Chapter 0628: Against 10,000 Dragons

A brief hesitation, and the black candle in his hand had already gone out.

Wu Yu hurriedly left in order not to be discovered by Princess You Xue. Although this grassy plain seemed to be the same everywhere, he still had to find a relatively safe place in order to blood bond with this advanced dao treasure.

Although he was not even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and possibly could not unlock the potential of this advanced dao treasure, he would give it a try!

After all, he even had some limited control over the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

In terms of quality, the Floating Dreams Pagoda should be higher than the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

As Wu Yu searched for a safe harbor, he thought to himself, "All of the advanced dao treasures on this grassy plain can be obtained. All I need are candles!"

The more he thought about it, the more he regretted it. If only he had taken more candles back then.

Although he had already obtained what he desired the most, the more treasures the merrier, of course. After all, Wu Yu was still short on cultivation resources. He needed copious amounts of Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills.

"Is there any other way to get the other candles?" he asked Ming Long.

"If you want the candles, you have to go into the tomb. Maybe you're not afraid of the corpse puppets, and maybe the disorienting formation has disappeared. But you can't open the bronze doors, can you? You had a slow start. Although you’ve improved rapidly in terms of spirit designs, compared to someone like Baili Zhuihun, who specialized in them from a young age, with expert mentors guiding him... You're far off."

The key was that door.

"Perhaps there are some amongst those remaining who can open the doors," Wu Yu mused.

"But do you dare to work with them?"

Ming Long's words rang true. Wu Yu thought about it, then gave it up for the time being.

"Right now, even if I blood bond with the 10,000 Dragons Staff, I can't take it out to use!

"Carving my way in the Jambu Realm without any backer or background is just too difficult!"

"Obviously. Otherwise, why would I have been ganged up on? They simply thought that I was not qualified to have such precious treasures!" Ming Long was still resentful towards her past. A pity that all of her enemies were already dead.

Wu Yu came to a deserted patch that was quite far away from the tomb, and the human traffic was less.

He took out the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean and smashed out a trench more than 10 zhang deep. The trench's opening was only the size of a bowl. It was easily hidden in the grass, and not easily discovered.

Besides, this grassy plain was so vast. Unless someone stepped on top of his hole, how could they possibly notice such a deep yet unobtrusive hole?

And then Wu Yu buried the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the ground.

After which, he used the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth to shrink his body to its smallest size and then easily entered the hole. As he entered, he continued to shovel himself in deeper, restoring the entrance almost to its original state. This way, it was even more difficult to stumble upon.

He landed on the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Right now, both him and the Floating Dreams Pagoda were buried more than 10 zhang underground, and surrounded by dirt. He was as safe as he could be, just about invisible.

And then he entered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. This was the true disappearance!

After entering the Floating Dreams Pagoda, he had twice the amount of time.

Wu Yu was very excited. He carefully took the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff out of his Sumeru Pouch.

He clenched the 10,000 Dragons Staff with both hands. The markings all over it were little, golden dragons. Although the golden dragons were tiny, their dragon scales stood out prominently, and they were rough to the touch.

Besides, this advanced dao treasure was extremely dense. Even with Wu Yu's current strength, he felt that it was difficult to handle. It had to be nigh impossible for others to even wield this advanced dao treasure!

It was exhausting!

It was like a 100-jin[1] metal rod in the hands of a mortal. But exactly because of its density, it was powerful.

"The core materials used to make this 10,000 Dragons Staff must at least be precious treasures with eight spiritual marks! Maybe even nine spiritual marks."

He continued to caress the 10,000 Dragons Staff, feeling each individual dragon's marking imbued with energy and will. His face was lit with pleasure, like a kid who had acquired the toy of his dreams.

"Don't celebrate too early. The treasure hasn't even recognized you yet!" Ming Long again gave him the wet blanket treatment.

Wu Yu naturally knew this. Without further ado, he sat in the lotus position, grasping the 10,000 Dragons Staff in his hands as he began the blood bond process.

The two clashed in a rumble of heaven and earth. Although Wu Yu was still seated in his original position, everything around him had changed. He appeared above a vast sea.

Beneath his feet was seawater so deep that there was no end to it. He could not feel the end of its depth!

Moreover, this was no ordinary seawater! This was golden seawater. On top of that, it was not even real water. It was molten metal!

Bang, bang, bang!

Molten metal heated to a red-hot state. It was a sea of red and gold. Even more terrifying was the waves which rose and curled upwards!

As the seawater roiled and crashed, an ear-splitting sound was produced. This sound alone was testament to its density!

Dense, impregnable, blistering, volatile!

This was Wu Yu's impression of the endless sea of molten metal!

One could imagine how terrifying the pressure of being plunged into this sea was.

If one was at the seabed, then not even an immortal could escape with all this molten metal bearing down on them!


Wu Yu was above, and he could feel the “waves” crashing against him. It felt like he was colliding with a mountain!

