Chapter 0622: Princess You Xue

Behind him, Prince Le and the others were analyzing with peace of mind. Before him, more than 30 people were warring against the corpse puppets.

There were many corpse puppets, and those from the Muxu Kingdom, who had died at the onset, had now also entered the fray as corpse puppets.

For the 30-odd people to break through the 20 corpse puppets in their way was no easy task. At least over at the Perennial Shark's side, no one could stop him!

Only when they faced the Perennial Shark did they know how arduous and horrifying Wu Yu must have been during his battle!

As for Baili Zhuihun being able to open the door just at the brink of their doom - that had surpassed their expectations and made them extremely glum.

Seeing Prince Le and the others analyzing the coffins and seeking a way to open them made them very anxious!

"If they get a treasure, it will be impossible to take it away from Prince Le in this tomb as long as Wu Yu is around!"

"If we go out, that's even more impossible! Prince Le can use the Taigu Immortal Talisman at any point!"

"Seize the day! Our chance is here!"

Only by rushing in and creating chaos could there be a chance, when all of them would contest for it.

Wu Yu understood that they would take a long time. Because it was not at all easy for them to break through the corpse puppets, he let his gaze wander.

Sculptures, gold and silver coffins, candles....

Besides these, there did not seem to be anything else.

It was not just the black candles by the dais. There were also candles by the walls. Not many - maybe a dozen or so by each face.

"How could these candles have endured for so long?" Without question, this tomb must have been ancient.

Wu Yu twitched the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, and one black candle landed in his hand. After rubbing away the dust, he took a closer look. This candle must have been lit for a while and then extinguished.

The black wax seemed almost real, but it was very firm. Wu Yu tested his fingernail against it, but was unable to even leave a mark. This candle was as hard as iron.

"I wonder how long it can burn for after you light it."

He played around with it but did not uncover any clues.

"No matter how unusual these candles are, they are but candles after all. I'm sure the real treasure must reside within the coffins."

That was why Prince Le and the others had ignored these candles.

Besides the candles, there was nothing else.

At this time, someone had broken through the encirclement of the corpse puppets. They charged towards the bronze doors, hounded by corpse puppets.

The imminent arrival made Wu Yu store the candle in his sleeve so that he could continue examining it later. He hefted the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean.

Obviously, his opponent had seen Wu Yu on guard.

A closer look showed that the person approaching was a great beauty, so beautiful that she took one's breath away. Xiao Yili had already been not bad, and this woman was in the same vein, albeit even more high-class and beautiful by several tiers. She had a natural aristocratic feel to her in terms of quality and bloodline.

Just one look and Wu Yu knew that this person's status and identity were not any bit inferior to Prince Le's own.

Her hair and eyes were a dark forest-green, while her skin was as fair as marble. Every last inch of her was the most perfect creation on earth. If not for the cold look in her eyes, she would truly be an enchanting creature.

Wu Yu had been taken aback by her beauty. She said in a frosty tone, "Wu Yu! I am Princess You Xue from the Dark North Kingdom! I am Prince Le's equal in every way. Get out of my way. If you offend me, I will see that you regret it, even with Prince Le's protection."

So she was from the Dark North Kingdom.

No wonder she was as frigid as Xiao Yili.

This girl, in terms of her quality, ability, and status, was definitely Prince Le's match. The fact that she was the first to charge through was testament to her ability.

Princess You Xue.

"Princess, please do not be difficult. As someone of the Yan Huang Ancient Country, I naturally strive for the Yan Huang Ancient Country. I seek your forgiveness for any offense."

Now was not the time to be offending others. That was why Wu Yu was polite. Of course, his actions were not as deferential as his words. He was already standing outside the bronze doors, ready to receive Princess You Xue.

Princess You Xue arrived in a flash!

Wu Yu immediately attacked. Three successive strikes with overpowering strength sent Princess You Xue flying. The pursuing corpse puppets immediately swarmed her again.

"Wu Yu! You!" Princess You Xue had not suffered such indignity before. She was furious, glaring at Wu Yu as if she wanted to swallow him.

"You might be a hero here, but after you go out, anybody can finish you! See if Prince Le protects you when that time comes! He's known to be a snake who will kick you to the curb after you've outlived your usefulness," Princess You Xue shouted resentfully.

Wu Yu could only wave a hand, wordlessly letting her know that he had no choice. This was not something within his control.

Princess You Xue was furious, but she had no choice. Charging past the corpse puppets once had been luck. And now that she was surrounded by three, she was hard pressed to fight for her life.

