Chapter 0616: Clash Of Physical Strength

Wu Yu naturally knew clearly. 

There had probably been a lot of conflicts between Prince Le and the Perennial Shark. The Perennial Shark was also one of the few within the tomb that wasn't fearful and respectful towards Prince Le. 

If it was outside the tomb, there was no way Prince Le could have killed him. With the Taigu Immortal Talisman, the other party could leave the Taigu Immortal Path easily. 

The greater issue was that if the Perennial Shark got out and returned to the Jambu Realm, he would spread the news of Prince Le wanting to kill him. This would likely trigger a conflict between the two huge forces. 

The Perennial Shark definitely had an elite force behind his back. 

However, this was similar to Wu Yu killing Xiao Yili and seizing back the Water Source Ancient Crystal in this place. 

Prince Le also possessed the audacity to kill the Perennial Shark in this place. This was because no one could use their Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and therefore couldn't utilize any of their talismans. If one died here and no one else knew, nothing would be leaked. 

Other than the five people around, no one else would know. 

Therefore, Prince Le probably felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Moreover, he wouldn't have to commit the act himself. 

He wanted Wu Yu to do it! 

Whatever he wanted to say, he had conveyed through Qu Haoyan. Qu Haoyan was obviously not joking about it. What Prince Le meant was that if Wu Yu could do him a great favor here and contribute greatly to him, he would become one of Prince Le's subordinates when he eventually headed to the Yan Huang Ancient Region. 

This would be equivalent to Wu Yu suddenly gaining a strong backing. Even Baili Zhuihun was envious of Wu Yu having this opportunity to claim credit. 

The Perennial Shark reacted to the situation and looked towards Prince Le blankly. He found this hard to believe, scoffed, and questioned, "Prince Le, are you trying to kill me? Although your status and identity are even greater than mine, I, Bai Ku, am not someone to be trifled with." 

Although this tomb had restricted everyone's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, he believed that with the advantage of his physical body, he could roam freely without fear within this tomb. There might be people who could defeat him, but it was impossible for anyone to kill him, especially silently and without leaving a trace. 

Therefore, he broke into laughter at this moment. He had never felt that he would be under any form of threat. 

Bai Ku was the name of this Perennial Shark. 

Prince Le chuckled and gave Wu Yu a look before saying, "Bring things to a quick conclusion silently and without leaving a trace. Surprise me!" 

After he spoke, he retreated without paying any attention to the Perennial Shark, leaving space for Wu Yu to fight him. At the same time, he blocked off the Perennial Shark’s escape route. 

The Perennial Shark finally understood that he really meant it. Although he still felt that this was unbelievable, he started to be curious about Wu Yu. Giving it more thought, he recalled Wu Yu's identity. 

"You are the one who spread news of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? How could you join them? Prince Le is instructing you to kill me?" 

He felt that this was unbelievable. Regardless, Wu Yu was someone that shouldn't have appeared in this place. 

The truth was, Wu Yu was still hesitant at this moment. 

Ming Long asked, "Have you thought about whether you want to kill this demon? There is no feud or animosity between you two after all." 

"However, Prince Le wants me to kill him. If I don't, that would be equivalent to offending Prince Le. I would then have to escape from his team. Subsequently, I would likely be pursued by Prince Le. It would be completely impossible for me to grow stronger in the Yan Huang Ancient Country in the future.

"If I did kill the Perennial Shark, at the very least, I wouldn't offend Prince Le. After all, an existence like him is someone I can't just offend casually.

"Moreover, with him backing me, it will be a lot easier to enter the Yan Huang Ancient Country." 

On one side was a demon who he had no feud against. On the other side was Prince Le, who he couldn't afford to offend at this moment and would even reward and protect him. 

"Martial cultivation is plunder. Only the strongest rule! When you aren't sufficiently strong, it's hard to do as you wish," said Ming Long. 

The truth was, Wu Yu wasn't left with much time to ponder. When Prince Le showed that he wanted Wu Yu to kill the Perennial Shark, the Perennial Shark's eyes dimmed and he started approaching Wu Yu step by step. He said, "I'm surprised that Prince Le thinks you are enough to deal with me! Is he trying to use me to kill you?" 

His killing intent was exhibited from all corners of his body. 

Wu Yu was still hesitating about his choice, but the other party didn't give Wu Yu this opportunity. As such, there was no other option. 

However, it was hard not to bear a grudge after being forced to kill someone and being used as a killing weapon. Wu Yu would remember his encounter today vividly. 

He wasn't pleased! 


It was a pity that the Perennial Shark had displayed killing intent before Wu Yu. He had a horse-slaying broadsword behind him that was thick and heavy. It appeared to be forged from the teeth of some huge beast and exuded ancientness. All the spirit designs were hidden within the broadsword. Without Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy to trigger them, one couldn't see the details of the spirit designs. Nonetheless, the terrifying tremors felt from the remains of a huge, ancient beast was proof that the might of this dao treasure was close to the level of an advanced dao treasure. 

The Perennial Shark held his horse-slaying broadsword and charged towards Wu Yu directly, without giving Wu Yu the opportunity to make his decision. 

The truth was that the strength of a demon could only be laid clear in his true form. However, within the narrow space of this tomb, the demons couldn't transform into their true forms. Nonetheless, even when in human form, a demon’s physical body would be a notch stronger than one of a human of a similar level. 

If Wu Yu wasn't around, Wu Yu believed that Prince Le, Qu Haoyan, and the rest wouldn't be a match for the domineering strength of the Perennial Shark. 

Indeed, this opportunity was truly once in a lifetime for Prince Le....

Wu Yu only hated the feeling of being used as a killer. 

