Chapter 0629: Huge Infinity Beast

After leaving the spiritual world of the advanced dao treasure, Wu Yu felt absolutely exhausted in mind and spirit and immediately took a snoring nap.

He had not slept in a long time, and this sleep was extremely deep.

After he awoke, his spirit was restored and he heard from Ming Long that he had been asleep for over eight days, with four days passing outside.

His spiritual resilience was his greatest reliance. Perhaps it was forged by cultivating the Invincible Vajra body, and it could also be due to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal influence. Perhaps it was also an inborn talent.

After resting, Wu Yu did not speak anymore and immediately took out the 10,000 Dragons Staff.


"Of course."

"Don't try too hard. If you die in that illusion, you will turn into a vegetable. Furthermore. without a Primordial Spirit, you're considered quite a fragile creature within. Your inner ape was what saved you." Although Ming Long spoke like such, this was not a reason for Wu Yu to give up.

His heart was tenacious and full of driving force. There was a thirst for success. Without succeeding, Wu Yu would not rest.

He would use these mystical dragons to polish his own dao! With the Inner Ape, his spiritual world was extremely clear. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to temper himself.

In a blink, he reentered the 10,000 Dragons Staff and continued to attempt to blood bond with it.

Whilst Wu Yu visualized the Inner Ape, he was floating above the golden ocean. Meanwhile, a tempest raged below as a fiery wind swept across the world. In his hand, he wielded the Ruyi Jingu Bang, a majestic sight indeed.

He was clad in armor from head to toe. He looked wild and indomitable while looking down on everything below. He was like the monkey king in the flesh, none could suppress him! 

Bang, bang, bang!

Wu Yu was fully rejuvenated. On the other hand, so were the golden mystical dragons! All of them had regained their pinnacle states. One by one, they rushed out of the golden sea, riddling the sky with dragons, completely surrounding Wu Yu! 

"Brat! You dared to come back!" 

"The fact that you weren't turned into a vegetable last time was luck on your part. Now that you've come to challenge us again, don't blame us for not being polite."

"Exactly! We were being merciful last time. Do you actually think you stand a chance against us? To use us as a polishing whetstone?" The group of dragons mocked.

"Less talk and more fighting!" Wu Yu growled, exuding mighty power. Even the sea trembled before his might.

He truly did seem extremely formidable.

He took the initiative to fight this time, one step leaping into the clouds, much like the Victorious Fighting Buddha.

Once more!

The sky was filled with mystical dragons, roaring, ripping, and tearing. 

This was one chaotic fight!

Wu Yu and the dragons clashed from the skies to the sea, battles filling the entire realm. Within the world of the 10,000 Dragons Staff, the heavens were sundered and the seas overturned. Everything was in chaos and even mountains were moved. 

The dragons were seething as their entire bodies were wreathed with golden, raging flames, an incomparably brilliant sight.

On this battlefield, Wu Yu's greatest fear was not that he was his opponent's equal, but that he would waver in his belief. This was a battle of will!

To Wu Yu, the pressure and torture he felt was much less than when he was forging his Invincible Vajra Body.

Thus, after experiencing so many tempering attempts, this was just child's play. With the assistance of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, he was not affected by the mass of dragons.

This battle within the spiritual world lasted for a day and a night.

He had managed to last twice as long as before.

The golden mystical dragons could not be vanquished. After being crushed to pieces by Wu Yu's staff, they would merely return to the sea.

After which, they would reform and once again do battle!

Within the day, the lowest count of dragons 1,000.

However, as Wu Yu gradually became more fatigued, the number of dragons gradually increased once again as they reformed, possessing an innate advantage. 

The most important part was that this trial of the mind was Wu Yu's greatest takeaway. Once he felt like he was in complete disarray, he would escape.

"Brat! Don't you dare come back again. We will truly turn you into a dolt!"

"I will conquer you next time! Since I am now the owner of the 10,000 Dragons Staff, it's just a matter of time before you are conquered by me!" 

Wu Yu was dissatisfied.

Yet this was not an odd scene. It was expected. The stronger the treasure, the stronger the resistance it would put up. This would also imply that the treasure was an unparalleled one.

After which, he escaped to recuperate and sleep! He would occasionally utilize Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to supplement his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. With his new comprehension, he would continue to expand his inner sea.

This chaotic battle of life and death of wills truly gave him a lot of rewards.

After resting, he would enter the spiritual world of the staff, much to the mystical dragons’ chagrin.

He was unkillable!

At this point, even some of the mystical dragons had been swayed by his perseverance.

Once more!

This time, the battle raged for close to several days.

Once he came out, he rested, restored his inner sea, and battled once again!

The amount of time he battled for got longer and longer, and the time he took to rest shortened.

This happened 10 times in a row!

