Chapter 0634: Change of Heart

If it wasn't for Wu Yu's advanced dao treasure being just before them, the crowd would have long shifted their attention to this huge, lightning-filled mountain. 

It was especially so for the top of the mountain. Numerous palaces were erected, and under the illumination of the purple bolts of lightning, they appeared resplendent and magnificent. It looked just like those immortal and sky palaces. 

Bolts of purple lightning whizzed passed and flickered in purple light. Each time the light illuminated the palaces, one could see their outlines. Although they couldn't see clearly, they could still vaguely sense the majesty and solemnness from those palaces, inducing them to feel a strong attraction to them. 

What everyone knew was that while they were in the Taigu Immortal Path, they would constantly be shifted into new places. Each time they arrived at a new place, it would appear that the new place would have more exhilarating experiences and items. 

It was especially so the previous time on the grassy plain and tomb. The numerous advanced dao treasures had shocked many to their cores. 

At this time, the majority of the people were clear that it would be impossible for them to snatch the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff from Wu Yu. 

Therefore, while others were distracted, they had started moving and approaching the only tunnel. 

This was the only way out amidst the net of purple lightning. 

There were too many people in this place. Even the strongest of them were not confident in suppressing the crowd and snatching the advanced dao treasure. 

Therefore, they knew in their hearts that they would have to wait for an opportunity if they wished to get the treasure off Wu Yu's hands. Obviously, an opportunity like this wouldn't happen whilst everyone was gathered around him. 

The more people there were, the lower the chances were. 

Therefore, Princess You Xue was the first to speak. "Forget it. We will not be fighting over it. It's your luck that you have gotten this advanced dao treasure. Since this advanced dao treasure has chosen you, we will accept it. However, even if we are not fighting for it, the Little Duke can forget about getting it as well. We will only be convinced if Wu Yu is the one owning it. Do you understand?" 

Obviously, if the advanced dao treasure were to land in the hands of the Little Duke, the chances of them getting it would be even slimmer. 

"Let's leave it at that. If the heavens have graced you, there's nothing we can do about it. However, if we are to learn that you gave that treasure to the Little Duke, don't blame us for not showing mercy." The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern seconded. 

Regardless, this was the conflict and competition between them. What Wu Yu had to do was remain stuck between them, leverage the strength of both parties, and induce them to hold each other off so he would be protected. 

Looking at the current circumstances, he had indeed succeeded. 

The Little Duke shrugged his shoulders and said, "Since Wu Yu got it, it's obviously his. At the very least, it is someone from our Yan Huang Ancient Country that got it. I believe he will put this advanced dao treasure to good use. Therefore, you guys don't have to worry about it. If I were you, I would rather focus on what treasures are available on the mountain peak!" 


This was a chaotic conflict. Wu Yu had managed to resolve the crisis through borrowing others’ might for the situation. 

At this point, some people entered the tunnel leading to the mountain. 

The people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country also wanted to get up as soon as possible. However, the Little Duke stopped them and said, "This place is filled with dangers and we aren't certain of them. Let them take the lead. If there's any losses, it will be them." 

As such, after others had entered the tunnel vigilantly one after another to explore, the people of the Yan Huang Ancient Country finally started moving and followed behind. 

There were still some Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm geniuses around the Little Duke. Lord Yansheng, who had spotted Wu Yu with the advanced dao treasure, was one of them. Moreover, he appeared to be on extremely good terms with the Little Duke and saw the Little Duke as his leader. 

Lord Yansheng moved to the left of Wu Yu and solemnly said, "Wu Yu, the Little Duke has saved you this time. Shouldn't you be expressing your gratitude?"  

Wu Yu smiled grimly and said, "My gratitude towards the Little Duke has been etched in my heart. If I were to simply speak about it casually, it wouldn't be as sincere. Could it be you that you would rather place higher emphasis on spoken words?" 

Lord Yansheng appeared to be dissatisfied with Wu Yu's composed looks. He probably believed that Wu Yu remaining beside the Little Duke would mean that Wu Yu was destined to be eaten up by them. 

"Tsk! It appears that you are lacking in sincerity. If I were you, I would know what's best for me. Why would you hide a treasure you can't use? Now that the Little Duke has protected your homeland and kin on top of showing you great benevolence, shouldn't you repay this gratitude?" 

Lord Yansheng scoffed. 

The other people were also staring at Wu Yu. 

"Shut up! I'm helping Wu Yu simply because he is part of our Yan Huang Ancient Country. Prince Le had also once valued him dearly. How could we let him be pushed around by others and roam without backing?" The Little Duke stopped Lord Yansheng instantly. 

However, he didn't do so at the start. Instead, he let Lord Yansheng say those words. This probably meant that he had given silent consent to it. The Little Duke was someone without much patience. Now that Wu Yu was in his team, he couldn't wait to get his hands on that advanced dao treasure. At this time, others had all moved ahead. This made it harder for him to restrain his desires, so he had allowed Lord Yansheng to pressure Wu Yu. 

It wasn't just Lord Yansheng. None of the other people from Yan Huang Ancient Country were looking friendly at this moment. 

