Chapter 0621: Coffins of Gold and Silver

Wu Yu had no choice but to reveal it.

Even the slightest hesitation could be fatal!

Especially the Perennial Shark, which had already singled him out, and was difficult to deal with!

Wu Yu and his staff alone had occupied a majority of the corpse puppets' fighting force!

Such a heroic performance well satisfied Prince Le.

It also showed how awesome he was to those present!

The name of Wu Yu, for the first time, well and truly awed these super geniuses of the Jambu Realm.

Bang, bang, bang!

Without any embellishments, each strike was violence incarnate, sweeping, smashing, thrusting.

Even as unyielding as the corpse puppets were, Wu Yu's onslaught soon opened many wounds, and they were even reduced to dust!

Two corpse puppets had been completely brained by Wu Yu.

But even without their heads, they continued to attack unhindered. This was a real conundrum for Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had sustained wounds from these Corpse Puppets as well.

This deadly battle was intense. After Wu Yu had commenced fighting, no one else was slacking either. The puppets were being teamed up on in twos and threes. It was still rather relaxed for now.

Through fighting these corpse puppets that did not fear death, they understood just how strong Wu Yu was!

"This person is a god! Although he's not much outside, in this eerie tomb, he's the most eminent amongst us. No one can beat him."

"It's Prince Le's good fortune to be able to win his allegiance."

"We can only say that Prince Le was lucky. After all, this person is from Yan Huang Ancient Country. Of course he will help Prince Le."

"It's lucky for this kid called Wu Yu too. If not for this tomb, how could he possibly have caught Prince Le's eye? No one would have paid attention to him!"

No matter how prodigious Wu Yu's strength, such an exertion would still tire him out.

"Hold on!" Prince Le frowned.

Wu Yu was still fine, but the Qu siblings seemed to be on the verge of crumbling. In this short battle, Wu Yu had already turned back to save Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu numerous times!

Especially Qu Fengyu. Her life had been in danger many times, and it had been Wu Yu who had sent her opponent flying and saved her life.

Qu Fengyu was completely flustered by her fear, which compromised her fighting ability. She could only barely put up a struggle thanks to Qu Haoyan's exhorts. She did not have to perform brilliantly - she just had to stop retreating.

At this moment, Wu Yu was truly doing the heavy lifting.

This time, even Prince Le was depending on him.

The most panicky one now was Baili Zhuihun. He shouldered a heavy responsibility, and was breaking out in cold sweat right now. Although Prince Le was not breathing down his neck, each time he looked, he could see a humongous pressure emitting from his eyes!

After all, whether they could hold on or not all depended on Baili Zhuihun. Right now, those outside were still composed, coolly watching Prince Le and the others struggle at death's door. But once Prince Le and the others entered, they would come swarming in!

They were not coming over now because they wanted to watch Prince Le get killed!

Their life hung in each moment!

"Zhuihun!" Qu Fengyu was the most fearful. Especially aftr having almost lost her life so many times, she blamed Baili Zhuihun for each of the risks.

"I know, I know!" Baili Zhuihun was sweating profusely.

"Damn it!" Wu Yu twisted at the waist, channeling all his energy to his hips and then towards his arms. This strike landed on Perennial Shark's skull with terrifying strength, smashing it directly!

But the corpse puppets continued to show their anger against Wu Yu and the others. They groaned and howled, their faces impassive. No matter what was done to them, they would readily crawl back up, attacking heedless of their own lives.

On the other side, more than 30 people watched the fight without taking a hand.

"No matter how strong Wu Yu is, Prince Le is definitely dead."

"Even the Perennial Shark fell. If Prince Le falls as well, that would be no surprise."

"The Yan Huang Ancient Country people have always been so domineering. It's only normal that they should pay the price for it."

"If not for Wu Yu, Prince Le would have long been dead." They discussed unhurriedly.

The most ideal situation would be grievous injuries on both sides.


Just at this moment, Wu Yu delivered three consecutive strikes to Xiao Yili's lingering spectre. Against this bloodthirsty opponent, he put all his strength into each hit. After many hits, he finally smashed the first corpse puppet into powder, scattering it all across the tunnel!

Only then could the corpse puppets be considered finished.

However, many more corpse puppets immediately took its place. They did not even bat an eyelid at their comrade's death. Especially the Perennial Shark, who continued to glare at Wu Yu. He slashed at Wu Yu's hip, opening a huge gash that almost severed Wu Yu at the hip!

Wu Yu endured the pain and continued to hold on!

Prince Le and the others were all very anxious. His angry eyes were fixed on the people opposite. Perhaps he was committing all of these doom-wishers to memory.

He naturally saw Wu Yu's great work!

