Chapter 0623: Wu Yu, Save Me!

Wu Yu was actually very impressed by Baili Zhuihun. In terms of his knowledge of spirit designs, he far surpassed Prince Le.

That was why he had been able to crack the disorienting formation, the bronze doors, and even the gold and silver coffins now. Amazing.

Hearing this, the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc, and Princess You Xue were all even more anxious. The three combined their strength and employed the entirety of their arsenal. Wu Yu was hard pressed to stop them from entering!

After all, these were all super-geniuses. If they were truly injured, there would be hell to pay once they got out of here!

"Wu Yu, get out of the way! I'll give you one more chance. Otherwise, I won't hold back if you piss me off!" The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was already at the peak of his anger.

Wu Yu and his staff stood in defense. The three great experts were all being fended off.

Looking within the great hall, Prince Le and the other three had gathered around the golden coffin. Baili Zhuihun had followed some sequences to dispel some subtle marks on the coffin's surface.

As they broke, the golden coffin started to shudder as though there was a huge beast trapped within. It would soon be revealed what exactly was inside. Even Prince Le was very excited, his golden eyes riveted on the golden coffin.

"Wu Yu! You don't know what's good for you! If you don't make way in three breaths, I will make it my life’s goal to see you beheaded!" Princess You Xue was truly anxious now. Her face was flushed as she rushed up again, but she was again repelled by the savage staff of Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was impassive.

He had thrown in his lot with Prince Le. And now, at this juncture, he naturally could not waver.

However, Prince Le did not keep him waiting for long either. More accurately, it was Baili Zhuihun who was capable. Just as Wu Yu beat back Princess You Xue, and stood squarely before the bronze doors again, he heard the excited exclamation from Baili Zhuihun. "And done!"

Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and Qu Fengyu all showed their delight. Of course, it was tinged with wariness.

Just at this moment, Baili Zhuihun had probably broken the final catch. The coffin lid exploded off, flipping many times in the air. The sudden and drastic movement gave all of them a scare.

Outside, the others grew even more restless seeing that their hopes were about to vanish!

At this instant, Wu Yu turned back. He had to know what was about to appear.

At that moment, time stopped. Everyone's breathing could be heard clearly.


Suddenly, something that Wu Yu had not expected took place.

He could feel an inexplicable presence of death that sent a chill down his spine. That was actually true. His entire back felt cold, as though a huge volume of cold air was blasting up from the ground beneath his feet.

A huge explosion was set off as the coffin lid rocketed up into the air. From within the coffin, a deathly grey mist bloomed, obscuring everything. It shrouded Prince Le and the others!

"Wu Yu, save me!"

Wu Yu heard the wretched cries of Prince Le.

That's right. Prince Le had never let out such an anguished cry before.

But before he had time to react, Wu Yu saw a few skinny, grey tentacles reach out in a flash. They were too quick to avoid, especially when everyone's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was suppressed.

The tentacles split into many smaller tentacles. The greyness swarmed Prince Le and the others.

That was when Prince Le had called out to Wu Yu.

Everyone was stunned!

Wu Yu felt his back run cold as well. No one knew what was within the coffins.

He wanted to save Prince Le - he would be his benefactor after all - but he had just begun to move when Prince Le and the others were completely dragged into the coffins without resistance.

Besides Prince Le, the other three had not even made a sound before their faces had been swamped with tentacles.

After they were dragged in, the coffin lid that had flown up settled back anew, and all was silent as though nothing had ever happened.

But within the great hall, Prince Le and the others had vanished!

Wu Yu was even more discouraged than the others. He had worked hard for Prince Le, who had promised him much. But now he was gone? He was not a cowardly person, so he had made up his mind to go and save them. But a pity that the bronze doors suddenly sprang shut, almost smashing in Wu Yu's nose!

Even this door was closed!

Not just that. When the coffin sprang open, all the corpse puppets howled as though they had seen a ghost, then they sank into the ground rapidly, vanishing without a trace to leave the 30-odd people to themselves.

Princess You Xue and the others had already stopped fighting.

All of this had happened too suddenly, and everyone was frozen to the spot, staring blankly at the bronze doors. Wu Yu was nonplussed as well.

After a long while, someone swallowed and said, "Maybe Prince Le is dead.... This is unexpected.... What was that, it was too horrifying...."

"Besides the Spirits of the Universe, can other living things exist on the Taigu Immortal Path? If so, how many years has this thing lived? How can it be alive here in the Taigu Immortal Path...."