Wu Yu did not conquer the mystical dragons, but he had tempered his will immensely. Coupled with cultivating in his down time and the assistance of several pills, Wu Yu finally entered the seventh tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

Breakthrough, success!

His pool of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy swelled. He could even feel his spirit strengthening, and the time before he would obtain a Primordial Spirit was not far.

It was a pity he had utilized all of his Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills. This meant that his doppelgangers were unable to develop with him. He would need more pills.

A massive amount!

Unfortunately, without a backer, he could only rely on himself.

"Once more!" His cultivation level increasing was his biggest opportunity. When he once again entered the spiritual world, the 10,000 Dragons were speechless as they saw him even stronger than before.

"Why are you back here!?" 

"Damn! Why won't this ghost leave!?"

 "What are we going to do!? He seems stronger than before!"

"At this rate, we are going to be beaten by a brat who isn't even in the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm! His ability isn’t up to snuff!"

"However, his resilience is completely unmatched!" 

Wu Yu cut straight to the chase and began battling without a word.

He slaughtered in every direction.

After rising a tier, he could truly feel himself sweeping through his enemies! He had already gained a thorough understanding of these mystical dragons. He understood their techniques and attacks, as well as their strength!

Bang, bang, bang!

The sea tossed and turned and the dragons were sent flying, his aura imposing.

One man with one staff struck in every single direction. Wherever he went, the dragons would surround him!

This time, Wu Yu was even more valiant with his fully recovered spirit. He could not be vanquished!

His battle intuition, coupled with his unyielding spirit, had already been fused into his body and moves.

As a result, he was able to display heaven-defying combat power.

"Break! Break! BREAK!!!!" Wherever the staff landed, a mystical dragon would turn into fragments.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

There was no retreat. There was no way to give up. It was a fight to the death!

Wu Yu stopped keeping track of time. He only knew that the number of mystical dragons was shrinking. The rate at which he squashed them was quicker than the rate they regenerated.

Even when they were reborn, they would quickly be sent back into the cycle of rebirth!

He had entered a state where he had forgotten his sense of self.

The mystical dragons were unafraid of injury. However, they too would feel fatigue, fear, and even depression!

Wu Yu's continuous assaults had struck their very hearts and will.



Resounding noises blanketed the sea, stirring up unimaginable tsunamis!

"Die!" Wu Yu was in a state of frenzy. Suddenly, he realised that there were no opponents left!

All of the mystical dragons had been defeated. 

Just as Wu Yu was about to pulverize him, one golden mystical dragon reappeared in front of him and said, "Brat. You've won. You've succeeded." He was clearly still feeling unresigned.

"I've succeeded?" Wu Yu asked cautiously. All of the mystical dragons were gradually reforming before him.

"Yes! Although you are only a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, your willpower is horrifying. It is something unheard of. Us brothers have lost and we accept it wholeheartedly. From today onward, you will be the owner of the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff!" His success was due to his self-sacrificial attempts to defeat these dragons. He could feel his blood bond branding the treasure. 

He could now control this entire world. The entire sky gradually revealed the massive amounts of spirit designs engraved upon it. He could finally take the time to analyze them!

This was something that would only happen after gaining full control of the treasure.

He had truly succeeded!

Wu Yu was exuberant!

At this point, the 10,000 mystical dragons appeared, prostrating at his feet. 

Hard work truly pays off.

Both the skies and the seas of this inner world were engraved with numerous tiny spirit designs. With a quick glance, he could tell that there were over 100,000 of them.

This was definitely an advanced dao treasure!

Yet at this point, Wu Yu realized that he could not completely control all these spirit designs. Furthermore, this wasn't all of them.

"You should have now realized that we are not the most important treasure spirits of this staff. Even though you’ve defeated us, you are only able to control a part of the staff. The core of the 10,000 Dragons Staff is held by the Infinity Beast. The other 100,000 spirit designs are in its hands. However, you need to possess a Primordial Spirit before you are able to be its opponent. This is a rule set by the one who crafted this weapon. Although you are only able to use half of the spirit designs, this is already at the level of an advanced dao treasure!" Who would have expected this?

However, Wu Yu was still incomparably excited. Just controlling half of its power already showcased the might of an authentic advanced dao treasure.

"Where is this Infinity Beast?" The mystical dragon looked downwards and gestured. "Naturally, within the sea.  The rest of the spirit designs are within the sea, and not merely on the surface." Wu Yu looked down. 

As expected, within the depths of the golden sea, he could see a humongous shadow. It was incomparably large, being submerged within the depths. This was the core of the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff!

"Infinity Beast! Wait for me to come!" Just the spirit designs on the surface would be more than sufficient for the time being.

The entire set of spirit designs was known as the Great Otherworldly Infinite Spirit Design.

Infinite might thus lay below.

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