Chapter 0625: Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff

The advanced dao treasure before his eyes was a long, silver spear. The long spear was buried in the ground and resembled a silver dragon. 

Despite being separated from the sure-death slaughtering spirit design, Wu Yu could still feel extreme power below the surface of this dao treasure. 

Countless spirit designs were carved on it, and the engravings were densely packed and numerous. The person who crafted this advanced dao treasure had definitely exhausted huge efforts. 

However, regardless of whether it was Wu Yu or others, they could only stare blankly at this advanced dao treasure. 

Wu Yu hadn't attempted to pry apart these spirit designs previously. Now that no one was stopping him, he took the time to fiddle with it for half a day. Yet he was still clueless about this spirit design. The truth was, the range of this spirit design was a sphere with the dao treasure at the center. Whether he attempted to go from above by landing from the sky, or from below by digging three inches into the ground, it wouldn't work. 

Whenever an object approached, it would be completely destroyed. It was the same for the grass and earth that was outside the spirit design. 

He moved several doppelgangers around to observe the situation. The grass field was still as it was previously. This showed that the commotion they had caused in the tomb had no effect on the surroundings. 

Occasionally, he would still encounter others. 

Everyone was like a headless housefly at the moment. The incidents of the Perennial Shark and Prince Le had given many a bad scare. Almost no one had the guts to enter areas like the tomb, where one might die. 

Wu Yu continued studying the spirit design. Although the chances were slim, he would reap a huge reward if he ever succeeded! 

"Wu Yu."

Just as Wu Yu was looking for a solution, Princess You Xue arrived in the vicinity and saw him. 

There weren't that many princes and princesses in the Dark North Kingdom. Therefore, Princess You Xue probably possessed an extremely esteemed status and standing within the Dark North Kingdom. 

At the very least, her standing would be higher than Prince Le’s in the Yan Huang Ancient Country. 

Naturally, the great thing about the Yan Huang Ancient Country was its strong national strength that was unmatched. 

Beyond the tomb, Princess You Xue was a frightening threat. Therefore, the moment Wu Yu spotted her, he was extremely vigilant. He retreated to the other end of the spirit design while locking eyes with Princess You Xue through the spirit design and the advanced dao treasure. 

"You are interested in this advanced dao treasure?" Princess You Xue stopped outside the spirit design. In her eyes, light was flickering. 

"I believe everyone would go crazy for any advanced dao treasure," replied Wu Yu. 

Seeing Wu Yu clearly on the defensive, Princess You Xue chuckled and said, "You don't have to be that nervous. I'm not an ugly demon. I'm still grateful for what you did in the tomb." 

Princess You Xue had an exceptionally cold demeanor, similar to the dark and cold feeling suggested by the words "Dark North."

However, when she smiled, she was prideful like a plum blossom and exceptionally alluring. 

Wu Yu didn't answer. Perhaps it was because he had killed Xiao Yili. He didn't dare to interact much with Princess You Xue, lowering the chances of him letting the cat out of the bag. 

"It would appear that you have no intentions on getting on my good books." Princess You Xue heaved a sigh and felt a little helpless. 

"On the account that what you have done could be considered as saving my life, let me give you some gentle reminders. First, regarding the death of the Perennial Shark. Although the majority of the people don't believe that it had anything to do with you, there is also a small portion that believes otherwise. This small portion is a huge threat. You have to be more careful from here onwards. Sea region demons are numerous, extremely savage, vengeful, and move in groups." 

With regard to this, Wu Yu couldn't do anything. 

Princess You Xue continued, "After you left, I overheard the conversation of some people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. They had to find a scapegoat for the death of Prince Le and Qu Haoyan so they could avoid punishment. Therefore, they might push the blame to you, who failed to save Prince Le. After all, you have no backing and would be easy to blame. You probably can't make it to the Yan Huang Ancient Country anymore. You are a talent after all. If you have suffered enough injustice, thought it through, and want to leave your kingdom for greener pastures, I, You Xue, would definitely welcome you into the Dark North Kingdom to serve me as long as you are willing." 

However, Wu Yu didn't understand her and didn't know if she had other ideas in mind. Perhaps the current him was a sweet piece of meat that everyone would find hard to resist. 

He would definitely not head to the Dark North Kingdom. Because of the Yan Huang City Lord, Wu Yu's roots belonged to Yan Huang Imperial City. He couldn't betray the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Unless he had no other options available. 

Princess You Xue waved her hand and said, "You can go. I have my eyes on this advanced dao treasure and have to ponder about how to break the spirit design. When you have thought it through, come look for me. I'll always welcome you." 

On this grass field, there were plenty of advanced dao treasures. Wu Yu had no reason to fight with her over this. He nodded, bade farewell, and left rapidly. 

The truth was, Princess You Xue had given him a timely reminder and made him understand that his future path was laid with numerous dangers! Things wouldn't be easy. 

"Be more careful. In the past, I showed too many of my capabilities. As a result, I lost my life as I drew jealousy from others and wasn't careful enough," remarked Ming Long emotionally. 

The stronger Wu Yu was getting, the more she felt that Wu Yu was taking her old path. 

Naturally, his strength and talents couldn't be masked unless he didn't compete with others. However, without competition and clashes, his dao wouldn't have advanced. 

Therefore, he definitely had to make himself prominent. 

What he truly needed was to be more careful, more thoughtful of various perspectives, and to leverage on the flow of things in his various clashes with others. Or even have experts protecting him. 

