Chapter 0617: Phantom Corpse Puppet

There was no other way to handle the dao treasure. Taking it or keeping it wouldn't be a wise decision. Therefore, they might as well leave it here, saving them the trouble of giving themselves away. 

Prince Le didn't take a further look at the corpse of the Perennial Shark, who was once his competitor. 

He walked at the very front, while Baili Zhuihun and Qu Fengyu looked at Wu Yu with strange eyes. 

Prince Le walked at the very front and casually said, "Only the five of us know about the death of the Perennial Shark. If news of this got out, I'm sure you guys know the consequences."  

"Yes," Qu Fengyu and Baili Zhuihun answered instantly. 

Wu Yu also nodded. It was obvious that he had to keep this a secret. This was because he was the one who had killed the Perennial Shark. If the force backing the Perennial Shark wanted revenge, he would be their first target. 

Qu Haoyan followed behind. He had prepared some type of golden powder. After he scattered the golden powder on the Perennial Shark, he set it ablaze. The corpse of the Perennial Shark started burning and everything was shrouded within the golden flames. 

One could expect the corpse to disappear completely after burning for some time. 

From here onwards, no one would know how the Perennial Shark had perished in the Taigu Immortal Path. No one would know where he had died or who had killed him. 

Soon, the group left the place. 

What they never noticed was that the instant they left, the burning corpse sank into the tough floor. At that moment, the floor was just like a pool of water. Ripples were created as the corpse sank. 

However, when the corpse sank into the flowing water and disappeared from sight, that tough floor returned to its initial state. 

Wu Yu noticed something and turned around. The tunnel that was illuminated from the flames previously had now dimmed. 

"The fire has extinguished," Wu Yu said to Qu Haoyan. 

"That's because he has been reduced to ashes," replied Qu Haoyan. 

"Oh." Wu Yu didn't question further. Although he had killed the Perennial Shark, showed Prince Le his great value within this tomb, and might have even won the recognition of Prince Le, it wouldn't be that easy for Wu Yu to truly blend in with them or perhaps even become true teammates. 

Moreover, Wu Yu wasn't aware of their personalities. It was hard to say if they could truly get along. After all, Wu Yu possessed a rebellious will. If his bottomline was encroached, he wouldn't just endure it. 

What came next was still Baili Zhuihun thinking of ways to find the correct path within the tomb. 

He was indeed knowledgeable. He had most likely been raised by a powerful mentor since young and had deep knowledge in the aspect of spirit designs. 

Wu Yu was able to learn a lot from listening to his analysis of the disorienting formation. 

"This should be a really ancient spirit design that no longer exists in our world. It's extremely profound, and I have barely studied something similar. However, what I studied was way less complex than this.

"There are huge variations in this spirit design. Moreover, it has no rules to speak of. It's hard to find any orderly pattern. Nonetheless, it definitely has a core, and a common pattern would definitely be revealed through its numerous variations. What we are finding are these small traces of similarity." 

Along the way, they also encountered numerous cultivators and demons, including sea region demons. However, they probably had not suspected that the Perennial Shark had died in the hands of Wu Yu. 

While walking, Prince Le turned around suddenly and asked Wu Yu with a smile, "Wu Yu, I'd like you to kill a few others. Are you alright with that?" 

Wu Yu was prepared for this. Having been dragged into this, he said, "Prince Le's opponents must be really strong. I might not be able to kill every single one." 

Prince Le said, "Truth be told, you are invincible within this tomb. Even if you choose to kill the four of us right now, we probably couldn't do anything about it." 

Although this was a joke, it was most likely a form of test too. 

Wu Yu answered immediately, "Wu Yu wouldn't dare to think so, and there's no need for me to do that. I come from Yan Huang Imperial City and belong to the Yan Huang Ancient Country. It's only natural that I serve the prince of this generation." 

The truth was that being part of Prince Le's entourage was always a calculated bet. At the moment, Wu Yu didn't feel that Prince Le was a good man. However, he was daring and possessed the means to help him. 

Prince Le chuckled and said, "Rest assured. The only nemesis I wanted to kill in this place was the Perennial Shark. I have high regards for you and will also respect you. I wouldn't make you do things against your nature and slaughter the innocent. The three of them also trust me and hence chose to follow me willingly. Am I right?" 

Undoubtedly, Qu Haoyan and the rest nodded their heads. 

It was great that he wouldn't be forced. 

Relying on Baili Zhuihun's acuity to search for the path, the group accelerated and proceeded forward constantly. They were the strongest team within this tomb. 

"There are people fighting right there!" 

Prince Le stopped before a tunnel. Although Baili Zhuihun wouldn't want to head that way, the rest could only follow after the sudden change in route. 


They moved rapidly through the pitch-black tunnel. 

Indeed, Wu Yu had also heard sounds of fighting. The battle had not been going on for long. However, a blood-curdling scream soon resounded. Hearing the despair from the scream, someone must have been killed! 


