Chapter 0624: Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill

At this moment, those outside had just learned of what had transpired within.

Especially those of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. After hearing that Prince Le, Qu Haoyan and the others were more or less confirmed dead, they lost their composure for a while, sitting around thunderstruck and looking at each other. No one stood up.

After Wu Yu came out, he was naturally the center of attention, as a central figure in the events.

Just as the turmoil reached a crescendo, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern stood up to fire such an accusation as a sea region demon.

The death of the Perennial Shark was also a huge matter! Everyone had yet to recover from one big shock when they were unceremoniously plunged into another. And this one was also related to Wu Yu!

Wu Yu was naturally under suspicion.

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was not the same as before right now. Right now, he was a demon even more powerful than the Yan Huang City Lord!

Not just him - many other demons were threatening Wu Yu, applying tremendous pressure on him.

After exiting, he truly felt his helplessness. Most of the people here could crush him.

Wu Yu had long anticipated this reversal and therefore was not thrown off.

As for the matter of the Perennial Shark, he had considered it before. After all, only Wu Yu had the capability to kill the Perennial Shark within the tomb.

He was already prepared, and therefore answered unhurriedly, even as he stood without support in the face of the threatening demons. "I knew you would suspect me, but I too do not know how the Perennial Shark died."

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern said, "Stop prevaricating. Prince Le and the Perennial Shark had bad blood between them. With a weapon like you in the tomb, he would definitely have bade you act against the isolated Perennial Shark. I was saying that it must have been you who killed the Perennial Shark."

Wu Yu was not thrown off, but replied, "Who told you that Prince Le and the Perennial Shark had bad blood? Right now, Prince Le is not here. Of course, you may fabricate lies as you wish. I just came out, and you are already hurrying to accuse me thus, even using the name of Prince Le. I think the killer might be you instead. Right now, you're feeling uneasy. Seeing my physical strength in the tomb, and also Prince Le's death without evidence, you would like to push the blame to me, correct?"

The death of the Perennial Shark could not be allowed to land on his head, no matter what.

Otherwise, the Perennial Demon race would definitely be after his blood. The affair of Prince Le had been an accident, and this accident had caused a lot of unanticipated inconvenience to Wu Yu.

If he had known this would happen, he would have ignored Prince Le.

But there was no medicine in this world that would cure regret.

Wu Yu had gambled right. He knew that the Perennial Shark's enemies could not be limited to Prince Le. That was why Wu Yu had hedged his bets. As he spoke thus, a few people turned suspicious gazes back towards the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern.

After all, he must have a reason for being so anxious to pin the blame on Wu Yu!

All on the basis that Wu Yu was strong. To already ascertain that Wu Yu was the killer without being well informed of the conflict between Prince Le and the Perennial Shark - that was indeed quite forced.

Wu Yu said, "Besides, the corpse puppets in the tomb were very strong. If three or four acted together, even the Perennial Shark would die. I think that he would not survive if he met such danger inside. To put all that blame on me without evidence - that is very unfair indeed."

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had intended to blacken Wu Yu's reputation, but now he had been rewarded with a stinging counter. He seethed inwardly.

Within the tomb, he could overlook being suppressed by Wu Yu. Right now, this kid still dared to disrespect him! How could he stand it?

"Go to hell!" Instantly, the incensed Nine-Star Snow Wyvern acted. He had tolerated Wu Yu for far too long, and could not be bothered to explain or debate with Wu Yu.

Against a lowly maggot, he found it impossible to rationally reason it out with him. Only killing him could end the resentment in his heart.

His opponent came killing, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy returned anew. This demon was far too strong. He was very similar to the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. They were both a type of mystical dragon, but also a demon.

Right now, starlight sparkled.

Wu Yu could not even stand a single blow from him. He did not want to die, which was why at this time, he activated the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, shrinking himself to his smallest form. Then he used the Swift Art to speed away on his sword.

"Good on you! Killing the witness! I did not intend to be tangled up with you, but you actually tried to pass the blame to me! I won't stand for it!"

Wu Yu opened up to full throttle, doubling his speed to a frightful level.

"Don't even dream of escaping!"

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern came chasing. At first, he was not worried that Wu Yu would escape. After all, there were still other demons nearby, and he was confident in his own speed.

Who would have thought that Wu Yu was so frightfully fast that he would vanish in a blink!

"Stop right there!"

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern roared. He transformed into his true form, a huge, hornless dragon. The mystical dragon stretched out before everyone like a river of stars, sparkling incandescently. There were nine spots on the dragon scales that shone most intensely with starlight.


