Chapter 0618: Muxu Kingdom

Prince Le also helplessly watched the two corpse puppets escape through the wall, so this was not Wu Yu's fault.

The appearance of the two corpse puppets just now scared Qu Fengyu quite badly. At this moment, she hid beside Baili Zhuihun and said in a trembling voice, "They can even escape like this! What the hell are they?" 

She just finished her sentence and suddenly there were some changes to the body on the ground! That body was a woman. All of a sudden, the ground under the woman's body became water-like and there were ripples.

In the blink of an eye, the body sank. Even the blood around it blended in. It disappeared very quickly and then the ground returned to its original state.

Now, after seeing it with their own eyes, everyone was even more shocked.

Wu Yu finally knew how Xiao Yili's body had disappeared. No wonder it was gone in the blink of an eye.

He seemed to understand the whole thing now.

"Ju Huoyi!"

That man was covered in blood, kneeling in front of the disappeared body. He was on the verge of crying. Even if one died, this maze did not leave the body behind.

He touched the ground for a long time, punching it hard and crying, but it did not work.

She was probably someone that he liked. That was why he was so sad.

"Ju Huoyi, Ju Huoyi!"

His face was pale, and he looked at Wu Yu and the others blankly. For a while, he forgot to thank Wu Yu for his help.

"Prince Le...." He finally recognized Prince Le.

"You are from the Muxu Kingdom. What happened?" Prince Le asked solemnly.

That man replied, "I don't know. When Ju Huoyi and I were walking here, they suddenly appeared. I thought that they were the people from the Dark North Kingdom at first. They seemed to be the two subordinates of the Old Mulberry Region Lord, but something suddenly went wrong. Unexpectedly, they attacked us. They were so scary and clearly lashed out at us with the intention to kill. I later saw that they were like corpses. They seemed to have been made into evil corpse puppets by ghostly cultivators. However, I saw them a while ago. How could they be made into corpse puppets so quickly...."

He looked around in dismay. He was very scared and said, "How could it be like this? What the hell is this place? Ju Huoyi's body disappeared! It's too scary here. I'm leaving!"

He quickly got up and ran away without bidding farewell to Prince Le. In this tomb, it was still quite easy to run out.

"This is strange." Qu Haoyan also frowned.

Wu Yu said, "I think it should be like this. The problem lies in this tomb. Firstly, because of a fight, the first person died. After someone dies, some kind of spirit design will be activated in the tomb, swallowing the body. Then another kind of spirit design will transform it into a corpse puppet with great physical strength. They will continue to kill others in the tomb. Finally, the people or demons in the tomb whose Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy are suppressed will all be killed by corpse puppets. Everyone will end up as corpse puppets. This way, the owner of the tomb will achieve his goal, which is: any intruders will die."

This was his guess.

However, looking from the beginning to the end, it was probably not far off.

Because he had seen Xiao Yili before. Although it was just a glimpse, after seeing the current situation, that previous figure was undoubtedly Xiao Yili.

"Any intruders will die!" Qu Fengyu was still a little timid. When she heard this, her face became paler because it was likely that their next biggest opponent would be the corpse puppets that could appear anywhere. They were probably undying as well!

They could appear any time.

Prince Le nodded and said, "That's interesting. I said before, how could there be no dangers to our lives in the Taigu Immortal Path?" 

Actually, this had never happened before, but a place where Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy could be suppressed had appeared. The people who dared to come here were surely prepared for death.

Wu Yu also realized this.

However, the corpse puppets were not his opponents, so he was not very worried.

He thought of another problem.

"So, maybe the body of Perennial Shark was not burned clean just now. Perhaps it's also a corpse puppet on a killing rampage now. Most people will not be able to defeat the corpse puppets, so corpse puppets are, indeed, increasing in numbers."

"Perennial Shark!" Qu Haoyan thought for a while. If the Perennial Shark became a corpse puppet, it would likely become even stronger.

Qu Fengyu hesitated a little before she said. "Prince, this is such a dangerous place, shall we retreat...." 

"Shut up." Qu Haoyan glared at her. His sister was still a little stupid. How could Prince Le be afraid?

Wu Yu said, "Should we inform the others? Most people definitely do not know yet. If they know, they will know how difficult it is and leave. It will be easier for us if there are fewer corpse puppets. Otherwise, there will be corpse puppets everywhere and it will be hard to proceed further."

He was also kind-hearted.

Prince Le did not seem to be a cold-blooded person either. After hearing Wu Yu's suggestion, he said, "This maze is chaotic, so it is not possible to inform everyone one by one. Let's see the luck of others. If we meet someone, we can inform them. Those who believe it will spread the news. Those who don't believe in it are also those who seek their own death. We will not be blamed."

That was all they could do. After all, not everyone was willing to leave here. For example, most demons were not willing to believe them.

They continued on their journey.

