Chapter 0619: Lethal Mechanism

After making a breakthrough and finding this huge, bronze door, they made their way towards it with anticipation. 

Suddenly, the finger-sized holes appeared.

Wu Yu had only noticed them when they appeared. At this time, it was slightly late. 

Wu Yu instinctively felt that the sudden appearance of these holes would definitely be accompanied by danger. 

The next instant, his intuition was proven right. 


From the numerous holes, razor-sharp objects were shot out. With a glimpse, Wu Yu saw that they were arrows. 

They were entirely black and made of metal. Although they had been put aside for long, the edges of the arrows were still extremely sharp. 

Moreover, these arrows were shot with frightening speed and power. 

If this was outside the tomb, a mechanism like this wouldn't pose a threat to Prince Le and the rest. However, in this place, there was no way to dodge this dense curtain of iron arrows within the narrow confines of the tunnel. 

The key was that it wasn't just one arrow from each hole. 

When an arrow was shot, the other would be released the next instant. 

Moreover, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on were shot out incessantly without any signs of stopping. 

For Wu Yu and the rest, this was no different from facing a blanket of arrows showering down on them with no place to hide. 

The threat of death had suddenly descended on them! 

The five of them were flabbergasted. Based on their estimates, it would be impossible for them to run back and turn into other tunnels quicker than the speed of these metal arrows. 

The only way was to take these arrows directly. 

There was no time for him to think of a way to handle this situation. He retrieved his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean with the greatest speed, held it in its mid point, and started spinning it rapidly. That instant, a round kinetic barrier was created! 

This was one of the simplest techniques of manipulating a column. Wu Yu's rotational speed was insanely fast. The round barrier that he was forming with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean was almost impenetrable. 

Ting, ting, ting!

He was already the closest one to the bronze door. The next instant, the strong and unusually tough metal arrows clashed rapidly and furiously with the round disc created from the spinning of the staff. 

At this moment, ear-piercing sounds filled the atmosphere. Wu Yu managed to withstand the force from the clashes of these metal arrows. With one leg forward and one leg behind him, he stood his ground. The metal arrows were all deflected, sinking into the walls around him. 

As for the other four, although they had also retrieved their weapons to defend themselves, they clearly didn't have weapons suitable for this, nor the strength that Wu Yu possessed.

It would be a waste of strength if five of them defended on their own. Moreover, Prince Le also tried withstanding for a moment before he had a rough understanding that he couldn't last long if he had to rely on his physical body strength alone. 

"Get behind Wu Yu!" 

That was a wise decision. Even Qu Fengyu, who wasn't so willing to accept Wu Yu's strength, had scampered to hide behind Wu Yu in the face of the rain of arrows. 

The four of them hid themselves behind Wu Yu. Wu Yu's back was the only area in this tunnel where not a single metal arrow made it through. 

The four of them were sweating, and Prince Le was no exception. They stared at Wu Yu’s back in shock. At this moment, Wu Yu's legs were firmly rooted to the ground. His hand actions were rapid and violent. Despite facing the dense rain of arrows and hearing the violent sounds of the arrows while moving beside him, not a single one was able to make it through Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. 

At this moment, he was no different from a god. 

Qu Haoyan swallowed his saliva, looked towards Prince Le respectfully, and said, "Prince Le is really brilliant!" 

If Prince Le had not invited Wu Yu to join, they would at least have been gravely injured when they discovered this place. Perhaps some of them might have even died. Whether it was Qu Fengyu or Baili Zhuihun, it would be a huge disruption to any plans if they were dead. 

Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun were still flabbergasted at this moment. They were even shivering in fear. Even though they looked down on Wu Yu, they had to admit that Wu Yu had saved their lives this time. 

Prince Le was composed and asked, "Wu Yu, how long can you last?" 

Wu Yu was facing an arduous task. Every time he swept aside a round of arrows, he could feel his arms going numb. 

Ta, ta! 

The materials of these metal arrows were extremely tough. Even the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean wouldn't last for long. 

"No idea. I'll try my best. However, we ought to take a step back. You guys can retreat first." 

The metal arrows wouldn't turn. A round region behind Wu Yu had no arrows. As for the arrows that passed him, they sank into the walls of the tunnel. 

"Go. Retreat when you can!" 

Prince Le led the other three back rapidly. When they turned the corner, they were finally in a safe place. 

Knowing this, Wu Yu started retreating as well. However, he couldn't retreat as swiftly as the rest. 

Nonetheless, although he was slow, he was steady. In the end, he retreated to where Prince Le and the rest were safely. 

After turning the corner, the metal arrows finally landed into the wall before them before disappearing. The tunnel leading to that bronze door was finally completely covered in a dense rain of arrows. 

Qu Haoyan patted Wu Yu's shoulder and said, "We owe you for this." 

"It's just a small matter." Wu Yu was just saving them within his capabilities. 