"A pity. Prince Le was one of the youngest and most astonishing talents of the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Who would have thought that he would die here.... It's really serious now...."

They discussed, clearly shaken.

In truth, what had just transpired had shaken many people.

Wu Yu had accepted the truth of this, which was that Prince Le was probably done for.

He already had a premonition that disturbing the dead was no good thing. What had just happened was probably the tomb's owner's rage.

Very dangerous. If he had been standing beside him as well, then he might have been sucked into the coffin along with Prince Le.

But he still returned to the bronze door, giving it a few savage knocks that failed to open the door. It had been Baili Zhuihun who had opened it, and Wu Yu could not make headway after a long while.

"Can anyone open this door?" If there was a chance, he would like to try and see if Prince Le could be rescued. After all, one had to stick to one's guns.

Hearing Wu Yu's words, everyone flinched.

"Are you mad? Only a fool would go in. Had enough of life?!" Derisive laughter answered him.

The Yan Huang Ancient Country people all left. Those here were not friendly towards Prince Le.

Princess You Xue stood before Wu Yu and then pouted, saying, "I guess I have to thank you. Otherwise, I would be dead as well. Well, don't dally around. Best be on your way. This tomb is a cursed land without a single treasure!"

Saying thus, she turned to leave with her retinue from the Dark North Kingdom. Of course, in order to prevent sneak attacks by the corpse puppets, she was also calling for everyone to watch each other's backs as they exited.

As for Prince Le and the others, who cared?

"Hmph!" The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern and the other demons clearly wanted to laugh. They had been so anxious but were now feeling smug inside. After all, Prince Le was one of their great foes.

"Wu Yu, do you still dare to go out? I know you wanted to be Prince Le's lapdog, but a pity that he was short-lived. Right now, you're just a homeless mongrel. Pitiful. And you've offended so many people. Do you dare to go outside?" The Nine-Star Snow Wyvern was still quite resentful at having been blocked.

"Why would he dare to go out? Here, he can put on airs, as though he's actually worth something. Once he goes out, he'll be a gutter rat. Damn, you did save my life, but why do I feel resentful?" From the side, the Eight-Feather Golden Roc also recalled how Wu Yu had stopped them shamelessly.

In truth, it had been the impediment of Wu Yu that had stopped them from throwing away their lives.

Eventually, the group left, leaving Wu Yu behind.

"Forget it. That was their fate. You can't open this door anyway, let alone the coffins. You can't help. Let's go. This tomb is an unlucky place, without even a hair of goodness. Lucky the thing didn't get you."

Ming Long had started chattering again.

But she was right. Wu Yu had basically walked the entirety of this tomb. He had thought that he could ride Prince Le's coattails for a while, and had worked hard on his behalf. Who would have thought that Prince Le would be gone so soon.

And Qu Haoyan, Qu Fengyu, Baili Zhuihun - this would be a grave affair once news got back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"I tried my best too. But it probably won't affect my dealings with the Yan Huang Ancient Country. A pity. Prince Le promised me a Taigu Immortal Talisman and protection. It's all for naught now.

"However, I don't know what ulterior motive he had. At least I don't have to get in bed with a tiger now."

Wu Yu was still quite optimistic, quickly moving on from such thoughts. He had gained the Floating Dreams Pagoda in the Taigu Immortal Path and also had other Taigu Immortal Talismans. That was profit - at least he could choose to go to the Dark North Kingdom.

As he departed, he looked at the bronze doors again.

Shaking his head, Wu Yu sped through the tomb. Without the disorienting formation, it was very easy to find the exit, and the corpse puppets did not make a reappearance either.

In a flash, he reached the entrance.

Many had died in this tomb.

After he left, he would no longer be the absolute king of physical strength.

In this period of time, the feeling of invincibility had felt really good. A pity that this sort of illusion could not last. He had to continue plodding along honestly.

Wu Yu charged out, returning to the vast, grassy plains.

Just as he popped up, he felt a killing intent. So not everyone had left. Many were still thronging around. A majority of those who remained on the Taigu Immortal Path were here.

"Wu Yu!" Suddenly, a cruel voice rang out.

Wu Yu turned back. It was the Nine-Star Snow Wyvern who had called him. With a stony gaze, he questioned, "Let me ask you - and answer honestly: were you the one who killed the Perennial Shark?!"

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