If someone had actually died, it would undoubtedly prove that the battle was intense!

Therefore, Prince Le rushed the rest to pick up the pace. 

Wu Yu was initially behind him. At this moment, he moved even quicker. In this tomb, there was no one who would be a match for him in speed. Therefore, in a split second, he overtook Prince Le and the rest, left them behind, and dived into the tunnel where the sounds were coming from. 

He squinted his eyes and took a look! 

Within the pitch-black darkness, two people were attacking another. On the floor, there was a corpse drenched in blood. 

If Prince Le was interested in this battle, it was clear that he had an idea what they were fighting for. Therefore, he let Wu Yu move ahead to check on the situation. 

As the two people were attacking the same person, the single person was in a perilous situation and might lose his life at any moment! 

At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly noticed that the two people that were ganging up were pretty strong. Moreover, they didn't seem to be using any weapons. 

"How could there be people with such strong physical bodies?" Wu Yu was slightly surprised. The two people that were ganging up were close to the level of the Perennial Shark if one was to just look at the toughness of their physical bodies. 

Could they be other prominent characters that could match Prince Le? 

Wu Yu didn't get himself involved initially. Instead, he crept to the vicinity of the battle! To his astonishment, the other party noticed him the moment he got closer. 

"Help! These people are corpses!" The person who was besieged was in grave danger. He was covered in blood and wounds and was barely holding on at this time. 

When he saw Wu Yu, it was as though he saw a glimmer of hope for survival. 


Before Wu Yu could react to what he was saying, one of the two people turned around.The person growled and charged towards Wu Yu! 

When Wu Yu saw the outfit and appearance of this person, he was shocked to his core. His eyes widened and he almost screamed out loud. 

She was from the Dark North Kingdom! 

Wu Yu naturally knew her. She was one of the two girls that followed Xiao Yili before. 

The other figure was still attacking that man. Looking at her figure, she was probably the other girl that Wu Yu had killed. 

Wu Yu was certain that he had sent the two of them to the afterlife. When it came to matters like this, Wu Yu wouldn't hold back.

However, these two people were still alive and fighting! 

It was natural for Wu Yu to worry that news of him killing so many people from the Dark North Kingdom got out. 

Therefore, from the very beginning, he was slightly flustered. 

However, he soon saw clearly that the girl who was attacking him had the pungent odor of a corpse. The skin that was once fair and white was now slightly purplish and even had scars. Her skin was no different from that of monsters. It went without saying that her beautiful face was no longer that. At this point, it was also emitting a pungent odor. Her eyes, nose. and mouth were contorted, making her look entirely different. 

Wu Yu finally realized why the person who was besieged would say that the corpses were attacking him. 

These two girls were indeed corpses. However, they were still moving! Furthermore, indescribable changes had happened to their bodies. With their initial bodies, they would definitely not be capable of a physical battle like this! 

Wu Yu was certain that they had been dragged away by this strange tomb. After which, some unbelievable changes had happened to them. Perhaps those were the means of ghostly cultivators to turn a person's corpse into a corpse puppet. Moreover, it looked as though the corpse puppets possessed insane physical strength. 

Ghostly cultivators were known to have the means to convert cultivators' corpses into corpse puppets with some malicious spirit designs and materials. A corpse puppet wasn't exactly orthodox as a puppet. However, corpse puppets could be more terrifying. This was because they could retain some capabilities of the cultivator before they died. 

There was no time to ponder deeply about this. This was because the female corpse puppet had extended her razor-sharp claws and charged towards Wu Yu!

Wu Yu retrieved his Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean instantly. This time, he did not hold back at all and launched a series of fierce attacks. In a clash of absolute strength, Wu Yu was still capable of overwhelming this corpse puppet. Several strikes landed on her body, causing loud cracking sounds. In his last strike, although he wasn't able to split the head apart, the terrifying force completely dislocated her head out of place! 

"Save me!" Wu Yu heard a bitter scream from the side. He hurled the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean over instantly. Just before that man was killed, the rod bashed into the stomach of that female corpse, sending it flying back. 

At this moment, Prince Le and the rest arrived. They happened to see Wu Yu defeat one of them and knock the other one back. When they stepped forward, they saw Wu Yu give chase and use violent means to flatten the struggling and screaming female corpse puppet. Qu Fengyu and the rest could feel their eyebrows twitching upon witnessing that tyrannical strength of Wu Yu. 

However, they were more astonished by the ugly and savage faces of the two corpse puppets. 

"What are these?" Qu Haoyan was prepared to provide assistance. 

Perhaps the two female corpses were wary of the group. At this moment, they started scampering away to the astonishment of the group. They collided onto the wall at the same time. What turned out to be unbelievable was that for them, the walls seemed to be like the surface of water. They disappeared into the walls, while Wu Yu's Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean smashed onto the wall, creating a huge dent! 

They had escaped.

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