On the way, as expected, they met other people. Qu Fengyu was the most idle, so she spread the news. First of all, they met people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country. Prince Le directly ordered them to leave.

In fact, the news had already spread out. It was not only Prince Le that had met the corpse puppets, but also other people. Now they were all spreading the news.

In the maze, it was easy to bump into people. After about two hours, most of the people from the Yan Huang Ancient Country were driven out by Prince Le, and a small group of them who still had some confidence in themselves stayed behind.

Among the demons, there were also many who encountered corpse puppets.

However, no one heard of the appearance of the Perennial Shark. After all, the appearance of Perennial Shark would mean that he was dead. This would be a major thing!

Most of the people left in the maze were elites.

"Wu Yu, about the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, Jiang Qijun and the others will report it to the leaders after going out. So, do you still plan to go back to the Dong Sheng Divine continent?" Prince Le asked while walking in this empty passage.

Wu Yu was confused and asked, "Prince, I only have the Taigu Immortal Talisman for the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. Of course, I can only go back. In the future, I will try to cross the sea and go to the Yan Huang Ancient Country."

Of course, he could not let the other party know that he was planning to snatch the Taigu Immortal Talisman of others from the Yan Huang Ancient Country.

"There are two ways. First, if someone goes to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, he can bring you to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. After all, you don't know the way. It's easy to enter the demons' territory by accident. However, it is likely that you will still be in the Taigu Immortal Path even after the problem in the Divine Continent is resolved. So this is not a good way."

After a pause, he continued, "When we leave this tomb, I'll find someone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country to exchange their Taigu Immortal Talisman with you."

He was very simple and direct.

Probably only he could do what he had just said. Of course, even if he could do it, it would be by force. At least it would be unfair to the person who exchanged the talisman.

But from the start, Wu Yu was ready to rob anyone from the Yan Huang Ancient Country if he could in order to go there.

"Don't worry, if the other party exchanges his Taigu Immortal Talisman with you, I will definitely give him equal benefits. His family and parents will definitely go to the Dong Sheng Divine continent to pick him up in person.

“Your future is bright. You should no longer squander your time in that wasteland."

His flattery of Wu Yu was truly pleasant to the ear.

All aspects were well considered.

And he did not mistreat others.

But this should be built on the premise after leaving the tomb.

Actually, all the promises he had made were based on the situation where Wu Yu would be truly helpful to him in this tomb.

If not, why would he use Wu Yu?

"Thank you, Prince."

Even Baili Zhuihun was jealous upon seeing how Prince Le depended on Wu Yu. But after a few battles, he was also impressed with the brute battle power of Wu Yu's physical strength.

"It is only because he has a strong physical body that he can fight for the Prince in the tomb. I can help the Prince break through this spirit design, so I'm still more useful! Besides, after we leave this place, Wu Yu will have no value at all! He cannot compare to me. After all, I can help the Prince to get the support of the Souls Estate!"

Thinking of that, Baili Zhuihun was more comforted.

He tried even harder and continued his investigations.

This time, he set a route, and if they followed this route strictly, he felt that they would get closer to a breakthrough.

"This way, let's head this way!"

He entered the middle road in the junction of a three-way road and continued to walk forward.

Suddenly, he turned back to look at the tunnel that they came from. He stopped in his tracks and thought really hard. He said, "Did you realize that the road that we came from seems to be a little different?"

No one answered him because everyone felt the same way.

"If not, let's go back and take a look?"

"Let's go." Prince Le gave him a lot of freedom.

They went back and walked through again.

Baili Zhuihun turned back again.

"Why does the road in front seem different from the previous one?"

Hence, they walked forward again.

Advance, retreat.

They repeated this over 10 times.

In the last turn back, Baili Zhuihun shouted in surprise. He stared ahead in disbelief. Actually, they had been walking to and fro on the same path.

But this time, when they turned back, a door had actually appeared in front!

It was a bronze gate. There were two stone lions at each side of the gate, powerful and domineering.

The bronze gate was in the deepest part of the tunnel, shrouded in darkness. It was a little mysterious.

But it had finally appeared!

However, after this bronze gate appeared, the entire tomb seemed to have changed. Wu Yu felt as if the maze spirit design had disappeared. This basically meant that the spirit design was broken through.

"Other people might arrive here soon," Wu Yu said.

"That's right, the spirit design has disappeared." Baili Zhuihun was still in excitement.

"Then let's hurry." Prince Le did not say much and rushed towards the bronze gate.

"Prince, be cautious." Baili Zhuihun caught up quickly and said, "Although the maze has disappeared, there may be other dangers as we are not welcome."


Prince Le's excitement was too much to control.

After all, it had taken a lot of effort for them to find this place.

Together, the five approached the bronze gate quickly and cautiously.

Suddenly, hundreds of small holes, each the size of a finger, appeared on the bronze gate.

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