"Challenges are everywhere, and I've never been afraid of them. The path of cultivation has always been about plundering! Plundering with the heavens and competing with others. Only by standing at the very end through this plundering process can one become an immortal!" 

His will was exceptionally resolute. Despite facing the stress, Wu Yu wasn't intimidated at all. 

He had a dozen-plus doppelgangers roaming freely. One of them was even annihilated directly when it encountered a sea region demon. 

The grassfield appeared to be vast and boundaryless, with seemingly numerous secrets still hidden. Emerging from the tomb, more and more people were heading further out to explore this unknown world. Wu Yu also decided to move further away. 

After his main body had chosen a direction, he headed off! 

Soon after he moved out, he made a return trip. This was because one of his doppelgangers happened to find an incredible advanced dao treasure! 

Compared to the other advanced dao treasures, it wasn't that particularly outstanding. However, its attraction to Wu Yu was at least 10 times higher than the silver spear! 

This was because it was a column! 

Although it was protected by spirit designs and his chances of getting it were slim, the dao treasure still held huge attraction that propelled Wu Yu to give up on his initial direction and fly to it rapidly. 

This was still a flat grass field where one could see from a long distance. Beautiful, green grass was everywhere and was swaying lighting from the gentle breeze. 

In an extremely ordinary region, a golden rod was buried into the ground. Approximately one-quarter of it was buried in the ground and the rest of it was pointing towards the sky in a slanted manner. 

The base color of that column was as black as ink. Although it was the base color, the majority of it was covered in golden engravings. 

Taking a closer look, numerous entirely golden, small dragons were wrapping around the black column densely. The numbers reached several thousand, or even tens of thousands! 

The engravings of tens of thousands of golden mystical dragons were slightly elevated from the main body of the black column. 

Each and every golden mystical dragon engraving was really small. However, they didn't feel fragile at all. In fact, every single minor golden mystical dragon had a different expression, action, and even personality. 

They were either chasing, growling angrily, in deep slumber, or battling. The numerous forms of a dragon were condensed onto this dao treasure. 

It was as though this dao treasure was indeed formed from gathering over 10,000 mystical dragons. These densely packed minor golden mystical dragons wouldn't make this column appear unpleasant. Instead, one could feel dominance, majesty, and overwhelming beauty from it. Anyone that had their eyes on it would definitely have the desire to own this advanced dao treasure. 

That's right! This should be an advanced dao treasure too! 

Having caught a glimpse of it, Wu Yu knew immediately that this would be the most appropriate advanced dao treasure for him relative to the numerous advanced dao treasures he had seen. 

The truth was, this column was in a slumber and wasn't emitting such tough brilliance. However, Wu Yu's eyes were deeply attracted to it. Even his breathing was getting frantic. 

Perhaps the Floating Dreams Pagoda might be more incredible. However, Wu Yu desired to own this advanced dao treasure before him even more. This was because it represented strength and also majesty! Every inch of the nature-defying workmanship and every minor dragon filled Wu Yu with endless desire and longing. 

For a man, a weapon might be unimaginably crucial at times. When Wu Yu was young, he started desiring a weapon. At that time, he had even lost sleep and appetite over his desire to own a steel longsword. 

And at this moment, for him, he felt exactly the same when standing before the dao treasure, but he couldn't get closer. 

Intense desire, yet he couldn't get his hands on it. All he could do was stare blankly at it. The torment and unhappiness in his heart was unbearable. 

"This is strange. I think I know this dao treasure. From my recollection, I have seen the information of this dao treasure!" Ming Long suddenly exclaimed agitatedly, giving Wu Yu a scare. 

She had once obtained the Ruyi Jingu Bang. When she was at her peak, she was much stronger than the current Wu Yu. It wouldn't be surprising that she had paid attention to an advanced dao treasure like this. She might not recognize other advanced dao treasures. However, the one before her currently might be one of those that she had desired previously. 

"Let me think about it." 

Ming Long tilted her head and racked her brain. In the end, she slapped her thigh and said, "I remember it now! I've seen the records of this dao treasure before. This is a really ancient dao treasure! It's definitely an advanced dao treasure and has at least three yuan of history. This is because the description of this advanced dao treasure was that it appeared two yuan ago during my time. Once, a bloodbath was caused when martial cultivators fought over it. In the end, this was recorded. I vaguely recall that its name is..." 

Ming Long spoke a chunk of words rapidly. At the end, she frowned once again while pondering. 

"Haha! I remember it! This is the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff! Definitely an advanced dao treasure!" 

"Legend has it that the creator of this dao treasure visited every member of the mystical dragon race on record. He requested a piece of dragon scale from each of them. Together with the Great Otherworldly Infinite Spirit Design and over 20,000 assisting spirit designs, he created the Otherworldly Infinite 10,000 Dragons Staff. This dao treasure is imbued with the will of mystical dragons and the might of 10,000 dragons' dao techniques. Together with the rather uncommon Great Otherworldly Infinite Spirit Design, it can release otherworldly infinite power and is definitely the holy grail for strength users! Among the numerous advanced dao treasures out there, it is widely believed to possess absolute strength and is the type that could erupt with the strongest strike. Based on ancient text, it had been missing for a long time. Who would have expected it to appear in the Taigu Immortal Path! This is a miracle!

"Obviously, this dao treasure is extremely appropriate for you. What a shame." Ming Long sighed. 

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