Chapter 0630: Demonic Flame General

No matter what, Wu Yu had at least become the owner, even though he had not fully mastered the advanced dao treasure. He could now use a portion of its power.

That was enough.

Although his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was at the seventh tier, its quality - the quality of the Great Way of Immortality Art - was at least equal to that of a ninth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

On top of that, he had the Violent Art, the Swift Art, as well as the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body. Right now, no one else even had an advanced dao treasure, and his unbelievable leap of seven tiers was no sweat off his brow.

The most important thing of all was the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body.

Of course, there were still his three godly mystiques: Unshackled Doppelganger, the Eyes of Fire and Gold, and the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

All of these came from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and each and every move of the Victorious Fighting Buddha was a treasure in itself. The legacy of an immortal was even more important than the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Besides a lack of cultivation level, everything else that he owned was the finest and most perfect. No one else at his cultivation level could achieve such results.

The appearance of the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff covered Wu Yu's only other flaw - and now it was his ultimate advantage over everyone else.

Only those who truly understood what he had knew how overpowered he was.

After Wu Yu emerged from the world of the dragons, finished with his blood bonding, he sprang out of the Floating Dreams Pagoda with the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff in hand.

Wu Yu was very excited. He gazed upon the 10,000 Dragons Staff. Right now, what he could feel were the 100,000 spirit designs on the outer layer.

The other 100,000 spirit designs were controlled by the Infinity Beast in the core. Wu Yu would need to create a Primordial Spirit in order to truly challenge it.

As for the other offensive spirit designs, they were also in the core, so Wu Yu could not use them for now.

Of course, just these 100,000 spirit designs alone would facilitate attacks that were on a completely different level from the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean that Wu Yu had been using.

Right now, Wu Yu channeled his elevated Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy into the 10,000 Dragons Staff for the first time.

Instantly, the 10,000 Dragons Staff's black body glowed with golden light and flames, the carvings of the 10,000 dragons springing to life. The staff was like a sea to them, and these 10,000 dragons swam and pranced and howled across its length.

Wu Yu could feel the dragon carvings in the hand that he gripped the staff with. They burrowed under his palm.

The 10,000 Dragons Staff seemed to have been brought to life and awakened. From the golden sea, one could tell just how much power was imbued in this staff.

With the 10,000 Dragons Staff in hand, even Wu Yu felt a sense of absolute domination, an intangible sense of invulnerability. Especially since his physical strength already exceeded that of many others.


After obtaining the 10,000 Dragons Staff, he gave it a few experimental swings. His Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy activated the 100,000 spirit designs. Their density caused them to spark off each other, and Wu Yu felt a mind-boggling power on a scale that he had never felt before.

He could imagine just what heights he could reach with this advanced dao treasure, compounded with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and the Violent Art.

Wu Yu thought carefully. "When I first came to the Taigu Immortal Path, my ability was definitely the lowest amongst everyone who came here.

"But now, except for those few dozen people who are close to Prince Le's caliber, most of the geniuses of the Jambu Realm are no longer my match."

This level of improvement was truly hard to imagine.

Wu Yu was reeling a little.

"This means that my current accomplishments are noteworthy amongst the geniuses of the Jambu Realm, right?"

The Jambu Realm was a huge place. For him to have been able to come so far exceeded even his own expectations.

Before, he used to keep a low profile, skulking around. But now that he thought about it, much of the sneaking and hiding seemed to no longer be necessary!

Actually, a lot of that repression had suffered before was due to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent and his kin. But this was no reason for him to hold himself back. After obtaining an advanced dao treasure, Wu Yu's thinking began to change.

"In truth, no Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator before or after you will reach such fighting power. You are currently a rare jewel, and you will be the target of admiration and envy. How you balance repressing your feelings and dealing out justice - that is all up to you.

"If you repress them forever, it will harm your dao heart, causing you to become a craven, weak-willed person. If you free yourself, never yield, and flex your strength with impunity, you will be subject to more attention and invite threats. Perhaps you can stay prudent and avoid them, but the biggest fear will be for your kin."

Ming Long's words made sense.

Truly, he had to balance this well.

He could not repress everything - but too much of an outburst would only invite trouble.

He began to draw his own boundaries - he had to clearly define what he should and should not do.

As for what to do next, he had two ideas.

Firstly, he would strike while the iron was hot and challenge the puppet guards of the Floating Dreams Pagoda!

The Lightning Blood General was very strong, but he had not had a chance to use it. Right now, Wu Yu was even stronger, and he was qualified to challenge an even stronger puppet.

Within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he called out nine puppets!

And then he again skipped seven tiers to challenge the puppet in the black spirit design.

He wanted to test just how strong this advanced dao treasure was!

An invulnerable puppet was naturally the best choice.

