Chapter 0631: Shocking Changes within the Tomb

Now his power had increased by a lot again.

Also, it was hard to make any further progress in a short period of time if he stayed in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and the vast, grassy plain outside was endless, so he thought of the black candle again.

The black candle, if he did not guess wrongly, was definitely the key to obtaining all the advanced dao treasures!

"If I can get more...."

Wu Yu had tasted the sweetness of possessing an advanced dao treasure, and this could be his one and only chance. Hence, he thought of entering the tomb again.

The advanced dao treasure he now owned gave him more confidence. Moreover, he just wanted to get the candles, not to pry open the gold and silver coffins. Prince Le and the others had only suffered because they wanted to pry open the gold and silver coffins.

"Just go. I'm also curious about what's in the coffins."

Wu Yu then came out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda. He put the Floating Dreams Pagoda away and went back to the ground. Ten or so days had probably passed, but nothing seemed to have changed.

There was no one around.

The grassy plain was still empty and endless.

Maybe most people had left here to explore further.

Since there was no one around, Wu Yu took the opportunity and quickly went towards the direction of the tomb.

On the way, he met a few people. However, they seemed to be a little bored. Maybe they had not gained much, so they could only walk around on the grassy plain and chit chat.

"I heard that Wu Yu got an advanced dao treasure. Do you believe it?" Wu Yu just so happened to hear someone gossip about him.


"Anyway, someone got one of the advanced dao treasures. I'm not sure who. Maybe it was Wu Yu. But it is not possible for him to break through the spirit design. I think it could be someone else."

"It's hard to say. That Wu Yu is very strange. He is so strong, but he is only a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. So what else is impossible? Prince Le is gone now. The Yan Huang Ancient Country has no leader. If not for that, he would’ve probably been brought back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country and given the best training."

"And Wu Yu has disappeared for many days. So many people are looking for him, but they haven't found him. He's really amazing!"

"He can hide for a while, but he can't hide for a lifetime. It will be clear whether he got an advanced dao treasure when someone strong enough finds him."

This was similar to what Wu Yu had predicted. Such worldshaking news would definitely spread.  

He did not say much. He went on, and soon he appeared near the tomb.

There were several people wandering around next to the tomb. Occasionally, they looked at the hole behind the tombstone. They wanted to enter but dared not.

"I heard that Prince Le died miserably that time!"

"Even people like him will die in the Taigu Immortal Path. Let's not go in and take risks. I also heard that the Perennial Shark has become a corpse puppet. It's so pitiful that it's trapped here forever."

"They say that Wu Yu killed the Perennial Shark. He is physically strong and has unprecedented strength. If this news spreads out, no matter whether Wu Yu is the murderer or not, he has offended the Perennial Demon family, so he will certainly not have a good end."

At this time, Wu Yu had already activated the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. He had adopted his smallest size and started to speed up from far away, rushing forward while riding his sword. With the help of the Swift Art, he was at his fastest speed when nearing the tombstone!


The people chatting did not see anyone at all and Wu Yu had entered the tomb.

"I feel like I felt some movement just now."

"As if a gust of wind has gone in?" another person said.

"This place is so creepy. Let's leave quickly! If you guys are not leaving, I'll leave first." The third person shivered and left hurriedly.


And the others followed.

In the tomb, Wu Yu hung the Floating Dreams Pagoda on his body and held the 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hand.

This time, he just wanted to use the advanced dao treasure to see if he could gain anything. Hence, he had to take out the 10,000 Dragons Staff to fight.

He summoned the Lightning Blood General from the Floating Dreams Pagoda and placed it at the tomb's entrance. He said, "Whoever comes in, drive them out."

In fact, in this tomb, the Floating Dreams Pagoda was not affected by the spirit design. The Lightning Blood General's power was as good as ever. Even Prince Le would not be his opponent. Hence, basically no one could enter.

Wu Yu, on the other hand, went deeper into the tomb with the Demonic Flame General.

He was swift and fast, without any delays.

After the maze spirit design disappeared, the outline of the whole tomb's passage was very clear in Wu Yu's mind.

In less than 10 breaths, he reached the bronze gate. In the tomb, the Demonic Flame General would move faster.

Wu Yu came forward first and tried to think about it like Baili Zhuihun. Under heavy pressure, he had broken through the spirit design quickly, so Wu Yu thought he might be able to do it also.

Sadly, he was confused and had no clue at all. It seemed like he was still far behind in terms of his understanding of spirit designs from Baili Zhuihun, who had undergone systematic guidance.

He did not stand there for long when a cold gust of wind came from behind. The Demonic Flame General had already alerted him. Looking back, corpse puppets began to climb up from the ground one after another. There were about 20 of them, and their leader was the Perennial Shark!

After scanning through all the corpse puppets, Wu Yu did not find Prince Le. He felt a little bit less gloomy. At least Prince Le and the others had not become corpse puppets here.

