Chapter 0632: Mountain of Lightning

As the tomb crumbled, and his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy returned, he could use his mystiques. And under the brunt of Wu Yu's full strength, the door had actually opened.

Of course, this was also because the bronze doors had already been crumbling.

After the great doors were blasted open, Wu Yu rushed in without further ado. He looked at the eight walls and saw that the quakes had shaken the golden coffin. He also saw the black candles rolling off the dais.

He did not hesitate to reach out and scoop dozens of candles into his hand. Right now, he could use his Sumeru Pouch, and Wu Yu hurriedly transferred the black candles in.

"I did it!" Wu Yu celebrated inwardly. He was delirious with joy at the prospect of bringing all these candles out and making all those advanced dao treasures his!

This was like a dream. It was incomprehensible

He had no time to celebrate. Naturally, he knew that he had to get out immediately.

The crumbling tomb made him feel an immense sense of danger.

Just as he was retreating, the golden coffin before him gave a violent shudder.

Ping, ping, ping!

It seemed like someone was beating against it from the inside. Both coffins were shaking violently.

Under such circumstances, Wu Yu hurried to get out. He used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink himself to his smallest size and then rushed outwards. Who knew where the corpse puppets were at this time. Wu Yu immediately stored the Demonic Flame General in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.


It seemed like something behind him had exploded!

As he was escaping with all his might, he turned back to see a spine-chilling scene. As expected, the lids of the coffins had burst open, and grey mist was billowing out from within again. Within the mist, he could see the grey tentacles reaching out, wriggling in all directions.


Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold swept out, and he could clearly see three people bound by the tentacles. Through the gaps in the tentacles, he could see that their bodies had already turned to gold. Their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses were all gold, including their hair and skin. All three seemed to have been cast from gold!

Wu Yu naturally recognized them!

They were Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and Baili Zhuihun!

Their faces were wooden, with no vigor or spark of life. They stared forward blankly, at Wu Yu. Their wooden gazes were so different from what they used to be. It sent a chill down one's back.

On the other side, there was someone entangled by the tentacles from the silver coffin as well. It was Qu Fengyu. Her entire body had turned silver.

Wu Yu hurriedly took his leave, sparing only a brief glance.

But in his parting look, he actually spied a tentacle above the golden coffin reaching towards him!

This frightened Wu Yu to the core. The pair of coffins in this tomb were enormous threats. Who knew what the hell was inside - Wu Yu did not want to end up with the same fate as Prince Le and the others! 

He opened his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and Swift Art to the maximum and made a mad rush outside. At least his speed was guaranteed. This tomb was not huge, so Wu Yu very quickly met the Lightning Blood General, which marked the exit.

He hurriedly stashed the Lightning Blood General in the Floating Dreams Pagoda and then rushed outside, successfully escaping the tomb!

However, he had not escaped danger. In fact, he felt that he was in an even more difficult situation! The nightmare behind him was approaching, and Wu Yu broke out in cold sweat. He wrenched himself around, and a tentacle was right there, coiling towards him!


The Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff was still in Wu Yu's hand. With a roar, he smashed it down on the tentacle, sending it flying back to the tomb with a loud ring. But Wu Yu had not injured it. It was reaching out again!

This grey tentacle was disgusting. It was riddled with blisters and holes, and there seemed to be eyes lurking within the holes.

Wu Yu turned and continued to flee at full speed. The grassy plain was vast, and he did not believe that he could not escape.

And at this moment, the tomb beneath his feet started to rumble, and even the grassy plain itself began to shake. The tomb under foot was in a state of total collapse.

Even the tombstone outside had already fallen. This tombstone had existed for the longest time, and right now it was completely reduced to powder.

After the tomb collapsed, Wu Yu fled for a long time, flying at a slightly higher altitude. He saw that the tentacles seemed to have disappeared, and that he was safe.

"That ghastly thing just now. It gave me a serious scare." Wu Yu still gripped the 10,000 Dragons Staff tightly. He rubbed his chest, face pale.

"Me too," Ming Long said with a slight tremble in her voice.

At this time, their gazes drifted that way. The ground was currently collapsing, and the tomb was thoroughly buried.

But recalling the fact that he had taken away a dozen candles, Wu Yu's frantic emotions immediately turned to excitement!

"Yeah!" Life was truly a thing of drastic ups and downs.

Sometimes, no one could ever predict what strange thing would happen in the very next instant.