This made Wu Yu very sure of the power of this advanced dao treasure.

Of course, this also meant that it would not be easy for him to master this advanced dao treasure!

Bang, bang, bang!

After he entered, wind was picking up above the reddish gold sea of flames. It churned the sea and created more ear-splitting waves.

"Who!? Who dares enter!?"

Before Wu Yu had even gotten his footing, many interrogating voices sounded from the sea!

Instantly, the red-gold sea was in turmoil, ringing with pinging sounds. Following which, the waves thundered apart, revealing golden mystical dragons coated in gold, and burning with red and gold fire. They twisted and turned out of the sea, with their claws bared!

Instantly, Wu Yu was surrounded by 10,000 golden mystical dragons!

"Not even at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and he dares enter!"

"Brothers, chase him away. Let him suffer!"

"The Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff is not an advanced dao treasure that you can master!"

Although such a battle was a battle of wills, it was a battle of the body and strength for Wu Yu.

This was Wu Yu's way of blood bonding. To others, it looked like he was fighting the dao treasure!

"I want to blood bond with the 10,000 Dragons Staff. No one can stop me!"

Assaulted by 10,000 dragons, Wu Yu knew that this was no time to be backing off. If the dragons wrote him off from the start, then it would definitely be much harder to master this staff in the future.

He was not afraid of losing. Fear itself was the fatal thing!

That was why he gave it his all. No matter how many opponents there were, he gave it his 200% at this time!


As he shouted, his voice rang out across the sky!


"But guts alone are useless! So immature!"

The 10,000 dragons, hard as iron and hot as fire, attacked as one!

"Visualizing the Inner Ape!"

At this time, he used Visualizing the Inner Ape in order to gain the aid of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. This was precisely Wu Yu's method for being able to master dao treasures even before he had reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm!

Besides, now he was gunning for an advanced dao treasure!

Although he was only a sixth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator.

As he visualized, the resplendent visage of the golden monkey king appeared, clad in the  ultimate armor, and with the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand. That was him. Before he knew it, he had merged with the Inner Ape.

The one he had to fight was himself.

The Inner Ape was already within his heart.

The one that appeared before the 10,000 dragons was a golden monkey king that would not submit!

With the Ruyi Jingu Bang in hand, he howled, taking on the 10,000 dragons fearlessly!

Only now did the dragons realize that this was not any ordinary Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator who had inadvertently charged in.

He was prepared!

Bang, bang, bang!

Wu Yu had just begun to attack, and his poise was savage. His gaze gleamed with golden light and was completely devoid of fear!

The mystical dragons were sent flying with loud pings, turning back into molten metal and plunging back into the sea.

But the surge of golden mystical dragons was ceaseless!

For each dragon that Wu Yu sent flying, nine more would take its place. He was assailed by a barrage of tails, fangs, and claws.

This was a naked fight of the flesh!

The mystical dragons were born of the sea and their metallic bodies were very tough!

They did not feel pain or fear. They only attacked.

But Wu Yu was the same. He entered a frenzied state, lashing out again and again with his staff. His body was covered in wounds, but this did not frighten him.

In a flash, he had become a berserk demon!

Fighting 10,000 dragons alone!

Bang bang bang!

Above the golden sea, a golden monkey king bathed in flames commenced his slaughter. The 10,000 dragons attacked him, only to be sent howling in pain.

A golden tempest swept through their ranks!

The number of mystical dragons was dwindling, but Wu Yu's injuries were becoming more and more serious!

"Get out!"

After smashing another mystical dragon, half of his leg was bitten off. The pain was not illusory. It truly existed.

He cast his gaze outward. Half of the mystical dragons were gone, but he was gravely injured! Actually, it was his mental will that had taken a beating, and he wasn't able to hold on much longer.

"Wu Yu, get out quickly! If this continues, you'll die!" Ming Long was very anxious.

Wu Yu, locked in a deadly battle, came to his senses.

"There is still a chance," Ming Long said.

Actually, the mystical dragons would naturally reform and emerge from the sea after a while, after they were beaten.

Therefore, Wu Yu's opponents would not stop coming.

Right now, more than half of the dragons still remained.

But he could no longer hold on.

This was the limit of his strength and will.

Wu Yu decided to extricate first. He knew when he was beaten.

But what he did not know was how shocked the 10,000 Dragons Staff was. The 10,000 Dragons Staff had not expected Wu Yu to get this far.

Also, even though he had retreated for now, Wu Yu would return.

After coming out, Wu Yu was dizzy and almost fainted.

"Rest a while. You're informed now. Maybe you can succeed next time." Ming Long uncharacteristically encouraged him.

Wu Yu knew that it would not be so easy.

However, he was not demoralized. Because he felt that each time he clashed with this advanced dao treasure, it was also refining for his cultivation level.

1. 1 jin=half a kilogram

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