Wu Yu had just taken a breather when another breach happened! And this time, there were two! From their auras, these two were definitely demons!

They appeared before Wu Yu at the same time. Although they were not companions, they naturally had allied together here. They had to get past Wu Yu. After all, if they were late to the party, the treasure would already be taken.

The one on the left was built similar to Wu Yu. He was an eminent prince with dashing features. His eyes were especially striking, deep and vast, glowing with a blue light akin to a starry sky. And on closer look, one could see that there were nine stars in his starry eyes.

Besides that, Wu Yu also saw dragon scales on his body!

The dragon scales only covered his hands, although they probably covered his entire body in his true form. These were snow-white dragon scales, unblemished and cold.

The other was taller and thinner. His head of golden hair was clutched in a whip-like bunch. The most striking feature of him was his pencil-sharp nose, which was just like a bird's beak. His eyes also looked very keen.

These two demons were naturally top-tier beings! They were probably no different from the Perennial Shark or Princess You Xue. Outside, they would destroy Wu Yu easily.

But now, the two could only stare at Wu Yu severely.

"Wu Yu, I know that you had your differences with Prince Le from the start. You only helped him because you were threatened by his influence. If you give way, we can ensure your safety from now on, and give you more! Prince Le is no good person."

They had seen Princess You Xue repelled by Wu Yu, and clearly knew that Wu Yu was difficult to deal with. Even if they combined their strength, their chances were slim. So they decided to try a verbal approach.

The man with eyes like stars said, "I am a Nine-Star Snow Wyvern, of the snow wyvern race. We have good relations with the mystical dragons!" 

"My true form is an Eight-Feather Golden Roc! Our tribe roams the skies. Whether sea or land, it is all within our dominion. You had best carefully consider the consequences of crossing me!" the other said.

Damn that Prince Le, leaving Wu Yu here as the focus of all the threats.

"Wu Yu, ignore them. An uncouth bunch. Compared to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, they are chaff,” Prince Le urged him, upon hearing their threats.

With such support, Wu Yu said, "Please do not make things difficult. I am but a pawn. Wu Yu is fortunate enough that my physical advantages shine within this tomb. If you two gentlemen wish to go in, please ask with your actions instead."

These two demons were not despicable enough to bully Wu Yu with the safety of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. The two exchanged looks, but they had no other choice. They attacked.

The two demons came killing!

They were both beings of god-tier power. Wu Yu had just been able to barely deal with newly minted Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators - how could he possibly be their match outside?

It was too good to be true that he could clash with them here.

In truth, they had to team up, and were still afraid of Wu Yu.

In truth, their combined strength was only at the level of the Perennial Shark. Wu Yu did not punish them too badly - holding them there was not a problem at all.

Behind, many saw that they would be stopped by Wu Yu even if they broke past the corpse puppets, and lost heart as a result.

Before too long, Princess You Xue again broke past, and the three surrounded Wu Yu!

These three were all of eminent status, similar to Prince Le's! But right now they were all dispirited. Because the combined power of the three was insufficient to budge Wu Yu even an inch.

One man and his staff stood against all!

Today, he had carved out a new legend!

Many people would probably speak of the amazing Wu Yu within the tomb after they left the Taigu Immortal Path!

Princess You Xue was frothing with anger. She realized that her weapons were bouncing off Wu Yu's body, and the wounds on his body were healing before her very eyes.

"This person is an unkillable presence!"

Others had also beaten past the corpse puppets, but they were all stopped by Wu Yu.

Prince Le and the others saw all this clearly.

"Prince, if not for Wu Yu, we wouldn't be here right now," Qu Haoyan said.

Qu Fengyu hastened to add, "And the corpse puppets, the disorienting formation, and the door - that was all him." 

Prince Le said, "I see it all. You two can continue to follow me from now on."

Qu Haoyan seemed like he wanted to say something and then thought better of it.

Hearing this, Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu exchanged looks and then smiled.

Baili Zhuihun looked outside. At this time, Wu Yu looked extremely impressive. His exceptional performance had been completely subsumed under Wu Yu's own.


"However, the Prince had no goodwill towards Wu Yu from the start. Wu Yu was even sneaking around inside that white pagoda. The Prince must not be genuinely favoring him. He must have other plans. Poor Wu Yu...."

Baili Zhuihun secretly celebrated.

Before long, he laughed. "I know how to open these coffins!"

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