Chapter 0626: Black Candle Light

Wu Yu could see that although it was very peacefully plunged into the grassy plain, it had a resplendent history.

The one who had made it had also dedicated tremendous skill in order to ask for so many mystical dragon scales. It showed that this person was on very good terms with the mystical dragon tribe.

The mystical dragons also reminded Wu Yu of Luo Pin.

Whether it was because of his internal longing, or because he had heard the tale, Wu Yu wanted it very, very badly at this moment, for all sorts of reasons.

This was his absolute desire for strength.

Especially after the battle in the tomb, Wu Yu believed in the merit of absolute power more than ever.

And he wanted the Otherworldly Infinite Power. It was on the same wavelength as his thinking. The Myriad Realms power was an abundant and tremendous force in this world, so great that it had no limit.

But... just like Ming Long had said, it was a pity. Because this dao treasure still belonged to the Taigu Immortal Path for now.

Others had probably also come here, and had been helpless.

Until now, no one had been able to obtain an advanced dao treasure.

Wu Yu calmed down.

"You want the 10,000 Dragons Staff?" Ming Long asked.


"Forget it. A waste of time. If it could be done, you would have gotten other dao treasures already."

Her words made sense, but Wu Yu was not content. No matter what, he made up his mind to stay here for a long time. Perhaps there was a chance?

On the Taigu Immortal Path, anything was possible!

He began experimenting.

He threw a random object in. As it exploded, golden flames appeared from thin air to swallow the object. He could also faintly hear the roar of a mystical dragon.

A supreme immortal treasure vanished instantly as well.

No matter what it was, it would disappear instantly.

Wu Yu took out a huge quantity of useless things and then summoned 100 doppelgangers. They surrounded the spirit design and dao treasure and hurled them in. After he ran out of things to throw, he began hurling mud from the floor.

All he saw was that the spirit design's perimeter was lit with golden flames, as though a huge, golden fireball had appeared on the grassy plain, burning as hot and brilliantly as the sun.

He could vaguely see many golden mystical dragons swimming within the “sun.”

What was curious was that the mud and grass within the spirit design, as well as the mud and grass outside the spirit design, were all unaffected. The flames from the spirit design seemed to be completely unable to burn these things.

After experimenting for a long while, he had made no breakthrough.

He felt dispirited.

Such a desirable treasure was before his very eyes, and it felt like he could almost reach out and take it. But the spirit design was here!

"I don't believe that there isn't a way."

He still did not give up. He sat cross-legged outside the spirit design and sank deep into thought, considering all kinds of tests and methods.

"That won't work. You don't even know the name of this spirit design, or the mechanisms and details behind it. How can you know how to break it? This advanced dao treasure is clearly prepared for those who are familiar with the spirit design and can break it. You're far from that. Even Baili Zhuihun was far from it. It needs some elite, old coots. Even I can't do it. Back then, I only cared about getting strong, not about the mysteries of spirit designs," Ming Long said.

What she said made sense.

But still, Wu Yu was not satisfied.

Mainly, his desire was too strong.

If he kept brooding on it, Wu Yu could even forgo meals.

"Be wary of anxious impetuousness."

Settling down, he sat in the lotus position before the spirit design. With his doppelgangers, a few hundred pairs of eyes stared at the advanced dao treasure.

Until he forgot himself completely.

As he had no clue what to do, he might as well have his doppelgangers stand guard while he himself began to use the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills to enhance his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. Before, he had spent a long time studying spirit designs and refining immortal medicines in the Floating Dreams Pagoda, and had made great progress.

Right now, Wu Yu was not far from breaking through to the seventh tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

More than a dozen days passed in a flash.

Neither his cultivation level nor the spirit design in front of him could be overcome by an anxious heart.

Wu Yu decided not to push ahead with cultivation for the moment. He circled the spirit design, thinking hard. He had the Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon with him, and he was thinking that the 10,000 Dragons Staff was probably related to The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon. Therefore, he began to search within The Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon for a similar spirit design.

Eventually, he perused the entire Ancient Array of the Mystical Dragon.

There were similar ones, but not exactly the same. Therefore, there was no suitable way of dispelling it.

He had racked his brain but was still reduced to just looking at the treasure. It was unbearable.

Finally, after wasting a lot of time, Wu Yu could only concede.

"You should have done so a long time ago. It's not your time to obtain it." Ming Long consoled him.

Of course, she said so with a vindictive tone....

Finally, a chance to devastate Wu Yu.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with her. He retracted his doppelgangers, ordered his things, and made ready to leave.