It was still very difficult to deal with so many corpse puppets alone. This time, he had the 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hands, and there was a Demonic Flame General by his side. Wu Yu was not afraid. He gave up thinking about the bronze gate and turned to deal with these corpse puppets first.

So, he and the Demonic Flame General rushed forward together!

Although his physical strength was not that high and the power of his advanced dao treasure could not be displayed fully, its lethality was still quite scary. Wu Yu was faster and more flexible than the corpse puppets. He rushed directly into the group of corpse puppets to kill!

However, the Demonic Flame General was still more powerful. After all, it could cast many spirit designs.

Wu Yu summoned all the other puppets directly. Anyway, they would not die. It would be fine to use them to suppress some corpse puppets.

These corpse puppets only had the power of their physical bodies. Actually, if they were outside, they would not be so scary. For example, for the Perennial Shark, a normal second tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator should be able to defeat it.

So Wu Yu looked on carefully. Even if he did not attack, the Demonic Flame General and other puppets could also deal with the corpse puppets.

He directly attacked the Perennial Shark.

With a few violent hits, the Perennial Shark was disarmed. Wu Yu pinned the Perennial Shark to the ground and hit him 30 times consecutively, turning the Perennial Shark into minced paste.

At last, the Perennial Shark lost all combat strength. It lay silent on the ground and disappeared.

The other corpse puppets were torn apart by the Demonic Flame General one by one.

When Wu Yu saw that the Demonic Flame General could handle the situation, he turned his attention to the bronze gate. He had just fought with the Perennial Shark, which brought out all his battling will and killing intent.

Now he deemed the bronze gate as his enemy. He carried the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff all the way, using the ground as a springboard for his legs. His steps got heavier and fiercer. In the blink of an eye, he rushed towards the bronze gate.

A roar, gathering strength, and exploding out!


Wu Yu had attacked the gate before, but it had no effect. This time, it was fiercer. With just one hit, the bronze gate shook violently.

Of course, Wu Yu was not expecting the door to break with just one hit.

Bang, bang, bang!

Next, one hit after another landed on the door. At least there was no need to worry that the 10,000 Dragons Staff would be unable to bear the impact and break.

Such attacks would cause a big commotion. If there were people around, they should be aware of it and come in. At this time, Wu Yu's Lightning Blood General outside would be useful.

Wu Yu hit it endlessly, till smoke and sparks came out of it, till he was filled with anger. But the bronze gate was tightly closed. With his physical strength and the hardness of the 10,000 Dragons Staff, Wu Yu realized that he could not go in there and get candles even if he hit it hundreds of times.

"I’ve failed!"

Wu Yu thought it was impossible to succeed.

He could only give up.

He turned around and saw that the Demonic Flame General was still suppressing those corpse puppets.

He was also feeling very frustrated. There were two stone lions to his right and left in front of him. They were very normal, standing at both sides of the gate.

Wu Yu vented his frustration on the stone lions. The bronze gate could not be broken open, but the stone lions could not bear Wu Yu's anger. Wu Yu hit them two times in a row and smashed both of them.

After they broke, Wu Yu felt much better.

He summoned the Demonic Flame General and prepared to make his way out.

Suddenly, he sensed some changes.

However, it was not the bronze gate changing, but the whole tomb.

A loud sound rumbled and things started collapsing.

Wu Yu was stunned.

He suddenly realized why this would happen.

He had hit the door for so long. What was stopping him from getting those candles was just one door, but no matter what he did, he could not go in.

Hence, he had smashed those stone lions out of frustration

As a result, something had happened.

First of all, the corpse puppets sunk into the ground immediately.

Then the whole tomb started to vibrate.

Weng, weng, weng!

The walls and ground started to crack open. It looked like the whole tomb was about to collapse.

Why would it collapse?

Looking back, the bronze gate was shaking violently, and the walls around it were also shaking.

As it shook, a small crack had appeared on the door, and through the gap, Wu Yu could vaguely see the coffins inside.

Of course, he also thought of those black candles!

Maybe the tomb was about to collapse. Wu Yu was bold at this time. Instead of running out, he held up the 10,000 Dragons Staff and smashed towards the door!

Just now, it had refused to budge. Now it was a bit cracked, so could he break it?

The opportunity came and he seized it. He continued to hit the door with all his might. With the collapse of the whole tomb, Wu Yu realized that it was possible for him to rush out.

The tomb was collapsing. Most likely, the first to collapse would be the spirit design. In this process, Wu Yu found that Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was not suppressed anymore!

This was an extremely good thing!

This meant that he could use all his mystiques!

First of all, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, increasing his power several times, then he used the Violent Art.


One hit!

Unexpectedly, this time, the gate had been obliterated by Wu Yu!

He succeeded....

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