However, he knew from a young age that there were times when one couldn't do as he wished. The Perennial Shark was already on Wu Yu's heels when he retrieved the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean abruptly. In the first instant, he swung the rod across and clashed with the horse-slaying broadsword from the side! 


A clash of brute physical strength! 

One side had the Invincible Vajra Body with numerous mystical dragons roaming through it! 

The other was the huge Perennial Shark who had a precious bloodline and ruled supreme within the deep seas. The overlord of the deep seas and the absolutely prime bloodline. 


Wu Yu had encountered an opponent with the toughest physical body ever. He had almost expended all his strength in that single strike. 

If he had not completed the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body recently, he might not have been a match for the other party. 

He had never seen a demon with such a strong and tough physical body. 

However, in this aspect, Wu Yu was superior! Therefore, he didn't disappoint Prince Le. In the first clash, he managed to disarm the Perennial Shark's horse-slaying broadsword and forced him back several steps! 

"How can this be possible!?" The Perennial Shark's eyes widened and he couldn't believe what just happened. For him, Wu Yu was just a meagre character. But the strength released by this meagre character had made him feel fear! 

Nonetheless, he could roughly tell Wu Yu's cultivation level. When he was outside the tomb, he had seen Wu Yu several times. This was someone he could definitely crush to death casually! 

He finally felt a life-threatening menace! 

He finally knew the objective of Prince Le! 

He also realized that Wu Yu was Prince Le's killing weapon. 

He knew that the Dong Sheng Divine Continent where Wu Yu came from was, in fact, the fourth continent under the Yan Huang Ancient Country. This made Wu Yu a person from the Yan Huang Ancient Country too. 

Therefore, after getting a gauge of Wu Yu's strength, his killing intent intensified! At this moment, his physical body exploded with strength. He was in frenzied mode and caused a huge commotion while swinging the broadsword. All of his physical strength released abruptly and the broadsword formed countless shadows that were slashed towards Wu Yu! 

It was another lethal attack! 

Wu Yu had no other option. If he did not act, he would be killed by the other party! He was just stronger with better defense. However, it didn't mean that the other party's dao treasure couldn't split him in half. 

This was still a relatively tough opponent. 

All he could do was focus entirely, release the strength of the Unbeatable Dragon King Buddha Body abruptly, and enter a more frenzied mode within this tunnel to clash intensely with the Perennial Shark with brute strength! 

Prince Le and the other three were sealing both ends of the tunnel while also observing the battle. Prince Le was wearing a smile and was very satisfied. 

This was because he saw Wu Yu suppressing his opponent. 

The more he was suppressed, the more fear the Perennial Shark felt and the more frenzied he got. This brought greater killing intent to Wu Yu. At this stage, Wu Yu no longer had the option to choose. 

"I can only choose to kill him!" 

He wasn't pleased to be used as a killer. However, the Perennial Shark wasn't a kind demon to speak of. He could only blame his bad luck for falling into the hands of Prince Le. 

Perhaps the Perennial Shark had realized the threat of death looming over him. While he was raging, he was shouting constantly. He probably wanted to attract the attention of others. The sudden commotion made Prince Le a little anxious, so he said, "Wu Yu, we can't let others know that we killed him. Do you understand? If this gets out, all our efforts will be in vain!" 

This was the final warning to Wu Yu. 

"Prince Le! I won't let you have an easy death!" The Perennial Shark shook off Wu Yu and charged towards Prince Le.

There was a good chance he might really kill Prince Le. 

However, Wu Yu wouldn't give him the opportunity. He was faster and caught up immediately. Swinging his weapon with all his might, the shockwaves from the strike even caused explosions in the air. The Perennial Shark was a second too late to turn around. His dao treasure was knocked away. Soon after, Wu Yu smashed down and connected to his head. His terrifying strength reverberated into his skull! 


Before the Perennial Shark reacted to the situation, his eyes widened while staring deadpan at Prince Le, who was smiling faintly. The next instant, he fell before Prince Le.

Perhaps he had never expected himself to die in this place. 

Moreover, it was in such a frustrating manner. 

If he was outside, and especially in the deep sea, he would definitely be earthshaking. Even if there were a few more Wu Yus, he would be able to devour them all alive and rip them into incomprehensible shreds. 

He could have been the absolute ruler of a region of the sea! And yet he had died in this narrow tunnel! 

Therefore, even till death, he was indignant and shocked. What he felt more was regret. He regretted entering this death environment. 

Perhaps he was too confident of his physical strength just because he was a demon. Before this, he was also overbearing and even killed people.


"You will die..." In the end, just before he died, he forced out three words for Prince Le. 

After which, he lost all signs of life. 


Wu Yu was also slightly stunned that he could kill an opponent he wouldn't dare to dream of fighting under normal circumstances. He had only reacted to it when he heard Prince Le clapping. 

"Wu Yu, anyone who wants to target you will be going against me from here onwards," Prince Le commented casually. It wasn't an earthshaking statement, but the meaning was clear. Wu Yu would be his man from here onwards. At the same time, he would be considered as someone at the same level as people like Qu Haoyan and Qu Fengyu. 

Qu Haoyan walked forward and remarked, "Congratulations! Shouldn't you be thanking Prince Le?"  

On the other end, Baili Zhuihun was filled with jealousy with respect to Wu Yu. This was because this was something he had also desired. 

Wu Yu wasn't pleased, but he wouldn't be so ignorant to show it. He was composed and didn't say a word after thanking Prince Le. 

Prince Le picked up the Sumeru Pouches on the Perennial Shark and put them away. In the end, he took a look at that horse-slaying broadsword and said, "It's a shame that this dao treasure belongs to nobody but Bai Ku. If we were to take it, we would be the culprits who murdered him. We can only leave this here. Let's go."

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