Time lapsed by!

The fighting circle formed by Wu Yu and the others had been pushed back towards the bronze doors. The corpse puppets were very savage as they cornered Wu Yu and the others.

Qu Fengyu was crying, her body shaking with sobs. She was not mentally strong enough. If not for Wu Yu saving her multiple times, she would have been dead many times over.

Those on the other side watched in silence.

Just then!

Baili Zhuihun suddenly gave a whoop!

"I got it! That's it!"

Wu Yu did not turn back. He did not know what he had thought of, or what he had used. But right now he was considerably battered, and just when he was on the verge of not being able to hold out, the bronze doors actually opened!

With a huge rumble, the doors swung open!

Baili Zhuihun went in first and then shouted, "Prince, it's safe! Come quickly!"

After which, Prince Le and the others piled in. Wu Yu was the vanguard, but the distance was not great, so he easily entered as well. He did not let down his guard. Because even though they were in, the corpse puppets were still there, and he had to continue fighting. The only thing that had changed was that those outside had to fight their way in now, and that eased the pressure on Wu Yu and the others!

However, when Wu Yu and the others headed past the bronze doors, the corpse puppets rushed to the entrance, baring claw and fang, but did not enter.

They seemed to be unable to pass through this door!

They even seemed a little afraid, and hurriedly left, turning to deal with the group outside.

At least for now, Wu Yu and the others were safe.

Wu Yu was worried, hurriedly turning back to appraise the situation.

"They don't dare to enter! Hurrah!" Baili Zhuihun exclaimed excitedly.

"We did it!" Qu Haoyan laughed loudly as well. He was extremely battered, covered in scars. But the smile on his face drew one's attention away from them.

Even Prince Le was not unscathed. At this time, he very quickly put the matter of the corpse puppets at the back of his mind, beginning to scrutinize their environment.

Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun were hugging each other closely. After escaping with their lives, they were overjoyed. If not for a glare from Qu Haoyan, they would probably have kissed.

Wu Yu's eyes swept across, seeing everything clearly.

This was a sealed hall, and the walls were divided into eight sections.

Each wall had sculptures on it, which bore ancient marks of time. Each sculpture was a towering giant. The decay of time had obscured the faces and expressions of these giants, but they looked very impressive. Their broken eye sockets made one feel dread!

In the world of cultivation, there were too many strange and marvelous things. Wu Yu did not know what these sculptures were.

However, this was not the most compelling thing.

Even more compelling was the two elevated dais in the middle of the hall. They were arrayed with extinguished candles, black candles that had actually stood after so long. Evidently, they were something special.

But what captured Prince Le's attention the most were the two coffins on these adjacent dais.

Each coffin was big enough to fit several rooms in.

One golden, one silver.

On the coffins, there were many complex sculptures and carvings. Again, they were obscured by the ravages of time, which had caused them to lose their original form.

Without question, this was the most central place of the tomb, and these two coffins were the key to everything.

Prince Le and the others were quickly attracted by them, and headed over.

Wu Yu wanted to go over as well, when Prince Le suddenly said, "Wu Yu, you guard the door. Chase away anybody who tries to come in. Don't worry. You contributed the most this time. I will not leave you out to dry."

In truth, Wu Yu was also very curious regarding the secret of the coffins.

But he also held respect for the coffins. He felt that if it had been up to him, he would not have so boldly gone up to the resting box of another. Perhaps a long time had passed, but from the maze, metal arrows, and corpse puppets, the owner of this tomb clearly did not wish to be disturbed.

Therefore, this was still a dangerous place.

Prince Le had told him to hold the door. There were no corpse puppets on this side, whereas the others needed to pass through them before they could reach him. The bronze door was only so big. If Wu Yu stood here, he was confident that he could stop anyone from entering.

This was truly like the Battle of Thermopylae.

Prince Le had used him to the greatest effect.

Wu Yu pondered this for a moment.

"I've already done all this for Prince Le. I'll just serve him once more. The key thing is, I don't think it'll be that easy. If they want to open the coffin, there must be more danger. If there's a treasure, it will not be so easily obtained.

"If there is something very valuable, they won't be able to hide it, and I will be able to see it. At most, I'll just fight for it."

That was why he very readily complied, returning to the door. Prince Le was very pleased with him, adding, "Wu Yu, from now on, I will not treat you unkindly."

Wu Yu smiled slightly. One man and his staff barred the door, facing the corpse puppets and geniuses outside.

Such an impressive aura and generous character truly made Prince Le and the others see his value.

With Wu Yu standing guard, they were naturally relaxed. Which was why they hurried to inspect the two golden and silver coffins.

And those outside fighting with all their might naturally saw Wu Yu as well.

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