Wu Yu knew about these subtle plots that they were thinking of very well. However, he wasn't intimidated at all. Instead, he put on a complicated expression and said, "Truth be told, I really want to hand this advanced dao treasure to the Little Duke. After all, this isn't a treasure that I can afford. However, it is just as they have spoken previously. If I were to just hand this to the Little Duke so openly, they won't let things pass. They might be infuriated and rain their fury on the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Therefore, I believe that it would be better to do so after some time." 

At the moment, it would be best if he could delay the inevitable as much as he could. 

He believed there would be a day when everyone would recognize that regardless of what he obtained, it would be within reason, and not like now, where everyone was eyeing his treasure. 

Only the weak and those without authority and background would be looked down upon so severely! 

Wu Yu naturally knew about this reasoning. He had a better feel of this than any other person. 

He remembered clearly every single person who had disregarded and oppressed him today. 

Although Wu Yu didn't say it directly, it was clear that he was rejecting his advances. That Little Duke was definitely infuriated by now. However, he still maintained a smile and claimed that it was only natural for Wu Yu to own a treasure like this when lady luck had graced him. 

"Oh yeah! Wu Yu, I'm really curious about how you broke the spirit designs to get this advanced dao treasure? Could it be that your understanding of spirit designs is deep?" the Little Duke asked. 

At the very least, Wu Yu was aware of the method. 

Now that the tomb and grassy plain were gone, Wu Yu didn't mind disclosing the method. He had to let the Little Duke know a little after all. Therefore, he pretended to be mysterious by getting closer to the Little Duke and speaking softly. "I'll only tell the Little Duke about this." 

"Alright, speak." The Little Duke was getting a little agitated. 

Wu Yu said, "When I entered the tomb with Prince Le, I took a black candle that was by the side of the gold and silver coffin. After I got out, I chanced upon the information that when the candle burns in the spirit design, the spirit design loses its effects. Therefore, I got an advanced dao treasure. The only shame was that the candle burned too quickly and was exhausted before I could find a second advanced dao treasure." 

"So that's how it was!" The Little Duke clapped his hands in agitation. He was mixed within the crowd at that time as well. It was just that Prince Le wasn't interested in him and therefore he hadn't dared to approach. However, he still had a vague impression of the candles. 

"You are really lucky! Do you still have any candles left?" asked the Little Duke. 

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "I only took one casually at that moment. Moreover, we couldn't possibly return to that grassy plain now. Therefore...." 

"That's truly a shame. If we knew of this method beforehand, those advanced dao treasures might have very well been swept away by us!" the Little Duke exclaimed in pity. Wu Yu had explained in great detail and therefore he knew this method was 100% true. 

This also suggested that there was only a single advanced dao treasure currently. Therefore, he still desired it dearly. The frustrating thing was that Wu Yu was refusing to give it to him. Moreover, Princess You Xue and the rest had even spoken to pressure him! 

Therefore, even after Wu Yu had told him the method, he still couldn't quench the restlessness and anger in his heart. 

Seeing that others were way ahead, he couldn't resist anymore. Therefore, he gave a look at Lord Yansheng. Lord Yansheng had been following him since young and they had great chemistry. From just a look, he knew what to say immediately. At this juncture, he suddenly blurted, "Wu Yu, I haven't seen an advanced dao treasure up to this point of my cultivation life. Now that we are companions, I believe you wouldn't mind retrieving the advanced dao treasure to widen our horizons.'" 

Indeed, they still couldn't resist their urges. 

In fact, Wu Yu was surprised that they had given in so rapidly. The others had just left. 

There was no way Wu Yu could reject such a request. After all, they were just taking a look. Therefore, Wu Yu was decisive as he retrieved the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff from his Sumeru Pouch. He held in his hands, made a few turns, and triggered some of its spirit designs. When the advanced dao treasure released its might, it could suppress all other dao treasures, making them tremble before it.

Everyone's eyes lit up upon seeing the 10,000 dragon engravings on it. They couldn't help but gasp and exclaim. Other than shock, they also felt internal turmoil. Every single one of them had the desire to get their hands on a treasure like this. To them, Wu Yu was just a rogue that came from a deserted and poor place. He wasn't qualified to get an item like this. Therefore, they couldn't help but feel discontent.

This was no different from an ugly and old man from a village getting a fairy-like girl as a wife, while nobles like them got ordinary girls as wives. The stark contrast in their hearts made waiting even an additional moment unbearable! 

It was especially so for the Little Duke. He had great influence within the Yan Huang Ancient Country and yet it wasn't likely he could ask for an advanced dao treasure from his father. He had desired an advanced dao treasure for a long time. Now that this treasure was in the hands of Wu Yu, who didn't have any authority, how could he possibly endure further? 

Logically speaking, as long as he could bring Wu Yu to the Yan Huang Ancient Country once they got out, Wu Yu wouldn't be able to escape from them. This advanced dao treasure would definitely belong to him. 

However, he also understood that Wu Yu wasn't dumb and would definitely not follow him back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country like this. 

The truth was, Wu Yu had made a decision by now. 

"Based on current circumstances, I can't possibly head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region with this precious treasure. I'm not sufficiently strong and can't protect it.

"In that case, I might as well return to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. I could help eliminate the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and also buy some time to protect my family and catch my breath. After all, with what I'm capable of now, crossing the vast seas alone to head to the Yan Huang Ancient Region won't be a problem." 

Therefore, when forced into a corner, his first decision might be to return home. 

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