The truth was, if he was truly frustrated, he could have just killed them on the spot. However, this was the son of the Yan Huang Ancient Emperor. Wu Yu wasn't certain what the other party was capable of. Even though they were within the Taigu Immortal Path, the other party might be aware of things that happened here too. 

Therefore, as long as they didn't challenge his bottomline, following them would be a great choice as well. 

"Good job!" Prince Le also complimented Wu Yu while his focus was still on the rain of arrows. He frowned and said, "When will this rain of arrows stop? The maze has disappeared and others will be here soon after hearing the commotion. At that time, our advantage will be gone completely!" 

With the opportunity to solve the mystery presented right before his eyes, he was also feeling a little flustered. 

With that bronze door sealed, it was impossible for them to risk the rain of arrows to attempt to open the door. 

This was because no one knew if that bronze door would be easy to open or not. 

"Wu Yu is so incredible. Just let him charge ahead to see if he can push open that door. Perhaps the mechanism will be disarmed once we open the door," Qu Fengyu said. 

No one was paying attention to her. 

After all, this wasn't a simple task. Wu Yu wasn't confident of it, and he might lose his life in the process.

However, this might be the only solution. 

The rest might be here any moment. 

Wu Yu took a quick glance forward and saw two stone lions beside the door. It would be completely safe if he remained before the stone lions. If he hid himself there, he could then think of a way to open the bronze door. 

If this dragged on, it wouldn't be great. He was also curious about what was in that huge door. Therefore, he stood forward once again and said, "Let me give it a try." 

Prince Le asked, "Are you confident?" 

"I can't guarantee I can open the door. However, if we are just talking about my survival skills, I can say that I have no equal here." 

"In that case, give it a try." Prince Le was satisfied with his bravery and decisiveness. 

Just as Wu Yu was about to step out to challenge his limits, the rain of arrows stopped the moment he charged forward. No metal arrows were shot from the bronze door anymore. 

Absolute silence blanketed the place instantly, and not a single arrow was left on the ground. 

Everyone was shocked. 

"Perhaps the metal arrows from the door have all been shot." 

After all, there would be a time when the arrows were completely exhausted. 

"Let's go!" Prince Le made the best use of this opportunity. If he wasted time at this moment, it would be equivalent to giving this opportunity to others. 

The five of them moved ahead rapidly. 

However, Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun were worried that the metal arrows would be launched once again. They quickly moved behind Wu Yu. Prince Le remained in the center, with Wu Yu and Qu Haoyan to his left and right respectively. 

The tunnel wasn't particularly long. This time, the five of them arrived before the door rapidly. Taking a closer look, they felt more relieved to find that the holes that had been releasing the arrows had disappeared. This was proof that the rain of arrows wouldn't be released again. 

Everyone finally felt a little more assured. 

Prince Le was still rather daring as he stood directly before the bronze door. Without a word, he extended his hands, wanting to push the bronze door open. When he placed his hands on it and exerted strength, the bronze door shook but wasn't pushed open, to his astonishment. Or rather, one should say that it was closed from the inside. 

"Another door that can't be opened!" Prince Le was a little frustrated and cursed. This wasn't puzzling to Wu Yu as he knew that Prince Le had previously attempted to open the mysterious door within the Time Control Pagoda but to no avail. 

Bam! Bam! He threw several heavy punches but was still unsuccessful. The bronze door was still shut. 

"Wu Yu, come here!" 

Wu Yu knew he would ask him to come forward. Therefore, he was prepared. At this time, he stowed his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. From several dozen zhang away, he dashed ahead and collided into the bronze door. At that instant, a loud rumble reverberated and the bronze door shook from the shockwaves. However, it didn't open from the collision. On the other hand, Wu Yu was knocked back. 

Wu Yu smashed the door with the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean but was still unsuccessful. 

At this point, they could vaguely hear footsteps. Others were coming. 

Baili Zhuihun studied the place for a moment and remarked, "Prince! There's a sealing spirit design on the door to prevent people from entering. I can attempt to see if I can decode it. However, I will need some time...." 

Since brute strength wouldn't work, they could only fall back to Baili Zhuihun's suggestion. Prince Le said, "Focus on breaking it in the shortest time. Leave the rest to us." 

There was no way he would share what was behind that huge door with the rest. 

Therefore, what he truly meant was that no matter who arrived, he would intercept them and not allow anyone to come closer. 

In that case, a battle was inevitable. 

Perhaps he had such confidence because Wu Yu was with him. 

Baili Zhuihun focused on breaking the spirit design, while the other four had their backs facing the bronze door while waiting for the rest to arrive. 

Prince Le had a cold and determined look. There was no room for negotiation. 

The sounds of footsteps were getting closer and closer. 

There were quite a few who were heading this way. 

Wu Yu had also made preparations for battle. With Prince Le as his backing, there was nothing much he would have to care about. 

Those people were already at the corner. 

However, an unexpected event happened. Suddenly, a strong, pungent, and nauseating odor of corpses filled the atmosphere. From the ground before Wu Yu and the rest, corpse puppets emerged one after another. 

At the very front of the pack was the Perennial Shark! 

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