Prince Le and the Blue Ringed Poison Devil were both dead. Therefore, no one else knew that Wu Yu had obtained the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

That was why he could even boldly use the puppets now.

After calling out nine puppets, he walked towards his choice, the puppet that was equivalent to a fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator.

One had to know that this puppet was even stronger than the Imperial General.

In the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the strongest were the Yan Huang City Lord and the Taixu Sage Master, and they were both only fifth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators.

Thinking about it, if he returned to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent right now, he might even be able to take care of Yu Fuyao of the Heavenly Seas and Duomingshan Shengxue.

Wu Yu's improvement was astronomical, and this gave him profound confidence. On the road to becoming immortal, he had already passed the most crucial phase!

After Wu Yu had chosen his puppet, the other puppets vanished. When the black spirit design faded, the fourth tier Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm puppet appeared before Wu Yu's eyes!


As expected, it was not a bad puppet at all. When it appeared, its aura came rolling forth. It was one notch higher than the Lightning Blood General!

Compared to the Lightning Blood General, this puppet was much smaller, only the size of a baby. It was entirely covered in black metal precious treasures, just like a lump of coal. On its back, a pair of bat wings sprouted. It constantly flitted through the air, and it held a short spear in its hand.

Only its eyes were crimson. From within, bloody flames burned. It was a puppet guard that looked like a baby. Threatening, bloodthirsty, sinister.

The puppet should not be underestimated on the account of its size. Who knew just how many complex spirit designs were imbued within its tiny frame.

All of the spirit designs were currently activated, complimenting each other.

"I am the Demonic Flame General." Although the puppet had the semblance of a child, its voice was raspy, like an old man’s.

After the Demonic Flame General spoke, it immediately lurched forward with its short spear.

Despite its small body, it was very fast, much faster than the Lightning Blood General.

The puppet opened its mouth and spat. Although its mouth was small, the crimson flames that came spurting out were alarming!

Even a body like Wu Yu's could be burnt by this degree of flame.

In a flash, the entire Floating Dreams Pagoda was covered in crimson flames.

The bloody flames even had a vengeful spirit aura to them. This had to be a spirit design that employed ghostly cultivator arts.

When the crimson flames caught on one's body, not only would they burn and fester, even one's spirit would be burnt. It was excruciating.

The Demonic Flame General continued to howl beside Wu Yu, constantly spitting its crimson flames. The short spear within its hand was a blur, covering the air with spear shadows that came lancing forth.

"Back off!"

From within the crimson flames, Wu Yu could clearly see the position of the Demonic Flame General.

He was unremarkable if he did not explode into form. When he did, the earth shuddered.

With the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff in hand, his movements seemed to call forth 10,000 dragons roaring at once!

Under the influence of the Swift Art, his speed was sharply enhanced.

In a flash, he rushed before the Demonic Flame General. A violent swing that came from above and crashed down on the Demonic Flame General's head!


The Demonic Flame General slumped to the floor, its entire head caved in.

This was the power of a casual hit from the advanced dao treasure!

If he had been using the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, such a strike would have been hard pressed to cause damage to something as hardy as the Demonic Flame General!

To the puppet, a flattened head did not count for much.

The Demonic Flame General came again speedily. This time, a crimson-red spirit design appeared on its chest, roughly half a chi[1] in diameter. It glowed, and opened a huge hole. Huge quantities of crimson flames spewed out. The entire Floating Dreams Pagoda was a sea of crimson flames now.

Wu Yu was completely bathed in the crimson flames. From within the crimson flames, he could even see ghostly shadows that gnawed at his body and soul.

It was indeed unbearably painful. If it was anyone else, their corporeal body would already have been reduced to ash at this point.

But Wu Yu could hold on. Although he had the advanced dao treasure in hand, he did not rely on it solely this time!

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!"

His body immediately expanded until he was a three-zhang-tall[2] giant. The 10,000 Dragons Staff also matched his growth, until it was a huge column!


The Eyes of Fire and Gold easily located it again. This time, with his tripled strength, he again triggered the spirit designs with his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy as he struck!

The Demonic Flame General could not dodge in time, and was again struck by Wu Yu.

However, this time, Wu Yu's solid smack had turned the Demonic Flame General into a metal pancake, its internal spirit designs all completely destroyed.

Wu Yu had only attacked twice. Clean and efficient, dispatching his opponent, and successfully mastering the Demonic Flame General.

After he had settled that, Wu Yu found himself very satisfied with the power of the advanced dao treasure.

It was definitely safe within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, but he had to go out.

"I wonder if this advanced dao treasure is hardy enough to open the bronze doors."

1. 1chi = one-third of a meter or 1.094 feet

2. 1 zhang = 3.58 meters or 11 feet 9 inches

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