Chapter 0627: Hair-raising

At this moment, he was surprised, excited, thrilled, and even his mind fell into a state of stupor. 

Who would have thought that the candle was the key?

Using the spirit design to ignite the wick was an unintentional coincidence. It was simply unheard of.

It was unthinkable that the wick would even be lit instead of completely disintegrating. While the candle remained lit, the spirit design no longer activated.

At the very least, he used his chain dao treasure to wrap around the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff.

His heart was palpitating in excitement with a candle in one hand while tugging the chain with the other. He prepared to wrench the staff out of the ground towards him.

So long as it was successful, the treasure that had stirred a crowd into a frenzy would belong to Wu Yu!

The chains wrapped around the staff several times and around the engravings. With a grunt and a heave, Wu Yu tugged!

Who would have expected that the 10,000 Dragons Staff would remain embedded in the ground.

Despite pulling with all his strength, it merely wiggled slightly.

He continued to grit his teeth. Success was just in front of him. He could see it move, and that gave him hope.

"Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth!" Since he wasn't pulling hard enough, he would use his mystiques to help, and he immediately multiplied in size.

His tall and sturdy appearance resembled a small hill that possessed boundless strength. Although he had yet to use the Violent Art, his strength had multiplied significantly. 


This time, the 10,000 Dragons Staff moved a bit more.

However, with a snap, the chain immortal treasure snapped into pieces.

The force he had exerted was too great, so the immortal treasure could not keep up.

Wu Yu stumbled and almost tripped. The black candle in his hand also left the area of the spirit design. The pieces of the chain immediately ignited in the blink of an eye and turned into dust.

"Are you gutsy? It's clear that when the candle burns, the spirit design will not work. Why don't you run in yourself and pull it out with your bare hands?" Ming Long suggested.

This was an almost impossible opportunity to come across, and she felt anxious for Wu Yu.

However, standing within the spirit design was just too dangerous. Who knew if an accident would occur? The moment that happened, Wu Yu would disintegrate before he could even react.

He currently did not possess any suitable dao treasures on hand that would allow him to pluck the staff out of the ground. Hearing Ming Long's reckless suggestion, he gritted his teeth and prepared himself to do just that.

He would firstly light the black candle and push it through the spirit design. This would be followed by his finger. If his finger turned to ash, at the very least he could recover it, so this wouldn't be a significant problem.

When he stuck his finger through the spirit design, probably due to the effect of the black candle, nothing happened to him. So long as the black candle existed, the spirit design would seemingly disappear.

Honestly speaking, this simple solution still possessed a lot of unknown factors. Perhaps the candle might mysteriously disappear? Would the spirit design suddenly change? Too many possible scenarios, and any one detrimental factor could end Wu Yu.

However, sometimes it would be best to keep things simple and brief!

Since his finger was fine, Wu Yu clenched his jaw and directly rushed in, his view focused on the 10,000 Dragons Staff. His whole hand grasped the 10,000 Dragons Staff. Before he even bothered to inspect the dao treasure, he immediately activated the Violent Art and, with his Violet Kingdom Primordial energy working in tandem with his massive strength, attempted to remove the staff from the ground.

"Arise!" Wu Yu roared. With his titanic strength, the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff creaked as he exerted himself. Despite the expansive grasslands, the racket he was making, combined with the tremors created by removing the staff, resounded throughout the entire place.

Almost everyone in the Taigu Immortal Path could sense this disturbance.

They could feel the entire earth shaking beneath them!

Wu Yu used all his strength to draw the staff out of the ground. Immediately, with his quickest speed, he dashed out of the spirit design before heaving a sigh of relief.

He had succeeded!

Although it was unthinkable, Wu Yu had managed to obtain an advanced dao treasure! The rough, tactile sensation of the staff only spoke volumes about the amount of spirit design carvings it possessed.

After that brief moment of happiness, his first realization was that the commotion he had created was just too tumultuous. He had to quickly stow away his treasure.

Without a word, he placed it in his Sumeru Pouch.

He quickly inspected the black candle. A third had already burnt away, but it had not extinguished. He attempted to place it in his Sumeru Pouch, but it was rejected. If he forced it, it could very well destroy his pouch.

At this point, he had yet another realization!

"If this candle could allow me to obtain one dao treasure, I don't see why I can't take the rest of them!" This place was, after all, riddled with them.

With the remaining time he had left, he immediately rushed to find another advanced dao treasure.

Wu Yu was not that familiar with his surroundings. Based on his recollection, the next closest dao treasure should be that silver spear. Perhaps there might be one that was even closer that he was unaware of.

The only issue was that he did not know where Princess You Xue was.

He had to move quickly since others were already aware that something had happened.

Just as Wu Yu was about to leave, being the unlucky sod that he was, someone appeared in the distance, racing towards him. In just a blink, he was in front of Wu Yu.

