Chapter 0620: Single Handedly Challenging the Corpses!

Over 20 corpse puppets suddenly emerged from the ground. Every single one of them had a deathly pale complexion and reeked of the hostile aura of death. They had Wu Yu and the rest surrounded and restricted to a small area before the bronze door. 

From their location, the tunnels leaving this tomb were blocked off for Wu Yu and the rest. 

Wu Yu could recognize a few of these corpse puppets. Among which, Xiao Yili, her three followers, and the Perennial Shark had all been killed by him. 

As for the rest, their corpses had been devoured by the tomb after they died in it. 

Standing at the front of the pack was the Perennial Shark. He was indeed not burnt to ashes! It was also because of this that he was different from the others. His body was rotting throughout and had burns. He was also the most gross and savage-looking one. 

His lips were burned off, revealing his row of sharp teeth. 

After turning into a corpse puppet, the Perennial Shark was also the mightiest. The capabilities of one after being turned into a corpse puppet had a lot to do with what one was capable of before the transformation! 

Wu Yu had not expected over 20 people to have died in this place. 

Outside the tomb, one could even claim that no one had died. 

They had spread the news of the corpse puppets previously, and Prince Le had instructed the people of Yan Huang Ancient Country to leave immediately. This led to the majority of the people leaving the tomb. Otherwise, there would’ve definitely been more corpse puppets before them right now. 

In fact, the number might even reach 50. 

The karma they had gained had helped them a little now. 

The issue was that just the corpse puppets before them were sufficiently terrifying. There were over 20 of them, and not a single one was weak! 

All of them had insane physical strength. 

Wu Yu could recall that he had to expend a huge amount of effort when dealing with two ordinary corpse puppets. 

Prince Le and the rest also knew how incredible the corpse puppets were. It was especially so when they saw the Perennial Shark - their expressions changed drastically. Prince Le turned around immediately to rush Baili Zhuihun. "If you don't wish to die, show me what you are capable of. Our lives are in your hands now!" 

Now they could only hope that while preserving their lives, Baili Zhuihun could open that huge door. 

All the corpse puppets had appeared before them. 

Prince Le had also retrieved a dao treasure. It was a golden longsword with complicated markings. As no Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy could be triggered, it could only be used as an ordinary weapon. Without a doubt, this was definitely an elite dao treasure. In fact, it might even be an advanced dao treasure. 

Even if it was an advanced dao treasure, without the spirit designs being triggered, it could only be used as a relatively sharper weapon. 

Qu Haoyan and his sister had made preparations for the battle as they retrieved their weapons. 

The targets of these corpse puppets were them! It was as though they had received an order. At this time, their eyes turned icy cold and lacked signs of life. They lowered their heads and extended their sharp claws. Some, like the Perennial Shark, even had their dao treasures in their hands.

They growled and roared like beasts and were rushing to get ahead. 

This was a brutal battle of life and death! 

However, from the corner at the end of the tunnel, another group of people swarmed in at this moment. They were the group that knew about the corpse puppets but were still confident in their strength. Basically, they were the strongest experts that had entered the Taigu Immortal Path. 

They had come one after another while fighting to get ahead. When they saw Prince Le and the rest standing before the door, they instantly became extremely nervous! 

"Prince Le, you can't pocket everything...." 

Before they finished their words, they also noticed the numerous corpse puppets before them. This gave the rest a bad scare. Some of those who were at the front stopped immediately. They wouldn't want to clash into this group of terrifying corpse puppets. 

More and more people arrived. In the blink of an eye, over 30 people showed up. Perhaps everyone in this tomb had gathered here. 

Everyone hid themselves at the corner of the tunnel. Suddenly, the tunnel got a little cramped. They looked in shock at Prince Le, his followers, and the corpse puppets before turning to see the door. Initially, they were really anxious. Seeing that everyone had not made a move, they stopped and stood at their own location. 

They had obviously noticed that these corpse puppets were targeting Prince Le and his guys. Therefore, Prince Le and his guys might not make it into that door. 

From the crowd, a person screamed, "Ju Huoyi!" He was the one from the Muxu Kingdom. Wu Yu and the rest were surprised he had not left. When he looked into the group of corpse puppets, he spotted a familiar figure. He was in high spirits and his tears flowed down like rain. At that instant, he forgot all dangers as he dashed towards Ju Huoyi. 

Perhaps they were a devoted couple and had sworn to spend their lifetimes together! 


The crowd failed to pull that person back in time and didn't give chase! 


From the group of corpse puppets, half of them turned around. Their soulless eyes were locked onto that guy. Among which, Ju Huoyi let out a piercing scream. Having transformed into a corpse puppet, she no longer had any emotions. Her body was no longer hers. 

Therefore, she pounced on her lover and started thrashing and chomping him. The man was full of tears but did not resist at all. 

"Don't be afraid. I'm here to join you now. Don't be afraid...." The eyes of that man dimmed and tears streamed down constantly. When the corpse puppet sank her sharp claws into his body, he opened up his arms and hugged the corpse puppet tightly while mumbling. 

"I regret my decision. I was audacious to think of entering this place. I have brought this upon you and I'm here to atone for my sins. If there's a next lifetime, I would still want to be your dao companion! Ju Huoyi...." 

In the end, his voice stopped abruptly. This was because the corpse puppet had ripped apart his internal organs emotionlessly and pierced through his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea.... 

Wu Yu had saved him and he had escaped. Yet he couldn't seem to escape from this trial and had chosen death by returning. 