Most of his things were in his Sumeru Pouch, with some in the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Of course, he still had one more object on his person, which was the black candle he had taken out from the tomb.

This candle made Wu Yu recall the unknown tentacles from the golden coffin.

"Why did I take this out?"

He gently laid down on the grass, gazing at the sky covered in white clouds. He pulled out the black candle and began to play with it.

Back then, he felt that the black candle had existed for stupendously long. Plus, there wasn't much else in the tomb. That was why he had kept it.

If not for the fact that he had been busy with Princess You Xue and the others, he would naturally have taken a few more.

"How long you must have been in that tomb...." Wu Yu used his fingernail to gouge the candle, but it was made of some special material. He pressed with strength, but he was actually unable to break the candle.

"Given my strength, I can break even ordinary dao treasures, let alone this candle...."

This was actually the only reason Wu Yu had kept the black candle with him.

"Let me try lighting it."

He gathered a flame on his fingertip and put it to the wick of the candle. He thought that the candle would very quickly burn, but it did not catch fire or respond.

"That makes sense. How could I possibly light a candle from the Taigu Immortal Path?"

He gave up and lied back down on the grass, taking it easy for a while. He enjoyed the light, cool breeze.

As his mood lightened, many things became clear.

Wu Yu fiddled with the candle. At this moment, the sun peeked out, and his eyes fell across the candle, to the faraway sun.

That sun made Wu Yu recall the tomb's spirit design.

Suddenly, he had a eureka moment.

"This spirit design can burn anything! This candle can't be burnt by anything! If I place this candle in the spirit design, will it light up?"

He leapt up from the grass. Since this flash of inspiration had come to him, he would naturally try it out. He held the end of the candle and reached the wick towards the spirit design.

The boundary of the spirit design was very precise, and Wu Yu had tested it with a blade of grass before. As the blade of grass had been half stuck in, only that half would burn, while the other half outside of the spirit design was completely untouched.

"I don't believe that the spirit design cannot light this candle."

He stood outside the spirit design, finding a good spot. He stuck the candle’s tip into the spirit design.

The candle wick neared, then entered the spirit design.

Just as the other things that entered the spirit design, golden flames sprang up around the wick. Wu Yu could see that it was lit.

He hurriedly pulled it out!

The black candle was indeed lit.

The black candle was not big. As it gently swayed in the wind, it emitted thick, black smoke.

No other changes for now.

"The candle can be lit. But so what?"

This should be a high quality candle, and a candle's function was illumination. Right now, the candle would only continue to shorten as it burned. No other changes could be observed.

He blew on it, and realized that he could not put out the flame.

Even with a blade, he could not cut through the wick. As for water, that was useless as well.

"What a strange thing."

He took the candle and stood beside the spirit design, a little at a loss.

As the lit candle neared the spirit design, he felt some change in the spirit design, as though it were diminishing. He did not understand the spirit design well, but he could still feel it from less than a chi away.

Wu Yu started.

He picked up a handful of mud from the ground and hurled it into the spirit design. Still the golden flames flared, and the mud vanished.

The spirit design had not disappeared, but when the black candle in Wu Yu's hand neared the spirit design, he could feel a lessening of the spirit design.

"It can't be...."

He extended the candle into the spirit design. Very quickly, the wick entered. As the black flames burnt within the spirit design, the golden flames did not appear!

Wu Yu was extremely excited. He felt like he was on the verge of something big.

He continued to extend the candle in. Very quickly, more than half the black candle was in the spirit design. What was astonishing was that no golden flame appeared to devour the candle.

At this moment, he picked up another handful of mud and took a deep breath.

And then he hurled it in.


As the black flames smoldered within the spirit design, the mud entered the spirit design and landed beside the candle the with a loud smack!

Ming Long inhaled sharply and then cried, "Impossible! Impossible! This black candle is actually the way to break the spirit design! Oh my God!"

Wu Yu was thunderstruck too!

He could not calm himself down.

At that moment, he still did not dare to enter it. He confirmed that the black candle was still lit, then he found a chain-type immortal treasure and wrapped it around his hand. With a loud swish, he flicked it within the spirit design to coil around the 10,000 Dragons Staff.

Slick, slick, slick, slick!

Unexpectedly, the chain caught against the 10,000 Dragons Staff, and was not swallowed by golden flame!

Wu Yu was mad with excitement.

With a violent pull, he tried to pull the 10,000 Dragons Staff out.

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