He seemed extremely amazed and shocked!

"Wu Yu! There was an advanced dao treasure here before! You must have taken it away!" The commotion he had caused had attracted too much attention. Wu Yu felt depressed. This was just like the scenario with the Water Source Ancient Crystal.

Obtaining the 10,000 Dragons Staff was a good thing. However, if others knew, it would only bring about trouble.

It was as though the heavens had something against him.

Wu Yu hid the black candle behind him. This was something the other party should not notice before he asked in a fluster, "Don't be blindly speak. I heard the disturbance and came over. If I had the strength to break through the spirit design, why would I have risked my life in that damned tomb!?" The black candle continued to burn. It would not last for much longer and thus he had to resolve the situation quickly.

This was someone Wu Yu recognized. He was from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Although Wu Yu did not know of his background, he seemed to be known as Lord Yansheng. He was at the fourth tier of the Primordial Spirit Realm. In terms of standing, he was not inferior to Baili Zhuihun. Yet he was previously unable to follow Prince Le, whereas Baili Zhuihun was able to, leaving him in a cesspool of regret.

Regardless, he too was a palace lord in the making!

In the Yan Huang Ancient Country, such an individual was still someone that wasn't easy to tangle with.

However, to the other party, he was clear that Wu Yu wielded a staff. Furthermore, the dao treasure that had disappeared was also a staff. Since Wu Yu was in the vicinity and he had countless tricks up his sleeve, he bore the brunt of his suspicion. Staring at him, he declared, "Empty words. Show me your Sumeru Pouch! So long as I don't see any hint of that staff, I will not pester you any longer. Wu Yu, you have to understand that this is something you cannot possess. In front of absolute might, even the innocent can be guilty. Don't commit a grave sin and implicate your own people!" Inspecting his Sumeru Pouch would expose all of Wu Yu's secrets. This was something unacceptable. Unless he was able to hide the 10,000 Dragons Staff within the Floating Dreams Pagoda, then that would be fine. However, he didn't want anyone to discover the pagoda either!

Thus, inspecting his Sumeru Pouch was out of the question. In the cultivation world, this was the worst insult the strong could inflict on the weak.

"Don't joke around. I can only say that the advanced dao treasure disappearing has nothing to do with me. Everyone has their secrets. You would never let me inspect your Sumeru Pouch, so neither will I.

Frankly speaking, Yansheng only had his suspicions.

Just as he was about to leave, who would have expected more people to arrive? These were demons as well. They had heard the commotion, and Lord Yansheng's voice was particularly loud. They had probably heard what happened.

"Wu Yu obtained the advanced dao treasure?" someone asked incredulously.

Wu Yu had a headache. Thinking about the situation, it was probably better to locate the silver spear than to tangle with them. He quickly retorted, "Don't speak without reason. I can also say that it was Lord Yansheng who obtained it. I was just the closest and was the first to arrive. The real culprit has already disappeared. Perhaps the advanced dao treasure disappeared on its own. Who says I was responsible?" Wu Yu had already shrunk to his normal size. After which, he quickly left. Since no one had seen him take the staff personally, he would never admit it.

"Wu Yu!" Lord Yansheng was unconvinced, so he gave chase. Yet he could not keep up with Wu Yu's speed. With his Swift Art, he vanished before their eyes.

He utilized his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and shrunk his body. Many couldn't even see him flash past, like he was a ghost.

What was unfortunate was that the black candle's burn rate was swift. By the time Wu Yu arrived at the next dao treasure, the black candle might just be completely extinguished!

The more advanced dao treasures one had, the merrier!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Based upon his recollections, the silver spear should be nearby.

"If only I had properly mapped the area and familiarized myself. Then I could’ve even located treasures that are even closer. It's a pity that I didn't know how miraculous this candle would be.

“If I had known, I would have snatched away a whole pile of these!

“A pity. Truly a pity!"

What was even more pitiful was the fact that the black candle was shrinking ever more.

Wu Yu still possessed about 30 breaths of time before it extinguished. With his speed, even if he rushed in to obtain the silver spear, there would still be some danger involved.

At this point, he could finally see it.

What was unfortunate was that Princess You Xue was standing near it.

Wu Yu was unwilling to show his method of resolving the spirit design in front of her.

He never planned to reveal his method with the black candle, as it would definitely cause a struggle for the candles within the tomb.

Thus, he could only stop far away and watch the candle burn itself out of existence.

The silver spear was under the close supervision of Princess You Xue.

"A pity." At the very least, he had obtained the 10,000 Dragons Staff. He was not exceptionally greedy. He felt quite content at the very least.

Just how many people had obtained treasures equal to his within the Taigu Immortal Path?

Instead, he racked his brains and had come up with a plan to blood bond with his new advanced dao treasure...

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