This shocking scene moved many people. 

Wu Yu was still young. He didn't know what deep affection truly was. However, when he witnessed this scene, he gained some understanding. That was, even though the other party had been turned into a corpse puppet, he would still worry that she would be lonely. He would choose to die in her hands so he could accompany her. 

This incident ended when the corpse of that man sank into the ground. 

However, due to his intrusion, the corpse puppets had also noticed the group of people behind them. Among the 20-plus corpse puppets, half of them turned around and locked their eyes on the group. They separated into two and charged towards the large group. 

That brutal scene had intimidated the crowd. At this time, they started retreating subconsciously. 

The truth was they weren't in the most danger. 

This was because 30 of them just had to deal with roughly a dozen corpse puppets. As for Wu Yu's side, it was four against 10! Moreover, there was an existence like the Perennial Shark. He would likely be equivalent to several corpse puppets! 

"Should we help Prince Le and the rest? They are in danger now!" 

"Why would we? We can't even save ourselves now! If we help them, do you want to see them enter that door first? Can't you see that one of them is trying to break open the door?" 

Clearly, those with ordinary relationships with Prince Le wouldn't help him. Those that had entered were competitors to one another. Considering the situation, it would be strange if any of them chose to help Prince Le. In fact, there were some demons who couldn't wait to see Prince Le die. After all, everyone knew that the secret of this tomb would likely lie behind that door. 

"Oh, gosh! That's the Perennial Shark, Bai Ku! He's dead and was turned into a corpse puppet!" 

At this moment, someone finally saw the most terrifying corpse puppet before Wu Yu. He had probably sensed Wu Yu's strength and resilience and had chosen Wu Yu as his opponent. 

"Perennial Shark!" 

When the other people heard the name, they were shaken. They were astonished and took a longer look to verify the claims. That was indeed the Perennial Shark! 

It was especially so for the few sea region demons. When they saw the Perennial Shark corpse puppet, their eyes widened and every single one of them was exceptionally stunned. 

"How can this be possible? His physical strength is almost unparalleled in this place! How could he have died?" 

"He probably died in the hands of these corpse puppets when he wasn't paying attention! Considering the strength of these corpse puppets, it's likely that he lost his life when he was besieged by four or more of them." 

"Disregarding the Perennial Shark, we will likely all die here if we are unlucky!" 

"What a shame! The Perennial Shark had such a precious bloodline! And he was the young lord of the Perennial Demon race, the son of the Perennial Sea King and his inheritor! How did he die in this place? This is a huge piece of news that can shake the entire Jambu Realm!" 

"This tomb is truly frightening! Even the Perennial Shark is dead! The Perennial Sea King is likely going to go berserk." 

Initially, Wu Yu was a little worried that if he displayed exceptional battle strength in the ensuing battle, others would suspect that he had killed the Perennial Shark. 

However, if he didn't display such strength, he would lose his life. After all, these corpse puppets were all existences that were fatal to him. 

"Wu Yu, don't worry. Even if others learn of this, it won't matter. Our Yan Huang Ancient Country wouldn't be afraid of just a Perennial Demon race." 

"Now that we have been through challenges together, rest assured. When we get back to the Yan Huang Ancient Country, you will be my friend." Prince Le was probably worried that Wu Yu would stay his hand in this situation. Therefore, he said a few words sincerely. 

"I understand." 

The truth was, Wu Yu had to think about preserving his life as well. There were many things he couldn't consider in full. 


At this moment, the corpse puppets started raging and struck immediately. 10 corpse puppets, including the Perennial Shark, shouted, growled, and screamed as they pushed past one another for the kill. 

Wu Yu's side only had four people to handle. 

Among which, he had to shoulder huge responsibilities. Not only would he need to take the Perennial Shark, but he also had to intercept four to five other corpse puppets!


The first was the direct clash with the Perennial Shark. This time, he couldn't hold back. With all his strength, he swung the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean, which ripped through the air and clashed heavily with the Perennial Shark. 

After turning into a corpse puppet, the Perennial Shark was strengthened in various aspects. He was now exceptionally close to Wu Yu's level. 

Putting all his strength into each attack, that horse-slaying broadsword was swept away by Wu Yu. He growled furiously and landed another strike on his forehead, sending the Perennial Shark flying away. 

His entire brain was flattened by Wu Yu! 

However, the brain started recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye. This scene was frightening and hair-raising. 

The unkillable Perennial Shark would charge over again. 

During this opening, Wu Yu met several other corpse puppets. He charged to the front and struck with brute strength while being surrounded by these corpse puppets. He would send one flying with each strike, making it seem as though he was the corpse puppet and everyone around him was an ordinary human. 

However, sending them flying back wasn't the same as killing them. This was the most terrifying thing about the corpse puppets. They weren't afraid of death and couldn't be killed! 

Prince Le had to deal with two corpse puppets on his own and so did Qu Haoyan. However, it looked like they couldn't hold on. As for Qu Fengyu, it was hard for her to deal with even one. 

Wu Yu was the only one that was keeping them afloat. 

The other side was about to clash with the corpse puppets as well. However, they clearly saw the explosive strength that Wu Yu had exhibited. 

A miraculous battle strength! 

"Who is that?" 

"I don't know!" 

"I think I know. I think he's called Wu Yu! The one from Dong Sheng Divine Continent!" 

The crowd was shocked. 

"His body is so strong...." 

The figure that was seemingly forged from gold caused everyone who saw the scene to be dumbfounded.... 

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