After the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern shifted into his true form, he took to the skies in pursuit of Wu Yu. After switching to his true form, his speed was significantly enhanced, and his confidence returned.

Given his abilities, he did not believe that there was anyone he could not catch.

But even in his true form, Wu Yu was still rapidly diminishing in his sight!

His figure continued to get smaller and smaller!

"How is that possible?"

The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was thunderstruck.

He had never before seen a miracle like Wu Yu. He was only a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator - how could he be this godlike!?

"Hngh...." As Wu Yu vanished before his eyes, he was stunned.

From behind, everyone's gazes were on him, their expressions changing. In truth, not many thought it likely that Wu Yu was the reason behind the Perennial Shark's death....

After all, Prince Le was as good as dead now, and the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern had suddenly accused Wu Yu at this sensitive moment. He seemed to be pressing his case hard without substantiation....

"What are you all looking at!? Once I convey the news to the Perennial Demon tribe, they will naturally know who the killer is!" The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern raged.

He flew off.

For now, the others were ready to leave this inauspicious place.


Too much had happened in this place. After leaving, Wu Yu had much to think about as well.

He felt that many things were beyond one’s control - they were up to one's fate.

"Forget it. In this Taigu Immortal Path, I have to take each step as it comes."

At least he had gained many treasures from Xiao Yili and the others. Xiao Yili was a region lord - and even the modest amount of treasures she had brought in was already considerable.

The Sumeru Pouches of the four.

There were plenty of dao treasures. However, Wu Yu could not take them out. He stowed these sensitive objections within the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

Many bore the insignia of the Dark North Kingdom and therefore could not be used.

What remained were ownerless immortal medicines. After all, he could not ascertain if the talismans were unique to the Dark North Kingdom.

Immortal medicines, immortal essences, and precious treasures - these were ownerless.

Amongst them, immortal medicines were the most numerous. Besides copious amounts of Inner Sea Essence Pills, there were also immortal medicines that Wu Yu had never even encountered in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Ordinarily, Inner Sea Essence Pills were already considered supreme-grade miracle medicines.

But here, there was a type of immortal medicine that was above supreme-grade miracle medicines. They were known as great dao miracle medicines. A great dao miracle medicine was on a level where only Dao Querying cultivators could refine them.

Great dao miracle medicine was a tier of immortal medicine. Within Xiao Yili's Sumeru Pouch, there were many great dao miracle medicines, including one type called the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill.

It was said that each Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill had the potency of hundreds or thousands of Inner Sea Essence Pills.

A Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill not only could cultivate Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and expand one's Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, but it could also nurture one's Primordial Spirit, developing both Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and one's Primordial Spirit simultaneously.

In the entire Jambu Realm, besides the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, the experts at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm basically all used Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in place of Inner Sea Essence Pills.

At the same time, Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills were used as currency for trades or purchases. Because these Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills were things that everyone needed. A hard currency.

Other immortal medicines of the great dao miracle medicine tier could also be used as currency, as long as they were widely used enough. Of course, the most common was the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pill.

In total, the four had about 2,000 Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills.

Wu Yu's doppelgangers were currently starved for immortal medicines, and these Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills were lifesavers. However, Wu Yu felt that they would not last long.

A pity that he had not been able to take the Sumeru Pouches of the Perennial Shark or the Prince Le retinue.

"If only I had been a bit more unforgiving and slaughtered my way through the tomb, I would have had much more."

Of course, this was only a dream. Wu Yu was, by nature, a kind person, and could not bring himself to do such a cruel thing.

Wu Yu could bring his clones with him into the Floating Dreams Pagoda.

The Floating Dreams Pagoda was just large enough to fit all his doppelgangers.

And then the Floating Dreams Pagoda could be put into a Sumeru Pouch. Sumeru Pouches were mysterious dao treasures, and would not crumble due to things within them.

Right now, many used Sumeru Pouches that were of dao treasure caliber.

Wu Yu had once wondered if he could conceal many people within the Floating Dreams Pagoda. But reality seemed to say otherwise. Because right now, he could enter the Floating Dreams Pagoda, but he could not allow others in.

Perhaps he would be able to after he had fully mastered the Floating Dreams Pagoda. At that time, he could perhaps bring many people around within his Sumeru Pouch.

He let his doppelgangers refine themselves with the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills in the Floating Dreams Pagoda. Right now, half of the effect of the Great Dao Primordial Spirit Pills - the Primordial Spirit effect - would be wasted, but that could not be helped.

He focused all his attention on the grassy plain.

Before long, another advanced dao treasure-looking object appeared before him.

However, Wu Yu tested it, and still he could not pass.

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