For example, just as Wu Yu was celebrating his escape from danger, the entire world - grassy plain and sky - suddenly collapsed alongside the tomb! 

In that instant, Wu Yu felt like the sky was falling. The sky split, opening countless tears from which black, arcane light poured through. The same was happening in the air all around him, and even the grassy plain beneath his feet was breaking down.

After crumbling, it warped.

The entire world was warping with speed, just like the vast seas of water and clouds the previous times. Wu Yu was suddenly plunged into a river, swept along by the current.

At this moment, Wu Yu obviously understood that the grassy plain world had ended!

Perhaps because he had destroyed the tomb, it had forced them out. At first it was the stellar world, which they had left behind with ease. And then it was the sea, where they had to kill the three kings of the Spirits of the Universe. And then, within the sea of clouds, they had to break the mystery door. And now, in this world, it was the tomb?

Who on earth had designed this?

Or had Wu Yu broken some mechanism in the course of his antics?

Right now, he was being swiftly carried along by the current.

Wu Yu was still happy that he had escaped from the tomb.

Unfortunately, he unhappily realized that the candles which he had gone to great lengths to obtain seemed to be useless now....

Wu Yu was very discouraged. He had obtained these candles in order to go hunt down advanced dao treasures. And now that the grassy plain was gone, the advanced dao treasures were gone as well.

He was glum indeed.

So all his life-risking endeavors just now had been pointless?

Of course, many things in one's life were pointless.

This frustration made him want to spit blood. In the end, it came back down to that truism: no one knew what would happen....

This warping happened very quickly. The entire grassy plain fell apart, vanishing. And then solid ground was very quickly established. When Wu Yu felt solid ground beneath his feet, he knew that he was somewhere else.

His greatest regret was that he could not use the candles, to which he had gone to great lengths to get.

However, he quickly got his emotional bearings. In a new environment, survival was even more important. That was why he firstly put this matter to the back of his head.

After the warping and transformation, a new world appeared before Wu Yu's eyes.

The first thing he saw was that there were many people in his vicinity!

They were all familiar faces. Perhaps all those remaining on the Taigu Immortal Path had appeared beside Wu Yu. The nearest one was not even three chi away from him, and he only had to lift his head to see him!

Everyone was packed together!

In his peripheral vision, he took in his surroundings.

Firstly, it was black soil beneath his feet, firm and dry. Each and every fine grain was jet-black.

The sky, too, was pitch-black, without a single speck of starlight.

What lit up the sky was countless bolts of purple lightning that flashed and flitted across.

The densely packed and numerous bolts of purple lightning filled the skies and their surroundings!

Crackle, boom, rumble!

The din of thunder was a constant sound.

Wu Yu could see that they were trapped in a space roughly 100 zhang in diameter, surrounded by densely packed bolts of lightning that formed a huge, purple web. Perhaps only Wu Yu could squeeze out of this huge web by shrinking his body to the smallest size.

However, even if there existed a small gap, Wu Yu would not attempt to squeeze through it.

Within this space, the web of lightning was not a complete enclosure.

Diagonally ahead of Wu Yu, there was an opening, with a passage leading to who knew where. All around the passage was the web made up of purple lightning.

Just one exit.

Along the path, Wu Yu could see what looked to be a very tall, very large peak, about the size of the Clear Sky of Shushan!

Very immense!

Just like the Clear Sky of Shushan, one could not see its end.

However, this mountain was also crawling in purple lightning. From his position, Wu Yu could not clearly make out what was on this mountain.

Right now, he was too close to the others, and did not feel secure. Therefore, his instinct was to protect himself.

He gripped the weapon in his hand.

He suddenly lowered his head and broke out in cold sweat. Inwardly, he cursed. "This isn't going well."

He had used the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff to beat aside the tentacles, and then had appeared here in the next instant.

Perhaps because he had been scared silly by the tentacles, his only thought was to use the 10,000 Dragons Staff to increase his sense of security. He had not expected to be surrounded by so many people after coming to the new world!

This meant that as soon as he appeared, many people saw the dao treasure in his hand!

Unfortunately, there was a familiar person amongst them.

Lord Yansheng.

He had seen the 10,000 Dragons Staff before, and had appeared not far from Wu Yu. With one glance, he immediately cried out, "Wu Yu, you said you didn't have an advanced dao treasure!"

His words rang out shrilly, and everyone heard them instantly.

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