. 

The two staffs collided heavily. 


What the crowd saw was different from what they had envisioned. Even the Little Duke was dumbfounded. This was because he didn't see the 10,000 Dragons Staff flying towards him. Instead, Lord Yansheng's Towering Soul Quashing Staff flew out abruptly and landed in the lightning net in the sky. It was surrounded by lightning instantly and stopped within the net abruptly. As for Lord Yansheng, he cried out in pain as his arms seemed to be crippled. His body also flew out from the heavy impact against Wu Yu. He was moving incredibly fast and no one managed to stop him in time. As a result, Lord Yansheng clashed into the purple lightning web directly. 

Pitter patter!

Those purple lightning bolts were unexpectedly frightening. They extended over his body instantly and caused constant explosions. To the astonishment of the crowd, they could see the armor on him explode into pieces. 

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